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TomandBunny explain Hedonism 2 Resort in Jamaica Part 1

TomandBunny explain Hedonism 2 Resort in Jamaica Part 122 Oct. 2019
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TomandBunny explain Hedonism 2 Resort in Jamaica Part 1

Tom and Bunny have been in the Swinging Lifestyle for over 23 years operating a Swingers Lifestyle Club for over 18 years and now currently work for Tom's Trips the leader in Adult Lifestyle Travel. We bring you a wealth of information and our personal opinions to questions we are asked by new and experienced couples in the lifestyle. With working with Tom's Trips, we are able to Travel the nation going to many different clubs and events and offer exclusive video tours of these amazing clubs so you can look at their amenities before you attend their events.

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Comments (8)

Hello Tom & Bunny I've been trying to contact you I have a lot of Qustions. How can I get a hold of you???


I went to a Taste of Hedo put on by Tom's Trips at a local resort and was told that single men, even if they are in a relationship with a married couple are not allowed at Hedo resorts. You said single me were allowed. What's the rules?

Donna V

I've gone once last may meet a great group book to go with them again this may but unfortunately because of covid-19 happend
And had to cancel so I went on the search to find out who Tom's travel is and one of the group that's going to be there probably the same time we're going to book which is the 26th of December to January 3rd so far I love yall... I was afraid of not travelling with the same group because of body thoughts and somebody brought it up to me things you find as a flaws your play Partners find as irresistible so I got to remember that but everybody's at hedo Embraces all types of age sized genders sexualities it's great and amazing. One misconception is people assume just because you have a conversation with somebody means you have to have sex with them and that is not true I meant some of my best friends on that trip and I don't regret not having sex with them they're still beautiful people I love them and I can imagine my life without them.. I look forward to meeting both of you sexy individuals when we are there fingers crossed

Caroline Wells

C'mon u don't like Waffle House?? It's so good and my favorite comfort food. Cheesy eggs are my fav❣️

William Garber

Ok so I have decided... Ya'll are a trip LMAO keep it up !!!

Dan O

You are still dressed hot bunny, love the dress, viv and I went there in the 90's we had a great time

Johnno D

Sounds very exciting. My partner & I HAVE to visit this place. We're from South Africa

T and A Treasures

I busted out laughing when you said "blisters on the feet from dancing in the pool" 2nd day, I couldn't figure out WHAT happened, until I was back in the pool.... And I was like... "oh yeah, so that's how that happened!" ? LOL

HEDONISM II Negril Part 2

HEDONISM II Negril Part 217 Nov. 2020
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This video is about

This video is about HEDONISM PART 2

Did we wear our Birthday Suit on our Birthday?

Videographer Chris Watt

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#Hedonism #CurvyDiva #CovidTest #MargaritaVille #Hennesy #RedBull #Japanese #Restaurants #Jamaica #Beach #Yacht

Comments (5)
Jason Guthrie

My favorite dish of all time Ackee and saltfish

Love forall Love for all

All hotel empty

Jason Guthrie

Thanks for the videos bredren it helps to take my mind off the madness here.

Jamona Girl

Could do with a weekend but not sure if I am brave enough for hedonism lol

Last Won

Vibes. Be there in a few days fam

A Day at Hedonism II

A Day at Hedonism II1 Jun. 2013
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Hedonism II is the

Hedonism II is the ultimate Jamaican destination for adult vacations. Each day affords an opportunity to let go of all inhibitions. Here, you’ll find an experience unlike any other nudist resorts. Visit us online at http://www.hedonism.com/.

Comments (2)
Kai kitty

Rum and Red Bull

Catherin Aldana

What song is that?