How to make lubrication

Sewing Machine Repair: Lubrication

Sewing Machine Repair: Lubrication13 Dec. 2018
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Learn about one of the

Learn about one of the most important parts of sewing machine repair, lubrication. Oil and grease rarely "ware out". What happens is they get contaminated with lint, dust, moisture, oxygen, etc and the solvents that keep oil and grease in a liquid state, evaporate away. Slowly turning your lubricant into an adhesive. That's why old hinges squeak and hand wheels get hard to turn.

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Melissa Nielsen

Thankyou very much


Really well explained. I have a singer 507 that I’ve ordered new gears for as some of the bobbin gear teeth snapped due to the problem you mentioned.
Nice job with the content. Very useful.

Karen Vento

Allen has repaired my sewing machine and helped me with maintenance for years. He is amazing! I brought a friend to him and he was able to repair a machine that hadn't work right in decades. Hope you are doing well, Allen.

Frank Caballa

i would like to service sewing machine model no. 1866 .how can i contact you

Celine Dumoulin

I am looking for a bobine case for a 600e,where can I buy that


Hi, I have a brother LS14s and a new machine. Started to work and needle won't move but wheel does.. Is it the belt that came off or snapped? I took the bobbin out there everything OK, pls help?

Regal Styles by MTG

Thank u.

K Kam

hello sir, my machine is stuck, the needle and the hand wheel...i have cleaned and oiled it...still nothing :( could you advise? it is a cheap commercial sewing machine, nut I have only used it for 2 weeks... thank you!

Beatriz Rodriguez

where are you stationed?

Fludrby West

Can you use alcohol to clean this stuff off?

Vanylive Garcia

How to find a replacement timing belt without the same text as mine?I can see on my belt MBL-SYNCHROSTAR G B 163 XXL 6.4 R9 K 160

Anna Recio

Dear Abbe, I absolutely love your videos, but I've noticed that you haven't posted any in over a year. I do hope you are well and you continue to share your wonderful knowledge. God Bless you.

Dianne Underwood

Well done video. Have a Singer 860 that I thought was getting good care. After watching your video, I see that I have not given it the attention it may have needed all along. The Manual only instructs you about oiling bobbin and behind the face plate for the presser foot, etc. Gosh I sure wonder what shape my gears are in after all this time..... (purchased in 1981) Gulp..... Think it may be time to have someone like you (a professional) to give it a good once over.


Very detailed, This video answered many of my questions, great material. Thank you!

Christine S

Wow! I take my machine completely apart and clean and oil it, so know to which parts you're referring. BUT I dont know how anyone else does!! no close ups, sarcasm as to what is going on with the grossness, too fast in some shots is someone to learn? I was lucky that the 2nd gen person who sold me my Pfaff 33 years ago, took the time to show me how to take it apart and maintain it.

jean beck

thank-you sharing this you are such good teacher i love sewing machines love way soon way work always amazes me leapfrog you new things didn't know to scape off old stuff always wonder some much build up pick up machines get work better if don't GG old cleaning than we donate them..found you very show me miss like one little things in bobbin pull out feel good something I pot with works better also feel more bonded my machines sew clean them enjoy that very much find it very relaxing thank-you know alot people learn from you.

Rosa Otero

Loved your videos, have learned a lot, I am 70 years old and work as a secretary to the President of a great factory named Cadillac Industries, It was a manufacturing factory for men's mechanics uniforms, But now at this pandemia I bought a sewing machine, and like you stated it had old grease and debris inside and out side and watching your videos, I learned a lot. Thanks for all your patiences and the way you say everything explaining with detailed. GOD BLESS YOU, GOOD HEALTH, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

SueJean Heinz

I have a Janome machine that I bought last year for my quilting hobby. It handles my walking foot the best so I do most of my heavy quilting on it. The machine seemed to be bogging on my last quilt so when I was done I took the machine apart and oiled it. It still didn't run very well and a few days ago it barely ran at all with the pedal on the floor. I was just getting ready to quilt my latest creation and wasn't up for a problem like this. I found your video after a search and watched it carefully.
Thanks to you I found the "sticking point" and got the machine back up and running. I'd missed the "race" around the bobbin area when I'd done my previous oiling and it was dry as a bone and a bit crusty.
Living in the Alaskan Bush, there's no way to take my machines to a shop (especially in the winter) and quilting keeps me sane during the long winter days/nights. Thank you for making this informational video and I pray that your knee recovery goes well. Blessings!

Vick Webb

This has been a helpful video, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Kagholi Chishi

The whole machine body jumps when I run the pedal. Please help me!!!!!!! Every part is working just fine.

Dhurvraj Kher

My hand weel jam please send solutions

Regal Styles by MTG

Thank you for the info.

Optimus Prime

"It isn't grease anymore" It's semen. Someone been jerking off?


this is the first video that i've even found remotely close to my jc penney oldie but goodie machine. i've oiled my machine, but it still makes a squeak right by the shaft where the sewing needle goes.... i dont want to pay for someone to do it when i think it just needs grease somewhere, i just need to figure that part out.....what type of grease do you use?

David Hutchison

Modern machines are sealed for life, and don't need oiling................yeah, sure. This is ok if you replace your machine every 5 - 10 years, but my wife still has her original machine purchased 45 years ago. Fantastic video on how to keep an old sewing machine working well.

Mr Honorable presidente Felipe Calderon

Thank you, now i have an idea how to clean and oil my machine.

Anjum Siddiqi

Thank you so much for the help! After 300 face masks and 3 quilt my machine gave up and I didn't know why! But when I did what you have told in this video the machine started to work! Yey!

Jen mc

hi. I have a pfaff hobbymatic 927. it 30 yrs old. I barely used it. recently service. was sewing fine .then suddenly the pressure foot is not coming down and not staying when I am sewing. could this be repair or should I get rid of it. how to repair it. thank you.

ruby brown

You would make a good dentist.


So what kind of grease should you use where grease is needed?

kenneth shadford

you should never oil the hook @base every 4 or 6 hours just a drop oil and thats it to much oil stops the cotten from going round the race


Thanks for your excellent explanation! Do you ever use any solvent or other cleaner to remove the old residue? What kind of grease and oil do you use?


You are the first video I have been able to find that could say what that gunk is! My 'new' machine was full of it - thank you!!!!

Mariam Ahmed

Your teaching is very clear may God bless you sir.

Lois Reed

I have one similar to this one ,it’s a 6234 do you clean it the same way as this or is it totally different? Also would you happen to know what my machine is called I can’t seem to find what its called except for it’s model name and I’d love to know how old it is?thanks in advance

Karin Wiechmann

Thanks for the thorough explanation. I now have a smooth working machine again. I had no idea how old oil can gum up a sewing machine.

Angelina Amato

Buona sera mi dispiace non capisco la lingua io parlo italiano avrei da chiedere che la mia macchina da cucire si è bloccata la manopola non gira mentre stavo cucendo si e fermata è in blocco mi sa spiegare grazie

ABBE Repair

Had problems with a knee replacement. They used an unproven knee and it came loose. Thanks for your concern. More videos when i can. Allen

For College

17 minute video and you don't mention the kind of oil you use. I see in the comments triflow though. My machine calls for white spindle oil but that's not a very common oil in the typical store. What abuot just white mineral oil?

Victoria Szabo

Thank you so much. Great video, very informative and I like how enthusiastic you are about your machines. I'm teaching myself to fix machines so this is a big help. :)

Elisabeth Brown

Thank You very much I had trouble with the feed dog after watching and doing a repair it works great My machine wouldn't go into reverse working great now

Thomas Orndorff

I learn something today. Thank you, ANN

Janet M

Hi Allen, you touched on an issue that I am suddenly having with my Kenmore 12 Stitch - the clutch in the handwheel. It worked two days ago when I filled a bobbin, but now I cannot get it to work at all. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jan

cheryl imbornone

Do you sell parts? Looking for a Phaff 1471 Carrying Handle if you ever get one.

Julie Price

You are wonderful. I can tell how much you love this. The pain in your voice is very special! Thank you for all your videos!

Marshall Curtis

I found a Euro Pro X by the dumpster that got rained on a little. Because I don't believe it had been sitting there long, I air and heat dried it out. Then after 24 hours of it sitting in my condo, I plugged it into a GFCI outlet. The circuit breaker did not trip. Therefore I conclude it was dried out. What happened? When I turned it on, the sewing machine light came on. But when I pushed on the foot pedal, it would only hum louder the further I pushed it down, but nothing else moved on the machine. If the motor had been shorted out, either the breaker would have tripped, or the foot pedal would have had no effect whatsoever, perhaps with no hum at all. My guess is that the machine was all gummed up from old lube. Is that correct?

lizz e

Hi Allen can you please help me understand what parts to add grease and what parts to add oil? I'm told they are not interchangeable? Also, my janome combi 10 turning wheel squeaks every time I turn it (and this has just been serviced) there are 2 white plastic disc on the turning wheel location. Should I grease it or oil it. Many thanks


Thanks for the video. I have a necchi 515. I have a problem with the feed dog. I think the shaft that raises it up or down has broken. I am not sure if it is a dowel or screw. What should I do?Previously I modified the bobbin case which is plastic and the hinges were broken. So I fixed it with a piece of wire to hold it in place.

Ray Bann

I realize it is not practical to disasemble the whole machine but have you tried an ultrasonic cleaner for the small, easily removable, parts? Totally enjoyed; and was educated by; your methods and patient demenour. Best to you and yours.

Blair Beadnell

Thank you for the great video about lubrication. I've been self-teaching myself about sewing machine repair through trial and error, and this was so clear and helpful. I have a question about lubrication. i have a pfaff tiptronic 6230 that had issues with being frozen up, with dried-up grease just like in your video. i got a service manual, which says that bearings are 'sintered' and that lubrication should be done only with BP Energol 46 (or 80) . however, those are no longer made. i've found websites that list equivalent products made by other brands, but the smallest amount i can find is in gallon or larger containers. do you have any opinions about what i should use?

Anne Summers

I bought a viking 2030 for 20$. I oiled it because it was frozen. It started up on its own without the pedal connected to it. When I plug it in, it just starts running all by its self. Why? I have to unplug it to get it to stop.


I have a couple of commercial machines that haven't been used because I've discovered these sewing/embroidery machines. What do you recommend for these commercial machines? I will get to them as they are fast and accurate.


Thank you! People need to be more into DIY, home appliances usually quit working due to maintenance issues! Too many people blame the machine for being a POS and will throw it away before looking into the problem.
Check This Website Too!

Optimus Prime

Yeah and still no has shown us yet how to take it apart? So far you're the fifth person who done that. Wasted my time!!!


How To Repair Sewing Machine at Home-Save Money!
"Learn Excactly Repair Sewing Machine At Home! In 30 Days Or Less...

Wushu Girl

Thanks for the information. What grease do you recommend? I have singer oil but can't seem to find singer grease. What us appropriate, for new singer and vintage machine

jack barrett

Thanks for the video. I have a brand new Toyota fabriq machine. Any recommendations on lubricating that? Are they lubed good from factory or just slapped together? Should I lubricate my new machine

Jo Rappa

You obviously know your machines, thank you so much for the incredibly detailed, clearly recorded tutorial! A few days ago, I came across a Singer Touch and Sew 640, probably from the 70's. I know nothing about any sewing machine, but it was free. Unfortunately, I've been searching high and low for info about this machine over the past few days, and it's been difficult to find! I worry that the lack of information might be because it was a model that didn't fare well compared to others, so it just faded away...which would make me trying to use/troubleshoot it very difficult. My question to you is, should I even bother with this machine, which has been in storage for (at least) the past 30 years, or should I invest in a new, modern model?


Mr. Allen
Do you know if when a Bernina Record 830 does not have a speed switch, then is the machine permanently on high speed of slow?
Hope your knee gets feeling better soon!
Thank you!


Mr. Allen,
Do you know what the difference is between Bernina Record 830 and 831?
I am looking into buying one but I don't know the difference is. I would greatly appreciate your opinion!
Thank you,


Very informative, just received a gifted singer machine yesterday, she had for years and net used it. I thick it needs oiling. Just need to figure how to open the machine. Thank u.


Hi! I have Huskystar 224. I can sew with it, but it's almost 10 years old and some time ago it started squeeking during sewing. I took it to my local Husqvarna maintenance and got it back same squeeky, but 50 euros poorer. I have only users manual and there isn't any instructions how to open this machine. I tried to do it, but some parts just don't come open. I'm afraid to break something. Can you help me with that? What should I do? After seeing your video, I think I need to put oil somewhere. I suppose maintenance guy cleaned it, but this squeeky noise is there. I asked them to look it up, but... yeah... So, if you could give me some instructions or guidance, how I could open it up, I'd really appreciate. Greetings from Estonia.

How to Lubricate Hot Wheels and Make Them Faster

How to Lubricate Hot Wheels and Make Them Faster15 Sep. 2020
1 575

A few of my friends

A few of my friends haven't tried lubing cars yet so I just made a little video to show them, and anyone else who's interested, how I lube my cars. There are probably better methods out there, since I'm an unproven modder after all, but I've been able to make my cars much faster on my track.

Comments (19)
Russell Designer

WOW. Thanks for making this video. It's really helpful. Keep going. You are the best. You are awesome. I have your back. I created my own channel Russell Designer to show even more cars highlights. Come to check it out and I will always follow you back


It helps,thanks for the tip

FunAwesome! Diecast

I've used graphite but I haven't been as diligent at getting good coverage. I'll give this a try

Diecast Show Customs

It's better than nothing but polishing the axle or replacing them with polished stainless steel axles is way better

Storytoys 20

Nice share friend ?

Widowmaker Run Diecast Racing and Custom Hot Wheels

Just fyi for people who don't know, you can use P-81 light oil or anything for model trains on the axles, wont hurt plastic.....10 seconds or less to lube all 4 axles with 1 drop, and you are ready to race! Liquid lube FTW !

MaryJean Astle

Thanks for sharing!!! I have a few custom builds that I'd like to try this in particular for an up and coming race in 2021!

Maple Leaf Matchbox Makeovers

Just discovered your channel. Cool content here with great tips like this one. We're into the same stuff. Subbed up now (#889) from Switzerland - Andrew

Itsthebaduglynoob Channel

Try lubing an AE86!

Erric D Johnson 74

Cool tip I didn't know this thanks ?✌️

41-14 Racing

Try using a bit of graphite on the brush and rub in between the wheel and the chassis, getting the hub and the chassis where the hub rubs. This can also help reduce friction between those two points.

Leafar 12

Nice session, refreshing to see it in a good quality video rather than pros who aren't the best at camerawork lol

Meal Ticket Raceway

Nice video there. I may use the brush tip.
Checkout my Raceway if you like.

Northern Roads Racing

I have saved many loose cars with sticky wheel with graphite, pretty good stuff.

Vern Davis

Thx Man. I'm still new at this stuff. Good to know.

Jon Soffa

Too much pressure !!!!! #1 You can bend the axles. #2 Flange from the fender can cut into the wheel. Voxxer Racing on Facebook.

CaSh Money BoyS

Wow!! What a big differance!!! Thanks for the info!!

Robert Thurman

How long will the lube last? How often do you have to repeat the process?

Po'Boy Racing

Good Stuff!! Thanks for the tips!!

How To Lubricate Your Noisy Garage Door (Goodbye, SQUEAKS!)

How To Lubricate Your Noisy Garage Door (Goodbye, SQUEAKS!)15 Sep. 2019
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Do you have a noisy garage

Do you have a noisy garage door that is loud enough to wake the dead? In this video I show how easy it is to quiet a loud squeaky garage door. If you lubricate your noisy garage door about once a year, it'll stay quiet and last much longer. Garage doors don't have to be so loud when they operate, and the process to quiet a loud door is really easy. Make your squeaky garage door a thing of the past by following this simple step-by-step guide that will only take about 15 minutes to complete. A quiet door is one that also lasts longer, so keep your garage door running smooth and quiet for years to come.

Need some of the tools or other items I used in this video? Clicking these and buying something will send a few pennies to help this channel, and does not cost you anything extra:

WD-40 White Lithium Spray:

Rubber Gloves:

Safety Glasses:

Basic Socket Set:

Adjustable Wrenches:

Short Ladder:

Also want to replace your wheels with quieter ones? Bud's Odd Jobs does a fantastic job showing just how easy it is to replace your wheels with just 1 tool. Check that out here:

Several folks have asked about the sound meter app I used in this video. It's called "Decibel: dB sound level meter", and is available for iPhone on the app store here:

#LoudGarageDoor, #NoisyGarageDoor, #GarageDoorFix

You can help me with future projects!

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Comments (100)
Dave K

That wasn't dust blowing out. That was graphite lubricant. Its the same lubricant that is used for interior door hinges. It is a better product for longevity and also no as much dust collected in it. Anit seize should be used on chain drives and such. Using white lithium in a can is not as good as in a bucket and a brush. This is useful for a DYI. But not for longevity.


WD-40 will not destroy anything. It is a water repellant and it does not attract dirt any more than any other lubricant spray. It does degrade polymers but as there are no rubber parts on most wheels it will not do anything bad but protect it from corrosion at best.

Jim P

I used WD-40 Brand Spray Silicone. Lithium Grease attracts dirt and becomes abrasive. I clean the tracks several times a year and re-apply the Spray Silicone. No lubricant is permanent. The grease is messy and requires more effort. Go with Silicone Spray.

David P.

What if it is a door that hasn't been maintained? there is dirt in the grease.


Shit, I just used WD-40


wb6sus shud do this to karen bedroom door so the guys in line dont have to hear the nonstop squeakies

Anthony Glickman

Degreased, cleaned wheels and hinges. Applied white lithium grease as suggested (safety glasses a MUST - you don't want this in your eyes!). Strongly recommend these maintenance steps to reduce noise (drastically in my case) and extend the life of components. 1 door down, 4 more to go. I have to look into nylon wheels, too. Thanks for the video!

Harry Sastry

excellent job/video appreciate it.

Rich Delgado

2:05 On a side note, his "worn-out socks" look better than the socks I'm wearing right now!


Watching this after I’ve sprayed my garage door with regular WD-40 ??‍♂️

Y Zhang

8:25 sealed bearing is maintenance free, but it does fail. Mine has huge slack in the bearing, making clicking and banging noise while in motion, and it it finally replaced after 17 years of service. After replacing with new sealed bearing metal roller, it is significantly quieter.

Daniel Feng

not much difference to me, honestly. lol

Wil Ferch

Another thing...maybe recommend putting a large piee of cardboard BEHIND the top torsion spring, before you start spraying. These springs are VERY close to the wall behind it...and the wall will get a good dose of lube and it will look like crap after a short time having attracted all kinds of bugs and dirt.

T Sci

Says wd-40 attracts too much dirt and dust, then proceeds to use lithium grease?

Ron Hall

Nice work ..... remember, a little dab will do ya

austin cole

I'm actually laughing so hard at how you sprayed the end of the torsion spring that never even move?

Wil Ferch

You could have AVOIDED the confusion with WD-40 ( Water-Displacement, trial # 40)..... by not using the WD-40 BRAND,....of white lithium grease. There are hundreds of OTHER brand names of spray-on white lithium grease that would have avoided the confusion altogether. No doubt....many here.... especially those that have no attention span and will "Skim"....will see the WD-40 can, and make the wrong choice regardless. You gotta makes these vids idiot proof.

Nghi Pham

Thank you!

Brad Carss

wd40 nuff said

Thomas Vasiloff

Excellent video. Helpful and informative.


My go to is FLUID FILM

Jim Carey

I don't always plagiarize, but when I do, it's because someone said it better than me: Amazing!!!! Thank you for posting this video. I just serviced my door, step by step from the video. The lower noise level is AMAZING! (Thanks mikak1, I took the words right out of your mouth)

Joe Marando

How often do you need to lubricate the garage door?

jeffrey justice

I've tried all of this- nothing stops the squeek.

Ellison Brown III

Great video!!! Thank you for the detailed tutorial. Going to get some WD-40 White Lithium Grease right now.

Aster Tewelde

I didn't know that easy to fix my noicy garage.thanks for help.great job.


I can’t be the only one trying to sneak out

Richard DePas

Nice AvE shirt!


I use my garage as the main entry to my house for 25 years. Been using WD40 for 25 years to lube the squeaks. No issues at all.


That’s easy, add a little Trump grease....

Na Tara

LMAO, those socks are better than what I'm wearing now.

Ivor O'Connor

What app and mic did you use to record the sound level? I'm never sure about noise levels and want to start measuring everything!

Mintu Mithu

Very used full information ???

Demetri Parker

As far as opener track goes, manufacturer recommends grease, no spray.

Long isGone

On the flip side, it's works as an entry alarm in the middle of the night.

Glenn Brown

Nice job!

Andrew Sipes

00:17 - I wish the section would have let you listen to the sound in isolation, with no voiceover.


If I learned nothing else from this video, I learned that I can combine my plastic storage shelf with those plastic drawer systems to better store my items! Paying attention to the background has its advantages! Thank you sir!

simba2nd patches

really this guy made a 9 minute video on this? must have been made for single blond woman!

Rennero B

Great video AmplifyDIY!


Can i use the silicone lube instead?

TT nNaples

Part of MY father's wisdom passed along to me, pertaining to everything :
Keep it clean and will last forever.

sean flesch

That was a treat eapecial, nice shirt

8 year old

Any grease will work if you can gets to the parts, some may drips like engine oils but it will works
Regular wd 40 good for cleaning

Alan Crews

Water Displacement formula 40, misused by so many, because its used for everything...


I just did this and my garage door got 10dbs louder!

anthony marino


Sandra Baker

Thanks so much for a very informative video and for really showing everything step by step! Much appreciated!!

Pete Curran

Thanks man, it's about time I have mine the once over! ??

Huong Vi - Cuoc Song My

hi how are you thank you for help my garage make noisy same im fix now ok very nice video

Gabriel Ward

Nice shirt!

Walter Klis

I'm surprised you didn't lube the headplate bearings.

Hans Weixelsaft

If I don't have used socks...can I use my dirty underwear? You know...the ones with the brown marks.

austin cole

Everyone please do yourself a favor and listen to an actual garage door tech, my company does free estimates and will gladly properly educate you on garage door maintenance.

Norman McNeal

Leave the sqeek. It gives your wife time to get her lover out the window.

Waleye Fish

Use SILICONE spray, not lithium. Don't Spray the Giant Spring, you will make a mess and it's not good for your Health when the end comes off.?


Very nice video. Thank you!

Sonali K

What to do if i have already used wd 40 degreaser ? How can i rectify?

Mono Ped

do not use WD40 on locks either. use tri-flow.

Ghost Face Killah

Peace and love be with you! Thank you sir

Chad Tinsley

Lubricate deez nutz

Brian Tierney

If I could just get your before to sound like my after I would be happy. Opening my doors is just a little short of torture. Lol .... thanks!


can i use auto oil to lubricate it?

Ahsan Mohammed

sounded pretty much the same to me, sorry lol ?

Artem Artem

Why does everyone hate on WD-40 so much?

Ryan Myers

Just.yyhuin , .?


ok, i'm doing this next weekend.

Deb Rocks

My garage door is squeaking from where the main housing motor is . I’ve sprayed everything and that area is where the noise is


ABSOLUTELY WRONG!!! Lithium gums up over time DO NOT USE LITHIUM GREASE!!!

Mix 50% REGULAR WD40 in the gallon jug with 50% 10W40 Motor Oil. That is the "Magic Juice we use at Overhead Door Co

Rip The Ripper

I wish I had seen this video prior to spraying regular WD40 on rollers. I'm a squealing idiot.Time to do it right! Thank you.

Mark Delfino

Excellent & thorough! I'm very motivated to do this very soon when I replace my garage door opener. Thanks for this awesome video. (subscribed).

Andrew Kap

I just lubricated the hinges and springs on my super noisy garage door.

All I can say is WOW. What a difference. Can’t wait to install nylon rollers and make the door super quiet, a complete change from what it has been.


Thank you sir very informative

Circular Pizzabox

Which app did you use for measuring the sound?

Damage, Inc.

It will be squeaking again in a week.

RaptorRanch 91

*_Loctite Copper Anti-seize which Glock started in 1991, is the best for really any and everything... Somehow as it works with your application of the product on say a garage door, any black that you end up see if you do (as on firearms) is the still viable anti seize wicking all and any dirt out and away.

Rose Marie prudhomme

Son hunter is the best Democratic example of what they want to do!

Smit Soni

What to do if you already used WD 40??!!!!!!!

austin cole

PLEASE DO NOT USE WHITE LITHIUM, I have been a garage door tech for 13 years. It is horrible about collecting dirt and dust and gunks up hinges and bearing. Please use a silicone based lubricant. Much less messy, drys clear, does a great job of keeping everything running smoothly.

Imelda Villena

Thank you. I'll write it down on to list .

Monte Montgomery

Just finished the job. Much quieter! Thanks, AmplifyDIY!

Craig Shelton

Agree with not using WD-40 due to it being an attractant for abrasive debris. However, you are incorrect about it being a degreaser. No product that contains oils is a degreaser. Sorry but folks need to be aware of that.


Your Dad was a fuc*^%# genius!!!! Damn, that changed my whole outlook on life....


It appears there is some disagreement about what is actually the best lubricant to use for garage doors. Multiple garage door manufacturers and repair technicians have suggested a light spray-on lithium-based lubricant is the best. Others have said that a silicone-based lubricant is better. Still others have suggested a 3-in-1 lubricant marketed specifically for garage doors (it's also silicone-based). One person even suggested used motor oil was the best... but everyone agrees that regular old WD-40 is NOT the thing to use here. So use whatever you like for the lubrication, just not regular WD-40. I still prefer a white lithium-based spray lubricant, but a silicone-based one is a great choice as well.


Darn, I just threw out a bunch of old socks. I could have used the for this.

Vinh Ha

This is a disguised WD40 commercial. Regular engine oil is cheap, better, the right lubricant for this application.

Kris Juarez

Good stuff. Thank you!

Charlie FunBoy

I have a chain drive unit. So that lube is okay for the chain too? or should I just skip the chain? I'm so used to using oil on chains that I just thought I should check first. Thanks!

Jeffrey Fremouw

I like to hit my rails with some quick detailer spray wax when I clean them

austin cole

That Wayne Dalton garage door is complete garbage, a 3 year old could stick a screw driver through it. Please replace your door with something that is not builders grade

Demetri Parker

Nice video. However, this is the worst door brand out there. Wayne Dalton ia such a garbage


Hmmmm... Good info. Better go lube my 38 year old door hinges, et al. Thanks!


thank you

Keandra Ferguson

Thanks so much because I could not figure out what I was doing wrong. I thought I had sprayed everything necessary. My garage door no longer squeaks at all!


Most people don't know that the opener has nylon gears and THEY WILL WEAR OUT. Though not expensive they are a huge pain to replace. It might be helpful to show how to lubricate the those internal gears. By lubricating the gears their life can be greatly extended.


There’s one very loud and annoying squeak that can be heard 1 second after opening the door only. I’ve tried my best to locate it but it’s so loud and high pitched it somehow evades me. Any tips on that? Starting to get under my skin lol

Eric Johnson

Love the shirt! Also great video.

Tim Banks

Great job. Very easy to watch and informative. Just the right amount of info...

Albert Hodge


Chad Carlson

Coming from a service tech and installer of residential and commercial door systems... Do not use any lubrication that leaves a film or thick residue on your track system. When the cold temperature hits it makes that junk harden like a rock and make your door run like crap. Axle grease is a even bigger no no. I would use regular WD 40 every 3 months. Or when it starts sounding dry after awhile. Just trying to save you guys 90+ dollar service calls. ?✌️