How to approach a woman at the gym

Gym Hotties On How To Approach Girls At The Gym!!

Gym Hotties On How To Approach Girls At The Gym!!11 Sep. 2019
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The ladies themselves told

The ladies themselves told us how we should approach them at the gym! 100 likes and I will go to the gym and try to pick up girls! Thank you for watching!

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This was useful content


Fish trying to teach fishermen on how to catch fish! ?

Satoshi Nakamoto

These vids lit

Edward Muller V

If approaching a girl is intimidating then ur sexist

Justin W

I'm ugly so meeting a hot girl at the gym usually gives me a stuck up response. they just walk away and dont give me a chance. When I do meet a nice looking girl she ends up married. Ugh.

drew nielson

Bad advice all around .

N/ A

Hi, I'm Creeper, what's your name?
So, how do feel about me asking you some cringy stuff?
Do you think I'm worth rejecting?

Punisher_ 80

Hella baddies at that gym I def won’t cap

the brilliant bullet

Mawhaha I am the 100th

David B

This was very useful information! Should have way more views. Thanks!


100 likes and I will do a video of me picking up girls inside the gym!


My mans really out here doing research

Emmanuel Okosisi

Awesome video bro. Video idea: Approaching girls in the gym XD

Frank L.

More of those Interviews! :-)

How To Pick Up Girls At The Gym Without Being Creepy

How To Pick Up Girls At The Gym Without Being Creepy7 Jun. 2014
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Mario shows you how to

Mario shows you how to pick up girls at the gym without being creepy.


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Meeting women at the gym is simple. It uses the same principles as meeting women at work. Let me explain...

When you want attract women in the gym environment, don't rush it. The rookie mistake is to ask for her number right away. If you both go to the gym you can expect to see her there again. So, the better play is the slow seduction method.

As in any environment, you can use your passive value as a major asset. That means that when you are at the gym, befriend the staff and some other guys and girls that workout. Be friendly and social with everyone, but remember, you are there to workout.

Talk with all girls. This is important because other women will see this and it will trigger a pre-selection emotion and maker her want you more.

Women are very intuitive and can tell how other people treat you. If they treat you with respect, women will be more attracted to you almost instantly.

Most guys that approach girls at the gym, come across as creepy because they are trying to her impress her with their muscles. Some guys will even go over and try to correct her exercises.

Since you are smooth, you not be need and instead employ the slow seduction method. When you see her at the water fountain, smile and say hi. That is it, unless she initiates more conversation.

Then the next day you see her smile, say hi, and introduce yourself. Have a small conversation and then get back to working out.

When she sees that all the guys respect you and the girls like to talk to you, she will want more attention from you and start giving you stronger signals. Start flirting with her and then ask her out.

That is it, done.


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Minoru Tsuyoshi

Cool video Matt, very good points were made in this video. Why did you let this weird Mario dude talk and stuff? I am not trying to hate on him (even though I kinda am XD), but watching him talk and do stuff in this video made me cringe a bit. I know that you are just trying to show that even weird looking old guys can attract beautful young busty women, but still, he was cringe-worthy. You should just do all of the videos, or at the very least let other guys, someone like the The Golden One on Youtube, do stuff in your videos.

Jeff Hart

I find that it can go either way in the gym. Often girls are there just doing a workout and do not want to be hit on by guys. It can be difficult to build the right sexual tension without seeming creepy or getting put into the friend zone. I think that the best way is to look for indicators of interest like Matt has said in other videos such as eye contact, smiles...etc

terminate with extreme prejudice

that was creepy


Am i the only one who thought the opening scene was creepy?

Amei Lynx

These are good tips (y)

O Bailon

I go to the gym to lift, build muscle and get healthy. I am not there to be distracted. Mario you're full of sheet.
I love women but at the gym its not the time or place for that. 

John Cronin

Oh dear....sigh....

Chris G

Is this the Italian pickup method?


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strange aprouch.

Hussein Ayoub

the girl I wanna meet stays on the fucking tredmill

Shawn Stone

People are ripping on this guy a bit, and yes, that opening line was pretty lame, but I'm a gym rat/competitor and I can say everything he went over was pretty much on point.

Noah Brown

actually tried this out. Im 17 and I asked this girl my age how old she was. She was thrown off for a second but then I told he she just had a good body for her age. And it worked


hey real quick..
u wont feel any pain


I think he shows too much interest at the begining and his voice entonation wasn't quite good

Stefan Djordjevic

Hi everyone, if anyone else wants to learn how to pick up girls try Tarkaze Amazing Seduction Guide (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my cousin got excellent results with it.

Minoru Tsuyoshi

All in all, it was still a good video. Your stuff is legit Matt, I just recently found your stuff and I like it. I've been learning from RSD Tyler, Valentino Kohen, Richard LaRuina, and Todd Valentine. I'm 16 now and I was never a shy insecure guy before but watching these guys really help step up my game and sleep with quite a number of women. Now I found you Matt and I'll ascend even further and become even more aesthetic~

terminate with extreme prejudice

This guy sounds like Paul Sorvino -- "just don't make a jerk out of me".

David McGee

I give up on the human race... Cutting edge my f**cking arse!

Eric Brown

I'm an Aspergers Person, so I'm pretty much focus with task on hand. I don't or try not to think about girls, and obviously they approach me to it. I can remember working out at the treadmills in one of the gyms locally. I usually pick an empty row of treadmills or no one in between the machines down rows. And eventually I may have some pretty girl wanting to do the same thing, and would be right next to me.

Justin W

I hate meeting women at my gym. They are all stuck up snobs. Even regular ones are bitches.

Laura H.

sorry but this is not the right way to approach a girl.. you were talking too much and nonstop but at least you had the balls so...

Matthew Scanlon

I got kicked out of a gym for hitting on a girl

Hog Rider

Guys. get laid by hot women does not need to be hard (I used to think it did). I'm going to give you some tips right now. Get a popular dating course called Troplusfix Dating Secrets (search on google). Thanks to it I've totally get rid of my shyness, and finally escaping the friendzone. I probably should not even be talking about it cause I do not really want lots of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I'm just simply in a excellent mood right now and so I'll share the wealth lol.

Sebastian Balín

Finally some video with accual tips for hiting on girls !! Thank you !


I think trying the first approach in England would land you with a restraining order. :/

Roman Sanchez

Wait! Was he secretly recording that girl at the beginning of the video? That's kinda creepy. She had a nice butt though.

zachery perlstein

Thats my gym

French Jae Music

This is a CROCK of shit!


Lol that was kinda keep don’t compliment them on their work out you should complement them on their dedication that you notice they com here often and your not a quitter say good job and keep it up. You will see her again

Sashitola Aier

What do you think of get laid by hot girl with Troplusfix Dating Secrets? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about Troplusfix Dating Secrets.

Solidus Phoenix

DON'T MASTURBATE! BEST ADVICE YOU'LL EVER GET! Masturbating makes women like you less, sometimes they won't even notice you.


That was a creepy open lol

benevolent soul

I find that certain gyms are good for meeting women and other gyms like the hardcore ones are not, and some women go to the gym just in the hopes of meeting guys and making more male friends.

Jas sth

As expert, I'm sure Troplusfix Dating Secrets is great way to become badass with women. Why don't you give it a chance? maybe it can work for you too.

Jonas Johnson

Good tips.

Arif Misirci

in the first bit, that man did really good!!

John Scott

Hes too old to hit on those 20 year old chicks

saurabh sehgal

Hi everyone, if anyone else wants to learn how to pick up girls try Tarkaze Amazing Seduction Guide (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my colleague got amazing results with it.

Poon Handler

WTF is the CQC method?

mike smith

I'm just assuming but is this in new Jersey or something lol the accent

The Attractive Man

Free Training: How To Be Confident & Eliminate Fear ►►►

matos balde

you were creepy.


i think the making it quick is the best takeway from this video. I actually think women don't mind being approached at the gym. Who doesn't like getting their ego stroked? The key is to say your peace, ask for their number, and then walk away no matter what she says.

However, if she is interested in talking, she will ask you questions and keep the conversation going as long as you can.


good vid. the women that make these are so narcissistic. No tips at all.

nyno vargas

He's the worse example to pick up women at the gym. Nor he has the voice nor the presence nor the body also he's old. His title should be how to be a real creep at the gym.

Janet Burbridge

Oh dear...

Solid Scorpion

There's this attractive girl at my gym that I occasionally see work out there and last week, I was walking past her, I just happened to get a quick glance at her, she looked at me and smiled so I smiled back. Then I just kept on walking, I just had a feeling that I was gonna see her again and I didn't want to drill on her on the spot and your video confirmed it. I was thinking of saying hi to her the next time I meet her and start a light conversation to get to know her name and then go back to my workout. Should I ask her out for some coffee a day after I've gotten to know her???



Crimson King

Creepy AF


I don't know how this guy expects to pick up girls if he's old and has an ugly face and body!! The girl he made the moves on, can get a guy that's better than him easy!!


Talking to a camera in the gym is pretty creepy :)

Fernando Lessa

this guy know hot to get things done! what i was looking to watch!

Alexis Medina

No girl is gonna say yes to him

Lord Beerus

Sometimes women don't want to talk when they wear headphones. I often introduce my name. Sometimes I get ignored. it could also be an age gap. Say someone ten years younger than me.

Baron von chris

mmhm just plain creepy!

Why You Shouldn't Worry About Women Who Don't Like Men & How To Approach Women At The Gym (AMS)

Why You Shouldn't Worry About Women Who Don't Like Men & How To Approach Women At The Gym (AMS)17 Jul. 2019
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Comments (51)
Joni Gamble

Wtf? Don’t have kids?

Trill J

I been on my purpose. As in working out and college and I been working 50+ hours a week. A girl that curved me 7 months ago. She be hitting me up 24/7 tryna make me come over and what not. Told her if I go I’m going to fuck and then Ima leave. That’s exactly what happened. Tbh it wasn’t all that my ass was hyping her up for nun ?

Certified Savage

What do I say to girls at work who look at me but look away when I look (work in a big warehouse )

Rafael Ocando

How to approach women at the gym? its for a homework


there's no right way to do it so just do it and see what happens and adjust

The Alpha Male Strategies Show

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dr phill

I don't get any choosing signanls anymore. I am 5 ft 4 in, 145 pounds, solid muscle, stable job, car, house, land handsome face but no signals. Guess they want taller guys.


Damn. No kids? I wanted a family.

Toby Vandercloth

Can someone tell me where and when the live stream comes on

Kyle A

Advice from anyone? So I was supposed to go on a date with a girl tomorrow, today, she cancelled early afternoon, saying she now has to work, however she offered me to go to her place for dinner when she’s home after work. (I know her mom will be there she lives with her) how should I respond, and should I go around or re schedule?

Malachi Brown

@2:51 is hilarious

mr fonny fan

Man fr you need to show us a screenshot of how u text a girl

David Daniel

Fellas doesn’t matter the line you use to appease a woman if she’s not attracted to you she just ain’t. No problem on to the next abundance mindset guys always. Also the pickup line you use may be corny an she definitely wouldn’t be attracted at all 100 to 0 real quick.

Kamran Productions

When you ask out a girl, and says she’s not interested in dating, and then you ignore her after that for 30 minutes on text. Then she invites you to a bible study, is that playing hard to get or is she playing with me?


Feminist bullshit goes out window when you show a dominant masculine frame


Made a comedy skit from your content

mumbus 27

The fact that this brotha needs to coach us about feminists shows the effect these man haters have on us no matter how good our dick and game is with em...I'm tired of treatin fine woman like my Dawgs so they feel equal and I don't get condescended by them for trying to fuck them

c. 1

When he says,"here's the thing," you know its extra serious. whats up AMS! whats up everybody! ??✌??

Christopher Cooper


omar 1234

I tried the chicken dance with a dumbell , it didnt work but i have big triceps and shoulders now

Vicente Garcia

Ams I got a vasectomy recently just because I’m afraid of having a kid with some crazy broad

Anthony Josh

I don’t approach woman at the gym anymore. I went out with 3 older ladies at the gym and all they want is company since they were divorced. Most woman have headphones on while working out so approaching them is as if I was bothering or interrupting their workout. It’s a waste of time honestly, I learned from my experiences talking to the women at the gym. They just want attention.

Leonardo Diaz

Just bought ur book this summer
Alfa male strategies best book out there ever made ??

Rally recommend best dating book and best $13 I ever spend in my entire life.
While other coaches sell there book and program extremely expensive.

Best dating coach out there.

Cory Groce

Straight up Preach!

XxX Jedi

You got a new sub??????

Nuke Dukem

Aye AMS can you do a video on dealing with insecurities.. example I have a manu ginobli type bald spot that affects my confidence ... I have a James Harden beard tho to offset that lol

Max Montair

At the moment, I'm in a very liberal city. I don't ever run into feminists bitches at all. Go to higher end venues and approach fly bitches. Unpleasant feminism bullshit solved

Robert Hayes

Real shit

Golden Childxx

Clicked faster then a beta male


AMS I have a topic idea ? can u speak on taking other dudes girls cause these bitchs choose and it ain’t my fault fucking someone’s bitch but 90% of these girls I mess with be having a main dude and I’m the dude they fucking behind his back while she buy me chick fil a I’m wanting more info on what to do wen she leave her man for me wen I’m not looking for a relationship

Beyond Sound

Real shit

Activity Log

Some good points right here!



Tony Breez

Look play roll but they are not everything women like bold men even if reject ur advances they respect that took a chance

The Dreamer

What’s up fellas?

erick jones

ams you a fucking fool but speak that truth ??


If you have time and you can express yourself you can arouse any woman

Demigod Dre

He ain't playing! Stay red pill! Lmao


"You would've had her if you had the right face!" Word to god.. Y'all can't handle the truth. Play on playa.

tysodopee 999

focus on your purpose everything will follow

ProdbyPack TV

The line definitely doesn’t matter at all. It’s about her attraction and keeping that masculine frame on her this is facts! I done had females choose me and didn’t have to do shit but approach. I literally said “Diddly Squat” and got her number ???

Tory Bolton

Ams can u do a video on underpursueing and why it’s a turn off for most woman?thanks bro

Don Global

AMS I disagree with what you are saying. Just like you can turn a girl off you can turn her in. It is yin and yang. Just like you raise it, you can lower it.


I dropped the dumbbell on my head and got knocked tf out then she woke me up with cpr and I got her number! This guy knows his shit!

Kamran Productions

Great Advice ?

Live Entertainment

Ams Bloopers Volume 2 on the way???

Jordan Steward

“Hey didlyswot.” Ima try that next

Alpha Interactions

Women that do not like men are masculine feminized thinking. These women are super tough to submit and to seduce.
Irish Redpill Coach



????? ?????

AMS can you check your IG DMs please???????????????


Feminists can make up false accusations & sue they can create outrage