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Gay men hate us for being in love

Gay men hate us for being in love25 Apr. 2018
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For Digital Pride 2018 we

For Digital Pride 2018 we sat down with former rugby player Sam Stanley and his fiancé Laurence Hicks to discuss the hate they've faced in their eight year relationship.

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Comments (59)
Duke Daki

Is good


Cute couple.

Billy Evans

No disrespect but basically nothing was said of any substance. Look at the younger guy fit body look at the older gentleman OBESE now that right there would have been an obstacle I would imagine putting the age secondarily .

Nikhil Mahajan

Okay I'm not judging ?


There is nothing as frustrating and more disappointing when the discriminated, many times, persecuted, chooses to discriminate, even, persecute. Gays men and women should and need to know better.
Beautiful couple. Be happy with whom you choose.

Trevor Thompson

Some people can't mind their own business it is usually jealousy when people look down at people in younger older relationships good luck to both you both know the truth

N Bin

I am in a similar relationship, perhaps a bigger age gap, from the younger partner stand point which I am, the older partner doesn’t get as bad vibes as the younger partner especially from the gay community. We are looked at as gold diggers, but when they realize it is not the case, then it changes to daddy issues and the list goes on. The older partner doesn’t give a F... anymore so it is easier for him, because after a certain age you realize that you can’t live by other people’s standards and just be happy. As for me, I kept the people I feel comfortable around, almost all straight people who are shockingly more understanding than gay people we know.



Jesus Follower

For some reason that I don't understand, younger guys have always been attracted to me through all the gay dating sites to which I have applied. I was always suspicious & distrusting of the younger men because I don't find myself physically attractive at all. My most fulfilled loving relationship was with a man 30 years my junior for a mere 6 months. How sorry I am to have turned my back on him for ridiculous reasons.

Obi Phil

Why are people so judgemental??? They very likely are truly in love. But lets say they werent. Lets say he was in it for the money and he was in it for lusting after young flesh. So what. That's perfectly legitimate esp if both know the other's agenda. As long as they are consenting adults and each get what they want without duress, no one else has the right to judge them at all. Live and let live.

Terry M

Awesome couple really grounded


My husband was 25 years older than me...and we were together for 30 years. He died Oct. 2018 and I wouldn't change one thing. The biggest, best blessing in my entire life. DON'T limit yourself to such silly things as age, color, wealth etc. They're not important at all.

Hei Nu Chung

The ole’man had the right tool and it’s not money ;)

philip Alan

Finally. Money is not involved How about a rich young gay. Meeting an old poor guy. That would be an oxymoron


It's just jealousy, pure and simple (I'll admit I"M jealous, but happy for you!)


Madonna is 36 years older than her 26 year old bf. People have their own reasons. Who cares?

Mark ledesma

when 2 people are in love, we should be happy because love doesn't come easy, oftentimes it's a numbers game, a trial and error, we may like someone but it has to be mutual.


Anyone in our gay world who hated on them are jealous that they can’t have a relationship like this. Sad really. Gay News flash not all of us want to define our life by grinder and chase constant unfulfilled adoration from cookie cutter cloned gym selfies. Yawn. Most of us grow out of denial and grow into loving ourselves and seek a partner that loves us in return flaws and all. Most but not all wake up and grow up but some continue to chase butterflies before realizing your about to fall off a cliff from not watching we’re your going.....

kAidEn jAcE

Be yourself and that's all that matters. Fuck haters!!

Steven Williams

Hello,, I'm 40 wish to meet a honest gay for a lifetime relationship,,,,


Gay men hate us for being interracial as well.

Howard Strauss

It is nice to see people in love. You do have to ignore what idiots say. Luckily other people's opinions don't matter at all.

Anthony Strunk

I’m 41 and I keep asking the universe, what did I do to deserve not being loved?

C.J. Blanda

Wonderful, we only have one life, so live it as you please!

Geo Engineering

Romans 1:28
“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;”

Steven Williams

Hey there,, I'm from California 40 yrs old single gay,, you?????.

Angel Flores

Who’s on here because they want to see if a huge age gap can lead to marriage? Idk why but I always preferred older men over men my age. I rather date Robert downy jr then Shawn Mendes.

David Levesque

I love some of the idealism responses in comments on this one. But I ran into the same thing in my first long term relationship with an elderly man. Because it's labeled community doesn't mean it's without corruption. It creates halo effect using the word, as do the words , family , doctor , spiritual, etc. Narcisism runs in all of it( jealousy, controlling for the sake of control , gangstalking for the pleasure response of it, trophy holding for sake of ego ,..all of it. All the same stuff straights live.
The saying, to let someone into your heart, you should let yourself in first. Because you let someone else in first, hoping they're going to clean your messes wherever they may be, they'll probably mess it up worse, instead of helping( at least at first), organize it up. It goes for both partners.
I think they're both cute by the way. One needs to be a little more health conscious lately, but otherwise, good luck.


that guy looks like Casey Neistat

Nolly Marky

Very cute live on don't mind what people think

Eddie Alveno

Other gay men have been the worst towards me in my experience, I usually go for someone that looks like myself. Around my age and no one older or overweight. Other gays call me a racist & all type's of derogatory thing's, just bcuz I'm not into em or turn em down. Not my fault I'm attracted to what I'm attracted to, get over it!

T͍a͍n͍z͍i͍l͍ H͍a͍s͍a͍n͍?

Wow. Cute old man.


I stumbled upon this video. I'm actually surprised that people are bothered by older/younger relationships. there are sizeable communities of men who subscribed to sites that feature older/younger relationships and there are small and large gatherings or conventions for men who are in or seek younger/older partners. these relationships are more common than most people realize. My first partner and I were 22 years apart in age, he died of a stroke at the young age of 55 in 1991 when I was 33. then I met my current partner in 1994 who is 17 years my senior. Yep, more common than you think. Good to see videos like these.

The Gay Expat

It's so sad that gay men can be the most judgmental of them all. Why is it so hard for some people to accept that not everyone likes the same thing. I'm black and my partner is Asian and we both get flack from people. My friends say he's too scrawny and his friends say a black man is beneath him.


I’m 52 and my partner is 29. We’ve been happily living together for 7+ years. He moved 100 miles to live with me. Both our families and friends are great about it. Ignore the haters, they’ll move on to something/someone else to hate to fulfill they’re pitiful lives.

Tosan Oghoshe

I find it hard to understand how who a person chose to love or how old the person is affects anybody. People should be able to love whoever they prefer without discrimination . At the end of the day we all desire love.

Geir Kjelland

Glad to see pure love in our community <3

Cibon The Saint

Wonderful! An intergenerational relationship between two men is a beautiful thing. I know because I was in one for 20 years. Love you guys!


My ex partner and I differed 16 years , but we loved the hell out of each other.
One time a repair man came along to fix a broken waterpipe inside of our house and when I answered the door he walked on to find my partner in the washing room, where the pipe had been broken.
Upon meeting my partner he said: "Yeah, your son opened the door to let me through"...with me being referred to as his son.
In the LGBTQ+ community in the Netherlands, my partner got a lot of "How did you pin him down?" "is this young one a keeper?", while I got a lot of "Why are you with that old bag, when you can be with me?"
The LGTBQ+ community is fucking shallow and for me they do not deserve pride...
Anyway: this couple seem to be all about love. Let them be! Do not hate on real love, however jealous you are!


I'm 31 and dating 48 yr. Old. Connection and attraction are all that matter not societal judgment and expectation.

tonymunchy boo

aww the older one is very cute


Do people realize how hard it is to find someone they actually connect with and want to spend the rest of their lives with, especially in the gay community? These two men have found each other and want to marry. That is cause for a celebration. All those who ridicule are truly jealous.

Fred M.

You have it all wrong. It's not hate that drives my insult it's envy. The younger guy is universally attractive. Who wouldn't be into him. On the other hand, the older man is universally unattractive. We can't help what turns us on. The younger has a fetish that goes beyond just older men. He's attracted to older stereotypical sloppy straight men. The grandpa next door.

jack long

Where is the notion that you need approval of gay community? Their is no handbook or training. Fuck the negative and do what you want. Tired of all these correctness,.

Muhammad Asif Malki

Old man so cute I like it

Chris Chris

I am gay and want a boyfriend....

Berty Bertface

14 years between my man and me. Haters will hate anything and everything. Beautiful couple, people should mind their own bloddy business.

rags 1977

Love the older one

Joseph Dixon

Maybe there's hope for me

Dave Jaconi

I was with a great man for 13 years When we first met I was 32 and he was 79 going on 80. I came out to my brother and his husband in October 2014 and a few friends. Partner passed away in November 2017 from a stroke. Many people at work know that I'm gay and know that I had an older partner and they don't judge me for who I am. Living in San Diego CA gives me the chance to be my true self

Ron Jacobs-Young

Congratulations guys love is love. We're in. Our 35th year. Biracial and 13 years difference. A blessed life and we wish that for you two.?????

swamianandmagno amato

I just saw 2 person loving each other. I don't see young or older. They are perfect they are. I accept totally them. Gog bless each other


Who cares what other people think? You do you.

maldives-joshua joseph

Love is blind.

Derek Williams

Let people be with whom they want to be. Let's just be happy that two people found each other.

the bub

Awesome guys, if its a younger women with older guy why is that treated so differently.  Just enjoy your love, its yours let no one damage or ever undermine it.


I’ve always liked older men. Now that I’m older, I’m finding that men that are my age are attracted to men two decades younger than they are...and that is more common than not. The old/younger man dynamic is not always about love. When I was younger I dated older guys for money....very wealthy men. I really liked many of them, but was never in love. Like a younger guy for a romp, but usually I pick unattainable straight guys. For a real partner, I would just be looking for someone who understands the same and likes a few drinks and debauchery now and then. I’m not dead yet.

Maria Cooker

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windson anderson

You are a beautiful couple....some people will always hate.

Gay Dating in 2020 Story - My Experience Dating a "Straight" Guy

Gay Dating in 2020 Story - My Experience Dating a "Straight" Guy7 Apr. 2020
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Here's a story of one of

Here's a story of one of my most recent relationships, as it was something that's been weighing on my mind. Feel free to comment if you can relate somehow!

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One love

Comments (21)
Rob Johnson

Where are those Bs of LGBT?? They are living hidden under the straight roof.

John Future

Hey there I'm from California 34 yrs old single gay,, are you???

Terrell Ward

Sorry u went through this but this is an learning experience for you .

T 412

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is a good thing. You’re sexy and dudes will want you. We as men who like men have a responsibility to ourselves to be blunt about our desires to cut this off at the pass.


I don’t get the whole anti-label thing. Your name is a label ?...imagine living without one. I think we should spend our time on more productive things than trying so hard to not accept ourselves because we’re afraid of the “label” that comes with it.

Scott Jackson

Bisexuality can be really tough to live with. Gay rights aside; we still live in a fundamentally homophobic society. So "normal" is being like a straight boy. Get a woman, be a "normal man," can't be attracted to a guy. Except that he is attracted to both genders. So, trying to have a "normal life" is unfulfilling. He gets a hard on, for you too, so trying to deal with that. When at church, and most guys are saying. "Dude, you can't be gay!" Only it's like, there's gayness inside.
This guy is clearly bi, but scared of those same sex attraction feelings. He wants to explore that? But afraid of being labeled "gay," called "gay." He has a girlfriend, so bisexuality is like that. He's with her, but is interested in you too. It's every bit as confusing and as complicated for him. Except that the expectation of bad consequences is too real.

maximino camacho

hey I'm trying what Gary vee said to promote my music. If you ever need a free copyrighted song you can use my songs. Much love for what you have going on.

Dexter Lopez

Had something similar, but he was “in the closet”. Stay away from those, too!

Paul san

I can totally relate. Same thing happened to me at work. He was the adult child of an alcoholic...never again. We were friends first for a year and a half then lovers for 5 years. He left me for a woman over 30 years ago and I still think about him. He could never say he was bisexual even after I asked him if he ever loved me. Those guys are the worst because they are always playing with your heart and mind.

Mark Panyanouvong

your parents are Lao, I guess

Adam K

You are so cute.... I subscribed

Hey Now

Allow love to be a matter of the heart and not the mind. Lead with how you love yourself and introduce it to those who are of special interest so they follow your example. Align yourself with someone of equal likeness and ensure that the rapport is symbiotic. Always make sure that the other person's intentions and interest are mutually compatible to yours. You have the makings of a great boyfriend and the more you know the better you grow! Thanks for posting this video! I'm Kendricke fyi, lol.

Dane Ortega

Bro you got measuring tape

Aplishgastravaganza nooty

Just from the description of him. You walked into that. But everyone goes through that. Your a little wiser for it and that’s what matters. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!???? and welcome to the club ? YOU ARE very handsome so I wouldn’t lose face to early in the game. I’m pretty sure you’ll be cuffed sooner or latter.

Andriws Godoy

I can relate, and currently going through it, and what makes ir harder is that he lives under the same roof I live ... and I liked your video because is just how we treat each other ...but I’m confused and he is single just a lot man. It’s taken my sleep away and I don’t know how much longer I can keep my feelings hidden


It’s kind of like falling in love with someone who is already married. Oh, things get so complicated...

Randy R

Man I feel for you. Dating in the gay community generally sucks. It's an f'ing mess especially for those who wear their heart on their sleeve. I have not experienced exactly what you did but I've had an excellent gone through unrequited love experience in the past that felt like a punch in the gut. For me I decided to give up on ever actually finding someone(probably not the best of ways to deal with it but meh..). I already have enough working against me(I'm black, average height and weigh about 118kg/260lb... the gay die alone trifecta) why put myself out there to just experience more hurt. My heart just can't handle any more bruising that comes from the unending stream of rejection.

T 412

Seems to me you should just make your feelings known. We all should! We play ourselves carrying out these toxic almost relationships.

Scott Jackson

I know a young man, where I work. Very nice, very sexy, and very friendly. Seems to be conservative and married, but much too friendly. So many questions! Such as: what are his intentions? I look, and act pretty straight. Afterall I'm an bisexual older man. Father, grandfather, but I'm into men now. My last live in girlfriend, died in 2012. So where's he going with this? I really don't know. But would love some kisses and a stuffed peach!


You know when you should have walked away. When he said he had a girlfriend. Congratulations, you played yourself.

Undiscovered Sight

I stumbled upon this video going down the YouTube rabbit hole. Haha. Thanks for sharing! I too am an LGBT person of color and i think it’s important to share our experiences!

Gay Men Are Bad At Dating...

Gay Men Are Bad At Dating...29 Nov. 2019
2 845
Bradley BirkholzSubscribe 438 721

Honestly? Gay men are bad

Honestly? Gay men are bad at dating. I explain why in this rant / storytime.

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Thanks again for watching! And remember! The world's a noisy place... Make your words count!

Comments (40)
Darinha Reis94



. . . BradleyIthinkyou'rereallycutandI'dliketoaskyouout. whew. really shy so just blurted it out all at once. ?
j/k I live in texas and am about 100 times older than you but I agree with what you said, we don't talk or not face to face. perhaps it is easier to message and get no response than deal with the fear of rejection face to face "you seem like a really nice guy but . . ."

Darinha Reis94


Frazer Mountford

No you are not a stuck up snob, its a valid issue. I have been going through the "Online Dating" phase and come to the conclusion that all the apps are broadly the same, ie its not the apps fault its just the way people behave on then. So what have i been doing. Well just before the Covid19 lockdown i made the effort to develop my social skills, initially the easiest was way to do more social events with my running club and then consider looking at Meetme or something like an Outoor Adventure company for LGBT guys but all thats on pause at the moment.

Steven Frederick Baljkas

Looking at all the supportive comments left, sweetie, you must feel not only vindicated but valued for speaking your truth, which is obviously the truth for so many others in our community.
I have to confess that I am lousy at dating, so much so that I don't even know why I try any more. As long as I am confessing, I should admit that while I find you totally attractive and utterly charming and appealing in so many ways, IRL I would probably be far too afraid ever to express any romantic or sexual interest (not that I am trying, in stating that, to hit on you now with some bizarre reverse psychology), indeed, so much so that I would hesitate to initiate any conversation or to speak kor fear of you reacting negatively to me immediately and rejecting me even as a friend. For those of us who are not good looking that instantiated experience of dismissal does not become less painful as we grow older. The paradox of it is -- something I realised when I was your age indeed -- we become victims of our own oppression of others. In plainer language, just as we are rejected by guys for not meeting their beauty standard, we oftimes reject people of quality out of hand. Like most gay men, I am attracted to/by youth. So far, no younger man I fancied has been attracted to me. Yet I find it difficult to consider the flirtations of older gents in my gay men's group as I would if the same words were being said by someone my age or even younger whom I already found attractive.
As more than an intellectual exercise, I have tried to think of them as potential partners, but to quote the wise author Jane Yolen, "The heart is not a knee that can bend." Besides the fact that two of them smoke -- which would be a deal-breaker for me even if it were, say, Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling proposing (a girl can dream ;-) ) -- I just can't get over the extra decades which ostensibly put them in line sooner for needing supportive geriatric medical care. Please don't get me wrong on that matter, Bradley: I would not reject anyone because of pre-existing illness or HIV status. I certainly need aid myself some days but I would be loathe to inflict such a need on a partner on a continual basis although mutual caring for each other while aging together, gracefully or not. Anyway, I am rambling on so I definitely should stop here.
Bradley, please keep that beautiful brain in gear and keep producing these extraordinary informative and thought-provoking videos. You are witty, sensitive snd wise beyond your years: I always look forward to finding another video from you in my YouTube 'mail' box.
In closing, I had one thought from left field that I wanted to share with you now. You have probably read and therefore are familiar with social critic and academic Mark Simpson. I mention him because he is a pre-eminent voice, a leader, in our community globally. You remind me very much of him when he was your current age (well, a sweeter, kinder version) and I wanted to say that despite your creative and artistic aspirations, I hope you keep in mind the incredible, benevolent impact you could have on the world stage with your interesting thoughts and winning style. This is not meant as flattery but a word to the wise from an old "auntie" to a most impressive young man with unlimited potential. And on that most positive note, my dear young man, I bid you adieu 'til next time.


You are insightful and articulate. Thanks for this quality video. I plan to watch more. I happen to need lots of help. Foster Lee

Bradley Birkholz

Well I channeled my inner Taylor Robbins and really went IN on my opinions on gay men and dating… I hope y’all don’t judge me too harshly for the honesty haha! Do you like ranting Bradley? Should I do more of these?

If you want more opinions why not give me a dollar or two in support of my content - I could really use your help!

Ryan Shuck

Come tell me to my face! It's a scary place Bradley. I'm just kidding, mostly. In reality it can be scary. Most guys are terrified of rejection. It is something we need to work on. Excellent video with much to think about. Well done.

Lane Wright

I think some of the problem comes down to just the fact that we’re men. There is the stereotype that men don’t talk about their feelings, and often don’t talk about much of anything. I think a lot of gay men have absorbed that idea and have trouble being open about the way we feel about things. I don’t necessarily think that’s a British thing as much as it is a man thing. Another reason I think we are bad at dating is that we don’t have the experience for the most part of doing it when we are younger the way straight men do. Now that more people are coming out at a younger age, this may be less true for younger generations, but for me, I never dated in high school or in college because I was still closeted, and I was in my 30s before I ever really went on an actual date. That late in life, how was I supposed to know how to do it?

John F

Bradley, I've always been crap at dating I think my looks got me through! albeit those days are long gone!!!

Kevin Alexander

I know right, very sally

Bipan Deb

Nicely put Bradley! What about looks when it comes to gay dating? My horrifying experience in Grindr has just left me unmotivated to even reach out to anyone. I am currently in the US but as a South Asian person of color, I just don't seem to be anybody's 'type'. Being raised in a hyper-oppressive society back home it took me a lot of guys to get out and make some endeavors to seek a mate. But sometimes I wonder what's the point if there's so much discrimination ?
Sorry for my ranting..but would love to know your thoughts as someone who is definitely in the most desirable part of the spectrum.

Max Chase

"Sipping tea Bradley" is my new favorite thing. Let's make a meme out of it, people! ;)


I believe the main reason gay men treat each other poorly is the unresolved trauma of growing up gay that we all carry around. Being in the closet is a form of dissociation, dissociating from our real feelings, desires, experiences. Experiences we have growing up in the closet don't register as authentic because they are experiences that our straight avatar is having, not us. So it's no surprise that as adults we have difficulty even identifying what we really want and acting on it, because we were raised to do the exact opposite of that. It can be very confusing.

Additionally, we all hated the discovery that we were gay (maybe it's better to say that we internalized the contempt straight people have always felt toward us). Even after we more or less come to terms with being gay, we continue to project that self-hatred onto one another in various ways. And what's more, gays growing up are typically marginalized members of their peer groups and even their families. We are excluded from social circles (or allowed admission only on very strict terms) at a time when our straight peers are developing relational skills, and then when we reach adulthood we are often bereft of those skills.

I have no idea what the answer is but I do think we should exercise understanding and compassion both toward ourselves and one another. We've all been through a lot and it hasn't been easy for any of us.

Diana Brown

as a trans woman my god it hell on earth when it comes to dating as a woman who into guys only it very hard it all comes down to what people may think of you what tbh is like what you said about the mental health thing but tbh it can be looks too

Gerard Collins

That tea drinking upon dropping the reality of gay male narcissism XD

Miguel Barão

You deserve a lot more subscribers! hugs :)

Bandile Msimanga

I loooove your content, Bradley! All the love!


I agree with what you say in the video. I started questioning my sexuality in my mid 20’s and it still is difficult for me to approach guys. That men don’t know how to talk to each other is SO true like I’m messaging with this guy but the conversation doesn’t flow and I know in part is my fault. Also I live in a quite conservative city and most guys are closeted.


You made some strong points. I liked how you did not bash others for what they choose to do. Now the other points you made are good and gives some insight as to why people are doing what they want to do. I admit I would date, but I had nothing but bad experiences when I attempted to do so. I have not in a long time. I must say this video was telling the truth. I do not hate you. You have only scratched the surface on this topic. I was shaking my head at the things you discussed. You take care.

John F

Hi, Bradley have you ever been up to Yorkshire?


Yes the narcissism is so bad in the community! Nobody wants to put in any effort they want the other guy to do it all. It's so annoying >:( Personally I put in my all in a relationship and expect others to in return (aka equal effort). And sadly it's really hard to find. Once in a blue moon it comes around, but it does take a lot of searching. Recently found a great guy who has been so far been putting in equal effort, and we met on INSTAGRAM of all places ? Funny enough better than any guy I've ever met from any dating app

MiJoOc76 - Mike

Well said, Bradley. I can relate to many aspects you mentioned ??????????????

luka Versace

i agree on everything you just said cause it's true

Jonathan Joseph

Bradley, I love one of your videos about gay men are bad at dating and it's very important to do that, so I'm very proud of you for being my idol!!!


Is it bad that I'm watching "The Matrix Reloaded" while watching Bradley's video. And somehow viewing too many similarities?

Jon Don

Always thought provoking and much of what you say is true.for me it's about respect honesty passion love and commitment in any relationship. But yes a hook up is good also lol.but the other is best.thank you for another great video much love to you beautiful.

James Kantor

Maybe men are just bad at dating. As men we have a hard time making friendships.

Sean Shimamoto

Yup! I’m so tired of all the narcissistic guys. I’ve had so many conversations where I’m asking all the questions and they ask NOTHING about me...and when I say, “okay, well you seem busy. Take care.” then all of a sudden they start talking. And then there are the guys that hide behind Grindr and like apps! Just 2 days ago this hot white guy messaged me on Grindr and said that they saw me at the gym but didn’t wanna bother me. Ugh. I’m not gonna bite! Well, unless they like that! ?

PS - I have a weird stalker on Adam 4 Adam that will message me stuff like, “you look really good in that red tank top walking around downtown”!!! WTF?!?

Jesse Ellis

Just found your channel!! Love ya! Subbed!! ?

Ocean's Wonders

Men always prize physical strength. But what about the *emotional strength* needed to face the fear of rejection, the fear that we're not good enough, the fear of what could happen when we let our guard down and actually be vulnerable?

Those muscles are rare, indeed.


"Don't hate me".... not gonna do that and I like your opinion rants :)


So when gay men want sugardaddies thats narcissistic but when women want one its fine?

Bandile Msimanga

Sipping on that truth tea, hunty! ?

Petrus Rossouw

A lot of what you said I is true and we can do to better communicate. But it seems you are more an extroverted person, and I think you are a bit hard on the more introverted people who won't just walk up to a random stranger and say HI.
I am introverted, and find it extremely difficult to meet people in public. I am more comfortable to say HI via e-mail or an app and go from there, but then my messages falls on deaf ears for whatever reason.
Initially I got offended with people not responding, but it seems to be the done thing these days too.

Men in general is bad at communication, or at least it is my experience.
I find it super annoying that someone comes stand right in front of me, talking to his buddies with his back towards me, while his but literally rubs my knee or groin, and yet, he does not excuse himself for blocking my view, or bumping into me. He continues to ignore me as if I am made of glass. And it is not that they are interested in me.

I don't like some of the random drunk weirdos coming up to me for a chat in the bar, it makes me uncomfortable, but I put up with it. Where are the nice guys?
I hate dating apps, the forever silence and the tons of scammers.
I also hate going to bars and pubs, too loud to have any convo, and then there are the weirdo dunks hittin on people or the random fight.
Don't know how else to meet someone for a date, seems many just want a hookup, and the moment you mention LTR is what you are after, they run for hills.


Okay, I hooked up recently with a guy who I had met on Grindr. We met up only a couple hours after we started talking, and we both had that understanding that it would be sexual. We did all the basic things short of penetration and when I left, I pretty much deleted Grindr and lost connection to the guy who I hooked up with. Afterwards, I kept missing that guy and wanting more despite knowing nothing about him. The feeling lasted for days. It kind of reminded me of a break up. After that I just decided that I needed that more romantic element so now I avoid purely sexual encounters.

Immortal Vegan

Another element at play here is social media

Everyone is so attached to their phones and I think we've gotten more comfortable with technology doing the talking for us. In return we've sacrificed our ability to communicate with one another face to face IRL FaceTime basically replaced it. Plus the idea of getting rejected irl is way more memorable and haunting then being left on read or rejected via Grindr or wherever

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Patrick Diehl

Fabulous video Bradley. I agree on all your points. I agree 100 percent when you said about narcissism. You are my favorite youtuber.

Messiah X

I’m to curious Fuck a relationship I was wanna try it being with a man in bed and let him dominate me tell me what to do how to do and if I like it I’ll become his slut ? 21 and live in LA btw