How many times a day can you have sex

Nicki Minaj Is Having Sex HOW MANY Times a Day?!

Nicki Minaj Is Having Sex HOW MANY Times a Day?!12 Jan. 2019
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Real fam, what do you

Real fam, what do you think about Nicki Minaj saying how many times she has sex each day with her boyfriend?

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sureshbabu gangapuri

Good show

Unhealthy Obsession

Damn Jeannie. 40 my ass. sis truly don't even look like she out her twenties.

Ibrahim Hassan

If you are busy with other things you won't miss sex but if you are not busy like the most black American people or any other African countries then you don't have nothing but just fucking. .

AlexFJR 1300

Sex is a stress reliever it a way to get together with your love one and forget about daily problems , but if you over do it then you become slave to it it becomes one more problem on your daily list

Jocelyn Wright

I am saving myself now but he has to have outstanding stamina

Mohamed Camara

Where's my Nicki

Juicie Nyad

3 to 4 times a night 3 to 4 nights is good for me or 1 time a night 6 nights...
Greedy cat....


A snacc for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and possibly desert..

Leatitia Mairsx

Jeannie is the youngest 40 year old ever girl looking like she’s 25 ???❤️

Jessica Walker

Be careful with those men that can reboot...that means if you cant give it to them as much as they can get up someone else will be giving it to him. Trust I know from experience.

Julius Reed

Having sex with a bum left Meek.Mill for a bum these women

Juleri Nunez

Ya horny ! 3 times a week is A lot lmao

Maria Milagros

Jeanie is 40???????? OMG she looks like 26-29

Kitty Rodriguez


Athokuhle Lusemi

Siphelo lam

pj barney

They have a word for those girls
... skeeze

Amari Stokes

I can’t believe Jeannie is 40? She looks a little too young to be 40


I think 3 times a day is understandable but 6 times a day? Chile !!!

James Williams

She is all talk. Those that talk, can’t.

james perreault

anything to keep her from talking

Sophia Miller

dedicated to i dont know there calling women now "holes" who have sex all day with random. no thank you

Siri Stacey

Ima need it once a day ?

Rudi Ducay

Well, my Boyfie get it on at 3 times in a sex ..


Just a virgin passing through lol

Kizzy Lee

We? We? What you talking about............. ????

delia francisc

Adriana looks like a doll she's so beautiful and gorgeous wow!!what does she use to make her shelf look younger

kateycat metal

i want it that much AT LEAST lmao XD


Street girl prostitute never do 6 time.they go maximum for 3 to 4 times a days.

delia francisc

I love yha, yho so funny don't ever break friends ships

berakiah BOONE

Lonnie is beautiful to me and I don't care what anyone says.

Aundra Hildreth

2 time day morning and night

David T

Man 3-4 times a day is how it should be. 3-4 times a week is a bad relationship ?

‘Rae V

I did 6 times a day lmao

Rashida Lyles

I love jeanie ????

Jasmine Adjei

LOVE IT! I have to say 3/4 times a day when I am in love has to be standard. Obviously I have no children so I wouldn't even know how to time that in. Yassss for the convo lol. Whatever works for whomever. NO pressure, each to their own.

Dominic Cabrera

I can make love with my gf easily 3x a day everyday. but we are still young in our 20s lol

Nabeel Reza

Jeannie is 40 whattttt!!

Lady Beldaran

Studies have actually shown that "artists" (those in the media portraying "normal") are actually extremely abnormal - they have sex much more frequently than most other sections of society. Jeannie portraying "3-4x a week" as emblematic of a problem between her and her ex is crazy. If you're satisfied with your sex life, don't let Hollywood make you feel like something is wrong. Jeannie is clearly in the stage where she's finding "red flags" everywhere in her marriage, but the truth is that you can cast almost anything negative in that light if you chose. Life always has bad days and bad weeks - don't convince yourself that its emblematic of anything it isn't.

tonricky ssemujju

Trust me I am that guy they are talking about, I can swing it all day all night long Bby..... Sex is my fav dish Bby u feel me.

dave rose

3 or 4 times a day plus night that's fine for me work or not fine for me 24 hours per day fine with me too my Green juice me a work with my spouse love it just like I do 24 /7

Maria Moncada

I thought 3 times a day was normal!


I’m still waiting too have sex for the 1st time and I’m past 30

William Matthews


DeShaun Palmer

She’s 40? Damn

Daniella Irera

about 25 times a week

wellington abella

Ohhhhh yeah.
I can do 4 times..

Salinderkumar Salinderkumar


DhaopuCN Haokip

name the black shirt???

maNgubane Ahmed

His job is having sex with her

Farhiya Omar Isse

Its not normal ?

Jodie-Kay Brown

Yo I love Jeannie man

Chris Staley

Them ah yeah daddy

Mr. Pokey

If he does not ejaculate, he can go more than once. But if he finished, he needs a day to recover

Damita brat

Adrienne you ain't had to say Bahamas tho that's not right I live there and its good but that's making people jealous. But I will still have love for you??????????❤?

Lord Voldemort

Judging from her songs, it seems like she has it 12 times a NIGHT! ?

Hfjcdghxf X

Hold up Jeannie is 40 no way she looks 20

From the Black Perspective

They took it out of conext.Nicki mINAJ said that if she only sees him 3 times a week then she would have sex 3-4 times a night


Y’all remember when tamar told adrienne she will not have sex every night when she’s married???

Yon Gba

I think Niki stretching unless partner only job is to sit around and service her all day. Or she probably has another partner. Not saying 3-4 times is impossible but it's definitely difficult on the regular.

Tamara Ali

Hold on, Jeannie is 40?? Wtf Asian don't raisin fr

suresh gajula

In a day you people always think about sex only , no other job ??

kenisha Scott

Lol I love this show n these ladies!

Maria Lopez

But niki having sex 21-28 time a week damn her hooha must be hurting
I had sex 2-3 times maybe Maxs 4 but that’s on the weekend and rare when it happens
However during the week & weekend 4-7 times a for the 7 days that I have sex

So random with BANDIT

Love Jeannie mai top..


All these times a day?! What?! Those must be quickies. If you have a helluva lot of Sexual Stamina, you get really sore.

Lillyanna marie velazquez

So I was in my last relationship for 8years and the actions in the bedroom got boring quick I’ve been single 5months and I barely started hooking up with this guy and he literally wants to do it more than 6times back to back and like since I’m not use to that like I love it it’s new for me but I can’t walk without pain for atleast 2 days I be like oh no so I been avoiding him coming over because I don’t want it to hurt when I walk ?????


I imagine this as a family guy skit so I dont kill myself.

Imran Khazan

i am 18 and i am single any girl

Clarice Gwanya

I think she lying she want attention that all.?

Sha'Nesha Smith

I agree with Loni. But I look forward to that 40-40 club

Mahaj Mahir

This is USA future wow good for India and China to rise up again

Juicie Nyad

I'm kinda bored and tied of sex talk with these ladies... Kinda gross imagining them and sex... But......ok.. I roll with punches!

just Mo

I can't cum that much

Moa Jamir Carey

6 times a night ???

Kedir Mohammed

I really like such a conversation !!


I’m 27 & I already want it a lot. I don’t wanna deal with myself when I’m 40 ?

Edd Ith

That man enjoying Nicki's butts should double his offertory in church...

Intelligent Thinker

We wonder why our sisters are often considered or portrayed as HYPER-SEXUAL, undervalued and nothing more than a sex object to mainstream America. That's because daytime talk shows dont have anything more pressing to discuss except a plastic rapper who is the role model for all up and coming reality TV stars and plastic Instagram models. ONLY IN BLACK AMERICA

Ellie M

BUUULLLLLLSHIT. Nobody has sex 4 times a day regularly

Tamika Smith

Me and my fiancé get it in a lot 3 times a night sometimes...we have a lot of sex lol

Fire Bars

If this is quality tv im throwing out my television

Genia Wright

Nicki can afford to do that. She does not have to be on the clock to make her money. Too much time to give to something that's not paying the average person.


Get it girl! Make it 10 ?

Untapped Talents Tarot

Keep it strong?✊


My boo goes about 3 times a night so. But we do take breaks maybe 4 times in a week. But between 3 to 4 times. That night. So we will be 2gether sexually maybe Friday Saturday Sunday maybe Monday night's and takes Tuesday Wednesday Thursday off. He comes over we get it in and Gey ??????

Juicie Nyad

You'll caught that... ???
Jen prevoiusly said her divorce was not from cheating but just implied here that she only had sex maybe 3 times a week cuz Freddie was already cheating...

I hate lies!!!? which one is it....


Do I have to walk the next day ???

Mark Banham

I used to watch Tia Mowry on nickeloden lol

blessing love

Mi need a girl that can do it every night

Bela Mazibuco

I need nikki minaj

Tracy Sandoval

Eh...I can do 3-4 times a year. I have been married for 10+ years, F/T job, 3 kids...all I want to do is sleep

Tiana Robinson

Jeannie is so pretty


I thought this video was a onion video or a joke until now. A week after I saw it.

lily monroy

Most had it was 8 times. I was a lot probably 2 or times a day.
I still work and job to do and we are long distance

cristal meza

Wtf ima do with 3 dry ass quickies a day? Y'all be having sex everyday but aren't even cumming lmao

the lou

Me and boyfriend have sex on average 3-5 times day and tbh we just be to horny, don't get anything else done lol


Damn you loni I wanted to hear Adrienne’s response especially since being married

Kesandra Williamson

Tamera and jeannie look gorgeous

Supreme QUEEN

Sex? We don't know her. lol

Sunil Ramjattan

Some good ass fock she want

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meda swamy

Thank you sir

How many times should one have sex?

How many times should one have sex?13 Apr. 2020
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Niyatii N Shah, a

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Bt now a days most of the people who want to sex more and more even morning, noon evening nd night every time

jainy jose

Madam could you do a video about wedding night for arranged marriages

jainy jose

Plz do more videos madam

Rajiv Srivastav

Beautiful ?? explained.

suresh kumar

Useful #madurairecordperson

Babubhai Mistry

Do have any sex ??

Just kidding


Y r sexy. . luv u