Fastest way to masturbate

Does masturbation break the fast? Mufti Menk

Does masturbation break the fast? Mufti Menk22 May. 2019
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Many boys and girls were

Many boys and girls were asking this question during the live session on instagram @muftimenkofficial so as much as many consider it a taboo to discuss, I felt I had to address the question. May Allah Almighty strengthen us all. Aameen

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anton persson



But doctor zakir naik said that mastarbation is not haram or sinful but IDK if it’s haram in fast

A i

So if you have broken your fast via masturbation do you have to fast 60 days or fast one day to make up for it?/did not understand that.

3mrshadow 77

what if i call someone donkey? do i complete my fast?

Gulnaz Parveen

So true?i will be definately care all that ?

science in time

walaikulassalam warahmatullah hiwabarkatahu

Erin Alam

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Erin Alam

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Ddavey Clarkk

I respect the videos you are making many people are doing this for their own gain but you are helping everyone be safe from these hypocrites shukran

Maryam Siddiqah 3

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عوض البدرى

وعليكم السلام ورحمه الله وبركاته

Aniisah Aniisah

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Oyedokun Yusuff

Does masturbation break Monday or Saturday fast pls

Mature Minded Millennials

I am not Christian or religious. But I am a follower of Jesus Christ and I came here because I was thinking about it and that is why I am glad I wasn’t alone. Because I am trying to be strong

Noor Mustafa

Sir is it haram to masturbate even not while fasting

B Skinner

Does masturbation affect spiritually or blocks not in Ramadan just on a normal day

Zeeshan Siddiqui

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Sir, Is female masturbation haram?
i have been wondering.?‍♀️

Ibrakhim Kalmykov

Wa Aleykum Assalam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

A Meard

Long live Israël ??

Aweeda Babaa

Jazakhallahu khairan

Mohammad Umar

Is masturbation prohibited in Islam??

Gulnaz Parveen

Each n every words is touchy thnkuu?

Dj snake Jb

God bless you sab✨?the way you teach us very clean and helpful to live a life with holy

almas alqahtani


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May Allah protect us from hell fire

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Ayush marskoley

I love one girl i want to marry with that girl i dont make any haram relationship with her i ready to wait
Please pray dua for me soon i get married ⏰?❤ please brothers and sisters

Ummy Ibrahim

Lets learn quraan as it releaved by Allah im here alhamdulillah from saudi Arabia quraan and Arabic online teacher with 15 years experience for Arab and nonArab girls and kids.
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Mohammad Umar

Is masturbation prohibited in Islam??

Ferlin 2006

Pray for me ?I've done a lot of sins and regret it????

Ddavey Clarkk

I respect the videos you are making many people are doing this for their own gain but you are helping everyone be safe from these hypocrites shukran

Haris Ibn Abdullah

May Allah forgive me if i ever hurt anyone through my comments on youtube & if i did , every time anyone reads this , may Allah make them witnesses of my repentance.
Ya ar rahman ur rahim , most merciful Allah rabbul izza

Sarah’s Life

Is masterbation haram then

Doctor Scientist

Who’s allahs sahamna rbghnja?


Hats off to you

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Hazrat Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam ne farmaya
jannat ki kunji namaz hai...
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Wallahi he gets asked a lot of dumb questions.

Muhammad Hasanat

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Mufti Menk Fans official

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Abood Jabr

Is mastrubation itself haram ?

ZooDar Official

The reason behind that, if he didn't mention it, it's because we do that during ramadan to know and feel what poor people are going through

عوض البدرى

بارك الله فيك وربنا يجعله في ميزان

ushna owais

its not sad that u had to tell us that. It's sadka e jariya for you

Karam Jamil


Satya gecs

But there is no fasting... brothers....but enging is a sin based on the time it was done....

Mufti Menk Fans official

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Satya gecs

1 for 1 and no fasting.... But righteousness and love to god

science in time

mashaallah, zazakallah wakhair

ზ-しᎥՁᏲᎿ シ

‏Masturbation in Ramadan and elsewhere is prohibited, and it is not permissible to do it

And the one who does it must repent to Almighty God ......and Allah is the most merciful...

Muhammad Hasanat

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Hussain Naveed

Is masterbation allowed in Islam


Masturbation itself is haram in Islam

Ddavey Clarkk

Masgalalh sheikh plays spreading facts

Muneebzahoor Itoo

Can a person perform nimaz after masturbating without gussul

Aniisah Aniisah

Plz subscribers

Muhammad Hasanat

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Kaye Smith

Assalamualaikum thanks Beto Allah God that his is Ar Raham_ the most compassionate. I look forward to the extra blessings if Allah especially during Ramadan.May the peace and mercy of Allah be upon us always .

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Hazrat Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam ne farmaya
jannat ki kunji namaz hai...
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Namaz padho isse pehle tumhari Namaz padhi jay
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Ely C.

I am christian and i am marrying a muslim.this helps me a lot to understand my husband's faith better.shukran!

ზ-しᎥՁᏲᎿ シ

‏Masturbation in Ramadan and elsewhere is prohibited, and it is not permissible to do it

Muzamil Dar

Mufti Menk, i have an important question. Does compensate a broken fast by masturbating means to fast one day after ramadan to make up that broken fast or fast 60 days ? Please i need to know
Also if one breaks 2 fasts then would that person have to fast 120 days(4 months) and the more he breaks you add 2 more months until he has completed all the broken fasts ?

Nashir Sheikh

Walekumaslaam duwa Pak gi


This is very useful for me

Ddavey Clarkk

I respect the videos you are making many people are doing this for their own gain but you are helping everyone be safe from these hypocrites shukran

MR Bappy 30

What was covering your teeth?

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mohammed shabbir

in islam allow to do Masturbate in nolmal day


I can’t stop it happens out of nowhere even in school it’s so annoying I keep thinking of porn then boom masturbation I don’t take of my clothes It happens while iam wearing clothes so is that still haram I can’t get porn out of my head

Maryam Siddiqah 3

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Nashir Sheikh

All muslim gi

Djamila Linigerstrauss

Thank You Soooo much !!!

Aayesha Jahan

وعلیکم سلام ورحمۃ اللہ وبرکاتہ

itz Stay Army Blink Atiny

Is it just me or am I the only one who hears.muft menks voice of "no break its fine,no break it break it"

Mufti Menk Fans official

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Alpha Helix

what if not in ramdan tho

Sewa Amin

Do females also have to make ghousl after masterbatution or is that just a male thing?

Satya gecs

Every day is a faut


I've done so many sins in Ramadan and also in normal days as a Muslim I think I might go to hell

Zakat Foundation

Thanks u sir

mohammed shabbir


Muhammed Jaye

Mufti pls show us how to shower Janaba in Islam, because am hearing different types of Janaba and it’s confusing me so I don’t know which one is correct and also my ustars showed me but it’s totally different from others and he said that that is the one the prophet(SAW) used. THANK YOU

Well K

I have a question, can you masturbate with your spouse? If you example go on a vacation for seeing familiy and you are there too long and your spouse is not with you can you facetime eatchother and masturbate togheter? Or is that forbidden too? Please answer I want to be on the right path. Thanks a lot❤️
And if you are togheter too? (With spouse) if you are intimate can you masturbate in front of eatchother or is that not allowed? sorry for extreame detail but I want to be sure so I know its ok or not



almas alqahtani

Mhmad slala waalayh wsallm

abdul rahman

Masturbation is haram in Islam..

Leonid Brezhnev

May the people of Yemen find peace.

How To


Cocaine Heroine

3:55 what’s he saying “... their wudu and _____” and any information about it please and thank you. MashAllah

Dahlkestiere Eichelberger

Thank You!
Allah Is Great!

Mufti Menk Fans official

الله أكبر، الله أكبر
أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله
أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله
أشهد أن محمدًا رسولُ الله
أشهد أن محمدًا رسولُ الله
حيَّ على الصلاة
حيَّ على الصلاة
حيَّ على الفلاح
حيَّ على الفلاح
الله أكبر، الله أكبر
لا إله إلا الله

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Guys, in Islam you can always raise your demands to God and ask for forgiveness and help from God only, others can pray for you for guidance but keep your sins and flaws between you and God.


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Ram Ram mulle

Hashim Aachu

Good messege... masha allah

Mariam Ado baba

Please what happens to a man who sleeps outside with other women but not his wife and hides it from her

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I really appreciate your advice Johnny they're helpful I keep struggling to overcome my addiction I refuse to give up





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Comments (5)
Bruce Gauthier

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Slime King

Don't look at these profiles be strong brothers these people are scum and they want to bring you down. Turn to God and read the bible you might think it's stupid but it's like a love letter from God it's free you can get one on your phone just consider it, it will only do good

glen lynas

The problem a lot of blokes, including me, have is there are many of us who are not in relationships and who miss intimacy and sex. Porn is a daily release and an easy solution to fill a need we all have.

IM channel

I masturbated today .. I was going to go to a escort instead but I thought no I don’t wNt to go even though there’s a part of me that wants to I’ve been before but trying to stop . I masturbated instead but I am struggling with this sex addiction , I know it’s bad to sleep with women that are escorts on many levels it can be damaging spiritually energetically, and other things , it’s exploitation with the women and myself and it’s basically me selling myself if I do that which I have before

Tim Howard

I would like to see someone try to pick up girls while wearing "Make America Great Again" hat and see if they would get any number.