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If Disney Princesses Were Gay - Pillow Talk

If Disney Princesses Were Gay - Pillow Talk6 Jun. 2016
103 244

What type of lesbians

What type of lesbians Disney Princesses would be.

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Comments (100)
a walking meme

you skipped cinderella, and the chick from brave



Kyle Ybarra

highkey Cinderella would be a ChapStick


the colors of the wind joke omfg lol

doe jane

mulan is NOT considered pretty at all to asian guys, i get the feeling sara (?) has a asian fever but as an asian woman, the world not that easy for us

Mathilda Klinger Danielsson

Well so true mine was sooo orphan ANASTASIA! soo hot

Ayanna Arnold

I want else to have a girl friend

Asia K. Walker

insert audible scream here...I thought I was the only person in the world that thought this way until just now. O_o thank you so much!


Aurora is a total pillow queen

JC Chelsea

They need to watch once upon a time on Netflix the original 1-6 seasons. Little Red Riding Hood and Dorthy are a couple. Mulan is pining over her best friend's girl which is Aurora. The 7th season reboot has Alice and a female robin hood.



Sian Little

Pocahontas! <3


Also Mulan is totally the athletic lesbian. She is basically the captain of every sports team there is.


Mulan saved China. Together we could've saved Earth. sigh

Rosita Rose

i didnt feel anything watch disney cartoon... i just think the cartoon look beautiful. not look at the human... just animal and stuff


This video had me going, fucking hilarious.

Vivian Rose

ESMERALDA ALL THE WAY ❤❤? cause dang, meg is 10/10 but Esmeralda is like 100/10

Fernanda Gonçalves

LOVED lesbian Pocahontas and about the joke: AWESOME! Colors of the wind ?! That was amazing.


I loved aurora from sleeping beauty sO MUCH.

Carp Koï

4:37 lmfaooooo yall are killing me

Elma Lee

i remember being 10 years old and running through our garden wearing only red swimming trunks. i climbed up the trees and pretended i was mogli from the jungle book, because i was in love with shanti in the ending scene where she sings and gets water from the brook.

Isabella O'Neal

Omfg... i am pocahantas ??? And!!! I am also native american so... ?

CrystalCreators.s endless


Anonymous Candle

I didn't know it, but Mulan was mine

Erin B


ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ

I can't decide between Mulan, Meg and Merida (not Disney I know)

nonbc nogndgb

megara was so gay omg


I always had a crush on Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre Dame

Morgan Aru

lowkey had a crush on meg from hercules.

which would have been weird because my name's megan


Pocahontas = First crush
Mulan = Role model

Maria Luísa



Esmeralda, Pocahontas, Jasmin and Meg

Monica Chang

omg this was 100% me, I was always like why am I obsessively reading this sleeping beauty book, staring at aurora, and wanting to be the prince... lmao

Crimecat 56

Merida, anyone??? She would be a sporty lesbian

Grace Jackson

You left out Merida.. xD

Megan Morgan

My top disney crushes had to have been 1) Pocahontas; she had the body art; which I've always found appealing. 2) Jasmine; her outfits were eye-gouging but her pose made her such a gentle-woman. 3) Meg; she was the sassy beauty, villain who didn't want to be the damsel in distress so she became kickass. Yep, a whole childhood of crushes is what Disney created!


You nailed Ariel. So right. LOL. Also, yeah, she was my Disney Princess. You guys, that one scene. You know the one. When she gets her legs and then she is TOTALLY naked and you see her silhouette in the bubble as she tries to swim up toward the surface. OMG, young me did not understand why I loved that movie so much. ALSO, Ursula was so a lesbian.

Run To Stand Still

hey Ariel, darling it's better down where it's wetter

Yvonne Pan

@10-year-old me for wanting to be mulan so bad


I think I'm really a gay because before I know what love is, I already fell in love with Aurora who is 100% straight


Maleficent is just lesbian

Dani Baumann

Pocahontas guuurl! She was the first love of my life!!!


And also Mulan is freaking hot af and my fave.


"Im Aladdin bitch"

Erin Jackson

My first crush was Mulan...

iona pierotti

Esmeralda ?

T Marques

I didn't know I was gay for Belle and Mulan ?, always love them, thank you. Aurora is the annoying bitch but my official first love apparently was The Evil Queen ?.

Mr. Nekonome

I know she's not a princess but am I the only one who has been seriously questioning Meg since I learned about gays?

xrockxthyxsocks xx

Fact: Elsa is the Bette Porter of Disney Princesses

Cole C Keaney

Pocahontas was my first, when Mulan came out I was floored. Together they would be a 2-Spirited Inuit. (I know where I'm going to find my one true love...)


i had a huge thing for kim possible xD

HyperEms 48

Haha growing up as a kid I never wanted tell be rescued from a tower, I wanted to be the one doing the rescuing. Also, Pocahontas and Mulan are fine af


I saw a thing on Tumblr and they talked to Aurora and all the other princesses were crowding around the prince and Aurora said she had a thing for one of the princesses like jeezus wow iii help


Jasmine was so fine.

aces life and adventures

2018 anyone

Zarine Grindle

MEG FROM DISNEY MOVIE HURCLEUS. she was like ? always my fav.


The one from Brave?


Esmeralda is so goddamn sexy idk


Tiana is my favourite princess (and the on i had/have a crush on -- as well as Ariel and Snow White) and she'd be the one you settle down with. She'd always satisfy you, always care for you, but never stops working and cleaning the house and stuff because she loves you enough to treat you yknow. Just the perfect, cute, would slap a guy that hits on her, would DESTROY a guy that hit on you, kinda lesbian girlfriend.


I had a crush on rapunzel when I was like eight and then I had a crush on Merida when I was nine

CaligoWolfz397 Productions

Aurora is actually gay because who would ever want to get with a guy after she gets raped by a king and woke up not from his kiss but by the pains of child birth with the king's twin sons


Rapunzel anyone?

Linnea Mooney

This is so accurate for ouat

YouTube Account

Sleeping beauty is a bottom ??

Michaela Simon

As a kid I had a big crush on Cinderella because she was so blonde and nice to all the animals......... But Cinderella would be gay for pay. (Because she marries for money.)


Pocahontas is me as a lesbian

Mrs Jackson

Love these videos. You two are so funny. I think I might be a lesbian. I don't know, I can definitely relate to ADORING the female characters and not even noticing the male ones ?

E Ka

This pillow talk was solid; really good stuff here. I seemed to like the ones who weren't actually "princesses" : Esmeralda (that combo of eyes, hair, voice, dance moves..sheesh), Meg (the sass), Jane (the accent and curiosity), and kinda Belle (cute, amazing singing voice, not as vapid as the other broads in her town). It would seem they were all drawn to be uber attractive and not so much the teenagers they were meant to depict..they all look to be about early- to mid-20s..a bit weird for a very young target audience but..not complaining now, of course.

Salomé Perron

Omg! You just made me realize that I thought Cinderella was hot ??

Christine Mouton

Meg and the girl from the hunchback were my crushes cx


"Colors in the wind." ?????

Emma Elizabeth

I relate to this video on a whole other level, I was the kind of little girl who never really wanted the princes, but always the princesses

Run To Stand Still

I mean I loved Belle. (still do) and now I only ever am romantically attracted to book nerds

Corylus Bluefox

Not technically a princess, but oh my god can we talk about Esmeralda!


when I was 5 I told my dad I was gonna marry Ariel ???


omg Pocahontas tho

Kaykay W

Pocahontas and Jasmine were my crushes as a kid lmao

Chloe Blackburn

Meg would so be the 'secret gay girl'. She'd be prom queen, cheerleader, dating the jock when really she wants to come round to yours and strip tease and live the lesbian fantasy.

Court love3n1 Ster

This might be my fave video

Shannon R

I was definitely in love with Jasmine also


How did you record this video? You look like a really bad SGI, or undeads.


I’m a trans guy so ywja

Carlee Nelson

Meg from Hercules ???

Bela Lopes

Pocahontas is the vegan one


I think Rapunzel would be like open to anything because she doesn't know anything, the only guy who came to her house was a dude. She's totally like pansexual or something, like "if I love you, I love you" type.

And have any of you SEEN Disney Descendants, there's like gay all around Jaylos and Malvie, Malvie is my favorite it's so gay you don't understand I love it, you guys GOT to watch it oh my god.

dead inside


Les Queen2599

Actually I think Pocahontas would actually be the nature enthusiast who always wants to go camping has more incense than she knows what do with always meditates and does yoga is vegan and is the first person you call when you wanna go on a hike


Meg from Hercules, and yes I did have a crush on her (still do) and I can tell that she's the one that is constantly showing up men

Kat Louise

Yes!!! I have some videos on my channel about Elsa being gay! I love you guys.



Britt Portman

Does Kiera Knightley count as a Disney Princess? She was technically Pirate King... If so, then that was my first Disney princess crush. Actually no, it was Marina from Sinbad... Is that Disney? I don't care.

smol peaches

I loved watching this I love seeing ppl putting lesbian stuff out there (I'm bi but I'm not sure I'm not straight though)

Bre McCormick

my crush was pocahontas

Eterna Mortal

I did love disney princess very hard XD

Seth Porter

Who frickin wears a hoodie in bed with a cover

Audrey Haig

My favorite was Ariel. I always loved Ariel I always wanted to be a mermaid

Bett R

I need a second part of this

l.jeanne Bolzan

What do you think about the actress Eva Green ?

Stacy Quinones

im alladin bitch

The Q

Disney princes always appeared to me as faceless, one dimensional decoration.

MADtv Just for Lesbians

MADtv Just for Lesbians8 Mar. 2011
578 629
myjunksharedSubscribe 438 721

Comments (100)
Steve of Unknown Kadath

Only missing the "single mom who decided to be a lesbian now that she's getting child support from three different men" buzz cut.

emeralds edge

skin is skin till it's a guy, what a hypocrite.

The Reality Channel

Political Correctness killed comedy

Kenny Holeater

These are old school lesbians but I live in the Mission District in San Francisco ---nuff said!

Dood Bro

? I just realized she rolled her jacket sleeves up over her shirt sleeves


So basically lesbian women like having short hair. I wonder why?

Diana Gee

I love snl but mad tv will always be my #1

Matthew Scott

Before “The L Word”, the show that celebrated lipstick lesbians everywhere! Lol ?

Silky Wellman

Love me some MAD TV! This wouldn't fly in today's suffocating PC culture.



Bob Davenport

Damn, I had forgotten about that classic lesbian mullet!


She looks like David Bowie


This fuckin show gets me pissin.


I miss MadTV

D man

Lol "I'm not a dohnut bumper"



BAHHAHAHAHA. Madtv rules. fuk you lame ass snl


That laugh at 1:17 from the audience killed me

Carolina Indiann

I miss my america where it was fine and fun to make fun of anything before people got sensitive to everything ???


The Anne Heche is no longer available because It was replaced by the Portia

Jess C

I miss this


Wait... I thought Mo Collins' character was actually straight and seemed very lesbian? Remember the 3some skit?

D man

hahaha I actually have that playboy.

digital subliminal messages

S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
Not your life but learning how to manipulate the biololgy of people resulted in your life /...and individuality //

Liberty 4Ever

Skin is skin.....LMAO!


Well, someone's a busy beaver, lol ?


Love when Mo Collins did her lesbian character. Once another time in the 3 threesome sketch with bryan cranston. Bambi

AdamS mashups

Instead of "after work"..it sounds like she is saying dork.

Bad Kitty

Back off Butch Cassidy I'm not a doughnut bumper LMFAO


Debra Wilson sound so damn serious reporting!

Sheila Pate

Lol I want this show to come back lol

Learn with Lyda

Mo Collins and Stephanie Weir always crazy haha


What was the second last line? After the "never thought about it that way"?

basia basia

it would be considereddisrespectful in 2018 ... MISS the OLD MADtv:):)

duanecrump crump

Wasn't it great when Americans of all races could laugh at political incorrectness.
America can get back together again.

TorronTorrell TorrieceKa'Torr

OMG the audience member laughing at 1:17 about Anne makes that part so much funnier I had to rewind it 4 times lmaooo ???


OK, c'mon. Everyone knows that Bambi is straight.

Mary Jablonski

Couldn't do this skit today.


at 1:48 only blinks with one eye

Margit Ouma

Mo Collins is friggin hilarious?

rafa aguirre



jimmiejoeredskye snakeman

"a busy beaver"?

Dave John

The Merv Griffen...LOL

Benny The Man

The UPS driver hahahaha!

Jazhua Vanboven

What does she say at 1:51 all I hear is "a scams a scam?"


Here's a fun fact. Lesbians are the only social group that can still pull off a mullet. It actually looks good on them. It's cool and stylish on lesbians but looks wrong on everybody else.

John Doe

An offhand mullet

‎ ‎

is crazy how lesbian dont like man but they cut theirs hair like a dude

digital subliminal messages

S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
I was // they fake it till they make it // haa/ ...you can get a great head ....of hair


Lol! I love how they sneak pussy licking jokes in there. Look at those cats licking themselves!

Vlad Vampirelord

Skin is skin.

Cookie Monster

Lesbians were the first to invent the mullet hairstyle before it became popular among men in the 1980s.


this era of MadTv rivals the Bill Murray, John Belushi, Akroyd years of SNL

The Married Couple

Could you imagine the liberals TODAY if this were to be put on the air??!!!!! So sad how politically correct and WRECKED they've made everything! This was funny as hell!

Keith Wilson

Lesbian hairstyles, better known as 80's male mullets.


Stephanie actually looks gorgeous with that haircut.

Israel Jimenez

Love Mo Collins as a big ol lezzie .... remember when she was "Gina" in 40 Year Old Virgin

Robert Montoya

She has my haircut

Cecilia Duenow

1:17 oh gOd


mullet are for lesbians!?

Mamuwalde Voudou Practitioner

LMMFAO! ??????????????????????????????

Kany H.

Mad TV were genius, people wouldn’t be able to handle it now in days ???

itiswhatitaint anditaintwhatitis

"Busy Beaver"!


how is Mo Collins so good at being such a butch lesbian...

em M

"Sapho's" sksks


What did the lesbian say after the receptionist said "I'm not a donut bumper" ?

Mayckon Willian

That would NEVER fly today. Hahahaha


The amount of lesbian innuendos in this??


1:48 I finally understand what that means. OMG! LOL!!!

Brad c


Cálin Sorrise

beavers? why is associated with lesbians?

Mislav B.

important societal contributors: lesbians and the Irish


In all seriousness, 80’s lesbian or trendy SJW? I like it.

Mike Tayon

"Back off Butch Cassidy" made me LOL for real, but not sure about "Donut Bumper", I've always heard "Carpet Muncher", or "Liver Eater". LOL

Jacqueline Perez



Not offended by this or any other sketches on shows like these,older or current. What I am offended by are people that can't reply to a comment without being insulting and nasty like one of the commenters here.

Erick Castillo

"Looks like someone's a busy beaver"

Rodney Milner

0:22 I thought she said "mom's hair" for several times as I kept playing that over and over again and I was SERIOUSLY confused...



Thoth Garcia

0:31 they stopped laughing so fast?

Edwin Bitsoe

....... Don't Forget the Hillary Up,the Hillary Down,and the PELOSI on the SIDE.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Was that charlize theron

chloe blackburn

I'm sorry I love when they make fun of lesbians. MADTV was dumb as shit!!!

Corie McPhearson

That person laughing is hilarious!


Her dumb ass doesn’t know what a scrunchie is? ?

Absolutely Fab

The Anne Heche no longer available !!!! I m dying with it lol

Carlos Clayton

" Looks like someone's a busy beaver "?????

Stephen Hogan

"Lesbians almost single-handedly built the canals and dams." Sounds like the Chicago History Museum.

Cassidy Weaver

My god! My doctor has this hair cut!

Anthony Parvino

Does spischack make a just for lesbians wax?

John Miller

As a lesbian, I'm not offended.

Nic Winstead Art

Debra skipped the JFL and just shaved her head.


"along with the Irish".. lmaooo


I miss humor like this when people could actually laugh about their differences and not yell at each other.


This would trigger Twitter SJWs so bad today!

Don Mike

Ohh how I miss the good ole day when joke was just a joke.

Joshua Huq

You could just have a ponytail, that way you could still look like a professional woman, not a dime store Joe Dirt!

Julie Casey

Hilarious how all the clips they use are auto workers from the 80s.

J OConnell

"Back off Butch Cassidy, I'm not a donut bumper." LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyle Garrity

haha this show would never be able to be on today, too much butthurt. Take west maple avenue until you dont see any men, lmao!!!!!!!!!

dee dra

Before. comedy was murder by sjws

Beatniks, Hippies and Free Love - The Counterculture l THE COLD WAR

Beatniks, Hippies and Free Love - The Counterculture l THE COLD WAR22 Jun. 2015
107 612
IT'S HISTORYSubscribe 438 721

Following the Second

Following the Second World war, a new generation prospers and they are sick of their parents old certitudes. They despise war and dream of a new world of peace and free love. This episode is all about how hippies, rock music and the beat generation tried to change the world.

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» Turning Point of Vietnam War: http://bit.ly/VietnamWarTET


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» Interested in the First World War? Check out our PARTNER channel THE GREAT WAR!



Videos: British Pathé (https://www.youtube.com/user/britishpathe)

Pictures: mainly Picture Alliance


- Farin, Klaus: Die Hippies. 2010

- Gelder, Ken: Subcultures: Cultural Histories and Social Practice, Routledge, London. 2007.

- Goffman, Ken: Counterculture through the ages, Villard Books, New York City. 2004.

- Heath, Joseph / Potter, Andrew: Konsumrebellen – Der Mythos der Gegenkultur, Rogner & Bernhard, Berlin. 2005.

- Schild, Axel: Trau keinem über 30. 2008.

Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung:




IT’S HISTORY is a ride through history - Join us discovering the world’s most important eras in IN TIME, BIOGRAPHIES of the GREATEST MINDS and the most important INVENTIONS.


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Presented by: Brett Ortgiesen

Based on the script by: Julia Korbik

Translated by: Brett Ortgiesen

Directed By: Daniel Czepelczauer

Director of Photography: Markus Kretzschmar

Music: Markus Kretzschmar

Sound Design: Bojan Novic

Editing: Markus Kretzschmar

A Mediakraft Networks original channel

Based on a concept by Florian Wittig and Daniel Czepelczauer

Visual conception: Markus Kretzschmar

Executive Producers: Astrid Deinhard-Olsson, Spartacus Olsson

Head of Production: Michael Wendt

Producer: Daniel Czepelczauer

Social Media Producer: Hendrik Sontheim

Social Media Manager: Florian Wittig and Laura Pagan

Contains material licensed from British Pathé

All rights reserved - © Mediakraft Networks GmbH, 2015

Comments (79)
Emelyn Chen

Great help for my Cold War politics exam, thanks!

Jim Cherry

Not a bad summing up. But the sharecropper wardrobe is off-putting. Lessens cred.

K Janíková

The countries of the Warszaw pact were told that they were coming to "save Czechoslovakia from the state enemies" or something like that and were very surprised to find people protesting them. Out of the Warczaw pact countries, Romania refused to occupy Czechoslovakia.
While perhaps not the most horrific event in our modern history, it's one of the darkest days and its effects can be felt throughout society even today.

Darryl Smith

It is not a PROXY WAR if one or the other superpower are directly involved.


Saw Jimi Hendrix in the thumbnail, didn't see Jimi Hendrix once ;_:

The Weeping Willow

This is not a video about Hippies...its about Political History...

Bella Jordyn

Thank you beautiful angel

alvin jones

yeah..all the damage their parents did WINNING THE WAR and creating a massive boom so those lazy kids could live easy and richer then any generation ever before. The 50's didnt rock, but honestly, the hippy generation has rulled the world for how long now??? ANyone notice things getting better? Lol...nope
Good vid!

Alex Furnival Krauss

Today conservatism is the new couterculture,being agaist zionism and the pablo escobar sindrome

Andre Dziardziel


Jonathan Bauwens

Lol first comment


This Generation screwed up The following: Gen X, Gen Y, Millennials, Gen Z, and has been putting effects onto Gen Alpha. You boomer fuckers had to screw up Society with your hippie shit and most of u were born into an Economical Spike and lived great but you people still put on baggy clothing, My god I wish the GI generation hit u harder.

Raman chaudhary

Hippies were a revolution left halfway

Conrad Shull

Coming to this from three years with "The Great War" and being an old guy who wore the first pair of bell bottoms in my high school.  Good overview with without skipping important points. Still, as I get older, I dislike hyperbole.  Could use a couple statements run through Snopes, but not showstoppers.


You look like the guy fawkes mask my G. Real life version ??

Anus Repair Man

ty bro, just wrote a 6 page research paper with this last minute


But czechoslovaks didnt want capitalism but yugoslavian socialism. I rest my case

Randy R

I am an aging Hippie an activist. Keep thinking that when I got out of the coma or got sober, I ended up on the wrong planet. We find ourselves with the threat of nuclear war today. We did make a lot of things better.. Problem is that my generation now, instead of wanting to change the world, they want to buy it. We did not learn what we should have from Vietnam. So we find ourselves in the longest war in American history. Society had better wake up before it is to late. The message an dreams of the 60's are much bigger than a decade.

ScreamingTrees 96

I feel like the people that hate hippies are trailer park trash talking about how the hippies ruined America

The Seer

Modern day counter culture.


fuck hippies

gnet kuji

"The East wanted to win more Communist satellite states and the West feared a Communist revolt in the region."  Lets compare this with a statement just two sentences before."Vietnam was divided in 1954 into a North and South Vietnam."  No one ever talks about why this is.  The Vietnamese had been fighting against the French who'd occupied their nation for decades, only interrupted by the Japanese occupation from '40-'45.  By the end of the struggle, the US had been paying tens of millions of dollars, more than the cost of the war itself, for France to keep fighting the Vietnamese.  When the French finally gave up, it was as a concession to the US that the Geneva Conference of 1954 force two separate elections in Vietnam.  Then, when it came time to actually hold the election in the South, the US-backed Ngo Dinh Diem cancelled the election and continued to rule as dictator instead.  It wasn't the Soviets making a power grab here.  The US had literally stolen half the country and yet, for some reason, the language used to describe the history of it still reflects the pro-west biased "the East was a conquering warmonger" narrative.  I mean, which side put hundreds of thousands of their own troops into the country to occupy it?  The USSR or the US?  It should be obvious who the "conqueror" is here.

As for the Prague Spring, fair enough.  Brezhnev was an asshole.  That said, he was only put in power because many in the Politburo thought that Khrushchev was too reckless and blamed him personally for almost ending the world in 1962.  As for the dig about the Brezhnev Doctrine "which stated only the Soviet Union could decide which developments were acceptable in a country and which threatened socialism.  How convenient." I just want to point out that the US had already been operating on this doctrine for their own side since the end of WWII with the "Truman Doctrine."  If a nation might elect a leftist or unfriendly government, their election was rigged.  If the rigging wasn't enough, a coup was committed.  If the coup turned into a civil war, then the US sent massive amounts of support (and "advisers") for whichever side was more friendly to US interests, no matter how blatantly fascist they were.  Death squads and mass executions were common, particularly in South America.  Prior to the invention of the Brezhnev Doctrine, the US had always just assumed the USSR was behind every leftist (or even moderate-centrist) movement anyway, so Brezhnev deciding to suddenly act on that really shouldn't have changed anything from the perspective of the West.  That said, it was an obvious mistake and immoral thing to do.  The Brezhnev Doctrine was a perfect example of how several Soviet leaders, particularly Brezhnev and Stalin, made decisions that were decidedly better for the Soviet Union than they were for Communism in general.

Anyway, as for the actual Counter-Culture, I think they were, overall, a great positive.  Freedom, Feminism, Anti-Racism, Democracy, and Peace.  Think what you will about their personality, they were likely the most moral group of people in America since before WWII.  Their great mistakes, like so many others, were in growing more conservative and closed-minded as they got older and not doing more to actually change the system before getting burnt out.  Withdrawing from society is really no different from accepting it.  If they wanted things to change, then they needed to get out in the streets and make it happen.  Fight the power, not just avoid it by creating a hidden commune in upstate California.  There truly is no sadder irony than the fact that those who seek peace and harmony must literally fight to achieve it.


A bit of a correction on Watergate. Nixon never ordered the Watergate burglars to break into the Democratic national headquarters. They acted by themselves and Nixon tried to cover up their break-in.

Gandalf the Great White

Hey @IT'S HISTORY—you da man! 

Hey, man—BOOBS are still so counterculture.  4:00
Dude! What's with the blurring of the Age of Aquarius ?!
Beads, flowers, freedom, happiness ...
Let the sun shine in!
Free LOVE!

Love you, man—love you!


Great video...love that you covered the counter culture movement in Soviet territory...


Such a cool video! Thanks for the History lesson, I truly enjoyed it.

Jonathan Bauwens

I learn about this in school

meowzerz and me

ARE YOU SERIOUSLY NOT EVEN GONNA MENTION THE MOST INFLUENTIAL THING??? LSD was basically the entire reason for the hippie movement. A bunch of writers and the disdain for modern war didn't start this, it was LSD. Writers and war definitely had a great influence but LSD was without a doubt the main influence. STOP TRYING TO COVER UP HISTORY!


This is not a video about hippies, its a political history of the 1960s.


The time has come to have a counter-culture that will dismantle most of the idiotic elements done by this generation. Honestly, the 1960s counter-culture had done more harm than good.

Mullet McNasty

legalize meth

Joe Jones

We still need peace and love to prevail today, globally. in that sense, we need the hippies more than ever.

Veralisa Claudio

Gays and lesbians demanding rights didn’t come until much later... this timeframe was civil rights for African Americans and woman’s rights at that time..

Jordan Benjamin

This is now my favorite channel on youtube.

eric hartman

These people ruined my future.


tips fedora well done sir


invasion of czechoslovakia, given the circumstances was mainly fault of the goverment and party leadership. they were completely clueless . honestly, they should stop prague spring, at least partially and avoid the invasion. we are still paying heavy price for those 20 years of shame in "normalization" regime.


Good comprehensive video in eight minutes. Thanks.

luke lee

The same generation that gave us hippies gave us a massive crime spike between 1960 and 1994. Yet today that same generation will complain that millenials are 'out of control'.

Petronius Arbiter II

I almost cut my hair. It happened just the other day. It was getting kinda long, I could have said it was in my way. But I didn't, and I wonder why. I feel like letting my freak flag fly. And I feel like I owe it to someone.


Parts of the counter culture still live, but the reason why the hippies faded, is because it was really just a fad, not a revolution.

bayley bott

wroungg toung youreey

Vince Klortho

The only thing that happened here is that there was a natural cascade of societal entropy, driven by the youth of Western civilization as it reached a critical mass of prosperity which enabled it to, at least theoretically, afford this experimentation.


There is no excuse for this over sight. Where is Richard Nixon? Mentioning Trickie Dickie does not count! I am not a Nixon fan, but it is like talking about the Revolutionary War without mentioning George Washington! Nixon was the only American president to meet hippies at the Lincoln Memorial! Richard Nixon was the Cold Warrior and never got killed off till detente. Get your act together and put together the series The Nixon. I would do it myself but I do not have a history degree. A Nixon series would be entertaining. Come on! Pink to her undies! Sock to me! Checkers! I am not a crook! Richard Nixon is the most prominent figure in the Cold War era. No Nixon; no Reagan; No Bushes. Richard Nixon lived to see the end of the Cold War and comment on it! Nixon/Cabot v Kennedy/Johnson! It even covers class issues! The East Coast Establishment! We need Dick Nixon because he lived it!

A Concerned Citizen

Yevgeniy Zharinov

good video

Lithium 1995

loved their march for peace, hated their excessive use of drugs

Austin Smith

Another great video!  That hat though......

Vladimir Beric

I think you have left-out one of the major players during the cold war. Yugoslavia deserves special episode.

mr mow

Fuck hippies!

Vlask Gaming

"if socialism comes to American it will be through liberals"- Ronald Reagan.... I might also add hippies to that.... our great nation and all we stand for, is being threatened by the same generation of hippies and other messed up people.


As a member of the lgbt community, the atmosphere of acceptance still exists but there is still a push needed for all of the lgbt community to be on the same level of civil liberties as those who are cisgender and heterosexual. But it still way better than before, I am grateful

Hallo History

Also nice video!

James Jones

This guy doesn't understand as many others dont that the Hippies didn't really demonstrate or get involved with the political scene because they didn't want anything to do with the government. The radicals were the ones trying to stop the war and they didn't really run in the same circles. The hippies and radicals had two things in commen with hating the government and love for drugs and music. The music brought them together.

Zachary Rose

Excellent video

Harpreet Singh

Really good insight. I would add that the suburbanisation, the Levittown culture and the increase in affluence during the 50s created a sense of monotony and conformity that people wanted to break away from in America. Forming a counter culture was a kind of self autonomy that people existentially wanted to experience. Friedans the ‘feminist mystique’ and Wilson’s the ‘man in the grey flannel suit’ also projects the sense of homogeneity during this period and the readjustment that went on postwar

Cheater Itachi

What role did Beatniks play in the counterculture? Name one famous poet that contributed to the Beat movement. BOYZ HELP

Keenan Corcoran

Fucking anarchist hippies


I have a suggestion for It's History's next topic once you guys finish the Cold War: slavery! I know it's bleak, but I'd be curious. If that's too broad, why not just slavery abolition movements starting from the late 1700s?

John Allen

The counter culture movement died because of Kent State University. When the National Guard murdered four students and injured nine others in May of 1970, it signaled the end of the 60s. The shooting itself was the result of feelings that people had put together from about 1967 to 1970. It was an intense period of love and study by the young. Everywhere you went there were people like you who felt like you did. Not in just one area like protesting the Vietnam War. But in a whole wide range of areas like support of women's rights, or freedom for gays and lesbians, or anti-apartheid people who worked for freedom for South Africa's black people. When you knew how a person felt about gay people for instance, that told you a lot about where their head was at. That's how we identified each other. But by 1970 so many Americans seemed to intensely dislike college students who were protesters. Nixon and especially VP Agnew made speeches where he vilified young people as worth less than garbage. Other politicians, like Gov Rhodes of Ohio, called the protesters dirty, filthy communists who were out to destroy the American way of living. They all contributed to a climate of evil that existed by the government and they wanted to silence the protestors, and they did by killing them. But although people quit voicing themselves like they did prior to the murders, they went their own separate ways and made changes to the system, and themselves, as they were able to do. I still feel the same way about love as I did then. Love is the only thing that is going to save the world. Practice that and when you discover free love, realize it is deep inside you.

Adam Allford

pretty sure Nixon's resignation had nothing to do with stinky hippies and everything to do with hard working journalists fighting to get truth back into the public arena

Michael Smith

It's sad that those idiots were allowed to screw this country up on so many levels,too bad they lived to be old.

Hallo History

Could you make a video one American Commonwealths/colonies please ?

Michael Acuna

It really hurts me and others that love peace, and understanding could have rose up from the '60s for the sake of everyone, but wasn't fully successful. Hopefully, we youths of today can make a difference for the better.


I have been Conservative my whole life, Being that I grew up in the 1970s, Does that mean I am currently "counter culture" today ?!?

James Batchelor

What is the difference between a Beatnik and a Hippie?

Marco G

Yeah, you're wrong about Nixon. He didn't order them to do anything. Most historians today said he shouldn't even have resigned.

Domen Strmšek

I hate this era only music was good

Michael Tariga

Socialism is no different in opperssing the people when said people are different to their ideals.

The Misunderstanding

The way I remember it was that the hippie movement was based on non materialism because the older generation said we were hypocrites : I.e. We wanted the material benefits of corporate America like nice clothes, new cars and big stereos, but we did want to fight to protect the American way of life. So people, subconsciously, started to say: okay, keep your expensive clothes and cars, I will wear jeans and a tee shirt and live off the land, not work for a corporation....

After the war ended in 1973 there was no need to maintain this philosophy and, slowly but surely, silk shirts replaced tee shirts and Saturday Night Fever replaced Folk Rock and Easy Rider......


A new and better counter culture is forming again. One thing that the hippies didn’t nail that this generation will is ending capitalism.

Ethan Shreve

Socialism is not communism bro.


Notice none of these people working...

Morgan Walker39

This is where it all began...

Clyde Wary

Actually, there were three distinct countercultures. The oldest was the civil rights movement, which began in the 50s, and reached fruition in the 60s. Next, there was the psychedelic counterculture, which started in the early 60s, and was spearheaded by such people as Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, and John Lilly. Finally, there was the anti-war movement, which really got going with the escalation of the Vietnam War in the late 60s. By the late 60s, these three groups more or less coelesced, since they held a number of philosophical views in common. I know these things not only from my study of history, but because I lived through them...."Been there, done that!"

William Brown

This is not the way I remember this period.  Its more propaganda rather than history.

Kenyon Brown

The counter culture killed the world permanently.


damn hippies...

Theiwillsurvive Guy

2:54 still typical for today, just look at Syria

James Jones

The Hippies did not like the war or the government but didn't get involved too much in the movement. This guy is talking about the radicals that were the movement. They rarely ran together even with the Yippies and musicians trying to bridge the gap.