How to reduce libido

Do Anti-Depressants Lower Libido?

Do Anti-Depressants Lower Libido?12 Oct. 2011
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In this sexless marriage,

In this sexless marriage, the husband is taking Prozac to combat his depression, a serious condition. Dr. Drew warns that though Prozac is effective at fighting Nathan's problem, it carries the side effect of a decreased sex drive. Drew offers some alternatives in the video.

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They do not only lower your libido, they can cause PSSD, a condition which is characterized by the loss of your sexual function and in some cases even your emotional function. This condition can persist for years or may be irreversible. I suffer from this and I can tell you that it's hell! I have zero libido, complete emotional numbness, anhedonia and lack of interest for almost everything. Be aware before taking ADs or search for alternatives to treat your conditions!

Andy Marin

What about antipsychotics?

Steveo S

Dr.. you didn't mention PSSD.. post SSRI sexual disfunction. Even after going off these meds.. your sex drive for will forever be destroyed. Been off cymbalta for 4 years and I'm still struggling sexually. Be aware everyone

arron frederick

mirtazapine is great it dont have sexual side effects


Flouvoxamine...sudden loss of libido...delayed ejaculation...fertility problems. ..IVF operations...loss of more ths 60 thousands $...all failed! !!! Tried parkinson's drugs, supplements. ..proviron. .testosterone supplements. ..dostinex. .clomid...
SSRIS destroy part of the brain..doctors & scientists dont know the full mechanism of these drugs...manufacturing companies want to rip off money...that's all what they do care about..
The strangest thing: doctor doubt that!!!!!! 


Dr Drew said some options at 1:27. Bupropion,???,Remeron,Lexpro. what is the second one he said, i cannot hear the word clearly.


no wonder i cant nut


Why not talking about PSSD Post SSRI Sexual Dysfunction. How about a follow up did his libido come back after 2 weeks?

EZ James

Do snri's have a lesser effect on libido than ssri's?


Fuck the treatment without a libido. That would cause depression. What a catch 22.

Avianca G

It’s challenging my boyfriend left me because my sex drive left after I switch meds. Due to financial limitations exploring other meds wasn’t an option.


Priorities of today's society are ABSOLUTELY messed up. It gets to the point where being sick, unstable, depressed, suicidal and having a high sex drive is preferred over being mentally stable, healthy and happy in life while having a low sex drive. Western culture and hyper-sexuality will destroy the world if people keep up with it. I am not even exaggerating, that is my honest opinion.


Healthy and happy in life while having low sex drive??? Do you even realize what you are saying?


Y E S they do, even mild antidepressants from lithium orotate to magnesium citrate they do... yes they do !!!


Viibryd is good, Cymbalta sucks.

Qiana Long

Hello there, I want to know if Erectodom Secrets, will work for me? I see many people keep on speaking about this popular erectile dysfunction treatment.

Ville-Aleksi Tamminen

I got, im healthy, have to use =( sucks


Absolutely perfectly aware of what I am saying. AS FOR ME, from my own experience, you don't even have to practice sex at all, and still feel happy, strong and perfectly healthy. Being ill and depressed because a lack of sex is just a stereotype invented by western culture which partially lives off porn industry, hip hop music videos and other hypersexual, sick, disgusting and debaucherous stuff.

temperance.intuitive. tarot

I take Prozac and I haven't had no problem with my sex drive. Now that my depression & anxiety is gone I can actually enjoy focus. Anyone else ?

matthew tonna

Do antidepressants cause sexual dysfunction permanent?

Loyd Robledo

zoloft totally killed my sex drive. it's actually makes me me depressed because my wife even though she knows why I don't she still emotionally can't get the hint.


SNRIs also inhibit sex drive as do tricyclic antidepressants like remeron Mirtazapine and Wellbutrin. Don’t trust text books trust real people and real analysis from users.

Avon Barksdale

How much mg's befre the libido drops off? I noticed 10mg and I don't even think about sex.

Build sexual arousal defeat the enemy

There is a lot ways for creating money, but , SSRI is not good way for creating money ...
This is should not to be a Business.....
we need give tax’s Against psychotric drugs company’s


I take Effexor and I have almost no libido.

M Barry

Zoloft Makes me more sexual!!!

Robert Azzardi

Actually lexapro fucked up my sex drive

Huge arms

If you are truly depressed. Sex is the last thing on your mind anyway.


when i took prozac i never cum during sex
and most of the time while jacking off ill end up sweating profusely just to finally ejaculate
....fuckin feels terribly reputed ... i guess only way to fight ocd unwanted thoughts is to face them or else they grow much worse and puts strained pressures in the head and all that annoying unpleasant stressful shit

John Smith

I am not impressed with that ugly bitch for wife.

Natural lifters

Bullshit. People with depression not even thinking of sex and can’t have sex u dump. SSRI are good and does not effect the dick to get up it just make you more came it actually treat fast coming. So


why the hell does the chick in the background start smiling at 1:11!? Does she think this is funny? What a bitch!

Fadi Khateeb

Can side effects take time to appear ? Am on Brintellix 20 mg a day and I only start noticing decreased libido on my fifth month, also will this side effect go away after stopping the medication?

Krissy -

I didnt have a libido to start with!!


anyone here who recovered sexualy after stopping ssris


Sounds like PSSD Post SSRI Sexual Dysfunction

Shane Kemp



What about PSSD?

Eaty McEatison

Bupropion can kill your libido! Look up the literature. There's a known case of a patient losing his libido permanently, in much the same way as many people with PSSD lost theirs.


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Tatshie Mange

God take your place and deliver me

Gabriel Ebhotemhen

Nonsense talk...

brayen ochoka

Powerful....not losing it.

Tobe Leo

Wow...thank you so much for your honesty sir

Elizabeth Mwangeka

God bless Man of God.. Taking fasting is the way..

Anuyeni Lawal

Sexual urges when it comes at the wrong time is a spirit from the devil. It is one of the strategies of the enemy to distract us and make us fall. I am a living witness to this. Great word from my Apostle ??

makhumisane roberto

That is the whole truth, as most man of God are defeated by temporary desires....We have to be obedient and serve the Most High God in purity...

jonah irabor

Wahala for sexual urges o
The people wey conquer the urges bla bla bla
How many kingdoms them Don conquer
If hunger dey catch u
Conquer it oooo
Body dey catch you
You dey conquer am
It's not like it's the devil that put it there

miriam adir

Very powerful

John Worldswin


nicholas broni

Why did the creator put that urge and feeling into human being, false teaching, this is the reason why people get pregnant and decide to abort it..but when you need water to drink you go ahead and drink it

Lucky Sule osi

Thank you sir for blessing us with a powerful message I pray that God should give me this mantle of prayer and fast to overcome the flesh and also to spend time in prayer

Favour Umunna

I just love this man

William Sakala

I need deep help wen it comes to this I feel this thing most of the times

Jevaun Santos Benjamin

What is he saying? Seriously. What's the lesson here?

Lucky Meshack

Who are those disliking this

Richard Bogere



More nonsense from human beings who mock God.

mothusi letsatsi

Very interesting, but when you are married! You will be forced to satisfy your wife!! So its controversial,

Babajide kehinde

I sure need this. I battle with this a lot

Lit Nation Forever

I need this I struggle in this area so much

Bree Ngemohniya

Real Talk!!
Wow!! Brutal honesty can be, not only just refreshing but indeed most inspirational & most motivational too.
Thank you, Indeed I Do Thank You Sir & the Lord God bless you too, I pray

Skyline Romeo

You are not the one speaking on the video. yours words are truth.but no man or woman who can control sexual urge on less the man is impotent or the woman is Barry.true that you can control it even if woman or man naked in your presence your body vain wll not respond.

Skyline Romeo


Praise-Tehila M

Lord thank you for this message???

kelvin boyi

Oh my God help us

Yusuf Isaac

Wow deep,your word so so deep,more grace

Sliim Ent

People dey find how to increase their libido u dey device means to kill am... Nawa..o

JC Favour

At The End What Will Be Will Be..✍️

Don Stone

I just pray that God will help me to overcome this problem under the grace of God in Jesus Christ mighty name amen ? ????

Brian Moses

Please help me out SIR

chocha Victoria

Thanks Papa
This was very timely.

Praise Katungu

Although have committed sexual immortality a thousand times I could never go against what the man of God is saying because its the truth lets just accept our wrongs we have sinned and repent

caesar ume-ezeoke

This is my problem with Nigerian pastors..instead of actually teaching on how to be healed from addiction you're busy telling them how the addiction will kill them and how righteous you are...pls take several seats...heaven will be a surprise..

Felicia Bradford

set me free from any sins thank you Abba Father God

Akinware Mark

Pls i need the full sermon
Do you have it?



Pierre Bowen

This is a true battle. Thank you. Blessings

Idisi Marvelous

Powerful Sir

Spirit Nerds TV

Full video: [Mastering Appetites]

Ekane Clauvis

Greatly bless sir

Jonathan Kabenlah

This is another powerful message from our man of GOD. GOD bless you richly apostle.

Bright Mike

This video deserved to be shared to plenty of we youths cus it is a serious problem we are dealing with

Robert Frost

Nigerian charlatans!!