How to ask a coworker out on a date

How To Ask a Girl Out (At Work)

How To Ask a Girl Out (At Work)21 Jul. 2015
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If you want to ask a girl

If you want to ask a girl out at work, there's a few things you can do to start dating her fast and avoid any awkward situations. Here are my 3 tips for asking her out while you are both at work and how to get her to go with you on a first real date. QUESTION: Do you like anyone at your job? Leave a comment below and we'll talk about it.

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Comments (64)
Syed Ahmed Hassan Zaidi

I wanna talk to you


cool now I won't get fired or sued for sexual harassment.... lol for real great video

Chris Hardie

there is this girl at work that when I smile at her see laughs (the playful kind of laugh) is that a sigh that see likes me

Roberto Arcos

Hey i got a question should i ask out this girl I've known since 4th grade and now we are both going to 7th should i ask her out 3 months into the school year we are pretty good friends what do u think plz help.



Jim Lombardo

Hey Josh I got a question: how would you ask your crush for their phone number because when we talk I just don't know how to do it. It just seems that it's really hard like out of no where u just ask her for her phone number. How do you get into a conversation and ending it with her phone number?

bryon beveridge

What would the best way to ask a younger woman out that works at the local hardware store I go to 4-6 times a week and that’s the only place I see her? Thanks

Jay Lopez

I am having trouble trying to ask her out but thanks for the tips.

The Josh Speaks

NEW VIDEO! I teach you how to ask out a girl at your job!

Fin Dell

@The Josh Speaks there's this girl who always stares at me does the mean she likes me

tito Perez

How can i ask a teacher out? Im a night time school janitor and i have a crush on her.


Josh, I need your advice, so I liked this girl for a while and I gave her my number, but she never texted me, what should I do???

The Josh Speaks

Have you ever been too scared to ask out a girl at your job?

Arrik Crouse

Josh thanks for all the advice you have given to all of us who listed to you. #loveandpeice You help me get my first girl friend and lasted a wail, if it wasn't for you I would probably still be staring from my locker. But she dumb me and over vacation while she was in bramuta and it was over a text message. I need some help under standing what the hell I did wrong. Could you please make a video on what it means wen someone dumbs you over a text message and what I did wrong, so I can learn my mistake


Ima try to get at this girl from work, she stares at me constantly and always wants to be around me

John Vougias

What if the girl is in a different department and your only interactions with her are is chance passings out in the hall?




My best friend is dating my crush... She doesn't think they're going to date for much longer... I still really like her and I think she likes me back... Is it ok to date her right after she's done with her relationship with my best friend?

Julian vlogs

So I work with this girl, she's my crush and she doesn't know, should I tell her? Please answer

Jordan Williams

Hey Josh...I work with this girl and she's new we have talked and had just a simple conversation. I make her laugh all the time I want to ask her but I got fired before I could I don't want to just show up and ask her out but I do like her. I think she is talking to somebody but I don't think she's in a relationship. What do I do?

Dario Wirtha

I think touching is just a no-no. That'll get you fired for harrassment

Ser Lt Giles

great advice bro thanks!!

The Josh Speaks

Do you work with someone that you have a crush on? Here's what you should do.

JoeyBoy Mccurdy

i need some help asking a (Walmart)Girl out while Im at working in burger king
transportation is not the problem . The problem she was my Child hood crush back in the 3rd grade in Rockingham North Carolina . I want her to feel attracted to me or I be atractted to her i just want to be friends for now but How. her name and my name will be on down below
Please teach me what to Do ?

My name : Joseph Daniel McCurdy
6'1 Afro american
my Crush : Ashley Nicole McCoy
5'9 African american (Light skinned)


Actually it's at school me and her are 7 th graders and she is on the opposite team of me and it's kinda splitting us further arrant sometimes I see her walking down the halls. And she looks beautiful she isn't the popular kind of people, her friends kind don't like me, and she has everything in common with me, I want to ask her out but I have no I confidence I don't know when I can see her and like I said she is on the opposite team. What do I do to ask her out.

Peach Pear



I just started working on a restaurant about 2 months ago and I saw a girl that works there I kinda like her. All I do with her is just talk and flirt whenever we can. When I see her as I come in I tell her hi or she tells me hi and when she leaves I tell her bye or she tells me bye that's all we do at work. How can I get her on a date with me I'm shy and scared she might reject my offer or might tell me that she has a boyfriend already.

Jason Prieto

What line (or lines)should you use to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. Like do you say will you be my girlfriend, or is there something else you should say.(In Middle School)

John Hank


Dario Wirtha

I'm getting a tip from McLovin

Mystical - TEDDY_

Aye I work as a stocker in a grocery store and she's a cashier but it's quarantine. I don't wanna wait till it's over cuz she could be gone by then please man I need your help


Josh for a vid how should you drees on a date with your gf or bf

Roberto Arcos

hey +The Josh Speaks

Dylan Maz

Hey man you give good advice!

Monica Apt

I work in admin in a law firm and I like a solicitor, our paths don't normally cross because we work in different groups. I don't want to make a fool of myself by flirting with someone way out of my league.

francis avellano

I like someone but I don't know what to do


Bro I need your advice. I work at UPS and this cute girl from another area always comes to my area and it seems like she purposely puts her self around my space to sort of try to get my attention. We talk but it's work related stuff. I get this feeling she's into me. How can I take it up a notch and get more personal? Like I said she is from another area so I might get to see her a couple times per week for about 5 min at a time.


Thanks Josh! Keep up the good work, your videos are so helpful!

Eric Brown

There was one at my work in a GROCERY STORE and she works at Starbucks. But my only question is, my work ethics is very strong, and I haven't been bothering her. Many times I been stocking shelves or whatever, she would pass by, but doesn't say hello. ONE DAY she was shopping with her mother and in my turf. Later, I was throwing away cardboard in bailer, and she appeared. So kind of makes me wonder she likes me, but I don't want to come strong. I just kind of leave it as it is, and figured it's a fluke, but I might of taken it for granted and lost her. MY POINT IS, how am I gonna know she's interested UNLESS she tells me. I can't read minds nor Blue Clues with people. AT LEAST that's what MY COMMUNITY expects people to be psychics with a crystal ball.


How would it work for a situation where a girl always wants to wait on you and is eager to wait on you, when you come into buy lunch at a restaurant?


after introducing myself and having a quick chat with her I haven't had any other opportunities to talk to her it's been a few weeks and I'm starting to think she will loose interest or worse find me creepy if I try and approach her again. -_-

The Two Bros

I am 13 and have this huge crush on this girl and she knows i like her .But the summer holidays are coming up and i dont know what to do weather ask her if she wants to go out some time in the holidays or leave it till next year. Also we talk by text but when we see each other at school she blanks me or when she is with her friends and i walk past she will laugh at me . Be really nice if someone could help me thanks

Stephen Price

My situation is a bit different, I like this girl who works at my college but Ive never seen her in person because she works from home due pandemic and we’ve talked for a couple of hours on the phone while she’s working. How do I ask her out since we’ve never met? I’ve only met her 2 weeks ago

The Josh Speaks

Have a crush on someone at your job? Here's what you should know BEFORE you ask them out.

M. Asad Khan

How do you keep a good relationship with your friends (boys/girls because there is a difference between them) and in what ways?

Nate Hardcore Gaming

how do approach her

Victor Meyers

What do I do if it’s not a matter of how but a matter of when? I’m a dishwasher and she is a busser/hostess so we only see each other for 10 seconds at a time when she needs something from me (work related)


I work with a girl I am starting to really like, she talks to me quite a bit and we make each other laugh but I can't tell if it's flirting or just joking around. My side is flirting haha, but the problem is we work weird hours where she comes in towards the end of my shift so I can't exactly catch her on lunch or when she leaves as I'm gone already. I want to ask her to do something outside of work but I don't know what

ad a

my siuation is a little bit different, i mean she is not my co worker i always see her only at her work but im a normal guy who always buy a bus ticket there, so i want to know how can i get to know her. i already looked at her and talked twice. which would be the next step?

Samuel Osahenoma

am finding it difficult to get a girl ,and am 22

Andromeda Galaxy Nebula

Oh god I fucking hate catching feelings for someone.


hi josh I have a problem theres this girl and we have been friends for 3 years and I like her but she said she wouldn't want us to go out cause it could ruin our friendship and I know it wouldn't so got any advice?

Brycew 4

Hey Josh I kind of messed up today (and by messed up like completely burned OUT, my car is on fire and about to explode) . I legit just found ur channel today and I was wondering like if u could make a video on how to escape like "everything" bc I told my crush how I felt and and everything u said not to do so like am I completely screwed or what idk WHT to do from now bc I'm like in the middle of the friend zone and not the friend zone so yea idk what to do now can u plse make a video to help me out. IT WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED


Hi Josh! So, I have an issue... A girl I really like, is only just shorter then me. (I am a very short dude) And I feel like I should make a move, but then I have an understanding she likes taller guys. What should I do?


there is a girl at work i like and i talk to her but i cant keep the coversation going and i want to talk to her but i feel like if i try to talk to her im anoyying her and i don't want to creep her out, and also her sister works with us to so i think if i ever try to ask her to go eat or something she'll bring her sister

Positive talk with Alvaro

I have a crush on my manager she's just 3 years older then me just got her number for "work" just don't know how to approach her yet


What if you're ugly? You should make a video for dudes who are ugly.

Luke Thomas

I go to school but thanks anyway, always love your videos

ObiWon Gaming

Need some advice. A co-worker I have a crush on seems very chill and funny when you get to know her based on small conversations we've had. She is beautiful. However, when we go on breaks she always goes into a corner and sits down going on her phone or, calls someone maybe family. I don't know if she is seeing anyone or not. She seems possibly like she wants to keep to herself during the break and I don't wanna break her space if she does. When me or other co-workers talk it seems as if she is listening and she chimes in when she hears something she may think is interesting or wants to know more about. We've talked, made jokes, I have made her laugh a few times and she has done the same for me. However, so far I haven't seen a window yet to even get to know her the way I want to. Maybe it'll pop up but for now it seems as if she wants to keep to herself at times but when a group of us are conversating she is present. Right when her shift ends she is gone like vamoose. I'm outta here, peace, yall ain't gonna see me. I just wanna get to know her more but can't see when where to ask questions. Durung breaks maybe but she seems conservative, when we work I am gonna work. I make jokes as we work and people laugh and stuff but still I don't know what to do. She doesn't really wear makeup and seriously doesn't need it. I've tried seeing how she dresses and for a little bit she wore the same clotges but recently started adjusting it just little bit. Keep in mind I have been working here two months so maybe I just don't know her clothes set and noticed when she had a cool jacket on. Her adjusting ourfits most likely has nothing to do with me. Any suggestions?

Harrison Hale

Hey I am in this situation were I have already done every possible thing wrong in the friend zone, what I mean by that is I used to be best friends with the girl and her friends liked me but then I told her i like her and I did not clarify that she sold not tell her friends whom now are not even friends with me anymore and they gave the girl the wrong idea of me can you please make a video on this 'cause j am sure no one likes to be in a not common situation. Even though that a combination of you vids would help i am not sure I can find all of the right ones to help me


Do you have a video on how to politely refuse a date at work? Would a good response be, "We have a good working relationship and I'm happy with that." What's being implied here is the relationship won't go beyond work.


Josh, I have a question, how do you ask out the really smart girl who will know every plan you try, even before you try it.

P.S:I love you're videos.

Wizard lord3000


Roberto Arcos

hey +thejoshspeaks

How to ask a Coworker on a Date

How to ask a Coworker on a Date19 Feb. 2019
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Ask a Coworker on a Date

Ask a Coworker on a Date10 Dec. 2018

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Asking a coworker out on a date can be tricky. You dont want to be too forward, but you want to show him or her that youre interested. You also dont want to make things awkward at work, but the urge to ask him or her out may be burning you up inside. The fact of the matter is that office dating is very common, and is generally well-accepted. As long as you are polite and respectful when you ask your coworker out, and so long as you can both keep your workplace relationship professional, you should have nothing to worry about. However, its always a good idea to check with your employee handbook or human resources representative about any workplace dating policies first so that you can avoid potential problems down the line.

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