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Captain Jack Kisses Captain Jack - Torchwood - BBC America

Captain Jack Kisses Captain Jack - Torchwood - BBC America29 May. 2009
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Re-live the moment Captain

Re-live the moment Captain Jack (John Barrowman) came out of the closet and shared a kiss in war-time London. Clip from the season finale 'End of Days'. Brilliant short video from BBC science fiction drama Torchwood, starring John Barrowman. Watch more high quality videos on the BBC America YouTube channel by clicking here: . Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to be one of the first to see our latest videos and exclusives. Find out more about Torchwood on the BBC America website here: You can also BUY this series through the BBC America Shop here:

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Morgan Irbs

Tosh: "i stan"

Ernesto Spironelli Junior

Casal lindo ????❤️❤️❤️???



Its so weird

Tyana Mitchell


Kim Suumin

Nem sei da onde é essa cena, mas eu gostei ;-;

Δημήτρης Γιαμα



They are so handsome

Дмитрий Сетенов

Great!!!!!Love is omnipotent!!!!!!!

Kevin Meyer

I love it.

sbdy 393

I'm not're crying....

Benmouma Hayet

wooow hhhh is good?????



Psycho Diary

Wait what... I thought this was some recent series

Lucas Kinan

just wooooow ❤❤


Omg this is so pure?❤️

Richard Martinez

It’s just heart warming, lovely.

Raphale Rimsy


lovely arman

3:06 he looks like tom cruise

Sajad Buj


Luy De

I need boy friend

Paietyn B.

What song is playing while they dance

billie Barron

wait a minute there's two captains

Dim Avgo





Who is actually British but clicked on BBC America for some reason

Al Die

love that ianto just shot owen for nothing :D love owen but sometimes my dude just needs a bullet in his shoulder

سوسان ترلي

مـيــــن? يـــرحـــب? بـي? يــضـغط لايــــك?ويـراســــلنـــي خـاص واشـــترك بـقـنـاتـــي

Amy Swarbrick


Miles Lair


Oii FeLiX COme HeRe BRo

I really just yelled “APPRECIATE IT!!” when everyone stared at them while’s almost 3am and everyone is ASLEEP....damn that was a beautiful kiss?

Nadia Khpelwak

What was that?!

Nate games

I’m sorry god

Krystal Pearl

Thats ballsy


this man had such a huge ego he made out with HIMSELF

Rosângela Barbosa

Gente Christian e Ollive são muito romântico que coisa mais lindo esses dois gosto deles dois juntos..

Anthony Jones

Yeshua Hamaschiach

بدَير الدهيّمِيٰ ‏ ? .



Lol Jack's my bicon

Krot odin

What's the name of the piano part? Can't find it. ?

- Pastel Squad-

Gay: Ship sail

Everyone: Fangirling

Me: *Orange justice*

Viva La Pluto

Thank you - now my heart is mush and I'm crying

white_ T7under

me: ........................... dont kiss me sex me!

Jarmain Harrell

God just blessed me unexpectedly right now and I wasn't ready for it. Yes! <3 <3 <3

Vishnu Deva

World is UpJrUNJcS5w down

Steven Williams

Hello,, I'm 40 wish to meet a honest gay for a lifetime relationship,,.

I cant change my profile But its cool

I have so many feels for this i cant put them into words

Chike Nicky


Dit Kind

Him: shoots him.
Also him: Suprised picachu face

Big butt guy Art

This is seriously cute



Gelo Felarca

This is what sans x au sans look like in human form


well, that's one way to clear the dancefloor - and what a way to do it

carlos javier guzman

Without tongue?! No no no noooo! Hahahaha


Damn I miss Mr.Handsome

الطف الناس هم lgbtq


Paige Addinton

I’m ?

Angel Ramses Bustamante Williams

They are gayyyyyyy

Washington Elias

Grandes susesos

The Geek Draws

i dont even know anything about this but i ship them SO MUCH already!

Rio Adhyatama

Captien Jack , i love you❤❤

Um Usuário Anônimo

In Portuguese or English, I love captain Jack


This is one of the most beautiful and truly human moments I have been privileged to witness on TV. Thank you to writers and the cast for this.


That’s a very good kiss, like A level kiss

Dean needs Sleep

Aren’t they the same person right cuz there names

jasmine smith

I wish I can find a way to watch this?

Hamza Handzar

I got dhiarea from this video

Mohammed Al-sultani

I love gay

Bread Vulture


terrance wellner

eish i can kiss a guy


Im dying watching this


hope they didnt need a shave

58 38


إليكم عدنا/you are back

ف ك ي و

Nguveren Ahua

This entire show was almost unforgivably campy but always enjoyable


I farted watching this

Riih Lara

A única Br aqui mas fds

Eu aqui berrando internamente

Beija, beija, beija, beija, beija

Madix Gabriel

This was the hottest ever in this series

Noahlynn Shelton El

Imagine being someone at this party. Like you’re chilling and then all of a sudden two dudes start dancing together And their faces are INTENSE and then all if a sudden a portal opens up like how wild


I have no idea what is happening but I am crying like anything

Wot u lookin at Lookin at me

I watched this scene again today after a few yrs and i remembered then and still niw it has an impact on u.

•Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•

3:14-3:18-3:21 there making me out in front of everyone
3:08 he's like: I'm not leaving without a smooch

Ezekiel Lungphi

I'm a lesbian but y am I watching gays

Wot u lookin at Lookin at me

I cant stand john barrowman but this scene with matt pippy is heartwarming

Oluwatoni Oluwabusuyi


LeChat Noir

YouTube keeps sending me straight guys snogging each other, and I'm so grateful for that LOL

world peacekeepers HD


Mohadmmd عامر


Aqell_ Erdan


Neta Horev

that's was so sad ??

Viny Reis

Alguém sabe o nome?

Inkar Meirkul


Lilly Jasmine

??? Captain Jack Was Kisses Captain Jack. ???| BBC America. ????????????????????

Suga BTS Stars

What is the name of this film please ??

Hana Sakura

That's a big dick energy ? when capitan Jack is so damn hot that even capitan Jack can't say no?
One day capitan Jack will make his dream come true ☆Making out with Doctor Who☆ and I'll be there to see it


love it

Moon's lord

So cute!!!


My nose is bleeding

Adyan Ahmed

Malcolm Merlyn

Jason Evans

OMG! I just watched this. I want a hot beautiful romantic passionate kiss too even for a quick one ?

Spider-Man And Gwen Stacy Upside Down Kiss Scene | SPIDER-MAN 3 (2007) Movie CLIP HD

Spider-Man And Gwen Stacy Upside Down Kiss Scene | SPIDER-MAN 3 (2007) Movie CLIP HD8 Feb. 2019
10 316 443
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Spider-Man And Gwen Stacy

Spider-Man And Gwen Stacy Upside-Down Kiss Scene | SPIDER-MAN 3 (2007) Movie CLIP [4K ULTRA HD]

Movie info:

Buy it on Blu-ray:

Starring: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Thomas Haden Church, Topher Grace, Bryce Dallas Howard, James Cromwell, Rosemary Harris


TM & © Sony (2007)

Fair use.

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended.

Comments (100)

Omg 2.13 lips

Aditya Since 2006

why tf no one pulls the mask while kissing ?

Shiva Arnelita

?B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G
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Qet Shnj

ثم نلبس قشي و في يوم ما وجدت و في كل

ffgvj Meme

لك حب حب حب حب

Beastboy 25 the gaming and plotagon guy

Imagine she unmasked him in front of everyone

Fatima AlHammadi

I feel bad for Gwen she deserves better

Marcellus Mukti

Sl8derman say shazam

Precilla Clarissa Hinton

MJ started all this bull crap first when she betrayed Peter with multiple other guys in the first three films including: Flash, Harry etc. She bought all of this upon herself. I don't blame Gwen for kissing Peter.

Kopeć Jakub

I love tobey maguire just like those pepole he's the best in mine opinion


0:34 Bonk

Nas’sier Anderson

♌️-Spider-Man 4

Cedrick Vannoy


Abdullah K


CristianPlays gaming

Plot twist: the kid that said spider - man spider-man without a mask is Tom Holland (if you guys are thinking i said that is Tom Holland no it isn’t I was just trying to be funny)

Michael Scott

They love me!

قنات ba

حرام ولله يوم القيامه راح تلقون عذابكم


2:05 That child was right

Yia amin Mahbuba

Fuck you

Uchiha itachi


Fidel Castro

2:22 He just turns his thumb ?

Smart Boy

1:18 Tobey Maguire when he watches videos about bully Maguire

Anu Sunil


Sarthak Vikram Singh

Did anyone else noticed that the band starts playing Spider Man's classic intro song from the 60s animated show at 1:26?

Faraz khan v


Al Spider-Man Horford


Lucas Zanoni


NaVi '

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Anuj Singh

When I was a child, I used to prefer Marry Jane.. But now I am a changed man..

AgSkywalker Garcia

Peter didn’t kiss gwen

Bully Maguire did

Nayops 20

What was the point and why would he say that when he’s dating MJ.


This is the stupidest scene ever. Spider-Man suddenly cheats on MJ wtf?!


Me gusto el beso ?????????♥️♥️♥️♥️

Gisel Booty012

みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン
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Abhisek Backup

2:05 No Spider man no...


1:22 keep looking at the woman on the left with that brown dress

Zaydi Whaa Gwaan

Mj: That Was Our Kiss!
Me: Mj Did it to harry so its basically eye for an eye


No Spider-Man no! That was literally me as a kid when I first saw this.


Me after my teammate betrays me in a video game : 2:15


Gwen: Who is it that breaks your fall, puts out the flames and saves your children?
Crowd: Super- Uh Spider-Man!

Kris Jhonius

And now gwen became spidergwen?


Come on peter


I love how Raimi works with characters. Every scene not only moves the plot forward but it works well as a character development thing. Nolan should learn from this lol :D He's all about story

Mr Muscle

And MJ paid him back by kissing harry

Me And the boys

I will always think this is one of the best festivals of all time.


Bruh the kiss wasn’t even legit it was Gwen kissing Spider-Man not Peter why was MJ so mad like bruh

Rayantanae Westbrook

What on Earth could he be hanging on to

pro roaster

2:11 who the heck was in that mask.. It sure wasn't bully maguire

Quentin Beck

1:17 That better not be who I think it is

Tuğra Anlar

omg 4k

ashoka samart

Spider-Man 3 (2007) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E ⮘

Slam est l’histoire d’un emballement médiatique qui √ bouleverse
la vie paisible de Ricky, un jeune Australien d’origine
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Qui doit-il croire lorsque le doute et la suspicion s’immiscent
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Eliano Blake


Ice Cream

1:20 that mask looks so damn skinny


Harry: Hope Pete's getting a shot of this."

He sure was???

zuel _ieywey

imagine if those who clapped peter clung and floated into the air together

Jorge Rodriguez

Bryce Dallas Howard Would've been Perfect ??for the Character of Felicia Hardy of the 90's Spiderman Cartoons Series Unfortunatelli Never saw Felicia in any Spiderman Movie , BTW Never knew She's Ron Howard's Daughter Just Saying


hiran otavio



Nah he was dead wrong for this


I don't like Gwen Stacy (like the character in the movie), MJ was right: " That was OUR kiss!"
Yea, I just think MJ need to be more caring 'bout Peter, not just about her "acts". But-

Luna 2

This is still pissing me off to this day, why would Peter do something so stupid?! Has he no sense of loyalty >:(



The Apocalypse Post News Channel

While you’re at it: theLastRADIOstation.COM

Adriana's Abode

gwen > mj

Fatima AlHammadi

That poor child


yeah what peter did was wrong but mj had no right to be mad when she cheated on peter and harry, kissed spider-man while dating harry, ran out on her wedding, gets mad over the tinest things, like she annoyed me so muchhh.

Ghali Rafid


Hasan Fzs

Am(DC FAN) the one who was shouting SHAZAM...????

Redden tomatoes

Really Mj?
You kissed flash, your ex fiancee and later Harry.
Peter only did you.
And he did the kiss not as Peter but as spiderman

lujain mwlwd

mkyemjon grknosfg g njfoefbnjlger nio


1:18 the best meme

TheUltlima 2k#7292

mj standing there when they kiss like bruuuuu wow peter


Look at the second woman to the left when Gwen announces Spider-Man’s arrival.


"bump on the head, and I'm as free as a Bird"
Free from what Harry? Your memories of finding your best friend to be Spiderman?!?

LilBoySuss RBLX

MJ: That Our KISS Peter

Bully Magiure: Call me Bully Magiure


Bully Magiure: I miss the part where that’s my problem

London Riley

Bitch had the nerve to get jealous

Konstantin Zarski

Xenianwann ist erforschung ready von dem einen oder der eine?

Derek Park

1:18 of course we do your the best Spider-Man

Frank Crisostomo

He got suffocated in a second time again I bet.

Scarlet Marceau




Lilliana Torpey

Why does that girl look like meg Donaldly


Tobey Maguire reading YouTube comments on every spiderman video


That's how you get covid

Nuclear Nadal

Yes Tobey we love you. You are the greatest ✌️

Arthur Carpiso

Yah. Gwen stesi. Is. More. Buti

Jose Ayon

1:44 Next thing you know he actually turns into Shazam ??


Unpopular opinion: I liked Bryce as Gwen. Not as much as Emma but I still liked her. But you can’t have Gwen Stacy in a Spider-Man series without eventually having her die bc of her connection to Peter Parker.

David Fonyad

David you guys can come over for a couple of hours please let me know if ??

Delly Welly

Imagine if she yanked off the whole mask, then Peter gets exposed??

Gdgfh Dffgg

MNsRO and the other Humility the other day other


The Kid is the true hero of the movie

Santiago Solano

2:24 turn your phone upside down and look at spideys eyes

Beastboy 25 the gaming and plotagon guy

Gwen looks familiar which if you’ve ever watched Jurassic world you’ll agree

Gabriel Fernandes

Who's the fault?

Tristan Meyer

Why didn't spiderman listen to the kid

Rossella Miluzzi


Mickey Spot

Cancel spiderman

C u a n k y

みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン
MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli


2:24 me when I see my best friend kissing his girlfriend infront of me

Boogeyman rewatches his wormy WrestleMania kiss: WWE Playback

Boogeyman rewatches his wormy WrestleMania kiss: WWE Playback26 Mar. 2020
583 292
WWESubscribe 438 721

The Boogeyman crawls out

The Boogeyman crawls out of The Bottomless Pit to revisit his bout against Booker T & Sharmell from WrestleMania 22 — and his worm-filled liplock with Sharmell.



Follow WWE on YouTube for more exciting action!


Subscribe to WWE on YouTube:

Check out for news and updates:

Watch WWE on Sony in India:

Find the latest Superstar gear at WWEShop:


Check out our other channels!


The Bella Twins:



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WWE Podcasts


After the Bell with Corey Graves:

The New Day: Feel the Power:

Comments (100)

“You never know when the boogeyman might show”

Me: he making appearance soon


You are the best

Terry Persaud


Yeti_king1 Yang

What dose the bogeyman look like without his paint

HarveyHfc8578 !!!

Get him on Total Divas

Christian Chappell

He's so scary

aisa malek mohammadi

Boogeyman can u give me worms

Karlton Frazier

I wish the boogeyman does return

Fabian Holdgrafer ferto

Boogeyman is so underrated
I wish he returned a few yrs ago and had some matches and one the WWE title

Ya boi Kidawesome13

Who else thinks D-von Dudley would make a great boogeyman?

dante golding

Will bogeyman go in to the hall of fame I wonder

Felony Stev

Fun fact: Kid me was terrified of both Boogeyman and Booker T

Ozone CC


Asia Jackson

In wwe hes scary in real life hes a sweetheart

Rohan mali

Big fan when you are going to come wwe again

Zani Martinez

Bruh he is not scary


Un español o hispanohablante por aqui




I like how he goes in and out of character, shows that he really loves his job

Skull hunter34

We need more Boogeyman!


Boogeyman the type to act like boogeyman everywhere and anywhere

Foreign_maddogma Morris

The Fiend vs the boogeyman dat is a match I wanna see

Felony Stev

Sharmell: SNEAK ATTACK!!
Boogeyman: Sharmell, sneak attacks don't work if you yell it out loud

Samee Amar

Boogeyman was most incredible and terrified in the history of the WWE

Puja Dubey

Make video boogeyman vs big show

Rani Demong


Ab Brum

Why boogy man have cardi b nails

Stephanie Valcin

Why did you eat the mold

Teddy Peterson

him talking in actual sentences tripped me out O_o


lol he needs to go back they need to give him one of the belts too

Patrick Aviles

I don’t usually watch wwe but after watching boogeymen I loved them

Paula Calkins

When boogeyman laughs: Nope! I’m out! When boogeyman talks: You sure that boogeyman?

Stephanie Valcin

Or worms like why

the big dog romen reings

she was screamin loud

Igor Czech

At one point, I actually thought that guy is a literal demon (I was 9 don't judge me lol)

Marlon Washington

what did he put in his mouth

gamer life boy

I. Am fan of boogye man


Tell me no jokes do you really eat them god damn worms

Nadia Kanwal

Boogie. Man. Your. The. Best


Boogeyman vs undertaker 2021 wrestlemania

Your Sleep Paralysis Demon

He said, "I miss that, but you never know."

Ajinkya Khandare47

Plss wwe return bogeyman man back, he is a great scary character in wwe history

Andrew HUmberson

i love the boogeyman even he's a creep on TV he's a normal guy in real life

Savage Af

Boogeyman’s sound like he from the hood lol

Chaf Cancel

Marty Wright, ladies and gentlemen. Great athlete, great gimmick.
A lot of people would love to see him against the Fiend. But the big problem about it, is that WWE never made the Boogeyman a real menace. He was flatten by Kane and Mark Henry, and he stand 20 secs against Bray Wyatt in the Royal Rumble 2015.
A competitive match with both of them wouldn't make that much sense, when most of the people saw the Boogeyman very low in the card, while the Fiend is a main-eventer.

Ale Tal

Boogeyman is back to the wwe


Forget fiend
I always want him to team up / fight with the Undertaker

Anali Bahalana

I like boogyman

Mary Bones

I have a question about boogeyman did you eat real worms and who was playing little boogeyman

Gilberto Mendoza

I love boogeyman n

Jason Smith

ive heard his real voice before but this is the first time ive heard his real voice with the boogeyman face paint on

Nick Asberry

The only wrestler thats scary than undertaker

pimps are secret simps

I'm at a lost for words. He's a normal man. I can't rap my head around that at all.?

Ma. Teresa Arandia

Boogeyman don't eat worm is just jelly and color it

The Elite Gamer

dislike for the loud music

Noah's Lab

Why does he eat ?

Im A

I rembere going to on eof the wwe places and when i saw the boogyman i started crying non stop i was like 11 hahahah good times u really inspired me and your just to underated you where a legend?

Wwe2k20 is the best

If I saw the feind vs boogeyman it will be a match that will be in the world books


Before the Fiend there was Boogeyman

Laura O'Donnell

You never knowthe boogeyman might react to something

behbud babirov

İ see first time boogeyman talking

Jason Smith

when he said so easy to be boogeyman at 0:51 im sure im the only one but for a second i thought it sounded a little like booker t or at least kind of the way he talks.

Emmanuel Moses

Boogeyman and the Undertaker do interviews out of character, Kane is a politician..This is all weird to me ?


what did he just eat ?

Eduardo Rossi

please boogeyman come back a wwe

Robert Hines

Boogeyman sound exactly like Booker t

ayaz spilt fortnaite


_yahzoo _444

I wanna meet the Boogeyman

Sue TB8 Vosuqa

I miss boogey man like no offence when I first saw him I was scared but turns out he is a nice man

Sridhar Padhiary

Please don't eat earthworms

Jorden Lawrence

Undertaker vs Kane vs the fiend vs Boogeymen next wrestlemania

Anish Lama


Zionah Hosier



you can see that he really wants to come back, even on his instagram he is always posting small tips for wwe wanting to come back

TheGamer Tube Lord

I thought he was death

Astha Maharjan

Is that real worms which u eat ??


love the voice of the boogeyman

Vinus Johnson

Boogey man ???

Johnathan Rodriguez

The boogyman vs the fiend

VASTFLYER 232••••••••

For some reason i didn’t know he was black until my parents told me

Tripp Williams

I love how he can be himself while simultaneously going back in character

The King Potato

He kinda sounds like Booker t

future kitsune

You're like mike tyson

Delicious Jill Sandwich

One of my favorite characters in wrestling haha.

Tara Jones

I love boogyman

Kaleb Bolden

He 1 the Boogeyman

David Hall

"I'm the Boogeyman & I'm coming to kiss ya !" ?

Sarai Amoni

Bugi man do you eat real worms

broers verband

Just bring him back he is someting wwe dont have and that is a showman

gift dube

Why is he not wrestling

GiovanniLuigi Zarcone

boogeyman are those worm's hard gummy worm's?

Mike's Palace of DownTime

You can still Boogey

annette Gale

He’s really gorgeous!

WWE Wrestler Kristina Zanghi

Did Sharmell just Passed away like couple years ago in 2019 or is she still alive

Mirko Djordjic



I feel really bad for the boogeyman even though he's past his prime he still wants an opportunity maybe a last run.

Corey Themaan

He sound like booger t

Jair Ayala

The weekend

Tha Dude

Most underrated WWE superstar of all time. To much potential. Such a creative character.

Sandeep kumar

Kick the boogyman