???? you mussss AKKKSSS. I’m soooo dead hori you just felt a finger on your lips!! Yhoooo ???

Kat has stories for days???

NAH B!!!!!!! Lmao

I also laughed Kat. ??

But loved the point about body language!

Kat had the worst first date EVER


Thank you again Richard ? I’m enjoying “growing up” but it can feel very lonely at times!

FYI- the "meme" isn't a meme, its charlie from Always Sunny. Just sayin'

W O W.
? ??

The worst part for me is that I can't trust myself anymore. I didn't see what was coming and I can't see it from people beforehand if they are going to hurt me. So I try to avoid them all.

How many people actually sovereign..?

14 955 views | 3 years ago days ago

Very nice,, liked #4

Thanks for the Video clip! Apologies for butting in, I would love your opinion. Have you ever tried - Weniley Muffin Maticulous (do a google search)? It is a good one of a kind product for melting your muffin top fast minus the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my old buddy Taylor at very last got amazing results with it.

1. BİG LİKE super


Did he say 'for a few days'??? We do a week in Kingston each year and 2 weeks naked at Hedo. Never understand a few days or even a week. Doing 3 weeks next year.
Trust me once they are off, you don't want to put cloths on again.
All ages, shapes and sizes. All naked and not giving a [email protected],
Try it & see!


1 004 126 views | 3 years ago days ago

Love ??? you both❤️❤️

this is garbage,lol

what is the movie?

Whos the blond girl

90 927 views | 1 year ago days ago

Thankbu master it made me squirt

Will this work if I'm a closed virgin?

I came at the count of 4 Master, I'm sorry. I'm a bad pet

Maid transformation hypnosis?

You are crazy. I loved it master. I freaked out!

66 649 views | 4 years ago days ago

"hey you guys! I'm Donald Trump!(coughing hardly)" hahahaha lmao????

Watched many videos, but I must say- this was actually really funny. Most can make me smile- but Jack has a knack for some genuine humor. Just one question- if you are a "clean freak", then why didn't you wash your hands after the mid-workout shit?

Did she just tea bagged us?

Omg I like every your channel so much and you make me laugh and smile and I so want to be like you! But not like in a creepy way!



15. Dakota Fanning
14. Britt Robertson
13. Selena Gomez
12. Laura Marano
11. Peyton List
10. Shailene Woodley
9. Chloe Grace Moretz
8. Hailee Steinfeld
7. Lili Reinhart
6. Cara Delevingne
5. Emily Ratajkowski
4. Bella Thorne
3. Camila Mendes
2. Alexandra Daddario
1. Emma Roberts

Daddario is 33 as of 2019

Bella Thorne is absolutely hideous

Lili reinhart❤️

1.Peyton List
2.Chloe Moretz
3.Laura Marano
4.Dakota Fanning
5.Selena Gomez

168 901 views | 2 months ago days ago

He didn’t even go for a lv 3 Ornn

did anyone else notice that it says 2/1 ninja, but didnt look like it gave a ninja buff

i wanna see bunz with a beard before i die

I don't drink water
I suck water

What the heck did I witness !?


Winestols Orgasm Secret reveals a way you can make her addicted to you and no one else. Because of what you make her experience in bed she’ll never have enough. Google it if you want.

I've made girls horny & have cum with just nipple play... I learned this technique all by myself... ?

by phne and vedeo chatting ,, is it a point on my side or against me. !!? thank's for answering


Ain't no other dude gonna touch my girl. Fuck that shi' bruh.

Her eyebrows annoy me

Nobody is going to touch her with that butter-face

what's their social medias?

One thing - swinging and open relations are totally different. Swinging works WAY higher then regular relationships. Open relationships do not work...


I ve checked my fingers yep I m one of them thank you very much ? As I have also PCOS so this finger test proves it as well! Thank you so much Steve ????


Hahahah lol


their like preparing so fucking much like stretching for a 5 metre freestyle jump

1:59 The pumping is f**king the floor?

Nice rec room music


Dami ko learnings dito mumsh ? new subscriber here? Yung love language ko is lahat hahaha i don't know, feeling ko lahat eh hahaha pero yung top ko is yung physical touch ?

sweet ni tina. :) napaka clingy. :)


Hi i'm Mac.I'm from Bulacan,and i'm 18 years old....We've been together for 18 years and yes i'm NBSB/NGSB for 18 years....Yeah 18 years....Sanaol HHAHAHAHAHA



Since KLPAPTEC was recommended to me on IG and he did my job without stress he’s genuine?

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I don’t know about all these recommendations but I know klaptec find him on I insta he’s absolutely reliable out there.

94 891 views | 10 years ago days ago

La camisa was roja


I'm laughing at myself so hard,, my friend who lost her v card brought up a topic about hickeys.. And I said "how do you even get those?"

She told me that you just need to suck the skin, and me being my curious self, I sucked my arm and now there's a red blotch on my arm lmfao.. Mom hasn't come home yet!!! I have time...



2 356 views | 2 months ago days ago


Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empêchent
de s'approcher trop
près l'un de l'autre

Espectacular bb


I loro stati di salute
rispettivi prevenirli
Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre3


ئۇلارنىڭ سالامەتلىكى ماس ھالدا بەك يېقىن كېلىدۇ
ئۇلارنىڭ بەك يېقىن بولۇپ كېتىشىنىڭ ئالدىنى ئالىدۇ
بۇ ساراڭ كىنو پەقەت قالتىسكەن
پەقەت ئادەمنىڭ ئىشەنگۈسى كەلمەيدۇ. مەن تۈگەتتىم
루시아 누나 운동 하시는 모습 아름다워요 아름다워요



みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン
MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli
ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとね. .x

302 235 views | 8 years ago days ago

coach i found you like what you said, trying to get my ex back and being a beta male. I was a college player and i had women around me but when i really liked a girl i would become a beta male(bitch) but know its changed thanks to you so thank coach

I went on a first date with this guy and all went great and the next day hi asked me for nudes (photos off me dressed in bikini and lingeries) I felt really uncomfortable does that make him a fboy someone please help me

I just had a first date last night and didnt go for the kiss and now im kicking myself, her head tilt after the hug gave me the indication she was expecting one but i was already kind of moving away from her. I always feel like the first date she could be being polite with no intention of a 2nd date so i dont presume to kiss her. If she goes out a 2nd time shes implying interest and its game on for the kiss. But i suppose it doesnt hurt to go for it on the first date either, shes either gonna give you one or not and you'll know better how she feels. My question is what kind of kiss do you go for on the first or 2nd date. A peck, a little lip chew kiss or do ya try sliding a little tongue in there or do you gauge it by how she kisses you back?

If a guy made that comment about me being sexually frustrated and I might get lucky I would be alarmed and think I know what he’s looking for- sorry buddy that’s not being subtle!! It’s best for a man to not initiate blatant sexual jokes/comments on a first date (if you’re looking for a relationship)—That being said, I had a date a couple days ago with a guy who was eating oysters and he said “these oysters are doing something to me (subtle sexual comment)”hinting to them “turning him on”- I was very attracted to him and thought that was funny (and that created some sexual tension without being creepy or blatantly sexual)

so you want us to lie? if we saw the text just ignore it and lie to her and say our phone was on silent? I want to make sure I understand


You are so beautiful, own your pale skin, it makes you so much more intriguing than fake tan!

Loved this!

Love dis channel?

She became so manly looking when she stopped keto. Her voice is thicker too

so i haven’t been watching you’re videos lately but i started too bc it’s motivating. DUDE you’re editing got so much better i’m amazed love love youre work all of it

1 344 views | 4 months ago days ago

big choice to make .....gawd.....thank you boss

Wish I found Good Guys To Great Men before I left. But I didn't, and so I did. I watch because I'm committed to being better the next time around
Thank you Dan. Thank you Steve.

I think the more fundamental question is," am I being who I am", "am I centered in myself", "am I being true to myself", "am I expressing myself openly and honestly"?

I have a joke from an old guy about it.. he said: "my wife and I are 25 year happily marry, we go every week in good company, have a nice dinner, drink wine and have wild sex all night; she goes at Thursdays and I go at Saturdays"

Nairobi, Kenya. Listening.

2 154 549 views | 5 years ago days ago

„Im gonna call the Police „

Steve : „fair enough.“

F*nkin steve o horns up

Steve O is the Person who can piss on me

Rockin the kum and go shirt man nice

You are soooo wrong!!!! But you are so look loveable!!!! Love you Stev O!!!!


Always so energetic

Your video is so help full and i like your video didi ☺☺

So sweet you are

U r the best diii luv uh as always

Hi sis
make vedio for hight increase..


Damn I do this now... I just thought I was normal dude .... I’m evil ?????????

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No wassup fellas? Damn

A man is beta if he chases women and a woman is normal if she chases a man?

Amen my brother.


Aarthi ❤️

Live now without expectation of the outcome

Great ? 5 points. thank you ????? namaste ???

Live now without expectation of outcome




Rulayega kaya

Bas Kar pagle


25 542 views | 5 years ago days ago

love the drawing

it you could put the feeling and healing benifits of exercise in a pill it would put the drug companys out of business

increased serotonin, dopamine, and what? @braive

I didnt realise this at first but this is the song played in one of the first Minecraft trailers.... ahh, good times.

How can exercise affect our mental state?

28 600 views | 7 years ago days ago

Stupid, primitive, tribal bullshit.

Jail the satanic, barbaric circumciser for a very long time- fundisho kwa wengine!

It is NOT possible to “circumcise” a FEMALE! Cutting off the clitoris is called “female genital mutilation,” or fgm. Only a male can be circumcised (removing the extra skin around the head of the penis is done for hygienic reasons). Removing a woman’s clitoris is done with the sole intent to cause intense pain during sex, childbirth, urination, and to attempt to take away her sex drive. It can even possibly kill the woman when it is being performed. It’s a horrendously barbaric and misogynistic act that is done to females by extremely oppressive and sexist “cultures,” and babies, young girls, and essentially women of all ages are still forced to endure this nightmarish and cruel torture to this day, all over the world! It must be stopped!! ???

Go after the one who did the exercise!!!

fgm is stupid, nonsense.the worst thing anyone would do to a woman


the term gender neutral- used to describe something that is not/ without masculine or feminine connotations.
fixed gender- a gender that is consistantly the same e.g. a man
non-fixed gender- a gender that fluctuates e.g genderfluid, genderflux, agenderflux etc.
genderfluid- consistantly genderfluid but their gender fluctuates. e.g. they're always genderfluid, but they can fluctuate between nonbinary genders and a woman and a man so they may be a man one day and nonbinary the next, it's not about 'waking up in a gender' or deciding a gender gender can fluctuate at any time. Similarly to being hot and then realising "oh I feel hot I should take off my sweater" and feeling cold and thinking "I should put on my sweater".
nonbinary- an umbrella term and identity for those who aren't binary (a man or a woman) this includes multiple genders that aren't binary genders.

They're the same thing under different names. And neither exist.

Thankyou so so so so so much ❤

I'm still confused, because I like looking a boy and girl sometimes and I am bisexual .-.


Not true I'm an #Ectomorph and work out at least 2 hours and my results are great. Experience is the best teacher.

Thanks! Tall skinny chick and I needed to know this! :D

I used to weight 118lbs (54kg) and I'm 5'10"! My family would always tell me I was too skinny and dating was tough. Now I'm 187lbs (85kg). I have some life changing articles and programs on my site to help anyone that needs it https://www.skinnytomuscle.net

Leave my pipe-cleaner arms alone! lol

i dont agree with them, if you eat more you just get fatter.


Oogan likes to party

Darren here's to more LegPuppy collaborations like this one on air, online, on DAB on Mixcloud later today at 4pm till 5pm BST T #radio #electronica #music #today 4pm on @ResonanceFM 104.4 16.00-1700 DAB #Resonance online Henry's Lockdown With @Legpuppymusic #TrippingElectronica' #KillerClown #theatrics which saw magazines @louderthanwar @psychedelicbab4 championing #LegPuppy Music

I am doing this after lockdown!!