this video is the best, my family is from argentina and they NEVER talked with me about anything. I’m 16 and I know everything for internet

I’m fortunate to have an understanding mother who really went out her way to help me out when my depression began spiraling outta control in high school. My dad and sister are the ones that call me crazy tho, lol. They say it’s all in my head, I’m lazy, and that I’m just doing it for attention. But because of that, my mom has been extra cautious of me, and began to “baby” me more (giving me a curfew, having a gps on my phone, keys to my room, etc).
I’m now 21, and I get a embarrassed cuz it can hit 7 or 8 pm, and I’ll get a message from my mom talkin about “where are you? It’s late, come home.” And I have to practically beg to stay out, or be like “hey sorry, I gotta go.”

And with the whole sexual thing, I had to figure that shit on my own too, lol. I couldn’t ask my sister cuz I knew she was gonna tell my mom. Also I had asked her once, and she told me to figure it out on my own. I mean, I haven’t gotten pregnant yet soooo lmao

I feel the same way but I was only raised by my mother she’s Salvadoran. She’s always been strict asf with me and my sister never spoke to us about sex and always thinking we don’t go through sht when we ALL humans go through sht in life. Wouldn’t let us go out with our friends unless it was at home only and couldn’t have friends stay over for sleep overs nor stay so would sneak out & skip school etc then she wonders why me and my sister don’t tell her we love her because she’s never said it to us and never been so close nor be able to trust to speak about our things and all but girl I love ya ??? u are so down to earth ? ?

This is my first time ever watching you. I’ll say that this was great. I liked how you didn’t get any fucks. I’m actually 19 and I’m still afraid to get on birth control because the last time I tried to get on birth control my mom literally went off and that was when I was 17. I’ve never been sexually active but I want to be on it because you never know. I would love more videos like this. Also, it’s so weird how we have like the same parents where my mom always cares what others think and how my dad doesn’t really care, loved that.

So are you still on birth control?? Like i dont if im using birth control as why i can’t lose weight or it’s just probably that! Like when i got off of it i dropped allat weight which was just water weight but im not sure what to do! Help me sis if yu can. I’m trying to lose weight as well?

19 343 views | 9 years ago days ago

So troll xD

Whatever you do, wash your hands.

Why oh why is this happening?

He somehow got even more aggressive with his dancing.

hi everyone! he's still alive and kicking, guys!



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From Russia with love ❤️


It should be illegal to be that good da fuq ??

Yeah ??


12 214 512 views | 7 years ago days ago

Does this mean that Ben....has cake?

You know how Tom says there’s a frame where you can see the next ASDF movie’s release date? Well, you can also see his crack. Go nuts.

is she freya from The Originals

This time, the cake wasn't a lie

:Guys I wanna stop being a cake


394 views | 1 year ago days ago

Happy Christmas :) it’s nice to see you shine


I came here to be grossed out, but I have to say, seeing inside a renowned football player like Alex Smith's leg is both incredibly horrifying but also weirdly cool.

I have a question I broke my wrist last year and it Was the outside of my left wrist and now where i broke it there is a dent it’s not big but it’s there and I always wondered why

I am never looking at his injury photo EVER again.

and here he is now, beating the undefeated steelers

broke my ulna and radius with a compound fracture in oct of 2018, after looking at this i realize how lucky i was to have my break be a clean snap

8 575 views | 1 year ago days ago

I am big fan of your voice good narration amazing video. She folds her hand sign indicates she doesn't not like u

When she stubs her cigarette out on the back of your neck.

Is that a good sign :-)?

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Be positive dear

Ok now keep your words final good bye.

4 468 584 views | 3 years ago days ago

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Where is Lana Rhoades

Watch this also!!

Jessa Rhodes



Paoli dam kamalika k dekhte cay

Bal daka jacha


Bokachoda bana66o

Need lovely ?? ??❤️???

91 426 views | 7 years ago days ago

This video is so corny & typical.......yawn.....

Right now incest fantasies are on the top.

It sucks

strong girl lift carry baby men

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45 055 views | 2 years ago days ago

She gone get breast cancer


I have come , because of the words of bretman rock
because of what he said on buzzfeed

I can actually feel this video ????


5 169 877 views | 1 year ago days ago

Piss boy?

My most fravorite ebook

Can’t wait for the new Witcher shows?

I think if they would have used harmonicas they would have beaten GUS

*silence*... "chapter 2" HAHAHAHA IM CRYING


Migan i already know u listen to leroy colbert you're like a mini him lol but yoo i know u watch his shit cause evey video he comes out with u do it explaining what he's says.. if u dont know what the hell im talking about then its a big ass coincidence watch him he explained the protein nitrogen stuff and how full body workouts are superior exactly like u.. u gotta know who he is

plus that shit bout it being like fertilizer hahaa u watch his vids

It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when these people are able to get ripped so easily using "Ripped Max Stagger" (search for it on Google).

Great vid!

main action of slin is actually to shovel nutrients into the muscle not prevent breakdown. Its mainly for feeling "fuller" and pushing lage amounts of carbs and proteins into ur biceps (haha)


Its just a game, be prof. Lol???

KDWB Dave Ryan ????

Get rid of the girls !! Ruins everything lol

Girrrlll stop screaming!

where is the clip that starts at 3:24 from?

13 836 views | 12 years ago days ago

why i have black screen ?

cant see any thing....

Fenton was cast through the following casting call: "Looking for the biggest douche, self-obsessed clown in the country"

4 044 views | 2 years ago days ago

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81 358 views | 3 years ago days ago

Lmao my ex acted like I didn't exist & gave me a cold shoulder when I first saw him post breakup. Also already had a new girl and tried to make me jealous

Fantastic video and very specific! it's exactly what you should do!! Thank you so much for posting this video.

I really love your videos, guys! I only wish I had seen them many years ago. Thank you, anyway!

Please talk about " reasons why my boyfriend blocks me suddenly without saying a word!"

After three months of being in no contact with my ex, she just contacted me last night, and she told me this month she moved to the other side of the state for a new job. She was about two hours away before, but now obviously shes much farther away. Im feeling pretty devastated, and i cant talk to her again until the next time she reaches out. She told me she will talk to me when shes ready. I feel so powerless in the situation because she has moved, and i dont know what to do about it exactly.


Part 2

Busquen un psicólogo

Por que veo esto QwQ?

Family friendly

Deja de ver furros pibe, tenemos que ir a recuperar las Malvinas ?


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can you please reply

Looking online for the best romantic dinners to surprise my girlfriend came across this video and it is the most informative easy but yet creative thank you misslizheart :) but I probably won't do the makeup part don't think I'll be able to pull that off lol

I just want to say thank you!!! The dinner was AMAZING!!! You explain everything so well. I had no problem whatsoever! And GIRL!! That sauce ? my husband says it's his new favorite dish :)

wow i love this!❤

Wow! Nice !


"A sucker beta-provisioner"...LOVE IT ???❤?

When they are over 30 they can still get men just not the ones they think they deserve.

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Some hotties I knew in school hit the wall at 25. Some look better at 30 than they did in school or at 20.
Once they realise the biological clock is ticking thats when reality sets in.
I knew a woman had a sugar daddy and at 33 she said she regretted it but that it was too late to change now.
She thought he would give her a kid but I knew he wouldn't, he was already a grandfather at 50. He wasn't going back to changing nappies again.

Shoutout to little Joey aka Chad Jr! ?

607 550 views | 3 years ago days ago

I Can totally unhear all of these.......... well, almost all! The Kristen Bell one got me.

Pretty good video. Chris Pratt was left off and anytime he’s interviewed it’s makes that particular video 40% funnier cuz he has no filter and really doesn’t care.

I could use more confession and less narration

Ummm how did Wendy Williams talking on Conan bout' her son walking in on her giving her husband head and kept going, not make the list??Ewww

Us humans in-spite of our incredible talents and abilities are mediocre in our everyday lives.

216 501 views | 3 years ago days ago

This doesn’t work and I’ve tried everything

Thank you man soo so much!!

I fixed mine and all I did was take the 4 T6 torx screws out of the top, pulled the top off and stretched the spring under the fire pin. I put it back together and it has worked perfectly ever since.

Thanks very much for your help, as a new vape user this sorted my issue right out. Top man ?

Bring a normal battery. Then connect it with positive and negative wires. Connect the positive electrode to the positive electrode of the base of the tank. Place the other negative pole in the condenser on the motherboard. Thats all work


:) cool video, great choice of song

424 294 views | 6 years ago days ago

Omg I just ejaculated for the first time tonight TWICE while watching hentai. No wounder orgasmes feel good!!!!!

I fap 4 times a day when I was a kid :)))

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Thanks man much appreciated


We didn’t need to watch your ship fly?‍♀️?

Sweet thank you, good sir ?

It a legend my guy

47 680 views | 5 months ago days ago

What anime is it at 10:04

10:05 omg I can’t with The Titan’s bride ?

??? Very cute ?????????

This Is THE Best Tiktoks Channel EVER !!

Ameiiii muiiiiito maiiiiis cemsasonal meus cheirinhos e algodozinho doces kkkkk beijinhos huhhhhhu gue Deus abençoa vcs Tudos é famílias Feliz Natal p vcs Tudos ai kkkkk


Yes my c**k is the key to the higher dimensions lol

#2. ?spot on, I’m a dirty bitch ????

i was drawn to 3 dacks but mostly to pile 2,im ♏ ?, lol

I claim??

Pile 2......Mars energy..You could be a Scorpio. .........Aqua energy......I'm Scorpio with Scorpio rising and Aquarian moon. This is most definitely my reading.


Great job presenting the information so clearly!

Very interesting video!

Super informative, I now know what to expect!

Such a cool video, great job!

Fantastic and informative video!