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Tom Ferry's Million Dollar Lead Follow Up Strategy

Tom Ferry's Million Dollar Lead Follow Up Strategy18 May. 2018
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All the money is in

All the money is in tech-enabled, scheduled, relentless, systematic, follow up. Lead generation is no longer the issue. Getting appointments, loving on your clients, and the follow up is where all the money is.

Recorded at Tom Ferry's Success Summit:

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Once you attend your first Summit, you’ll see why so many professionals schedule their entire year around this one-of-a-kind event.


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Are 8-10 and 4-6 still relevant in these Covid days with most folks being home now? Also how do you market FB ads to your lead database when you only have their phone numbers and emails? Or are you saying we have to find the leads on FB individually?

Dawn Marie Roper

Love this guy.

Kyle Wong Lee

No one wants to hear the part about how great ur team is jus saying , I skip that shit so fast if u start it off like every other add imma treat it lie every other ad


Hearing these tips as a young new agent is EXTREMELY motivating

Basit Amjad

Is it just me who thinks he is a conman?

Amy Allen

What do you say when you call within 5 minutes on Day 1 after they receive a video automated message?

Brian Eliel

The Fortune is found 8-10 a.m. and 4-6 Pm

Robert Wark

Thank you Tom. How do you do a list of people to target in a group? Don't you have to invite people to be in your group first, or are you talking about something else? And what should your group be called? Thank you in advance.

Tom Ferry

Hey everyone! Don't miss the opportunity to join me at this year's Success Summit. It's gonna be an amazing experience!

นิสาวลาว บ้านนอก

please follow me


"All the money is in tech-enabled, scheduled, relentless, systematic follow-up" ~ 100% agree as a platform ( ) that does exactly this across all communication channels... calls, text and emails we see those times convert at a high level.

John Cirelly

Awesome video. What tool do you recommended for SMS automation and DRIP campaigns? Preferably something that can integrate with Zapier?


Adriana Pereyra

Great info..!

CindyNBVE WillisVCDE

Which followup software does TOM use?

Ashton Coleman, P.A.

Bringing the hard-hitting #value, thank you Tom!

Kosha Mann

Try for seller leads.. you can target by city and get direct contact info of sellers.. way better than skiptracing

Aaron Signore

this guy sounds exactly like nick swardson

Hector Gonzalez

Tom & Lisa - Thank you guys for your time. A lot of helpful information. ??

Mark Ilderton

One of the best pod cats ever. Ferry rocks

Greysi Olivo

What is the name of the app, he’s talking about??

Thank you!

Rich Wolnik Jr - Riklin Realty

Tom what is that app? Structurally? I can't find it but sounds bad *ss!

Anthony Cee

Tom you are simply awesome ?

kiko hernandez

Francis here boss...i'm watching the vid.this is proof

Buddy Quaid

Why name this 'Million Dollar...'? So trite these days. Are people falling for these click bait titles? I'm sure some of this information is relevant to some people but Tom is the one making millions off of the every day real estate agent. If you are selling $200k-$500k houses and think this is going to turn you into a millionaire... you're wrong.

Jmans Comment


Tim Richardson - Habitation Realty

So Yes or No to CRM?

Shachar Nehemya
lets learn how to make money on the internet!


Thanks for the shoutout, Tom! If anyone would like to read through some conversations we've had with our clients, you can check them out here:

sarita jha

What is the future of real estate brokers

Edward Sweetwood IV

"All the money is in tech-enabled, scheduled, relentless, systematic follow-up"

Agents on average follow up on a lead 1.4 X (soft) The business is booked and earned on call 6-9.

1. Put every lead in your CRM.
2. Every lead gets autoresponder VIDEO.
3. Every lead gets called in under 5min.

Check out Agent Legend.

“If you’re not creating immediacy you're creating a blockage in the workflow”

Using Custom Numbers for Text Reminders, Follow-ups and Report Delivery

Using Custom Numbers for Text Reminders, Follow-ups and Report Delivery22 Nov. 2019

Learn more about how to

Learn more about how to use Custom Numbers here -

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IF3 Automated Follow-Up Sequences (Text, Email, Ringless Voicemail) | Real Estate Investing Software

IF3 Automated Follow-Up Sequences (Text, Email, Ringless Voicemail) | Real Estate Investing Software6 Oct. 2020
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Request access today at

Comments (2)
Candace Lashae

I am really considering purchasing your product. I definitely will be doing a campaign this weekend and I need to make sure I will have something to help me follow up properly. Do you think this would be a good fit for me? TIA!

Robert Smith

How much is it per text and how many can I send out at one for bulk text messages?