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Hook Up: A Homemade Series | EP. 1 (Special Cut)

Hook Up: A Homemade Series | EP. 1 (Special Cut)20 Sep. 2020
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For those who are looking

For those who are looking for Episode 1, here you go! We have uploaded a special cut of EP. 1 while we are waiting for the original upload to be reviewed. We will make another announcement once the English Subtitles are available.

Thank you for the continued Love and support.

Hook Up: A Homemade Series | EP. 1 (Special Cut)

After a few failed relationships with girls, receiving admiration from a Campus basketball hottie, Lee, a young guy confused of his sexuality and what actually his preference is became more curious about these things that he can't explain. And the Lockdown isn't helping at all. He then decides to try a dating app. Will this give an answer to his questions? Let's start to find out. I know you want to...


Marky Erasga as Mark Lee Rivera

Dana Rampas as Des Ocampo

JC Lopez as Henry Sarmiento

Tita Baby as Tita Cassie

Niko Badayos as Lukas Maravilla

With the Special Participation of:

Raflesia Bravo as Henry's Mom

Hook Up: A Homemade Series

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Comments (100)
dlp Paranas

Isa sa aabangan ko na love it may kilig

paula gueco

I get them too frm call centers..probably base at home..

Burnin Nafayaa

Bayaran niyo muna artists niyo uwu

Lady Jackeline Peña Estefani

Me interesó mucho lastima que no se ingles como me gustaría que alguien lo subtitulara al español de antemano muchas gracias y bendiciones por su trabajo

Jhuvan Kyle Gonzales

"Maganda at mabangong ipis" HAHAHA

Ridho tegar

Sub indo?

Jennifer Manganelli

Just finished this first episode and I love the exchange between Mark and Henry it's so cute!?

Cris Yu

another bl batoh?

muhammadilham H


Roberto Gonzalez Velazquez

No tiene subtítulos en Español para poder entender bien ?

Mujeeba Opoku

Who else is leaning the language aside enjoying the series


May part 2 ba

John Philip Fantonial

Ang witty ng mga banat ng mga vaklang two ??? infair dami kong tawa. So far so good!

Cristian Motta

Spanish please

Richard D Morin

please STOP with the damn rooster crowing !!!!! it is just annoying, not cute ,not interesting

mariposa Nour

Where is Episode 8? Thanks for this great series, it is really fun ???

[email protected] Tejada Cruz

Anyone know if this series have a good ending or how many episode this series have

Dai To

Why is this so cringyyyy

grab sygab

While waiting for episode 8 what is something in this ep1 special cut may DBA napakita since its started well watch muna after amore eto naman haha

Michael Lopez

Happy 20th birthday Lee

ThyJuan C

I am a bisexual man. I just do not like the introduction. Cause when I am with a women and I just with a women . And when I am with a man I am with a man. I do not flip flop.. just my opinion.. not judging..

Ary Fansyah

Indo sub pls

Ivan Joey Langreo

Bat po dinelete kagabi yung ep.8?????

Lee Simon

So am rewatching this after realizing that I can't recall watching it?
And the fujoshi here is so cool???,,
These two are just too cute ?

Miguel Angel Sosa

Traducirlo al español por favor. Gracias

Ariana Gomez


Jin: LiKe An EcHo In ThE fOrEsT


when i saw LEE MIN HO?

the one without name

Wait wait lemme note his phone number ?

Jeck Wilson

cut ✂️ the scene bi now gay later... its really offensive bruhhh

jonas borj


Arjay Dioya


Yakira J

awwe. why is he so adorable looking.

Mikey TV

Gusto ko yunh OST apaka chill vibes ?? Kudos sa editor effort ? So this BL is also for Tiktokers? ?

awethu mdunge

He is alive ???? if you know you know

jeongguksthighs_ 97

I don’t know what it, but something about Henry reminds me of Book(Ohm) from make it right !!

E-boy Tiongco Simple Blogs

Ito ba Yong una bago Yong unguarded??

Rhonbrix Bucane

Mygad Kuya Christian

jeferson silva


Bernard Jonju

Hello ,I like this BL story,but,is it possible with english subtitle,because when it posted on youtube,not all people understood tagalog,diva?I'm from jakarta,INDONESIA
I could understand tagalog lil bit,but not all,at least you give satisfatction for the viewers to understand the story with english subtitle,thank you very much ( salamat )

renzo perdez

Ano feeling kausap ang tenga?


Those who know MarkLee I am sure you screamed when you saw the name

Mr Heart

Sinong director nito parang engot ung scene na naka videocall and phone call yung isa... Lol

prince tsa

episode 8 po hahahaha

Seira 1981

Guess I should have watched this first huh? Oh well on to the next ep.....

Henry Denner

Hello Henry! Henry here. ?

leslie ann Moore

Why is it with every Filipino BL series now there's these DAMN ROOSTERS that crow in the daytime, and in every scene you hear them. No matter how romantic the atmosphere is at the time.?????

rafael martin gamboa

Interesting ang story.... i like the actor that potrays Henry's character, mukhang komportable siya sa ginagawa niya... kaso one thing lang napuna ko... sana pakilighten nung lipstick ni Lee nagmumukha kasi siyang bakla lalo kung ang kuha ng camera ay side view.... mas maganda kasi sa isang bl series na di mukhang bakla ang mga bida....

Vernie LoDi

253 liker here.

t s

No subtitles??

Mighty Lawrence

I enjoyed watching it even first episode palang. This is good

John Paul Melegrito

Support locals♥️??

josue lanz ibañez

Deberían de subtitularlo al español ?

Dia Na

Subtitle Indonesia nya dong pliz makasi ????



Jonard Gopo

Si girl videocall
Si boy phonecall
Hahahahahahahaaha LT


Is this the season 1 of unguarded???Please answer kindly?

Toff Castuera

Okay, Done saved your number hahaha ??

Jonald Anselmo

Wheres the original episode 1 d ko makita dto?

Aldab TV

May bagong bl series n nman aq nahanap.

Shaima Kalima

I like it ??


Only watching this now after Ungaurded. Guess I should get the story from the start.


That reference to Lee Min-Hoo ??

ariel intytacna

OMG! Two young men meeting thru fndr app- always a hold back guy and a right upfront guy. Henry just assume the top and making Lee the bottom- cute and adoring (you are my mommy and I am your papy) Henry is not trying to offend the entire LGBTQI+ community- just having fun. Let's keep watching this harmless and cute BL...


I just feel na kailangan ko i-voice out ‘to. Magkaiba ang BI (bisexual) at Gay (homosexual). A BI is a BI, even if he or she ends up in a straight relationship (meaning a relationship with opposite sex) or in a same-sex relationship. A BI isn’t confused. That’s the characteristic of Bisexuality, fluid. Mapalalaki man o babae, pag na-fall or na-lust ka sa isang tao, that’s it, no matter what the gender or sexuality of such person. Bisexuality is not one step before maging bakla. Know and respect the difference. ?

Ricaredo jr Enriquez

Cute start. Kilig much


This is all where I started loving #HookUpTheSeries . I am so excited to watch the #HookUpEp8Finale

Cristian Motta

Please spanish subtitule

Jhon Lyman Deogrades

Hug to hug guys..dali


00:05 but... we can explain why water and oil don't mix together ?

jonas borj


fluffy Frog

Sub español pls

Ogie Cabilan

Ganda ng acting pero yung background music di ko bet as in nararamdaman ko na

Obssessive Fan

And that's where it all started and I love the story between them, for Henry, no beating about the bush right from the very first time. He knows what he wanted and he dived in, went for it whilst Mark Lee was still doubting which is very right, one needs to be wary in this kind of cases. Kudos to the both of them.
BTW Lee, how's the business of Bi, now and Gay later... I love you whatever you are and in search for...

Kako Pintado

I love the song really



Jhonrey Cayanan

Can someone enlighten me?
Is this the first Hook up series, and the continuation is the Unguarded the series?
OMG i just watch the unguarded someone help me! ?

Lala Taeri

Sorry Ka cringe ewan koba sorry

Daphne Myers

The song is beautiful! It fixes so well with the series. Like the two actors

Cristian Motta

Please subtitule spanish capitulo 1

Nicolai Becerrozki

Subtitles in English please or Spanish.

Amy Clifton

Lee’s birthday is exactly a day before mine lol


Today is His birthday ???

Taty Amaral

O Brasil assiste e apoia o canal qdo consegue entender o idioma, nem todos falam inglês. Pena ?

James kyrex Dela cruz

Ang cute Si ate girl naka video call. Si kuyang bida naka phone call ?

Henrick Acejo

Maganda sana kaso nakaw ang script at story wala manlang pahintulot ng real owner/writer

Michael Baco

Sana all may jowa pero ako wla ??

Edrian Bobby Calabio

Waiting ❤️

Jhon Lyman Deogrades

Sino po gusto ng hug to hug

Denis Berkyova

Mohli by byť titulky poľské ĎAKUJEM

Awg Budriz

The series on his Facebook page is red wine in the dark night in anyone is curious

Andréa Fernanda Souza da Rsa Souza

que pena nao tem portugues?

Alexandra Alzira Pinheiro

isn't crazy..... relationships are relationships.... people are people


NoOoO Wex where are you :'(

Ricardo Rombines

Phonecall ba to or video call? Ang gulo ahahahahahha

Muhammad Ansari

Indo sub


Sister needs to learn some things like ....
I know this is a bl, you know this is bl, but what she's listing doesn't prove anything except he doesn't like being kissed.

Boy could very easily be bi but asexual, he talks about multiple girlfriends who he liked and had a "spark" with until things got physical, just because he also likes/feels a spark with a guy who he hasn't dated or kissed doesn't somehow magically make him gay.

People need to stop trying to label everyone else's sexuality for them, it's not "being accepting" it's just a different kind of pressure, and it's obvious the people it's being done to don't like it and are made very uncomfortable whenever it happens

Tbh a few seconds in I was happy at finally seeing a story where the character accepts their sexuality from the beginning and it's not just gay/straight but a genuinely bi character who sees nothing wrong with that, only to moments later have that hope dashed by some good old-fashioned bisexual erasure.

That's not lgbt acceptance. So many of these shows just cut the L, B, and T out of their acceptance and it shows. The QIA+ doesn't even rate a mention.

Roberto Gonzalez Velazquez

Traduscanlo a Español para poder entender bien ? gracias

Cαtty Blαckpínk

Henry is just too beautiful
I mean his eyes, pale skin, face, body
Uuuuh why am i suddenly feeling insecure


nakavideo call ba si girl ? Ung guy hnd

Dylan Martinez Hernandez

Please subtitle en english!!!

Nintendo 64 Console - How Do I Hook Up The N64 To My TV? - Step By Step Instructions

Nintendo 64 Console - How Do I Hook Up The N64 To My TV? - Step By Step Instructions30 Nov. 2019
21 340
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Step by Step instruction

Step by Step instruction on how to hook the Nintendo 64 Console to your TV. AC Adapter Multi Out AV Cable + a few extra tips!

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Comments (22)

Is this a 1080p tv? Or 720p? I’m having to get an older tv because I’m not getting any signal on my Samsung smart tv despite using the hdmi adapter ?


My dad got me and my brothers the n64 back in 2000 and we had such fond memories of it. Sadly the n64 died in 2003 and we haven't played it since. I've been thinking about buying a working console on ebay but keeping the games because those are mementos. I can replace the console but I will never replace the cartridges.


Video component work but not audio

Agar Hero

where can i find a nintendo 64 cheap or find in a dumpster?

Angel Quijada

Thanks man

Bethany Kauffman

I've tried everything for mine and it's turning on but it's still saying no signal

Griffin Sutek

I’m tryna play majora too?

Atticuz Milhouse

Thank you


I dont have any of those plugs on my tv. What do I do???

Bricen Marcum

This man needs more subscribers

Aye G

Well thanks for teaching us our colors

neil dunham

my n64 won't connect to my dynex tv, it's a 32 inch and I have tried everything, nevermind I got it to work

Maurizio Mastrodomenico

I connect my n64 but video is black and know why?

Braden Rondeau

So I have been thinking of starting it back and it won’t work it has worked on a different tv but this one doesn’t can I help plz


What does the power brick plug into

Cheez Doodlez

You need more subscribers

Peepee Poopoo

my n64 doesnt have any component cables, just a coaxial cable


Thank you for explaining which color cord does what, that helped me figure out where to plug in for my TVs setup

Ian Sanchez

You should try connecting it to a vcr tv combo since I wonder if it would work


Mine doesnt have the side av and i dont have any yellow ports

Penelope Nurse-Pup

I don't think my AC adapter is in right....

Naveen Magapu

Can you just buy any RCA to HDMI adapter and make it work? Most modern smart TVs don't have the colour coded system for AV.

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