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Cartoon Hook-Ups: Spider Man and Mary Jane

Cartoon Hook-Ups: Spider Man and Mary Jane3 Mar. 2016
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Spider Man and Mary Jane

Spider Man and Mary Jane meet up at the No-Tell Motel in this Cartoon Hook-Up. Spider Man may take this opportunity to let MJ in on a little secret...

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Spider Man – Dylan Moon

Mary Jane - Sara Secora


Written by: Jared Winkler & Jim Mills

Characters Designed by: Jim Mills


Animated by : Jim Mills & Jared Winkler

This video complies with all copyrights. All the art, animation, voices, music, and sound are original and made specifically for this video. This video complies with the US Supreme Court decision that it is lawful to parody animation (as demonstrated by Robot Chicken, SNL, and Mad TV animations).

Copyright 2016 Winky Dink Media

Comments (100)
Howaboutthat 2013

Cmon, MJ wouldn’t do that!!!! ?

Michael Moore

Funny! Not to get too geeky, but in a comic reveal in the 80s, Mary Jane told Peter she has known since the beginning that Peter was Spider-Man and was in love with him. That's how they transitioned into the Peter and Mary Jane get married arc.

Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

I'll step up Spider shadow has that Big Dark Penis.


Nice and Cute :)



nour love you


Fortnitegamer221 Vie

Batman vs robin Williams

Kunik Kunik


Nikhil Khurana

Yuuyyj ??????

Carlos Gomez


Rohan Ravindra

bat ai l lav mary jene


So sexy

Max Gamer

Peter is spider man

Forza !

Well Thais fuck up!!!!

jon Huerta

Kim Possible


Well...that was a sucker punch to the gonads.

Tishema Burgess

T-Rex from Jurassic Park and beast boy

Hamish Cameron

I’m so touched???



Chris Robinson

#the and then

Weeping willow


Xavier Reynolds


Sarah Childrey


Jayden Canfield

Why do people think that Spider-Man is bad in bed? Ok I have been holding this up for a while here are 5 reasons why Spidey is good in bed. And yes I'm a triggered fanboy, but at least I know what I'm talking about.
1. Spider-Man/Peter Parker has the most girlfriends out of any superhero
2. He has banged MJ at least twice, and probably black cat because he cheated on Mary Jane with her. Also,
3. After he cheated, she just barely gave him a slap on the wrist. Like he has a way for girls
4. He literally shoots white strings all day. Need I say anymore
5. He gets a lot of adrenaline rushes (boners), which improves the health of your dick.

foyez khan




Shaylus _


blueberry shark

1:06 me if I became spiderman.

Marisa Gutierrez

MynminsAriusRey MynminsAriusRey MynminsAriusRey MynminsAriusRey MynminsAriusRey MynminsAriusRey MynminsAriusRey MynminsAriusRey MynminsAriusRey MynminsAriusRey MynminsAriusRey

Martin Lord


Bxxb Bshdg



SpIdErMaN iS 16

Calls FBI

Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

So that's why I have the spoon and peanut butter. Your name is Peter, good enough.


Spider-Man x** s
.pider x**

Clayton Crum

G I love ❤️ bhhh??????????????????

Aissa Naciri

منها ما

Jamie C


Alexandar von Carstein Zarovich

Funny enough in certain parts of the comics she is credited as being a bit of a nympho, also Avengers new year party, when it gets out of control, he dares her and Kitty Pride to kiss, het gets laid, an to top it all off, Natasha joins in for the fun!

samantha espino

I HATE ALL U VIDS I AM 4/ewwwwwwwwww??????????????????




This is why I don’t date. Entitled women!

nour love you


Marcus Montgomery


fatima villatoro

I love your vids there so cutie wish I had sex




Ok what the fuck did I just watch


I say you should do Kaldur & Tula from YOUNG JUSTICE and Jean Grey & Duncan from X-MEN EVOLUTION!

Honey Rapaka

Black cat

Barun Dey

Only Gwen Stacy

Play time with Justin


Marianne Gamer YT


Luca Garay


Alatha Mbalu

Do Sonic and Blackfire

Super Sentai Digimon Power Pokemon Rangers

Peter Parker is Spider-Man

Ana Ortiz Ruiz

lol 19o2o203

Sara Pereira


Halena Ackter




Steve Marx


Be nice to be black people Be always nice!

Spiderman looks sick!

Nicko Rivera

Scarlet and ice man

Evan bell

Radioactive peen?

Waffle 21

Yum yum

Jordan Baingana


Rosario Brito Montejo

Por y qué crees que se ven muy guapas o Instagram sistema te acostaste con ella quitarle todo



drwho11thd r


Maria Domenech

Spiderman and deadpool pleaseee

Salma Akhtar

Fuk me ples

Youtubedenisyan ni


Garrett card

ok let's see what happens in this video...

Aidan Hever

... That was cold.

Sebastião Lopes Gama

Mary jane e a molhe mais lida do mundo

spiderman Liya ligaya


『』。ー*Unknown diamond eye

More like winky dick

Yashashree Hajare

Can you do one with ash and may



Proton Helix Negatron. Oscar

Oh she didn't look that hot Petter.

Bobby Farmer

Spider-Man and Mary Jane=my all time favorite comics book couple.

Homem Aranha x Gwen Stacy


Jeffery Davis


HG Tigerea

Hey CheckOut this one

Deuce Deuce

Ever time search I'll a bunch come up

Jamal Your new step daddy

Eww >.<

Barun Dey

Not the Mary Jane Watson

Simone Brunini

Which software(s) did you use for this? Looks great!


She hot

Rythem Kc

i love you princess

Kyle Olivares


Yashashree Hajare

I hate that stupid MJ

Keeley Whittaker

Cartoon hook ups:
1.deadpool and starfire
2.spiderman and batman
3.joker and raven

Dante Welch

Spiderman is going to run out of web fluid! If you know. What I mean!

Todd P95

I like superman and elsa.

Heidi Merritt

foxy and toy chica



Teran Icer

Damn MJ

Tyrone Robinson


melina genis

She hot

Lynn Thompson


المالكي خيري

ومايكود واو كلش عجبني لي عربي لايك

10 Best Cities For Single Males RANKED! [10-1]

10 Best Cities For Single Males RANKED! [10-1]2 Dec. 2018
25 650
Steve JabbaSubscribe 438 721

Hey! If you want to meet

Hey! If you want to meet attractive women in these troubled times, check out this video where I tell you all about it...It's a premium online dating website with 6 times more women than men, and they are virtually ALL hot! Check it out. ?? https://bit.ly/3gdVSYY

Comments (24)
Eric B

Could you do an ethnic version


I see you put my hometown Zagreb on the list.

Edwin Yuen

Steve Jabba nice vid Steve. If Kiev is the best place to meet women, how does London fair?

Lone Wolf

You seem to list several tourists traps. Although I agree with Ukraine, I had much more better experiences with women in Lviv, Ukraine. Kyiv women are definitely hot, but harder than in Lviv to approach. Where is Brasil, Colombia, Venezuela? Las Vegas is definitely a no no in my book. It's just a huge tourist trap full of feminists that are after your pockets.

Earth Last Day channel

Poland is where i got worse blowouts apart from usa super unfriendly people and aggressive

Aziz A

Pro tip: If you are rich af it does not really matter what country

Benjamin Colón jr

Has a Puerto Rican like me ever been to these countries

Andjelkovic Jasmin

0:27 woooow, she looks gorgeous!

king tester

Poland is best. The women are hot and friendly.

shivam work

Which country girl date with Indian man any one tell me??

Space Oddity

You’ve got number one right Ukraine! But number two.. Russia Russia? Not sure you want to mess with those Russian girls. They will chew you up and spit you out. And Las Vegas forget it! Maybe if you’re some kind of euro tourist. The American girls will find you quite interested. But If you’ve lived in the USA for any amount of time. Then you will know Las Vegas for what it is. A hight efficiency tourist trap and money grubbing machine! Fake to the max.

L8r G8r

What do you think about the Baltic capitals and Saint Petersburg?

Worledforu Y

ok but money wow

Ash Aswa - Vector Portraits

I'm curious, why didn't London make your list? ?


As a Moscowite I approve this message, unfortunately, Moscow is a tainted city so go to Kiev.

Radwan Siraj

Golden advice , Very generous of you to share this


Cheers Stevo!


Umm I don't really think these are the best cities. Maybe the best cities in Europe but if you are on the short side for western men these cities are probably a total waste of time especially since eastern european, russian and american women are all on the tall side even for western women. and then you picked one the USA oof. seriously total waste of time. and Las vegas? who wants strippers? STrippers don't want anything from you except money. and they want all of it. This list is pretty bad honestly. Perhaps you don't like Asian or Latina women. Fair enough but lets be honest. You have a better chance of picking up women in almost any asian or almost any south american country than any of these places.

nicholas salmeri

Seems you have only traveled around Europe. Gotta go to South America.

Space Oddity

In terms of quality of women, sexiness, meet ability, and affordability of the country in general. It has to be Thailand, Ukraine and Brazil. These are hands-down the top three spots in the world!

They would be closely followed by Philippines, Columbia, and other Eastern Europe

Some wild cards would include Cuba, Kenya, and Bangladesh. These are also really good but a bit more tricky in logistics and things.

If anybody else tells you different they are just talking out their ass and don’t really know their stuff. Like most of these YouTube kids....unfortunately


This list isn't for me, its for white people.

Alex in The Middle

Wrotslav or wrotclaw?

priyanka m

Any single here?


Steve Jabba

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Top 10 Newest X Men Hookups

Top 10 Newest X Men Hookups5 Mar. 2020
29 214
Top 10 NerdSubscribe 438 721

Top 10 Newest X Men

Top 10 Newest X Men Hookups

Subscribe To Top 10 Nerd: http://bit.ly/2eI6p18

Relationships have always been a big part of the X-Men and mutant world. And we haven't seen much change with this being a staple of their comic series throughout the years, instead it has become a constant. Team members and mutants spend so much time together, it's easy to understand where these relationships come from.

#top10nerd #newestxmen #xmen #hookups

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Amanda McKnight:

Twitch: https://m.twitch.tv/rollfordameage/profile

Edited By:

Dylan Lamovsek: https://twitter.com/uptownduck00







Comments (100)
Broken Bridge

Please make one video on Top 10 Superhero's from DC's Earth-32.

Ravencoyote Stories

Apocalypse is hosting orgies... krakoa is hook-up island


YASSSSSSSSSS AMANDIE!!!❤️❤️???? my queen. i love you!!!!!! ? ? ❤️ ??

caleb cook

I am HERE for the gay subtext and blatant canon! lol

Christian Barbosa

Hope that Wolverine doesn’t become gay

Asuna Chan

Kyaaa! It's AMANDA-SAMA! ????

Cassius Felix

These are all great

Oisin Murphy

A lot of reading between the lines here.

Brian Elam

As a long time X-Men fan I dislike much of the things they are doing to my favorite characters. I hope some of this stuff isn’t true. This whole new run of the X-Men is just too weird.

starfirescream Ere

Glad the channel holds its values by ignoring the weak requests in the comments. They are unworthy.

Adam Tyler

X23 and young Cable ?, long time Laura fan myself. Still not happy she isn't Wolverine anymore cus ANAD Wolverine was great. Even the Squirrel Girl issue was at least fun.

I didn't read the same House or Powers of X Amanda did I guess... granted it's her job to read deeper. I didn't see or read the same subtext. Guess it's reread time ?.

James Jordan

I'm sorry. The back and forth between Cyclops and Wolverine was one of two really old friends. Not a hint at them hooking up. Seriously?!

Maddie Duff

Top Ten Facts About Daisy Johnson

Robert Enyart

How about the poor mutants with ZERO romance in their lives? Poor Magik has barely been kissed.
Or the heroes most unlucky at love? I'm thinking that Namor and Tony Stark would top that list.

Graalclassicplayer Evenly

Love x-Men

The Oatmanite

#3 nope nope nope nope nope , that is the only ship I'm against


Wait, what happened to storm???

Nicholas Kozer

Definitely excited to see them join the MCU.

Cottrell Atwood

Thank you for finally showing synch love

Jason Ours

Krokoa is the new Woodstock lol

Joshua Yoho

Amanda always dropping Knowledge and looking damn good while at it....????

Tim Piechnik

no. no. no.nonoooooo. everyone can be gay except for wolverine! hahah nooo

Geena Da Silva

love your vids amanda! at least i’m not the only one who is loving the jean/scott/logan/emma conundrum...
surely we are due a logan/emma hookup?

Andrew Higgins

Mystique and Nightcrawler?
Dirty boy, that's your Mum!


Wolverine and Cyclops? Does no one see how ridiculously out of character this is?

Mr. Impact

What's the deal with the subtext?

Armin Tabari

I'm still waiting for peter,gwen and mj relationship

Terrell Mack

A Jean , Scott, & Logan throuple…hmmm?…I ship it?

Lamont Watters Jr

I so ship wolverine and cyclops so much but the triad yes yes.


I miss the good old days when Archangel and Psylocke were together like Cyclops & Jean, Gambit&Rogue, Dazzler& Longshot, Kittty& Collosus.
Im okey with the sexual revolution going on with Northstar..im just pissed theybhad to do it with my other favorites...
First, Shatterstar. His friendship with Rictor isnforever gome now. Then Bobby?



Wow some of these hook ups is a BUNCH of gay comic crap!! Wolverine and Cyclops that was the WORST to even think of. Uuuuuugh...YUK!! I ?????

August Drengberg

They def is a thrupple.

Piotr Rasputin

I want to see Gambit and Storm together.

Jacob Stech

Amanda you are so gorgeous ugggg

Armin Tabari

Well since polyamory is a thing now there is still hope for peter,gwen and mj

Vincent Gonzalez

SCOGAN!!!!!!! Scogan for life!!

Buster Bear

I learned a bit more about Amanda that I needed to in this video.


Subtext? I think you are reading way too much into the book lately. Stay off the fanfiction for a while.

D. McElroy

Her accent is weird

Luke Broughton

The poor mans Rebecca Felgate ?‍♂️???

Perry Peng

Iceman and pyro

Arthur Moore

rahne and Azaziel would be interesting offspring wise. Demon Lupine

Broken Bridge

Please make one video on Top 10 Mutants with a Secondary Mutation.

Faruq Branham

Wait!!!... Scott + Jean + Logan + Emma= One hell of a venn diagram.

Sophia Okolo

I’m gonna need Marvel to give us more Storm in the Jean/Scott/Logan/Emma ship cause it make so much sense!!!

Rev. Juan

Logans quarters are connected with Jean & Scotts. No doors either. Jean be pimpin!

Broken Bridge

Amanda McKnight---I loved your look in this video as usual. And although I approve of your choice in a video. I feel that this channel to is doing too many Marvel video's again. It needs to give more attention to DC and other comics and soon.

X-man Supreme

"I love it when you ring that bell"


Thomas Ross

I like it when powerhouses hook up. Cain Marko and She Hulk for instance.


THANK YOU SO MUCH for including non-mono relationships! It was so exciting to see! I'll call my polypalls to watch this! :)

Dustin Miron

"X"avier... X!


Nahh, Wolverine and Cyclops ain't a thing, I don't actually think those two hook up in their weird love triangle with Jean. They are just buds, not every relationship have to be romantical.

james lerch jr.

Awesome outfit on you, and yer a beautiful women tooo...thank you for the cool list as well. Keep up the great job rockin it

Jonathan Velazquez, Ph.D.

Cuz, they hooked uuuuup! 5:31

Jamel Jenks

if scott and jean are hooking up with wolverine, they are definitely hooking up with frost as well

Iván A. Navarrete

X-men Orgy please.

lamar copeland

All I here from this is

Diego Dreossi

Jonathan Hickman in the XMen was a bleessing from Heaven

Gabriel Vila Gómez

I mean I like it but when did everyone became gay I am confusion

Raven Thylacine

stinger is the first pregnancy on Krakoa


Amanda: "sexy sexy subtext"

Me: "Amanda sexy sexy Creator" ??♥️?

L Bergam

Armin Tabari

I'm still waiting for peter,gwen and mj relstionship

Brofesser X

I would love to ship you and me!!! Gorgeous!!!!!

Elon Martin

Amanda but Sasha


Nope gonna stick to the movies not the comics, with all of this hook ups and break ups, love and hate, marriage and divorse who is been forever, is not goona end and just creating chaos with no result ?. Gonna watch the new marvel movies because is has a proper ending not the old ones or the comics who is creating chaos plots ?.

braeden martin

Krakoa sounds like sense 8 but a entire nation


#4 = record scratch sound effect, at least for me. :o

Claire Everritte

One word: POLYAMORY ♥️♥️♥️

Gaia Calls

That's funny and great i love the new gay and lesbian hook ups thank you from. LONDON UK ...

Dante Waters

Making established characters randomly gay or bi after 50+ years of existing is lazy writing newer characters not so much.. There I said it...

Charliemange the Don

Top 10 reasons we don't see Sasha anymore.

Noah Goldsmith

If Amanda McKnight was mutant (even if not) I would certainly feel like there would be a lot of people wanting to hookup with her.

Matthew Mohri

"Jean and Emma have had some playful touches in their Giant Size" LOL Just taking that out of context especially "Giant Size" made me laugh. So Amanda you seem a little excited by this topic...

Robert Kaslow

Galactus needs to hook up with Lockheed!!!

carl charleston

3:58, after seeing them kiss in the Deadpool game, I can see why

Zack Fink

Lol, my girlfriend is distracted by your chest.

Mateja Savic

What about Cable and Stepford Cuckoos? Aren't they a new thing?

Broken Bridge

Please make one video on Top 10 Worst Superhero Movies of all time.

Warbound Cerberus

I think Marvel and Disney is running out of ideas for the X-Men and it's characters

Oisin Murphy

Wolverine & Cyclops that's just daft, no evidence at all. Wishful thinking.

Khayree Beyah

Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Emma Frost not a triangle a square

Broken Bridge

Top 10 Nerd---Please dedicate one or two video's a week to the good video suggestions people are giving you in the comments section.

Real Shit

All these triangles make a circle

Broken Bridge

Please make one video on Top 10 Characters with Animal Abilities.


I like the color of your hair

michael san antonio

Hi amanda ?


So Scott is in a relationship with Jean, Emma and Logan? WTF!!!

rock climbing33

Everyone needs love or hookups

Armin Tabari

Yeah It is irratitating that the writers end kitty pryde and star lord relationship just because they wanted pryde back to earth


Just bring Logan and Emma into the relationship make it a really good big love situation.

Harvi Dent

My ice man will alway be a straight playboy....

Tudor Alexandru

Cyclops and Logan is my young gay dream, i knew i wanted to see them before i knew i was gay ?

Loco Madman

Hi! Long time watcher, first time writer; love the show (yadda-yadda-yadda..). Awesome episode in particular!

As such, umm.. I have a request. So, at about 3:11, well...


...Err, right. Well, I’ll just see myself out then, I’ll leave you alone forever now. But by all means, keep up the good work! ???

Clayton Griffith

I came for triad representation

Wendall Browning

I love it❤️ I so think there all f***ing

Kolin S.

Wolverine and cyclops? Marvel becomes more disgusting by the second.

Ninjefu G

dope list, gotta say tho amanda looking good in every vid ? lol

Cassius Felix

wow you look amazing Amanda

Mikkelll _

X-23 and Hellion