How much is a sex doll

SEXDOLL Trailer (2017)

SEXDOLL Trailer (2017)31 Jan. 2017
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SEXDOLL Trailer (2017)

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Release Date: February 10th, 2017

Genre: Thriller

Director: Sylvie Verheyde

Starring: Hafsia Herzi, Ash Stymest

Sexdoll official trailer courtesy of IFC Films

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Comments (4)
Juan Manuel Mendoza López

looks terrible, i would never watch it, unless it had acceptable sex scenes XD

Zarrin Ahmed

Wow intense

Sonu Pandey

xxcyi indeya n

Britz Lopez


Yandere Dev's Special Doll

Yandere Dev's Special Doll18 Nov. 2020
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Is it fun to kiss the doll

Is it fun to kiss the doll on the lips, or is it no fun?

Check out me and Justin Whang's video on the history of Yandere Dev, available RIGHT NOW on Patreon: ? ?

? Twitter:

? Discord:

Big thanks to DoplexTV and TaborTCU for joining me on this enlightening adventure.

Comments (100)

How do they use these TTS voices?

Estela Marquez

That narration make me cry at laughter

Mr. B. Burger

wait did he really write that?
and why i got this video?

Leslie Aranda

He’s down extremely bad

The King of Antarctica

Gehrman was only joking, Yandere Dev...

Ivel Kimber

So, uh, it sounds like he kinda crushed it with his, er bodyweight by the sounds of it...

Dopeman Dan

0:04 this is nightmare fuel

Nagito Komaeda



I've never been so uncomfortable, and I had to do Jury with a sex offender whose internet history had to be read aloud to us.

Reaper’s Babe

Aight you convinced me to believing he's a virgin

Book OFandoms

Having a doll is one thing. The doll breaking is another thing, but what really bothers me is the doll looks like a child


Ok he warmed up with the doll now he will put on practice with the children
(That's a joke)


Sounds like something out of a school serial killer......oh wait.

保津 》sucrose ギ

im so scared

Maddy G


Mister E

4:08 This is the most threatening way I've heard anyone say doll.

Henrique De Lima Gonçalves

"9. Question about the 148cm version of the doll(...)"
This is concerning....

Light Petals

“Is it fun to kiss the doll’s lips? Or is it no fun?”
I mean, seeing as you’re into plastic, it’s probably fun for you, hon

It's Tanuki o'Clock

Wanna hear something funny? The Mai Waifu's foll is 14-15 in the game :)


Oh god, That F*cking Degenerate...

Mikado sannoji

i cant un-think about henry from dayshift at Freddy's talking about sex dolls

Just Joking

Ima be real with you all, I really don't want to watch the video, and reading the comments makes me think I'm going to need brain bleach if I do.


Jesus christ how desperate do you have to be to get a sex doll ?




This unironically activated my flight or fight response


Give me your TTS engine

Lance Corporal Mike Beebop

I laughed way to hard


Now we know where all that money went

Jesse Hall

Came back for another viewing, was not disappointed, still just as hilarious as the last time.

Lleer00n A.

Everyday I live, I'm glad I'm not this down bad.

giorgi gurasashvili

is this real? did he unironically write this


So this is where his patreon money went.


What's the name of the outtro song?

Lv B8_c

some of those readings make yandere dev sound more menacing than he is, he should be embracing this video for that reason :D


Yandere-dev just literally type everything inside his head without thinking what others will think about it


what is this creepy as text to speech voice? its horrifying to hear this read with this voice.

Lurky Dredd

if you put this on like a creepypasta forum and said the doll was a metaphore for an actual girl this would be pretty horrifying.


I just want to remind everyone he was doing all of this while living in his parents house, so they definitely knew what was going on.

Ye Qa




Khandov Arbalest

How the hell im gonna listen to snoop dogg's debut album the same way again?

Juju Blue

Why tf would you post things about your sex doll on the Internet ?! And with your OFFICIAL Email address ?!
Anyway, since he always complains about receiving too many e-mails he should create another email address.
And he really orders sex dolls while he lives with his parents ? I wouldn't dare buying a dildo as long as I live with my mom that would be so embarrassing

Le Snook

This guy probably never touched a woman, remember how dr. doofenshmirtz was born, it was how this guy was probably born.

Youtube User TM

i hope theres no unfortunate demon/soul whatever the fuck trapped in that doll.

Tony Oik

Wait, the cum chalice was his doll all along


I don't know what to say just --- gross, disgusting and very messed up in the head. I bet the entire reason he created Yandere simulator was that so he could portray himself as Senpai in the game, because he never had attention from girls, and he made this a Yandere game so that he could take revenge on people for rejecting him. So really, it's a frustration fueled game to be exact, and his doll obsession just makes it so much worse.

Carlos Sánchez

you have ruined the word "doggy" for me now, congratulations???


I cant man,when that AI voice just said D O G G Y I just burst out laughing so hard

Mister E

His doll still works better than his game.


So that's where the Patreon money went

monique perkins

yanderedev is a simp


I want to see what the responses to his questions are xD

Bobby Rosken

Replace the idea of the doll with a dehydrated bogan on the side of the highway.
Yea..tell me that’s not sexy

Feli not Fellia

yandev yandev
(meanwhile oka cola: ...)

Diana Chernyh

.. Why? Why did u do this to the internet?..

Kageyama Tobio

im scared of this guy honestly

DuckChild Studios


The Engineer

I NEED to know the text to speech software used, it makes everything so good


Teenage girls look up to him...


I listened to this in the same room as my parents and tried so hard not to grin or laugh


he's like 74, shouldn't he have a girlfriend or something?

Cheese Wheel

What are the voices used??

big flipji

How dafuq can you have so little self respect that you fuck a doll... like... Jesus Christ.

Axe Child

Comforting fact for people who came across this and now want to die:

Hyenas can loaf like cats can, and it's bloody adorable.


It's amazing how much he makes the broken doll sound like the victim of a violent murder.

Gacha Alexis / Alexis Aurellano

Yanderè Simulator sucks now, it's all he's fault!


i cannot stop laughing at how it was being read like a 30yr man in his basement + y'all laughing LOL


I just want to know what weird voice generator that you used to read this-

Mean Persona

It's like one of my favourite videos in existence.

Melon Wolf

The fact it looks like samus discusts me.


Of course Yanderedev would be one of the guys having a sex doll...


Does anyone know which TTS voices were used here? I am absolutely DYING at them and id love to find out where i can use them



Henri de la Rochejaquelein

How am I only hearing about this NOW?

legionmaniac -

Why did I read that as yandere dempsey roll


some say we hate yandere dev, but at this point he's just fun to pick on lol


Definition of down horrendous

2 cana

This year is just getting worse and worse for YandereDev lol


You should have deep-faked Yandere Dev's voice and had the entire post read out in his voice.

bo bo

This man is depraved as shit.


“Propping her up during doggy” not a mental image I want to have

Bastian also known as a goddamn mess

I never thought people actually used sex dolls


Yo is this just 5 minutes of digging up some guys posts on a forum and laughing at him for it? Shame. Be better.


I didn't need to know this.

Flandre Scarlet

Jeez, this is Anthony Moskvin territory.
What if that doll is actually an exhumed young girl dressed as a toy-
Explains how the 'bones" are broken.


yandere dev is a menace to society kjfhsdkjfhs


This was wonderful! :,D
Btw, what are all the TTS voices used (and all the services with them), I've been looking for these for a long time, but can't seem to pin them down ^-^')

Jojo Bizzare

The "Doggy" part give me a literal hicup due to the sheer amount of laughter.

Alvian Gilang Sagita

Yandev hired a prostitute for a night. Later she spotted on street with broken bones and dislocated joints.

Jeremiah Tisdale

I feel so bad for that doll....


The first part was hilarious the second part just made me feel kind of bad

But the voices and the fact that it's yandere Dev help a lot

Cherri Cotton

The thumbnail ?

Spooky Alien

Bruh the bot sounds like duke nukem on his deathbed from smoking



Kimler Yukonix

It's too obvious how much he cares about it. Lol

I get it's a doll, I have one. But damn. If that shit breaks it's not like you can't buy another.

It's not a real person.

Fufulbio t'explique

Harrassement us not funny.


This video is legendary


AAAaahhahaha! I'm 15 and I'm laughing as hell.

...mi childhood xd

Stinky Feet

I just love how oddly specific the questions are.

Leonardo Di Kennedy

when it comes about sexdolls, Never go cheap...

The Dollars & Sense of Sex Dolls: A #MeToo Cost/Benefit Analysis

The Dollars & Sense of Sex Dolls: A #MeToo Cost/Benefit Analysis20 Jan. 2018
25 017
Misandry TodaySubscribe 438 721










Comments (100)

I like communicating with some women, maybe a few, but the majority I sure don't trust. I don't recommend that a person trust anyone really, trust is earned.


This is why I have been celibate
for nearly 20 years now .....


My doll has just laid a complaint at the local Police station stating that I have made several improper suggestions to her. Now what?

Think Before You Sleep

Man you fucks see that chinese video where the doll moves?

Eugenio Magay

I'm so lucky my parents are smart my mom and dad red pilled me at a young age to look at women on a microscope

happy single

I paid alimony for 11 years before she checked out grand total of $65,000 after tax money

boricua is life

All this target the ability of men to reproduce, and directly connects to the elitist agenda of (population control)...they want to reduce us to 500.000,000


Cry Havoc, and let slip the Dolls of War.

Rodney Blackwell

Wouldn't it make sense to set up a company that rents out sex dolls. Who would want to buy one when you could rent one. Then have a different one each week. Combined with VR goggles this might work.

reginald blaylock

I don't agree with sex dolls but this what happens when society listens to Satan and destroys the delicate balance God put between men and women.

Mr. Bojac

KNOW THIS! Clients are often sued into bankruptcy by their own attorneys for hours billed.

jonathan hardy

In the cases of "regret rape", I wonder how many of these women are put up to it (crying rape) by feminazi "friends" who know the sex was consensual but don't approve of it.

Karl Horn

By you math, I can buy a sex doll, and a brand new sports car, cheaper than getting married and happier too.

Le Taureau

Robotic pussy are taking over besides NSA.

Rwandan UNCLE

Very informative, thank you brother..

The MGTOW Critic

Seriously bro! I thought you were a rare sane miggy..

Panic The Scholar Knight.

I am noticing that only the low iq men in my area are still going after girls and they are getting reemed legally. The smart guys either game the system but never date for the long term, or don't date at all.

It makes my cold dead heart warm half a degree seeing the same women who used men when they were late teens early twenties, now getting extremely frustrated that no good man wants her.

Johnny Five

Feminists and blue pill cucks are doubling down on making life more difficult for men each day while sex doll robotics technology is being actively improved at an exponential rate. Not hard to predict that a huge paradigm shift to gender relations is on the horizon.


In the film BladeRunner 2049,

You have Kay, a bio-engineered male who is at the top of the evolutionary game: he's in incredible shape, good looking, stratospheric IQ, and the pinnacle of human achievement. However, he even chooses to be with a synthetic A.I., a program named Joi. Kay is not stupid. He's made the calculation in his head. Woman are not worth it. He clearly sees woman who are spectators in a game that maximizes resource extraction via legislation and illogical thought.

Men need to realize the reality of romance/love/"the one". For the most part, it all doesn't exists. You know who created it? We, men, did. We made woman into something they NEVER were. Men and woman are not equals. All the great romantic playwrights and poems were written by men. This viewpoint, of woman, worked for a long time in our social/economic paradigm. It's not only that men and woman are not equal... men are not equal to each other... EQUALITY IS MYTH AND AN ABSTRACTION THAT ONLY EXISTS IN MATHEMATICS. However, the paradigm where men were codified and necessary, by the opposite sex, doesn't exists anymore. Government has replaced men. Gentlemen there is NOTHING you can do about it. Accept reality. The cost/benefit analysis is a no brainier. Hell, men has created our technological marvel on the behest of woman. Men invented/discovered and mathematics to further civilization (both men & woman), like Leibenz and Newton who invented calculus; Monge, Gauss, Ricci, and so forth invented differential geometry.

Woman no longer need us nor do they want us, for the most part. Yes, it hurts (it's precisely encoded in our biology so we can procreate), but men overcome obstacles. Woman will not end these witch hunts whose main purpose is to allocate resource at the disposability of men, until society is completely destroyed. Unlike men who see woman as part of a whole within society, woman only care for their necessity and nothing beyond.

If an artificial doll is what it takes to replace that desire to touch a woman, so be it. Any motherfucker who tells you are weak for being MGTOW, is a fool. MGTOW equates to maximizing your life, to being the best person achievable, while having the discipline and intestinal fortitude to fight your biological drive for woman, in a society that will strip you for touching them. FUCK THEM... and I don't mean the woman but the fragile cucks and manginas that worship pussy above everything else. Truly, they are the truest cowards of society because ultimately they're the ones that have allowed childish actions to plunder our society into pure hysteria and illogical fallacy.


To quote the lord Jesus “if she breathes she a thot” and dolls don’t breathe

bat man

Do you know if he's telling the truth I've been through two divorces I've had a kid barely got to see my kid if she allowed me to see my kid never did anything not to see my child the only thing that was though our state did not have alimony laws which I would not have paid it to begin with the b** can get a job now with that being said I was stupid enough to get married again but hopefully he has lasted six years so hopefully it'll last a while if not I will have sex doll I'll be damned if I go through this again

somechinese dude

Sex doll market hit terminal velocity

Justin Peanuts

Did you predict #Metoo? Can you predict what the future laws will be? Since the rape in marriage laws were introduced the sex crime laws have nearly always been retrospective. What you do today may be legal today, however, it may not be legal in the future. So in the future you may face a charge that can destroy you life based upon a future law. Can you predict the future? Are you willing to risk you life on your ability to predict the future? Just get a love doll and help the development of love bots.

Bonsai The Walking Tree

For many men, sex dolls are not an option. The most logical way to go is MONK MODE. ☯️


Even when I was being a tightwad with my ling time girlfriends. I was still spending $500 a month - $6000 a year!!! Now that I've gone MGTOW MONK for a year (Thanks T Pop),..I can afford to travel around the world AAAND I am planning on buying two of these beauties! Only trouble is, THERE ARE SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM! ----Embarrassment of riches ^_^

Björn Johnzon

in title ix claims universities SHOULD hire professional lawyers to avoid witch hunts.

Dave M

Regret rape: Slut's remorse

Xychotic Break

How can we objectively and effectively avoid Duluth Model states and courts?


If you can not afford a sex doll, it's ok. Lotion at WalMart costs $2.00 and PornHub : Latina Ass is free

Israel Hurd

I don't understand. I don't understand it. Why would Americans Buy and I mean by products air conditioners cars whatever that was once made in America now or produced in another country. Why would we reward bad behavior. Because that's the answer to all of this not the president with tariffs. Do you like the Japanese, if I put Japanese out of work they won't buy it that's how we should look at it

Mark Patton


Dave M

$100,000 for a divorce?

In the old days the Outfit would whack the party for $200.

They even had a payment plan. not to be late.

Gary Alan

Perfect. Focus on math, finance, and economics to make the case against the great US marriage scam against men. That's something many men understand. So understand this. If you don't get married; you don't chase; you don't spend lavishly on dates; AND, you save, greater than 15% of your salary annually, for example 22-35%. Now you live below your means. Invest the savings. Stay in shape. Well then, you'll be surprised to find as the years go by (happens fast) that your NAW and portfolio is approaching the point where you can quit your job early, retire, and exit the US, if you wish to. Maybe then, you'll feel more comfortable dating in certain countries that don't make it a policy to legally discriminate against males. That's just one way. In the meantime, though, you might want to follow this guy's shrewd advice and buy yourself cost-savings lifeless companion, especially if that'll help you in avoiding the legal minefield of marriage.

Rand Kelvrek

You can't have kids with a sex doll. So for men who want a family, it won't do. The desire for children and raising them in the best environment is the only reason to get married. Life is risk. It's a decision each individual must make.


Problem is. Sex doll pussy does not feel even close to a real pussy. You KNOW you are fucking plastic.


Yes, my FAVORITE case of regret rape was consensual sex between college students at Columbia University. Both were drunk and horny and enjoyed the act of sex, at the time. Thereafter, however, notably for fear of being called a "slut" in school when it was found she slept with him, Mattress Girl dragged him through the mud accusing him boldly and uncompromisingly, of rape, and even going so far as to carry her "rape mattress" around campus each and every day, to let people know what he had done. By the time his trial was done and he was finally exonerated, he was done! His name was less than dogshit and no one would look at him let alone talk with him. Yet as usual, she got a free pass with no consequences. The young man ended up hanging himself.

William Bianchi

Women can get their own sex dolls. Problem solved.
The future is now, synthetic companions are here.

TheBibo Sez

Happy men passed by with their sex dolls,
And ignored a starved feminist's crawl,
She slumped to the side,
And at that point she died:
For at last there were no more catcalls!

Vagabond Soul

Bots before thots. Dolls before whores

Dancing with Dave tales from the Strip Harden

Fuck I wish I had one two or three. I’d never fuck with women! No pun intended. Lol. And I have fucked a lot of them.


is it odd that i feel that the bill cosby case is what sparked the wynstein case in some way. i cant shake the feeling that it is a major starting point for metwo before wynstein even got started.

ronald fitzsimmons

Feminists have brokern the social bond between men and women, very very sad.


I have heard it argued that sex dolls cannot give consent and therefore a man having sex with a doll is a rapist. I guess then that since a punching bag can't agree to be in a fight then any man who uses one is guilty of assault and battery


Let's face it... Women are shook

George Spangler

Maybe I'll get my son one for Christmas, and save him from my fate,,,,,even though I was never in jail,,,,it was enough just being charged and arrested for harassment and and a PFA against me,,,just on her say with no real proof, anything alarming or disturbing consitude harassment,,,so a disagreement is just that...


the economics here make complete sense, but the potential consequences make me sad. i fell like sexual/ reproductive interaction between people is at the core of human society.
imho, the official recognition of women's rights was the beginning of all of this. i agree that women should have rights and choice and disagree with the traditional customs where they do not. it takes time to adjust to freedom after being restricted for such a long time..especially if you were hurt during your confinement.
i feel like a lot of what i see in extreme feminism is the expression of pain that was held in for generations. you have to find closure with the past before you can put it down and move on.
men (for example) (btw...this is not just a heterosexual concept) see these women who have either been hurt ( or have seen other women hurt and don't want the same for themselves) and they naturally don't want to deal with all of that. the result is the mgtow movement that you now see.
the development of dolls creates the opportunity for separated men and women to stay separated and could have a major effect on society as a whole in the far future. it's just a movie, but the original "blade runner" movie gives a general idea of a possible future human society as the doll concept is developed.
i pray that i never feel that much pain from women that i want to go away from them completely in favor of a machine. peace.

anonymous 101

Once these sex dolls become as intelligent and realistic like in Blade Runner these women are going to have a rude Awakening



Art Webb

I love the way that you work this out with a reasonable tone, and rational arguments
I could actually simply refer someone to this video if I were to be asked why in the world I would recommend someone to get a sex doll over a date


from the start it was men who designed and built this endless myriad of sex toys vastly more so for women than ourselves, and now when we finally decide to be our own market it's all terrible!!!! lol!!! i think the new market is going to be dudes buying apt. buildings and turning them into love doll brothels (with a maintenance and sanitation crew) also opening a new market for biodegradable one use modular poke holes in the dolls (three awesome textures to choose from!)... it'll reduce human trafficking... and perfectly legal... i got this... who wants in?

Igor Ocash

You do good work... I'll be ordering your book later today. Minor point: Niall Ferguson pronounces his first name as "kneel" one syllable, not "ny-ul", two syllables.

Shh Winner

anyone watch futrama with fry finding the lucy lui sex robot?

Jake Bogus

A woman can claim rape if she can't get you to like her.

The Zombie Squad

I wonder what we will do when they make things illegal as well...


So let me get this straight......DDj is now going to be sponsoring/selling sex dolls on his channel. (dollhouse?)What a SCAM...and you call kris cantu a "scammer".

Ronald McDonald

Does anyone own a doll made by piperdoll / Doll Forever?

Ada Camper

Now I understand why. this generation is going to be judged worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. I get it


a couple thou one-time fee for a sex doll Vs. a couple hundred-thou lifetime child support

Gibble Tronic

I'm waiting for powered sex dolls that can be programmed to both interface with and mimic the movements of the actresses found in VR porn.

Once they make a sex doll that can cook, clean, fetch & serve, give a great massage, and empty the cat litter box, then they can take my damn money already.

Truth Over Tribalism

What about the psychological and spiritual ramifications of grown men investing in make believe and pretend?
How about friend and family dolls?
Why not save money and purchase fake friends ,fake wife and kids, a fake mistress, and fake pets?
Think of all the money you'll save on food and clothing ?
And no funeral expenses?

In my opinion, this is giving up on humanity. Who would want their kids to grow up to do this?

Rejected-From-Eve .Zero

That's so true all my friends in relationships think I'm crazy because I'd rather have a robot woman iv been rejected just too much for no reason and I finally realized it's not worth it......

Sneaksie Taffer

To keep the human race from going extinct due to declining birth rates and massive use of sex dolls and non family oriented relationships perhaps there could be some form of MANDATORY sperm and egg donations given to the state in exchange for money? Children will be birthed through professional surrogates or in artificial wombs then raised as wards of the state in government licensed orphanages?

George Spangler

Can you try them out for 30 days first? Lol


Buy one before they get banned!

Monk Farmer

All his boils down to what the meaning of "is" is....

Red Cap

lol I'm the 420th like.

Gregory Mandara

Well, there ya go. Propagation of the species is now an old fashioned endeavor, thanks to the GOVERNMENT. If feminism hadn't been so heavily endorsed by the "justice" system, this wouldn't be happening... Bye bye, bitches! Ordering my sex doll today, and I'm teaching her to say: "There's no heartache with a latex cunt, when you're done, just put me away!" LMFAO


but does fell like the real thing , banging a sex doll?

Michael Coslo

This is the cost/benefit analysis that shows exactly why modern men are finding that relationships are bad.

Stephan Bosch

Great video, but I think you forgot the price of courtship and everyday costs of a live-in girlfriend.

Rocky Alvarez

I wonder how many would buy a Trump doll? lol

Bryan M

Mechanical waifu = happy laifu!! Today's "lay-these" are far too "thot-ful" to be of any importance in a man's life.

Emerald Taurus

Women that loses their shit and bitched on social media is pure comedy.

Willy Makeit

I'm glad I'm getting old; I never thought I would see the day when this sort of thing would ever be discussed much less seem a reasonable alternative.


Great video. You can't alpha the system. Pick-up artists, traditionalists and men's rights activists are playing a dangerous game. Going your own way (monk mode) is the only way to reduce significantly your exposure to the war on men.


It gets worse. Video Consent is now ILLEGAL in Canada.

Hell's favorite Salty Masshole

So you're a doxxing fucking shill mgtow destroyer! First you baited in mgtow philosopher to trash his channel.. Now you befriend kris cantu and trying to destroy his channel! Almost in identical ways and means! What's the matter ddj? Fear of becoming irrelevant? Taking down anyone you see as a competitor? Tfm in on it too? You're not fooling anyone. Watch your back douchebag. You're not fooling anyone! You're not too big to bring down bitch. Enjoy your dolls you phony

Tim Svea

Another example of hysteria about male sexuality and victimization which the laws and courts have implemented are the draconian sex offender laws and registry. Men are on the registry for life which ruins their livelihood, relationships and emotional and mental health. The prosecutors and judges that implement these laws get rewarded politically and given recognition by women's organizations.

Thomas AKA: tidalforce79

Woman: Hey guys, do you want to have sex with me so I can:
A: Get mad when you don't call me and ruin your life with false allegations?
B: Get pregnant and own part of your income forever?
C: Trap you in a relationship where I can use my body to manipulate you?
D: Get married to me so I can divorce you at any time; for any reason and take half your wealth?
Man: No thanks, I'll just ignore you, let you do your own thing and get a sex doll.
Woman: You must be threatened by my independence!


Never cohabitate or marry any woman, do not give women too much of your time and money but pay your way, try never to get a false allegation and lastly never trust a woman. Feminism is about power and control, not equality.

Perry Ostrander

In the state's there now passing laws. To make it illgal to purchase these doll's by feminist lawyers and if you import one and it doesn't make a height and weight definition you can be charged with pedophilia pretty soon it'll be like owning a gun in California they changed the laws weekly so that you have to throw the original out are buying extra part or remove one

Paull LLC

No need for the silly "Artist Formerly Known As Prince" symbols, dude.

christos kalpaxidis

Why you call them sexdoll? You called your partner sexwoman?


I have a sex doll, I just refer to it as what it truly is. My fist. Do you introduce your friends to your duck doll? Fucking people.......

paul bolger

$2500 thats really cheap i thought they were going to be 20 grand im thinking of getting one lol


A Niall Ferguson quote! Please DDJ, I can only get so erect!

Uncle Ouch

I spend more than that on a sword. In fact I have spent that on two rocks, Waterstones for Japanese Sword polishing. I think, you and TFM are right.


You can get a 80cm Sex doll costs 800 Bucks and is easily stored. 1,4k for a 100cm. And yes they look like grown up woman. Thats laughably cheap

iam oldja

2 years ago I was married, living paycheck to paycheck. Then I lost my wife. After the funeral expenses, selling my house (at a lose) and relocating to another city I bought a sex doll. I feel like I spend a lot of money on the doll every month buying clothing and accessories. The truth is I am living on little more then half my income, even though I feel like I waste a lot of money on myself and my doll. With a bit of effort I could reduce my needs to less then half my available income.

Men simple can NOT compete with woman when it comes to wasting money.

At least my doll appreciates everything I buy for her. I can tell she likes the clothing and accessories I pick out for her to wear... Because she actually wears what I pick out for her. She has not once complained about anything I want / say / do.

Jake Bogus

With the cold hearted women in the world a generic woman built to comfort the owner in every way. The fake doll are found to have a heart that is inviting to compassion. The doll having no soul is having more love that the women of today. Easily to be replace the gold digger women that are now out dated sperm dumpsters. No more dieses no more rape charges. No more dying on the streets broke. What was it again that makes men happy? Those women are forgotten and have no purpose.

Conscious Gentile

That doll at 6:14...


Christof L

Or you can just whack off for free.

Richard Teale

Brilliant! Ban bitches, buy & bonk a beautiful doll, forever! No drama, No brainer!

Pwnicus Music

Dart-muth :) excellent vid my dude

Genus Musa

Sex dolls are better in every way and of course, no fisch!!

DAB 12

I was afraid all the sex dolls were petite like celestina but I found out that THEY DO have big booty bitches so I'm getting one

Boon Doggle

What’s great about that video from the comedian is that it’s a step toward achieving something that’s key for the liberation of more men: normalizing the idea of having a sex doll and removing the gynocentric shaming that’s historically been attendant to it. The more we talk about it, the more acceptable it will be to more guys, and things like the MeToo movement are just helping those efforts along.


.... i've never had a problem with any woman in my life, nor have I ever spent that kind of money you're talking about.. in fact, I find women will go out of their way to pay for dinner and trips to the Caribbean just so they can enjoy that rare experience of being with an intelligent man who can actually hold an insightful, colorful and witty conversation.... if you guys want to hump some silicone, be my guest! (there will be more lonely women out there desperate for attention)!...I prefer the interaction with an actual human, and I love hearing women tell me afterwards how many orgasms they had and how much better it was than with her ex husband/ boyfriend... and there's nothing more fun than partying with a divorced woman and her ex-husbands cash!...

lady ladeda

This is nothing new. It won't change anything.


It's NEVER ""fully consensual" with a woman, there is always doubt in her mind.