How to look more attractive men

6 Simple Ways To INSTANTLY Look More Attractive!

6 Simple Ways To INSTANTLY Look More Attractive!31 Jan. 2018
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In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says people want instantaneous results. So when he talked about looking more attractive through daily habits, the changes aren't overnight. But you can get results today! Alpha is going over six things that you can do now what will instantly make you more attractive.

How to Be **Sexier** Today!

1. Remove blackheads

2. Get a fresh cut!

3. Grow 10 Day Stubble

4. Whiten your teeth

5. Hydrate & moisturize

6. Get rid of red eyes

Comments (100)
Ben Keirstead

Holy reverb Batman

Abu Khanafiah

Am I the only one who's distracted a bit with that floating hair?

Juan Sánchez

U R Too Old..SHUT OUT.

vlad volther

You helped me a lot you r like my second dad lol..


Bro did you go to heaven?


Getting my tiege level 1 for my little brother as his bday gift!

Hasan Ahmed Zaki Hamad Zaki Al-Swej

it's looks like you're standing to close to the camera

Ronnie Staggs

What’s up with your eye?

Neil Breen

I’ve been getting dry skin this past week, and actually have a lot of dead skin hanging on my face. It’s disgusting so am moisturising and constantly hydrating myself, hope it works!

Josh Nanyabiz

Always getting red eye, no idea why xD

Tarunendra Pratap Singh

I stopped watching Alpha M. because there is too much of unnecessary overselling in this channel now.


you hear the eco all the time but still a good video

Pranay Khatarkar

I started looking attractive by watching your videos

Xuanbai Zhu

After 1 week, after 10 days, after 7 days. lol

Dhananjay More

hi alpha...i am from india..can i use your skin product...? will it be suits me..? i have a oily skin...


You know, I’d be fucking hot if I got a nose job and got rid of those fugly “beauty marks” then I’d be Fine

I also don’t get main weight or lose it. Idk why, I can eat so much. 13 5’2 85 pounds

Zachary Ray

I want to be handsome.


you actually shouldn't use pore strips there really bad for your pores and don't properly remove blackheads.

Boi 19

Im so ugly it wont even work ?

Kapish Soni

what do you use to make your teeth whiter

alpha m.

Sorry about the echo, filmed at headquarters and the room is huge and open.

Dhruv Marri

Everyone, name something alpha says constantly

Potato Gamer

I'm scared for u look at ur eyes there some glare I think you should get that checked out

Ven Cz

Remember Tiege Hanley will own your life guys !

Duncan O'Gorman

Wish I could get tiege here in S.A.


I tried everything for my blackheads but they are not dry for these "papers" to pull em out. Also... 10day :O What? I have to shave my neck daily.

Winter Soldier

Kinda like pornhub intro though

Phenomenal Mashups

Do a video on how to clear skin instantly

ghosty tigger

Just eat some Tiege Hanley and everything becomes alright

Robert Blanco

my eyes get bloodshot cuz I'm faded




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There r actually no words like ugly or attractive. They actually in our minds. U will think u r ugly or not too much attractive but the other person who is looking at u might be thinking that y r u attractive then me.??? u see both think they r ugly but that r not. This is how world works. If u control ur mind thinking then u r a GOD.


I wish skin care was that simple. for me my acne has been devastating. Even dermatologist visits havent cured me :(

Emmanuel Alonso

I have a question Alpha: Even as a teenager is it critical to moisturise morning & night?


May I propose a number 7? Trim and scrub your nails.

(Not you, Alpha - your nails are awesome ?)

Duncan MacIsaac

The echo.....

nomar mar

i know thatr alpha m plugs alot of products, but after watching him on shark tank i can tell he is very critical of the products quality and effectivness, well done great tips as well

Andrea Massaro

He applied tiege hanley on the wall

Josué Vargas

Do you always have to promote something? That sucks and makes the video... suck.


Great advice, love the videos but how would you recommend whitening your teeth? You have a great smile, im jealous but im worried about alot of products out there. Pinterest says Hydrogen Peroxide! Really?! Cheap but is it safe?

Alex Prior

There was a teacher in my school that could grow a small beard in a DAY

Jon Stern

Aaarrrrrrrrgggghhhhhh! Having I subscribed and not watched any Alpha videos for a while for the content predudicing commercialism I thought this one would be safe to come back to but after the initial blackhead product commercial I then only got as far as the inevitable Tiege before giving up.

Rohan Tiwari

i am on verge of unsubscribing! enough with your product endorsing in more than half the length of video, multiple variations of same video and come on!! what with almost a video daily!! nobody's got time to watch so many ads of Tiege and Pete

Tiago Fernandes

Are you recording in a church?!

Abhishek Raj Shrestha

Reverb sound cringe


Be careful using Visine or any vasoconstrictors! Your eyes will become even redder after the effects wear off.

Francisco Solis-Romero

How can I get rid of the black spots under my eyes.

Diego Karganilla


Hayden Arenas

I hate the echo

V Reacts

Great tips here man.


I want your phone number please


Biore strips dont work for me. Cant get rid of these black heads :(


Was Tiege Hanley the product you brought on Shark Tank?

Vijay Shinde

This man is crazy ???

Sparsh Dhanvij

how to remove pimple alpha please he me out

legin nipsjd

That echo....

Elian Jaku


Matthew Bea

Is it T Shanley?

yash nigam

Do something with the audio, Aaron!

Alex Stef

did you film that in a barrel?

Kyle Hartley

I love you and your vids alpha, but what about super sensitive skin? I agree completely with your tips, hell their only to better yourself. But I, as quite a few others also have very sensitive facial skin that gets screwed up when most anything is applied. I find after about 8 to 10 years of experimenting that hot water and a gentle wash of the face is the only way to achieve "clearer' skin. My face from the get go was screwed. Acne, scarring, redness, etc.. has plauged me. Please elaborate if possible and like I said love your vids, keep up the honest and good effort and to all be well

Vikas Ghule

FOR MEN ONLY: 3 Ways To Instantly Become Even More Handsome. So click on the below link for the solutions.

Dilan T27

Im 18, should I be using an eye cream yet or is there no need?

/3ig /3uck wayne

Well done and informative videos. Unfortunately I find you to be a large deuche. Good day sir.

DG 12000

Did you record this vid in a Gym?

Cody Kipp

Dump the earrings man




Hey alpha, from what age should I start getting Tiége Hanley? Im 16 so, im on budget but I could save up to buy it!

Boi 19

I tried to eat tiege hanley and i shitted gold bars

Udensi Ukaoma

The reverb in this video ?


Please get rid of the unwanted reverb.

Ivan Martinez

Alpha’s neck

Detlef De Clercq

how many more of these topics will ever be produced? I feel like you have posted a ton of them

Vlady Simbajon

Dont cry bro?


I put teige hanley on dryrocks in the grand canyon. Those rocks became mud

Jillian Dudley

I like this guy he has help me in so many different ways

King Jaw

What hair do teen can have that look nice.


How to be attractive... stop being a metrosexual.

Mohamed Ibrahim

Being attractive comes from your personality and the way you carry yourself, but make no mistake about it. What you wear and how it looks plays a major part also. People tend to forget that the world we live in is a paradox. Both aspects are needed. To get one aspect sign up at [email protected] to get 50% off. Sign up now while it lasts!

reazul islam remon

Is long hair widen forehead?


I'm 16 and only have 1 strand of facial hair ?


This isn’t a will Keith video, SUX ✋?


echo :(


There is some reverb lol

Hazardous 2003

I am a very generous guy, i bring standards down so other dudes can be more attractive


OMG, Awesome staff!


Try spray painting your teeth


After a week, after 10 days, after 7 days... wait wut ?

Life's Good

You’re not wrong about styling and how a man would look good and attractive. But unfortunately I never found you good looking or may be a attractive man(women would know better) ?

Rohan Baluja


Koen van den Bergh

Question: I'm quite afraid of bleaching my teeth. I don't have the money to let a dentist do it. And I'm afraid of unequal bleaching, burning my gums, damaging the teeth, or it being completely uneffective. However, there seems to be a LOT of people doing it themselves these days. So it seems okay?

Chris Gavidia

Dude where the hell are you? A gym?

Nick Natale

Why does his neck look like an erect penis?

A Poocumber

But alpha I have 13 inches of hair

Adrián Villaseñor

U ugly

C.R. Bledsoe

little known fact: tiege hanley is the worlds best contraceptive. no joke, she wont stop riding your smooth face long enough to even get down there.

Ryan Melander

Whitening my teath changed my life.


I can't get rid of my blackheads I've done the charcoal mask I've done the strips I've even bought a pore vaccum and I can't get rid of them

Venom Kills

Awesome tips. The audio sounded like you was inside a tunnel.

How men can look more attractive?

How men can look more attractive?15 Mar. 2017
186 670
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How men can look more attractive?

Hey everyone, welcome back to KamaTV with me Annabella Rose. Today we are finding out how men can look more attractive?

Keep watching as Kama TV has hit the streets of London with Annabella Rose to find out the real answers from real women! Some answers are shockingly interesting!

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Annabella Rose is a Dating Coach, author and youtube presenter. She regularly publishes videos on KamaTV. She takes clients in to the bar and clubs and teaches her magic! Her speciality is approach and attraction. She also helps to develop confidence and conversational skills and gives honest perspective on the world of women from a woman’s point of view. Most of our clients say “the best advice ever” after talking to Annabella.

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Comments (100)

Men can be more attractive by not giving a shit what women think ?

shahul s

Post more vds of Anna bellarose anchrng

Apostolis F

Not tight wallets

tone j

None of them are attractive so how are they gonna comment on how a guy can be attractive ?

Satan Fruitcake

Maybe I should get some frosting.


She is most beautiful

Humza Khan

I hate fat woman's


Can annabelle do a lingerie try on ?? she's lovely


I usually just let my hair go, soooooo imaa be single forever XD


Flash some Benjamins

ابن الحجاز العظيم


Alex Revolver

she is putting word in their mouth xD I love it :)

Brian Garber

This woman's voice annoys the shit out of me

Money-low Paper-reduction

Annabella ask girls if they like a guy with a military cut , side cut clean

Mahbub Dawood

When macho man ? like me with heavy weight body build and hairs on broad chest


Both men and women today don't know WTF they want.. this is all BS!

Patrick P

Annabelle almost puts the words in their mouths.... not good !

durgesh agrhari

You r so pretty..........

let love lead quan

Post Malone out there fucking bitches

Easton M

1. Have plently of money
2. She doesn't care about your looks if you have money

Concept of physics Sheikh Zahoor

Three things which destroy honesty are:
1) To talk with girls
2)To discuss with ignorant
3) Richest party

M Baber

Anabella is really bella!

The Legend

I buzz cut my hair once a week, and my wardrobe consists of plain black hanes t shirts, Jean's boots and a couple hoodies. Fuck your standards.

Freddie Mercury

Bottom line: If you're bald, you need money


Loool comments salty or no one actually listen i mean everyone is like money why do we watch these videos then,i mean for me i don't think women want money moeny money most nowadays most of women nowadays have good salaries ,yeah have salary and career but women are selective guys who say only money becuz they aren't selective themselves just a pussy with decent looks,no male or female can understand each other different views

Nathanael Stasinski

By having a fatter wallet?

Alex Anderson

Annabella, you're so beautiful, and you really excite me! Love you ♥♥♥

Mark Ant

I had my hair cut down to 1.5 level yesterday and had my eyebrows trimmed, what more do you bloody want!


In their mind: MONEY


Every girl under the age of 20 = hair, hair, hair, hair, hair. Superficial twats.

Musical Neptunian

Tom Baker scarf. Essential.

Bradley Spinks

Bloody hell that dude is a giant! 3:32


Women..."looks dont matter, its the personality.."

Ok , so describe your ideal man ..

Women "he has to be tall, handsome, attractive, nice smile, hair etc."


Celestial Tv

In one word....They all need a walking ATM..

Mark Harmon


Rishabh Kumar

anabella rose i must say ...that the way you speak you express yourself...ohh gosh you look so amazing ..and what an inspiring personality you are ! I have to say that you have achieved this reward....i you have your guy..he must be a lucky one..Just keep doing what you do...and surely with this positive attitude you will reach much more heights...and i believe in this ! ???


Annabella Rose is soo beautiful!!!


Woman on 02.26.... Tidy hair? Do you know what a mirror is? And shampoo?

Intense vlog 25

i wana take annabella rose on date ?

Rahul J

Annabella your body figure so u??

Scorpyra Co

Anna Bella Rose - even your name is so charming....

Isaac Stone

Show them your super car they will walk straight without distractions.

Gavin Payne

Have 50 quid poking out you're pocket.


Answer: pull up in a Lambo

Rafael Magana

I know all of you mamis wanna hang out with a real Mexican machó man ??


My sexy annabella Rose ♥

Sean Forrest

Them things that they seek (apart from being funny) are easier to achieve than to have high charisma and game


Lovely Annabella :) Thanks for these wonderful vids! Keep it up!

Gavin Payne

Have a 50 pound note hanging out of you're pocket lol

Humza Khan

Half off them said nice smile ?

Money-low Paper-reduction

Choosy women don't last long in a relationship fuck em ol

Patrick Bateman

Notice how vain and artificial there response' are!

Geoffrey W

Hello Annabella, my face and neck are free of hair and I look after my ears and brows also. However so is my head which I have to shave twice a week to keep it tidy. A lot of the women you interviewed placed emphasis on hairstyles, so does baldness make me less attractive based on these women's responses to your interview. I would welcome your opinion.

Luke Anthony

Mic distortion within 3 seconds

king pin

wallet+money=nice clothes+good hair cut=THA LADIES!!!

Yung Scarlxrd

Money that's it.

Among Us Only

Annabelle Rose you take away my heart and the way you are talking and acting getting me crazy i cant control my heart but alas you are very far away from me if i was there London i was be with youuuu


my mum and dad gave me these bushy eye brows so fuck off.


Annabella .....

yeamin fatha

Dudes, all they need is healthy, attractive bank accounts and credit cards.
Its simple.

erkan öztürk

Announcer is hot

Dereck Henderson

I love this topic ??❤️


This host can sit on my face 24/7..

Chris Aspen

Women pile tonnes of makeup on their face and they judge guys appearance, double standards no?.

Burt Gummer

In the middle of a high end fashion mall they all say nice clothes and hair lol... gtfo lol. good vid tho

Justin OConnor

Own a house in Sydney worth two million


Anabella keep the flame burning girl.

Importan Joe

Annabel have such a great ass.

Mark Lam

She is the BEST host on kamaTV! I LOVE this host so much!

Justin OConnor

Ive dated Asian woman pain in the ass all of them visa hunters they are so shallow gold diggers

Don Quan

Much love Ana from mexico

Lord Gorotubby Dipsy :*

How can women look more attractive without make-up?

Lazarussoul 82

The reporter is leading the hell out of these girls......guys do what she does...LEEEEEEEEEAAAAAADDDDDD

Triplex 29

Stay single?

Vivid Traveller

It's time to visit saloon... Anabelle is gonna check me out later


"How men can look more attractive"? "I like a guy who's funny... didn't know humor was a physical feature.

Justin OConnor

Funny big broads like us gym blokes but they don't do shit to lose their fat ass

Anthony Lorns

So I had better get a hair transplant, my teeth fixed, grow some busy eyebrows, get a body like a Greek God, wear designer clothes, buy a pair of shiny shoes ! And I am sorted yes ? ?

Jack Sugden

All I know was that I’ve got a good body, I have almost my belly fat to to chronic constipation that I had for some years, I look good for my age, I was recently told, I’m 62+ looking much younger, I have had women come into me loads of times, as they like my backside, my package, I have been gang raped in a pub in broad day light TRUE, for some HOT TOTTY.

Down Time

What if I was religious ? ? does that seduce your spirit ?

A Cynic

Its because girls have endless wish list.. Most remain single ?

Scott Holden

Please more videos of what girls find attractive in guys


Vernon Daniel

Yes any free ladies am here lolx

Darby O'Gill

Narcissists have a goon grin. Go for a guy who doesn't smile all the time, not one that frowns, but a guy who doesn't smile all the time. Haha!, did you hear that girl?, he has to have tidy hair, yeah alright Medusa.

Honey Singh

All of them want to say loudly... Big fat wallet ?
But they don't want to look bad, so they say blah blah blah.

imed lefifene

daayum annabelle you have a perfect ass


i dont need to look better, only my wallet needs to


so many contradicting opinions. Women say they don't like a guy who tries to hard with appearance. It's not masculine. Some like facial hair. Some don't. None of it seems to matter when women are all over the place with opinions. Ask a guy this question and you'll get one unified fucking answer..."Wear something tight to show off your ass" Just don't dress like that if you're dating him. Because then you're still advertising that you want someone else's D.


just dont care
i will be what i am
not here to attract anyone
just love yourself and work on yourself



Matthew Powell

Welcome to over expectation of men

Money-low Paper-reduction

Gold diggers hiding behind good wears


lol at all these incels saying that the women are superficial when they've never scored shit in their life

Sara J

LOL No wonder why y'all are probably single, salty guys cause these videos are definitely not for men who are in a relationship or are married. It's funny how the ugly guys expect to have 10/10 models while attractive guys tend to be less shallow. Look at Hugh Jackman and his wife they've been married longer than most superficial Hollywood marriages. My friend is an extremely good looking man yet his wife is average but they've been married for 24 years. No wonder why y'all are single you're too busy judging and being shallow as fuck and making false generalisations of billions of women you don't know.

Laurentiu Trifan

Love your (fifty shades grey) bum :) I just need to see one more time the video ... cause the first time I "chased" your bum ... & didn't pay any attention to the answers :))


if you truly want to know what a woman wants, ask her every 15 minutes...

Govinda Subedi

Why don’t you ask girls about a guy, who got everything but a bald haired, like me?

Eddie Rosario

Who gives a flying fuck about what girls want?

Yuri Bezmenov was right

I love you Annabella Rose ?


Gabriella and Annabel is the thing of my subscription of kama tv ??