Fat male feet

How To Draw| Fat/Heavy-Set/Overweight Male Characters | Character Design| Male Anatomy Tips & Tricks

How To Draw| Fat/Heavy-Set/Overweight Male Characters | Character Design| Male Anatomy Tips & Tricks15 Nov. 2020
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How To Draw

How To Draw Fat/Heavy-Set/Overweight Male Characters | Character Design

How To Draw Fat Male Characters Artextric

How To Draw Heavy-Set Male Characters Artextric

How To Draw Heavy-Set Overweight Male Characters


Hey everybody, I hope you guys enjoy this Lesson today this is focusing on the body types of males and we're starting with more have you set more chubby more fat body type, and then we'll work our way down to the more muscular the leaner to the extremely skinny and examples of anime and male anatomy so I hope you guys enjoy this and I hope this helps you guys out there keep practicing just let you know this is just an exercise so uses exercise as educational purposes only. To learn your anatomy and where to put your joints hands and everything else that goes with your characters featuring roadhog as our special guest into this work of today. Keep it + Ultra everyone keeps safe to see you guys in the next one!


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Javi can draw!




Draw like a Sir


Rinku Art



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Yoga for Fat Guys - Members' Area Monday

Yoga for Fat Guys - Members' Area Monday8 Aug. 2016
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Hod Osinin

You should use a fake fat belly just to see how it feels, and we can relate

Michael W

Seriously, this is a good thing. Lots of people want to get healthier but honestly feel like they can't follow along with the typical programs out there. Not enough programs provide modification moves. A video for the inflexible for whatever reason is a good leadership; thanks, Dean. There was a very earnest guy in a recent Yoga class that stood head and shoulders above me AND couldn't reach his ankles in any position. I gave him my Yoga block and some quick modifying instructions and he was a happy camper after that. As much about about inflexibility as height, but his height didn't help. Neither did the instructor. ;-)

harlan webb

I have been binge-watching your videos. I started chair yoga a few months ago and recently added a therapeutic yoga class which is really challenging me, but, I really believe that continuing to challenge my self with teachers that help seniors and make adjustments for fat people will greatly benefit me. When came across this particular video for Fat Guys I was so grateful you included this video. I am so glad to have found Man Flow Yoga. Often in classes I am the only guy or maybe one or two more. Getting man’ s perspective is so helpful. I am 70 yrs old and have about a 100 lbs to lose. I want long flexible muscles and certainly a stronger core and I believe yoga can really benefit me and I am enjoying it. Thank you so much for what you are doing and including us fat guys trying to lose weight and get back in shape for my age. Keep up the great work!


Really good video. I know how good yoga is for you and all the benefits it can provide, but even with so many videos of yoga on Youtube (and few designed for guys), it can be pretty intimidating for a beginner, especially if you don't have the stamina and an incredible body like Dean. I've lost quite a bit of weight, but still have a ways to go and my flexibility is for sh!t. Am really glad I came across Manflowyoga and saw this particular one. At least these are exercises that I could actually do and hopefully can eventually expand on. Thanks Dean for doing this one-haven't seen similar video that addresses this 'demographic' of guys wanting to try yoga that are overweight. If there's enough interest, hopefully you might do some more similar ones over time. Have checked out a lot of the other videos on the channel and a really great series. And, if you don't mind me saying, you are by far the hottest guy I've seen teaching yoga on Youtube. You are a total visual distraction (in the best way)! :)

Paul Burnstein

I am old and inflexible
This is wonderful for me

Vineet Chaudhary

Really good yoga

A. D. Gardenhire




Stuart Senften

Is Squaring the Hips..still used in Yoga?? someone told me that's a NO NO..


Must send to fat friends!


Not in the shower

bad idea

Dorothy Baskin

Thanks much. The Big Gyrls appreciate too.

The WORST PAIN! | Fixing 28 YEARS Of Flat Feet!

The WORST PAIN! | Fixing 28 YEARS Of Flat Feet!25 Jan. 2021
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Comments (100)

This was a great video. I suffer from flat feet myself. I use Dr. Scholl's custom orthotics because literally no other one works for me as well as theirs's do. I highly recommend those orthotics to those who are also flat footed, by the way.

natasha f

Any places in the new York area

Ella Naomie

I got flat feet and I love running so much and it keeps me from doing more I think I will ask my physio therapist if he can do this I never knew you could fix this because I get shin splits even when walking fast I hate it. Maybe this pain will prepare me for pregnancy


Do massages ,especially for how much you work out but DONT work out the next day Dr! It literally felt painful cause I had forgotten I had a massage

Ericblends _u_up

I didn’t I would you could
Do this

Abeyant Hero

This was really helpful as I was having pain in that area from training calves & running so now I have exercises to stay mobile. Thank you for sharing

Eric P

I’m confused on why he’s shirtless if they’re working on his feet...But I guess ???‍♂️


I have fallen arches and plantar fasciitis and I’m terrified to get this done!! But your foot positioning is actually best for athletes. Research “GOATA” techniques. We should all be walking and running on the balls of our feet with our feet turned in. It looks funny but it’s best to reduce injury


They would have had two black eyes. lol I don't like people to touch my feet

Evelio Mora

Hahahahahahaha, I don't have flat feet or anything but how can you move your foot thumb sideways? I'm here looking at my foot not moving while thinking about moving it so hard hahahaha

Prabsharan Kaknia

That guy doing the chiropracting looked kinda feminine ngl. I thought it was a girl at first

reece ribbonaar

Hi Doc.
Thanks for the videos, informative and interesting. And it's awesome that you're a local ??
in beginning of this vid you mentioned your back pain and lifting. Could we possibly get a video on this or just prevention and strengthening that area? Thanks?

Mehmet Huseyin

Ive got flat feet and im 33. Suffered all my life. Just going for a walk hurts underneath on the inside so much. Let me know if it works.

Dead trim

Every time he flinched in pain, I felt it through the screen..
And I keep staring at my feet lol

Allen Chang

Am I the only flat feet guy here trying to copy them do the same thing to myself?

Gabby (Jill) Robles

this was great!

f4 Had

Bro why do you need to take your shirt off for this?


Привет, друг

Tian sanderson

I have flat feet and always get random cramps/pains in my feet also back pains. All this time i didnt know why. I think i need to get this done because it effect my daily life


I got flat feet and it hurts my knees

J Rob

Why is his shirt off if he’s just getting work on his feet??? ??‍♂️ distracting lol


take panadol first


I think I will get this done to my feet wsn I'm older ....???


What's the cause of flat feet? Me and my brother have it but neither of my parents do ?

Al- Don

I understand this man 100% i laugh during pain also, and shout like i just got a powerup


Dr: i will work on your feet and only your feet...please removed your tshirt.

Makes perfect sense.


Why is this guy not wearing a shirt for a video about his feet?

King Herpi Weave splinter from da hood

Hello sexy stud ?


You are mad cute and sexy. I love seeing you without your socks and shirt


Duck feet crew checking in ?

Thabang Lebeloane

"You should be scared", lol very comforting!

Mariana Biojo

Dr I need your help. I need urgent advice, how can I contact you.

Jarell Cowell

I have flat feet too I have orthotics that I use which help but I don’t think I’ll be doing this ???‍♂️

Nicole Carnegie

How long did this session last?

Sir Hoopalot

I didn’t know you could fix that wow

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Painful, unfortunately it's impossible to fix flat feet. And surgery will make you live with extreme pain so it's not worth it, that's why I say impossible.

G6 Mogul * The People's Mogul *

I ALWAYS had flat feet. Idk there was something that could be done about it. After this....I will Continue to have my flat feet. ? Goo to know tho!!

arsen world123

Wait......is this a bad thing? Cause my feet are flat(no arch at all even less than yours)but it's never been an issue really

sihle mnxulwa

Mike chilling with Tintin

Andrew Escoto

Can they just make u past out using that think that Make u sleep then just do it while it sleeping or do u need to be awak?


What type of specialist is this.

Doctor Mike Diamonds

WORST PAIN PART 2 (FIXING LOWER BACK) - https://youtu.be/5ZID-d53GS4

Natasha Mubanga

So satisfying to watch?????it’s the laughing in pain for me????

Nels Lape

I’m sitting here with 34 years of flat feet and been thinking I need this. Now I’m not so sure.

Jacques Mouton

I have flat feet and suffer from extreme lower back pain . Do I need to do this and what are the cost involved. P.s I'm from Cape Town


Im 30 have flat feet ?


wtf did I just watch

Manuel Mikewa

I don't get what the issue is. I'm 35 with flat feet and I've been good all my life; I'm a great dancer and have always been able to run super fast.


Everyone like this video so we get different types of videos

Seth Dossett

Look into hyperarch, look like they are practicing short foot

Baby Face

I was born with flat feet, don’t need to fix what’s not broken I guess


I got flat feet and they be hurting sometimes

Nope yop

me has flat foot and no ankle its so painful especially if ur standing still

zoldyck Mehdi

Is that a kid in adult's body ?

Erick Rodriguez

Will your life improve correcting your flat feet? Must be nice to afford to correct your feet

Mr ManQ

Great info gents....love from South Afruca??


what is this method called????


Alright, so today we’re going to work on your flat feet. First thing before we start, go ahead and take your shirt off.

Damien Cleare

I have flat feet as well and it does make certain things difficult

Nderitu Nduhiu

Why does this look like one of those chiropractor videos? ?


Wait why are you shirtless tho

Eric Jimenez

How sad he was in pain I could of imagine.


I thought that was just something u can't fix like how some ppl have small ? and others have big ones


Why not correct flat feet with exercises?


Me: Who only watches, Cars , Chiropractors, Gaming , and asmr.

YouTube:Ya like feet?

John Wright

I’m 28 and I have flat feet as well. This is inspiring


I found this video oddly satisfying.. honesty don't know why

Paul Rathod

Why this dude shirt off?

Juan Viana

you need a podiatrist bro


I knew he sounded south African

tcoko you

Did you wash your foot before you go there cause they look filthy

Samantha lamboy

? so do penguins...They do good?

Mike Neemia

Have to embrace the flat feet. This is actually what you want for optimal performance. Look at Obi Vincents video when he went to the feet sports specialist. It breaks it down.

You might be getting injured for weaknesses in other areas but having flat feet is a strength to hone to your advantage.

Wealthbuilderz TV

Why would you do something like this?

Wenrui Li

Why tf you take off the shirt


I've suffered from flat feet all my life as well. It causes so much mobility problems and posture issues during my workouts and squatting has always been a problem for me. I didn't know it could be corrected by physical therapy. This is an exciting revelation for me! Thank you so much for sharing this!

jon w.

Bruh...it cant be that painful..cmon man

Marty McFly

I feel it, I feel it. I absolutely believe you that this is a lot of pain. My back was straightened that way too. I never had so much pain before.


How the hell does that even happen... don’t wear converse, kids


Everyone in the other rooms: ?

Natasha Mubanga

I could hear the cracks ? eish I could feel the pain through the screen ???

Doctor Mike Diamonds

Don't forget to Gently Hit The Thumbs Up ??! Lets me know that you guys enjoyed this type of content!

Bernardo Albano

I didnt even know flat feet existed

laney wildcats

Yep you FINE from head to ANKLES your feet ummmmmm NOPE

Dudu Mbatha

Damn mahn I felt ur pain ?

Hello There

What a baby. I do this everyday with a hard rubber ball

Up Skill Or Die

I can see the video idea from Lex is popular, thumbnail and all.

Mr. Lynn's World

I want to do this too.

Sean Coetzee

Ay V&A Waterfront rep. You originally from South Africa my dude? ?

Isiah Mercury

@Doctor Mike Diamonds can you please Sir tell me the name of your watch? Also, does it could count steps or calories burnt?

Elizabeth Roberts- Home Cooking Tips

I never knew flat feet could be fixed. Wow


Bruh! I know that feeling of bitting a towel to relieve some frustration and nerves from a deep tissue massage on my hamstrings. Crazy and ironic how you posted this video and when I saw the notification I was heading to my podiatrist to pick up my orthotics. Doc your feet is your foundation, stay on that lacrosse ball it helps, if that's too much use a tennis ball then work your way up. Blessings to you! ??

Agus Puig

wait so youre telling me flat feet can be fixed? and ive been paying for special shoes all my life..

Nicky P

you got this bro!! haha

Esteban Barreto

I’ve been told so many times by chiropractors that you can’t fix flat feet

Nikolas Litanto

Imagine olympic weightlifting with flat feet, you dont need shoes


Not sure why you need to fix flat feet, I served in the Army 25 years with flat feet, had no problem running, standing or conducting road marches.

Kimar Cain

i was today years old when i found out you can fix flat feet..
i’m 30 years of flat feet ✋?
definitely need to invest in this.

Reji Balas

Same old "Worst Pain" video... ?


You inspire me Doc!
I did this with the lqcrosse ball I have
And it hurt and I didn't know why but I am flat footed lol