Hottest women on tv

Top 10 Hottest Female Chefs

Top 10 Hottest Female Chefs26 Mar. 2018
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Top 10 Hottest Female

Top 10 Hottest Female Chefs

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Top 10 Hottest Female Chefs

10 Rachael Ray:

9 Shelley Hillesheim

8 Dylan Lauren

7 Eden Grinshpan

6 Padma Lakshmi

5 Nadia Giosia

4 Grayson Schmitz

3 Chef Jenn

2 Lanshu Chen

1 Catherine McCord

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Comments (1)
Nathaniel Steedman

Wots cooking good looking

Sexiest Anchors on Television

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Comments (5)
Alpha Acount

First girl straight up told us free the nipple


All cakes are open


কি দেহ ! বাপরে বাপ ! পুরো সব দেখা যাচ্ছে।


The last one was so ugly

Ernest Revival Tuasolomy

Best XXX movie

Embarrassing Moments Caught On Live TV

Embarrassing Moments Caught On Live TV23 Apr. 2017
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Comments (100)

0:18 Starting great. 0:31 That guy... XD

Jamar Walter

Latinos weather women >Americans

Yashar MJ

4:30 by far most cringe worthy

Why Liam

some of those clips arent embarassing, they're just hot

Jiffers arnieson

OOOh la la what a bum!! at 2:16

Yoshi Swag

V. The only thing I have is a chicken

My trash account

oun doï trei cuatro

Dee Florez

I like calling u daddy lmfao????


4:41 „FÖCK“

Os Zo

2:03 wtf


He hit that that's why she likes calling him daddy but she got mad cause he was flirting with the other girl.. Lol frfr


01:02 what does the man say ? The responds What" subtitle? Thanks. Lot !

JayJay Dulay

Forget the whole video wtf is that outro

GloriousPotato 3

No one gonna talk about what’s going on at 5:40 ?????

Alan Perrin

nn N

Natan Nowakowski


Haley Lynn

I know what the boys were thinking about the first one

Jiv Ing

0:32 drops clicker, oh no don't continue NO! You won't stop!

VentoZs TM


NoahfishthePM !

1:30 only in Australia!

Eric Cartman

4:16 >:)

David C.

Latin women......

funny ent

In 2:02 she was sniffing snow white

MrBiggz 84


Melody McKane

Weather girls are something else


Why the fat american

Mr. Kimble

2:11 For research purposes.

Nature Boy

4:17 micro mini pony


0:55 fucking old men getting pissed about a dress is the real cringe here

boxy boi

5:24 wtf is going on ???

Mike Killagreen

Its all funny except the horse part and little boy crying. Why white people put children around animals is beyond me


3:51.. He cried because he knows he's not getting ice cream tonight

Ian Kondoff

The fuckin ending of the vid bro love it lmao


4:11 Ahhh child being trampled...time honored comedy.

Jackson Muratti

5:23 was the best part

Ricky Water


Darth Pepe

You came here for 2:08

michał Chlewicki

2:08 her name?

Soldier Doggo

The ending tho

Metalhead2968 4 Life

I got to start watching Mexican television if the weather ladies got wagons like that.

Mike Killagreen

Brian Windhorst fell sleep. He is only interested if you ask about Lebron.

Jack Daniels

0:18 ow man, she's got the spirit hehe

Who Cares



1:56 lol

Deal Withit

1:59 WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!! WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!! Is it me. Or is it Cocaine on live TV ???!?!?!??

Ro hin


Mike Killagreen

Bird was like bitch you fine, I ain't going nowhere.

Mert K

2:08 What a disgusting culture. No difference than putting women in burka.

Leanne Lee

I feel evil for finding the micro pony clip so hilarious "look at you, your so strong" ???

Kvothe Kingkiller

I like calling you daddy

Lexi T

My birthday is on August third!!!!!

Bob Isbell

2:08 - 2:40 Yanet Garcia Oh My GOD !!!

J. Cesar.

I'm from Australia and I was bitten by a bullant when I was 15. Not a pleasant experience.

Jean marie Petit

2:00 taquet Land

Kerod Fresenbet Gebremedhin

The outro lol


1:31 what did she get bitten by? lol

MiKe MiDNiTe

How could you concentrate on the weather when the weather girl is really hot and wearing a short skirt....Yeah I watched the weather but have no clue what the forecast is ?????

ngc bg

I really do not understand what was wrong with the 1:00 weather forecast lady... Did someone find her dress inappropriate and why?


0:59 forcing her to put on a jacket?? While she was live?? This is stupid and humiliating to say the least. She was wearing a normal dress. Stupid people are stupid.

Eating man

i loved the girl with the pink skirt
mmmmmmmmmmm nice ass

Poplu Plays

Wtf in the last ???


3:48 don’t ask a kid if they are gonna miss their mom. Of course they will. Silly question really.


bine ba

Korg Enthusiast

Let's just admit we all came for this 2:13


2:13...whoever uploaded this....I thank you

Kamal Hasan

So cute crying baby .....



Andr jsja N

1:31 what did she get bitten by: “a bled” or what did she say??

ash blader

the lady at 2:30 makes me wanna learn portgues

Naga sai Vishnu

Ending is dope..

Parido Ru

Pause at 3:26 .. Wtf?

Mark Goddard

Americans can talk faster than they can think.

Evan glad

Here's the best part of the video it's like really funny 5:22

Chuck R

i dont see anything embarassing about the women in the pink skirt...

khalan base

The ending credits.....

JILLyBean 95


Ulfhedinn Norsk


Matthew schutte

how embarrassing

helmut kohl

2:02 kokainum jeha ! ^^


Blowing her nose or blow in her nose?

mike ramgopal

2:10 why don't us Brits have weather girls like her!


1:58 Colombian TV !

Zain Sikandar

Last one was funny

Justin Penn

04:11 Kirkpatrick!

Sarah Mav

The End ?


u got it daddy, i like calling u daddy


That one weather girl. If all that is real, WOW


GOD I love LATINAS? 2:15

Andr jsja N

1:03 what does a lot of emails mean??

Sam Mathew

To be frank the ending is embarrassing 5:42


YouTube vs Facebook vs Twitter
Who will win


What a body at 2:30! What was the fail?

Mehmet Yilmaz

02:30 I’ll let that girl give me AIDS??

leone ochieng

02:08 that's news I could watch anytime of the day.


2:08 she knows what she's doing

Steve McCann

That bum cannot be real. Think padded panties.

Danitra Miller

4:12 funny af

DESI KHANA YouTube Cooking Channel

Awesome ? Superb ? Fully Enjoyed ❤️???

Slim Shady95

5:43 wtf man!!!

khalan base

3:26 why is there a random loli?