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Indian women and sex

Indian women and sex21 Jun. 2009
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At a time when India has

At a time when India has 70 per cent young population, its better to talk about issues like sex and issues related to it with an open mind.

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Madhav Lokhande

nice good

Amish gamer dj pop

ek aurat dusri aurat ko samjhe aur uske haath thame to hi ye society aage badh sakti he!!lekin yha pe to aurat hi aurat k dushman bane bethi he to kya khaak age badegi sab!!

Girl Indian



I believe its the media who is controling our society if your refuring "westurn culture" and I dont think its fair for women to be put in a certain category, such as there race/culture.

Ejaz Hussain

Sex Ka zikar Kum Practice Ziada ..

Satyajit Ray

@reddresshappy Take an honest survey around you. Most women you will find broke their hymen during sex. COMPARATIVELY, very few would have a broken hymen through exercise. Some women don't even break their hymen at all. Some have very little of it. But they are all statistically unimportant cases.

Prasadrao Pilli

Indian girls and women have been suppressed for their sexual pleasures by the Society since centuries

Amod Dange


Kotha Jahan

K drama


wait, are they actually speaking English? I honestly can't tell. Either way I'd smash on these Indian chicks like there was no Thursday.

Bernard Coleman

good morning to you I like you have a happy holidays weekend.

Sashihangma Lawatee


Satyajit Ray

in indian society, men being "virgin" is actually as important as women being so.those women who mistakenly fornicated before marriage,feel guilty & try to preach to the society that it is acceptable for women to have sex before marriage with someone other than her future husband. This rubbish is nothing but end of pipe solutions & stemmed from jealousy of these feminists and whores.Hymen can be found in a woman, not man. So, expectation of female virginity before marriage is natural.

Autisticus Spasticus

that newsreader is pretty hot


I know it's real good

Aditya kapoor

Randiya v doctor banne lagi h.... Waah re feminism

ranveer yadav

koi samay nahi badla hai ...
jab bhi Sex pe koi discussion hota hai to gyan dene ka kaam pahle shuru ho jata hai yahan bewajah
Sex partner to available hai nahi_ haan lekin Gyan available hai wo bhi dher sara :)
Dosto_ main aapse puchta hun kya ek loyal sex partner easily milta hai India main ?
Nahi na....!!
koi Sharif boy agar aisa kuch karne ka sochta bhi hai to uske sab frnds usko character less samajhne lagte hain..badnaam karte hain 
India main sex ka matlab sirf apni generation ko aage badhana hai bas wo bhi after marriage..
ye jo News Anchor Madamji yahan badi-badi baatein kar rahi hai na..wo to employee hain iss Channel ki_ salary milti hai unko interviews lene ki
She is doing merely her job...other dialgoues are bullshit ..


@zeb120 well said

Crazy R

cos adultery and swinging didnt already exist in the world. you sound like a preacher of shit. fuck you.

Siddharth Bhavsar

nice good sociological explanation

Raghavendra mishra

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Jet Baller

load of bs.

Woman cannot have sex unless they are emotionally attached?

Speakers are clearly scared of public outrage if they say women can have casual sex.

Rubab Khan

Useless topic

Satyajit Ray

@reddresshappy I know pretty well that a hymen can be broken by many ways including horse riding, biking, hard exercises etc but still, for most women, from a strictly probabilistic point of view(even though it does not work in individual count), will break their hymen when they have sex. Not all women will break their hymen before their 1st time simply through an exercise routine.

James Billy

Black men have bigger, longer, and harder erections.

shoaib khan

quran ne sex ka maqsd skoon hi btaya hai jis ki tum aj chrcha kr rahe ho

Satyajit Ray

@reddresshappy Where do you live? in USA? look around you. Do you see equality? Mothers getting all the child custody is equality to you? Living in a culture where still a feminist would go on a date and expect the man to pay the bill or pull the chair is a culture of equality to you? oh you will now call it chivalrous attitude will ya? lol. it's not equality the society is moving towards. it's complete anarchy. women are being used more and more as simply a sex object and it's equality to u!?!

Manoj G G


Rodney U.

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Chutiye government, america se kuch sikho

Santosh Poojary

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Manohar Khandalkar


Karan Agarwal

Tabu subject???

Dunhill Dunhill

Many Girls don't even approach boys as a human. No hello. No greetings. No general respect nothing.


unfortunately we have a long way to go to become an open culture like we used to be

Jay Devji


Naresh Karuan


Satyajit Ray

"new world" does not mean it's the right philosophy to lead the life. Western culture is going back to dark ages. What Indians are doing is following the western culture. Do you know where western culture stands today? adultery, swingers' life style is a common thing and India is slowly moving towards that direction. This is just wrong.

Nitin Goswami

good 9899646722


You are getting India confused with Africa. =)


but u guys know what.. i have seen action dictates everything.. these discussions will remain discussions and fade away.. u have to put it into actions.. maybe ban such topics on the show anything.. its sort of the big fight like tv shows wherein one serious topic is discussed for 1 week then nothing is done for tht .. the channel gets TRP revenue and they conveniently switch to new issue next week.. useless if no action is taken after discussion..

Sharad Bagadi



not to offend but what language are the talking in? i can here bits of English but then it gets really fast and all kinds of blurs together.

krishna darooka

sex is a very powerful instinct in animals or in all living beings like hunger thirst and breathing. It is natural and desire and need develop over a period as like feeling hungry to eat etc.without this natural desire world will not exist to grow or sustain..For sex like for food fights and wars take place  Having said that, don't suppress sex  let it grow and have full fulfillment as u hv to quench thist by drinking water or hunger by eating food  However for law and order and for preventing nuisance and fighting u make rules and control sex.  More control u hv more problems u create

Kenny Jones

Good lord why are Indian women sooooooo beautiful

creative thinker


Ravi Chandel

nidhi i like you

Nitin Goswami


Zeeshan .A

india is full of aids and dirt

Dismukes Hermelinda

You look good in that XXXX.


It's a new world, the ways of the prudes are over.


i think your confusing it with pakistan..

Night Love

Done ??


What exactly is Indian culture? Look at Khajuraho sculptures and you will find gods taking part in polyamorous lifestyle. How can Indian culture be conservative when hinduism worships natural elements just like the romans and the greeks? Were they conservative? No! The conservatism has come due to outside influence- Islam and the English's Victorian values. Please try to READ a little bit more.

krishna darooka

liberalization of sex is the index of development of a community or society and country
Sex talks and practices  also determine the modernization of a society particularly women  Sex is a biological force attraction basic and natural instinct given by God. For sex u don't have to go to school or get training ,u learn by itself over a period as u learn walking and talking

TB Abekoon


suman pulami

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70% women in India?

Love 13


parag khodiyar

India me pornstar ban rahe usko bandha Kar vaho nage hoke chudvate hay

Shahnawaz Ali Memon


tom collins

Hello Indian women you are like candy to me

Barrios Groupie

pretty indian woman

Amish gamer dj pop

i m girl i m woman i m wife i m mother and i m agree wth what they says ! cos meine dekha he sahah he aur socha he hum sabko har chijo me boundation he even about of our words and har time har koi bas emotional blackmail hi karta he ! humhari kamjoria ko apni takat banake humpe war karta he ye society!!! ab badalna hoga! ye koi behek wehek ki baat nhi he !ab revolution aana hoga!

Ivana Yankertitsov

India has the prettiest women on earth.

rajnesh chaturvedi


Tiger Blood

ra NDTV As always anti-national, anti-hindu, femints so called news

Sdera Serja

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Gra Galib


Chandu Chary


Ricardo Rodríguez

La conductora es preciosa!!!

Taufeeq Sher


Prakash Chamling

Habib Shaikh


Dunhill Dunhill

It's a feminist society den what fear those girls have? Hypocrisy

Pat Patty

0:20 ye nautanki karte karte humare country ka population badhte ja raha hai also is video upload ke baad hi kitna population bad gaya hoga India karo ye sab drama chup chup ke sab sharafat ke naam pe maze le rahe hai lolz ...sirf dusro ko judge karne me aage hai apne yaha!


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These Women Are Still Having Sex in Their 60s

These Women Are Still Having Sex in Their 60s2 Jun. 2016
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Bridgette Candice



Where r these women? I want to meet them!!

mark jr. Heywood

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Miss Marsha

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Rabi'a Keeble

These ladies are not 60s look at Angela Bassett, that's a sexy 60

وحيد يازمن


Erdoğan Saka

Nice, body positivism plagued even here...

zooknut kr

Dosent matter how old you are you still wanna f*<k
But the women in this vid not best representation for that

HT 406 3531 14

Ive seen some hot looking younger looking 60 year olds who are still active in many ways

Ebrima Sillah

LOVE has no age. Humanity and respect is most important?? ??

The Missing Tile

For some strange odd reason, I'd hit it

The Road King

Otherwise the cobwebs have to be cleaned out once in a while

Elvis Presley

Ive never met a woman in her 60s that loves sex. Just saying


I had sex with a woman in her 50's. So what.

Joy Dey


Why is this even shocking??? They're humans ffs... ?

Marry Jane

Have fun call/video with me??


Alicesandra Conklin

I also like the girl with pink and purple hair

Leo Derosia

You girls like huge schlongs?

John Deware

I am 60 and single great shape and horny!

poke man

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Victor Devanand

Woooow superb ? ????

Farhan Farhan

I'm interested


Lol. Honest reality. As a 52 year old male I never ever thought......that I'd be still having sex, talking about sex or even thinking about it. Lol.

Yohannan Kt


Darkasih 1234



I NEVER thought about it! But 60s plus seems like the thought are now about gardening, vacations, and relaxing on hammocks!

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UGHHH Fuck U You Tube! I was eating!!


Who gives a shit that old bags finger themselves (most likely) and their autonomic nervous system is functioning. Is that their great accomplishment after 60 or 70 years on this earth. Grow up already. I guess it's easier to celebrate that than any real accomplishments in life.

B. Singh

Yes, women of all age are OK for sex.


I almost threw up my breakfast. If this was dirty old men the same age saying the same words, women would call them pervs.

Abel Cerrillo

Ill party with them....

Satria Alih

I love sex ya

Susi Sulastri

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the desire in mind will create sx no age bar

Preet Oberoi

So what Asaram is active in seventies!

robert broad

They are exceptions. Most women over 65 are " TOO DRY AND READY TO DIE"

bad vine's

She's looking 80s not 60s

Olivier Revet

and who are we ro judge those cougars ?! if they still want sex let them have sex


Age is just number enjoy your life till last breath ???


Omg... their sexual partners must either be on retainer, incredibly ugly, or have a weird fetish for the very elderly among us. Face it: the last chapter has come and gone, ladies...close up shop and stick to your dildoes and vibrators from here on out.

Raaz 09815072847

love 60 woman.....

James Watts

Sexy 60

Gahbdgs Gdufhgs

Yang milih allah like 40000 ya

Ngon Tran thinh


Michael Sandford

Love the woman in the pink

Edris Narine

You go ladies!! Have fun..Sex brought us here.You all are hot girls.
I'm over 50 and look like 18 honestly beautiful body flawless !

Fast Farmer

Go girls!!


The woman with the colored scarf! I feel drawn to her!

Thu Noi

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .

Kusi Yesu

Sex @ 60

Joseph Stotts

Bring it on baby

Prabhu Arachi

Very true

C Jasz

I am sure these women are not from Canada where amnipulation and lies are more important than an orgasm

duane fryzelka


Anthony Diomede

Lets rock , love older women, turning 62 myself ???

Peter J. Andros

They all look more like 70 than 60 but if they like sex, good for them. Wonder what the men who find these broads attractive look like.

Míchele Cobré

The thumbnail woman is attractive

Tuyen Mai

Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.


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We all live in an evil system.


Clint Eastwood


Bobbie Jackson

No matter how old u r sex is sex so have at it just b safe


I would love to try a 60year old??

Sajjad Nasir

Marry younger women

Pardeep Saini


Pasqual Haruo

I hope sex better why 60 s old for that kind crab not young any more sorry

Thomas Caldwell


Bxbd Nddhdg

Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment

Mark Massengale

Some are too old to cut the mustard..But . They can still chew the Bologna..?


Any lady for me

Vinson Shinabery

Horny toads

Michael Contreras

Ooo la la


Good on them. Life is to be enjoyed.





Mustafa Karakaya

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"... in their 60s"
And what makes you think it stops at 70? Or 80? Or 90? ...


PS: Fuck YouTube for giving us ads that can't be skipped at 5 sec.
Fuck you and all your sponsors, the enmity level for whom just jumped several levels.
This will reduce the number of views for many videos on here. Congratulations!

Charlie Montoya

Am 61 and still last 1 hour am still really hot

James McFadden

nice video. James, 33. i wouldn't mind boning older women.


all she has to do lay there

Niraj Dubey

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Syed Zameen

I love you

Rick Uyeda

Did you notice? Most of them appear to be Lesbians. I'm 67 and don't find any of them appealing. My wife is 67 and weighs the same as she did in College.

Talb Rashed37


bader Banat

Alright sex is an exercise that's y grandmother will do that


Who made this video a fucking 20 year old? 60 is far from old...I would smash the hell out of Angela Basset and Chaka Khan 60 year old asses. I'm definitely still going to be putting it in if I live to see 60.

sharmeane Peries


Robert Swaim

Amazing I am trapped in a realationship where I want it a lot but my wife finds some excuse she even calls me a pervert sometimes she sleeps on couch I sleep in bed if I knew it was going to be this bad I never would have married her

David Creyke Refinishing

You couldn’t find any like regular old people apparently.



Mylittlecorner Original

Not for nothing, I’m up there in age and I be damn to make a video like this, it’s so fucken disgusting lmao. I can’t imagine it and I sure don’t think about it and I’m sure after men seeing this shit they wouldn’t want none from us lol. I would have to be drunk or out of my mind. I had enough fun when I was young, now is time to let that thing recuperate?

Zakaly Ismail

I love sex with 60+ women it is fantastic

Ilovesesshomaru sama

Idk I think I’d throw in the towel by then unless I still looked kinda hot

Scott Herdt

Where do you find these Women