How to get a woman interested in you

How To Tell If A Woman Isn't Interested In You (Nonverbal Signs!)

How To Tell If A Woman Isn't Interested In You (Nonverbal Signs!)1 May. 2018
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Hey there, YouTubers! I hope you’re all doing well. Welcome to my channel. My name is Kate Spring and I’m a dating and relationship coach from the West Coast of Canada. And today I want to jump right into the information of this video because I want to help you understand women even better. And, as you can already tell by the title of this video, we are going to discuss some of the most obvious nonverbal cues that a woman will send out when she’s not interested in you.

1. Her body is turned away from you/ closed off:

The best way to tell that a woman isn’t feeling your encounter is to pay attention to how she is carrying herself. Is she closed off? Are her arms crossed? Is she kind of hunched over making herself small? These are all indications that a woman is feeling uncomfortable and perhaps not really interested in you. When we like people, or when we’re even open to talking to people, our bodies reflect this mindset by physically opening up. And conversely, if our bodies are closed off that means that we’re not feeling the conversation and or interaction.

2. Eye contact is limited:

The second thing to take note of is if a woman is maintaining eye contact. This is one of the easiest ways to tell if a woman is interested in you and the encounter because when we like someone, we want to look at them. And conversely, if we’re trying to swerve on out of the conversation, then eye contact will be limited and she will be looking everywhere but your face. That is a universal sign that she’s not interested and she doesn’t want to engage with you.

3. Her feet are pointed away from you:

When our feet are pointed away from someone with whom we’re speaking, that means we’re mentally preparing to leave the conversation. Actually, if a woman’s feet are pointed away from you, that means that she has already, mentally, begun to leave the conversation and that her body will follow suit shortly. She’s setting herself up to get out of your interaction. She’s not interested.

4. When she’s leaning away from you:

The final, most obvious way to tell that a woman isn’t interested in you is her proximity to you and if she is leaning away from you. When we like someone, we want to be near them. And we will make any excuse that we can to get next to them.

If you notice that the girl with whom you’re speaking starts to pull away, and lean out from your conversation then she is disengaging from the interaction. She’s, non-verbally, saying that she needs space. It’s quite simple, when women want to continue a conversation or continue to get to know someone, their bodies make it pretty obvious because they want to be next to that person.

That’s all I have for you today, if you like what you’ve learned, please like this video and be sure to subscribe to my channel so that you can stay up to date with my latest videos. And thank you for your constant support and I’ll see you in my next video.

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Gilbert delgado

good morning

Sibi Radhakrishnan

Hey Kate thanks for the video! I need a little advise here: I've been talking to this really cute girl who happens to be my personal banker. Our interactions are limited, but I'm starting to really like her. I actually met her about 2 months ago and we've always engaged in small talk while she helps me. I haven't asked her for her number because I noticed she has a ring on her left hand ring finger. She's never brought up anything about any potential guys she's been seeing and hasn't given any verbal/non-verbal cues about being in a relationship. I'm having a hard time transitioning into asking her out for lunch or something. How do you think I should proceed?


Canada ? forever!!!!!

Gilbert delgado

Will you date today

Gilbert delgado

Seweetie good morning

Rick B.

is dating difficult for women too? or is this all about men all the time?.. make a video on "how to tell if a man isn't interested in you"

markiie mark

Great video and tips.. thanks Kate your awesome!

Gilbert delgado

Kate good night i love too you

Gilbert delgado

kate good morning


Hello Kate! I love your videos, they help me a lot.
I just have a question for you, I hope you can answer this. There’s this girl I like and she knows I like her because I confessed to her and she didn’t say anything at first but then the next day she said we are friends.
And it hurts coz you know, I’ve been friendzoned. I accept it. But then I just have this feeling shes flirting with me somehow.
I see her stare at me for a while and then she always looks for me and she touches me whenever she can. She touches my legs, back, hands, and she tickles my neck.
She touches my cheek when she says goodbye and there was one morning where she kissed my cheek. Am I just assuming things? I hope you can help me out. I just don’t know what to do. -Jay

Charles Backstrom

From personal experience: 1) She stops calling or texting. Where she use to blow your phone up has become very quiet. 2) She lies about where she is, what she is doing doing and who she is with. 3) She's not home late at night into the next morning. Gives excuse to where she was and why she didn't see you calling. 4) Becomes angry and defensive about questions you have about the relationship. 5) Goes out here way to avoid you or have face to face contact with you. 6) She turns down any invitation you extend...dinner, movies or bar hoping. Use to be excited and ready to go, now doesn't have any interesting. If you see any or all of these, face facts: she's moved on and someone else has her attention. You move on to or your gonna be nothing but hurt and humiliated.


thanks for the effort and helpful information

sap sity

Hey Kate, I've got a dilemma.  I'm not looking to attract all women, just one. She's a co-worker and this crush of mine has developed over about a month, thought it would pass but it's intensified. I'm currently in a relationship with a great girl, I have been faithful to her for the entire 11 years, I've proved to myself the ability to be loyal in the past year after two aggressive instances where the girls in question made it unquestionably clear there intentions, and honestly the fact they knew I had a long term girl friend was a major turn off. I feel my gf and I have developed into adults now and our views are increasingly at odds, significant things have occurred as recently as a month ago that were life changing regarding any plans. For the last 1.5 years looking back we have only lost ground regarding growth.  This is the first time I've felt the  butterflies ever, and when I see this coworker, she seems to share a similar feeling revealed when our eyes meet. Last week another collegue and I were talking and she came up, I then learned she was engaged. The next 3 days I can only describe as a pitiful display of discontent I was in.  I actively made it a point to avoid the places she was and repeatedly caught myself calling her a bitch in my head(for real, sad not mad lol) I'd maintain a forward stare in passing and I thought the crush was burning out, then she emailed me with a work related question she obviously could have sourced elsewhere for collaboration. I waited hours before responding giving her the info she was looking for briefly, she replied and asked another question....The next day it was like we would run into each other all day and exchange the glance and smile ,  its different than when either her or I meet anyone else in the halls in passing. I honestly can't shake the thought of this girl for more than an hour, my productivity is down a bit at work( no worries )and seems increasingly difficult to approach and converse with her, the tension is increasing, shes hard to talk to but very easy to look at. I honestly feel my gf and I have exhausted all attempts and would be better suited apart, this has been mulled over in my head for 4 months and the fact I can develop feelings for another girl has me worried, I don't intend to cheat or make her unfaithful but I feel compelled to pursue my feelings.   sorry for the lengthy spiel but wanted you to get the jus'd of it. Hope to hear back from a fellow Canadian, ya hoser.

Ashes of the Phoenix

Can you do a Video about why some women that have a boyfriend don't tell you they have a boyfriend. There's this woman I asked out 3 times now, and she has never mintioned a boyfriend, but later I found out she does.

davy heijlands

This all sounds logical.....but just saying no isn't that hard. When I am not interested in a girl I just say it to her. No hard feelings. Why can't women just do the same?


So there’s this girl in class who keeps glancing at me during classes. She also keeps total track of my instagram bio’s as soon as I change em. Also during drawing class she put glue on my hand just as an excuse to touch it. She keeps doing these childish acts during drawing class. One time she I was washing my hands because she put glue on it to get my attention. After that she insisted to wash my hands against my will. She’s also normally not as playfull around other poeple..

So is she interested in me? And should I make a move?

Satoshi Bitcoinsaki

I have never heard of a community table. Is this a hippy or millennial thing?

Michael Kelly

It all makes sense to me.


Hi Kate, what about online dating etiquette? How to engage a conversation who sends a “like”, or a “matched like”. This is one aspect that I find perplexing and frustrating. I get “matched likes” occasionally, but when I do send a cordial and thoughtful message, I get no response. its hard to discern what they want when they dont engage or participate in having a conversation.


Hey Kate! I appreciate your videos but have a question. So I have a bit of a problem. I like this girl, but I’m not sure how she feels about me. When we talk in person, she is okay with being touchy. She also talks about me occasionally with her friends but I’m not sure in what way it is. She will touch me and and will get close to me when we are at common events. She gave me her Instagram without hesitation, but I would like her phone number. I won’t be able to see her in person for another week or so because the place that I usually see her (track practice) is over. I would like to get her phone number over Instagram DM’s but our DM conversations are short and spread out over a long time. (I don’t think she has notifications on so she doesn’t see my dms until she goes on instagram) ? I plan to get her number during a decent sized DM conversation but don’t know how to do that if we can’t have long dm conversations. Any tips? Any input for me? I would appreciate that greatly ?.


I look at a girl across the bus, she looks down right away, I look away, then I go back look at her she looks down no smile. But as I'm at the door about to leave from the corner of my eye she turns her head looks at me but I just looked straight ahead what's that?

nick altimari

Hi Kate so I am in a very strange situation with a class mate of mine. I really could use some guidance with this. I would be able to provide more details personally. As i would rather not disclose a lot of thing. Please send me a msg when you get a chance. Thanks

Von Q

Hi , I hope you And your Husband Are doing Great. .Kate We Need NEW Videos from you .....Ok.Treat your Man Great....? God Bless


The biggest indicator for me is the infamous pulling the cellphone cliche, when a person constantly checks out their cellphone either if they received a text message or worse just to randomly tinker it while you are around, you are in danger mode. If you are on a date courting a girl, getting the cellphone treatment is a frustrating experience.

Alex Bekiaris

Hmm, this is probably only to women that are outside of my country then (The Netherlands) In here, girls/women are kinda neutral in everything they show, why you may ask? Because they are 24/7 on that damn Phone anyway. Even if she's madly inlove with you, she'll still be more on her Phone spreading that around rather than hanging with you. If you try to talk to her, she'll only nod or just respond with ''yeah, ok, nice, how sweet'' while looking down on her Phone. If women actually showed signs here, it woulda been easier to spot. But the vast majority of them here are simply said full-time Phone addicts and it's really hard to understand them let alone get together with them.

amogh p

Is there anyone else who thinks kate looks like Alicia Vikander

Sumit Pahuja

Thanks for making this video, I have personally realized this in my life. It makes no sense to talk to a girl or women who is not interested in you. Just stop wasting your time on women, who is not interested in you. Give your time to someone who loves you))


u r awesome with your work...keep it up.


Perfect. Informative ?


when i talk to this girl there is like some kind of tension, she asks me questions but i can’t be myself

Ron Media

Hello Kate, I like your videos. Is it possible to do a video on the dos and don'ts on meeting girls at a club or lounge. Plus when to tell the signs if their interested in you!!

Julian Cortes

I have a question.
I recently went out with a girl and everything seemed to go well. I even noticed some body language signs that would indicate a slight interest in me, such as touch, personal space and torso positioning.

But after trying to get a second date, she seems somewhat hesitant and always decline when I ask.
Something I might be doing wrong?


Kate I've recently started texting a girl that I used to have a crush on but I never acted on it. I havent seen her in person in a while but I've been texting her for about 2 weeks. When she does answer she seems intrested and often keeps the conversation flowing and has even started conversations with me. However sometimes she can take 6-10 hours to respond. But when she finnaly responds it always seems like shes intrested and wants to talk. I tell myself that she isnt intrested and I'm going to stop trying but then she will start a conversation but pretty soon it's back to waiting a long time for a response I'm not sure what to think.

Pankaj Anawkar

Please help me .she call me bro frequently while texting .i just text her hv wonderful day she reply me same to u my bro then what it means

Bill Carlson

Thanks 4 teaching us who are thick in the head. Or just as you would put it "not sensitive".

riderblade 03

love your videos Kate! im taking notes for future reference haha
i also like how you dress quite conservative on a lot of your videos, unlike other YT channels who reveals everything haha
keep up the good work :)

Prateem Bhattacharjee

Your voice is so calm unlike most of the dating/relationship advisors and your videos are always straight to the point.

William Chilton

I Like it!


You are beautiful kate madam

Byoga To animeshon

In 3 days I’m gonna invite her to see a movie ho boi I hope it will work

Sam Yip

Hi Kate, love your work, its helps me a ton.
I just went out with a girl on a date last night, it went really well. Most of the signs were there, She smile, eyes contact, she plays with her hair, show me her neck, until almost till the end. I was asking the story behind the necklace she have. It was from her Ex-boyfriend, which I think they broke up just not too long ago. She closes her cardigan, and put her arms on the table in front of her. I walked her back to the car, hold her hand while looked her in the eyes and try go for the kiss, but she pulled her hand away, and got into her car. She then sent me a text when she got home, saying, still not over him and apologize. I still do intend to call her on Sunday to ask for a second date. My guts tell me she wouldn't pick up even. What will you suggest?


Signals that a girl isn't interested are just as important. Let's you see a bigger picture. Good advice, Miss Spring ?☺

Bryan McCallum

What if she is about 3 feet away from me, and she is playing with hair with her hands over her head and looking at me through the corner of her eye? I turn and look directly at her, then she looks turns away, then looks back. To me this is very confusing! What should I make of that Kate ?

Bryan McCallum

Kate I know now from the girl's body language she is definitely interested in me, it's just her friends don't want her to talk with me that I known as a fact! Thank you for all this new information.

Andrej T

Hi Kate! I have this friend who is a girl and she is giving me every possible sign that she is into me, she touches me, she allways looks me in the eyes, she is the only one who laughs at my stupid jokes and all that you said about women beeing into men... but there is one problem she has a boyfriend for more than a year and he allways hangs out with his friends and she hangs out with me and my friends. She allways asks only me to go out with her but I call all of our friends to come so we don't end up alone, because who knows what couls happen. Its obvious she likes me and I like her too but I dont know what to do about that boyfriend of hers. Any suggestions?

Haitham Gharib Juma Muhammed Al Sheibany

if she keeps looking at her mobile phone , and gives you the silent treatment that's also another sign

Luis Hernandez

Can we add each other on any social media site so we can talk ??

Status Ace

I get that all the time...Daym!

Jerry Johnson II

Thanks for the tip Kate Spring


I'm a man and i exibit a lot of those signs when there is someone i am interested in close by. Mainly from fear of being pushy.

Samba Mballow

Kate I need an answer about my question yesterday I meet one woman I spoke to her is very interesting my voice then she gives me her number obviously I text her she blood me?

Andy Appleton

Those guys at the restaurant sound like suck prigs. Glad you avoided them.

Ala Salem

Hi Kate. There’s this woman I’ve known from work for 3 years now. Her boyfriend went back to Greece, but, she remained based in Qatar. For some reason, I’ve all of a sudden developed a profound interest in her. I brought her a cake this past Wednesday for her birthday. It was in an office setting. She offered me to sit and join her for a bit, which I did. I’m not sure, but, perhaps, her feet may have been pointed away. Perhaps, because, it’s the direction of where the desktop is??? For some reason, I started thinking maybe her boyfriend isn’t in the picture no more??? Perhaps maybe I’ve been single for far too long???


I love these helpful videos.. thumbs UP. I also notice that through the entire presentation Kate is making Direct eye contact with me...


I can tell she doesn't like me.

Time To Play Daniel Ay

Thank you, Miss West Coast.

Joe Flores II

Kate, how can you distinguish between someone liking you for who you are rather than just what you can offer them?

Grigore Serban

Always happy to see your videos! Keep 'em coming! And thank you for that little smile at the end! ?

Romould Balabuoro

A question.
If you'er with a lady talking to her and she is constantly looking through her phone or with her earphones on, meanwhile she tells you all the time that she is listening. what could that mean?

Mad Max

This is exactly how my ex treated me when I first met her, then she asked me out. At the same time she turned out to be a psycho/ stalker.

Andrej T

Hey Kate its been almost a month since I saw this girl and we didnt see each other since. When we were texting I asked her out and she accepted but she told me that she is going on a trip and it would be better to go when she comes back, so I told her okay then let me know when you come back and she left me on seen. She has returned a week ago and she didnt send me a text but she posted Instagram storys pictures of her beeing back in town. Everybody tells me that I shouldnt wright to her if she left me on seen while I told her to contact me. My question is should I contact her again or not even bother? Thank you Kate!

X Gamers

a great fan of u

Steve Davis

A Canadian person that hasn't used the word (eh) wow....

Green King

Very good Informative Video Kate very Sound advice to listen to and Follow up many thanks for posting this video

Jason Bourne

Tx for another interesting vid.

servant 2

Merry Christmas, Kate!!!

Owen Wu

Hey Kate, could you by any chance do a video addressing dating as a minority? I attend a college in which 85% of the population is white, and its depressing to see how hard it is for an asian guy to get with a girl. I feel like trying to date as an Asian guy automatically puts me at a disadvantage versus if I was white for a couple reasons. First, you just always look unconventional and if given the chance, a white woman will always take a white man over you given everything about you two are equal: money, looks, etc. Second, we face a lot of stereotypes and prejudice that automatically put us at a disadvantage which is just another extra hurdle we have to overcome. When a white guy tries to date women they are mostly open to dating him as where when I am interested in a white woman, I have to ask myself before anything is she even open to dating asian guys. Apps like Tinder are horrendous for us as an asian guy almost always has to be super super hot to have a chance. It was depressing to see jacked and handsome ethnic guys out alone or not having much luck while a chubby or otherwise plain looking white guy was out with the hot girl. You can say that the evidence just became too much to ignore. It is almost treasured and honored to be an average Joe in America.

Kaviraj Deshmukh

I love you ?

Time To Play Daniel Ay

I complement you, for you info helps me.???

Dave sc

I wouldn't know how to tell seeing as I've never had a woman not interested in me


The girl I've been getting to know has so many contradictory signs - some indicating that she's flirting and interested (staring into eyes, frequent texts and calls, even dropping into my workplace) and others thats she's not interested (sits a distance away on couch, cancels get-togethers, doesnt make me a priority). Last week I decided to find out once and for all by trying to kiss her on the lips. She quickly turned her face so I ended up kissing her cheek. So then I though, OK at least now I know I'm just a friend to her (which is fine), but basically since then she's still doing all the previous flirting messages as before leaving me totally confused. I'm wondering now if she just loves attention.

Von Q

No more sitting at the Community Table...☺

Nits Kar

million likes...more videos on woman psychology intrepreted plsssss

Ernesto Barrera

I love you Kate

Jess rose

Can you help me please bc a boy wants to be my boyfriend but I'm not interested and he keeps asking me out how can I tell him I'm not interested

Richard Gates

I think we already know these things, it's just that we focus on our goals and so distort what's really going on. After all the majority of us eventually do what works.

Lucifer Sam

Nice video Kate. Everything you said makes sense! But is not always what it seems. A girl could be interested in a guy, but be very shy. That happened to me once. Her girlfriend had to reassure me that she was into me, otherwise I would have never have guessed! Hope you're having a great week!?

Charles Burris

I get all the signs all the time

Aaron Arguelles

Good video Kate. Those guys that didn’t get the hints are probably doomed for a while or just don’t care. Way to keep it above board with them though.

Nin Animation

Awesome video
If you need more advice about love and relationship, you can check to our channel. !

Erik Contreras

What if a girl likes a lot of your Facebook posts, but doesn’t really respond if I comment something on one of her posts. She’s only responded a couple of times. She responds on messenger but only if I initiate the conversation.

Kaviraj Deshmukh

You are so simple clear and beautiful in your video you don’t Wast time

Miguel SG

If a girl doesn't reply to your texts often, but shows different body language, what does that mean? (Coming close to you, maintaining eye contact, and even subtly finding ways to touch you)

Ralph Torres

what if she is shy?

Mark Fin

Very helpful information you so adorable Thank you Kate


Being pushy is like being desperate, not very attractive to anyone. Most of the time women come to me instead of me going to them but I'll sit and talk to just about anyone. I don't go out with the sole purpose of looking for women. Depending on what I'm doing like shooting pool, that's what I'm paying attention to. It's just pathetic desperation to walk around and approach several women in attempt to get one of them to talk. It really does go both ways but when men act like little horny kids instead of like adults, that alone makes the process more difficult.

Jacob Cutrer

What if she's facing you, feet pointed toward you, but can't carry the conversation? Like giving 1 word answers? I'm confused with this one.

Vamsshy Edara

Im male, and I do everything that is said here and Im shy and introvert

Jeneral Jerry

Hey Kate. I'm from Vancouver, Canada. I love your videos. They're extremely helpful. You are one shrewd dating coach plus you're ultra beautiful too! My question is what does it mean when women swallows or sucks in her lips and looks down as they walk pass by me. It's kind of like you ladies just put lipstick and suck in your lips but minus the rubbing of the lips together to even out the lipstick. I get this often. I was search the web for information but I got conflicting answers for this body sign. What do you think it means? Please get back to me. I will much appreciate it. Bye Kate.

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Rod Joseph

Hey y'all AMS trying to sell us a bill of goods. I been listening to dude 117 videos straight and then he hit us with this ole bull** talking bout he been in a long term relationship lol. If it was it before AMS was a thing. He talking bout my supporting been waiting a long time. I know he has lol. AMS had to write a script for this video. I'm just kidding, bro. I had to get you on this one though lol

Oshane DeCarish

This was really helpful

Advait Gogte

What's smv ?

Sanat Chendwankar

Ams has discovered fire.

Cary Sontag

Sad thing is most of you simpcels will never play the game long enough to level up and win.

Cary Sontag

AMS has a 10 inch personality!

Cary Sontag

Dimes are a dime a dozen to AMS and myself haha!

Cary Sontag

Validation leads to masturbation! Lol

Cary Sontag

I let dimes know that I am a wake and Baker! I not making cakes but smoking Maui Wowie! Why? So she knows that she chasing me for my purpose as an artist, world traveler and stoner! Lol You boys see what leveling up is really about? You the dime and cannot be replaced.

Clout King

....This is overwhelming, so much to learn ??

michael washington

How to keep a woman from asking about your cellphone

Cary Sontag

Back in my day when black boys had daddys they could all jive talk!! Hahahaha


Great video.

keith whiteing

GOAT Talk ??


Worthiest video on Internet for Men.

Cary Sontag

Validate your fucking selves simps!

John Beefcock

What is svm

Cary Sontag

Listen up and buy his fucking book you fucking GOD damn single mommy raised simpcels!!!

Cary Sontag

80% of you are fucking quitters! Who wins? The persistent grinders will beat your ass everyday!

Anzwar The Great

Main man is LEGENDARY!

Cary Sontag

She was blowing up his phone like I am blowing up his comment section! haha

Anurag Kuruva

From experience, like ams said, when you don’t give her time she will beg for you. When you give her time she leave. Don’t sacrifice for that chick!!


I remember when me and my wife was dating i was outside her house at 8 on time but i took a nap and woke up at 12 she was mad but somehow she wanted me more

DAVE STANEK musician

Great advice AMS. Thanks!

Ra Sheed

Brother is it true that you can be An beta male and still have alpha male strategies/ Qualities Stirred in the Mix? If so discovered would You still be qualified to be considered An Male With an Qualified SMV CONFIDENCE SWAGGER?? TALK TO ME DOC

rania yassine

I can’t be with a man full of games. A secure, peaceful relationship is much better than making sure to keep her on check ect..too much tbh
An insecure woman will keep chasing ur validation but a secure woman who knows her worth WONT.


I been doing this, before I watched this

Ezra T

Always Wondering always wondering.......

Cary Sontag

You boys see what natural arrogance is? Lmao

Cary Sontag

You have 2 super high level hood nigas on here! Me and AMS!

Cary Sontag

No woman ever going to love you like mommy any fucking way!

Jason kaser

There is more to marriage than just what we think I almost had a divorce with my wife, the day I was supposed to fill out the divorce papers I talked to a friend about it and he hooked me up with this weird looking guy but funny thing is he is the wisest guy I have ever Metz, he helped me out In just 3 days I did what he said and all he asked for and a week later she called crying begging and telling me how much she loves me and how badly she treated me and stuffs but all thanks to him my marriage is saved. I think some people need to meet him people with similar problems if you need his contact let me know God bless

John Paolo Icmat

Ams: Aiigghtt?! X100000 ???


"???????? What's up fella's?"


you're theeeeee goat

Abiathar Cameron

Quarantine advice?

Get Keen

Things learnt from alpha:
- Raising conflict, raises emotion, which raise keenness.
- Your purpose will make her respect you and your time.
- Let herself work for a spot on your priority list, she can never be no.1
- We are all replaceable, but being on your purpose will make them feel replaceable
- Look for ways to continuously level up (job, mindset, fitness)

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I have leveled up so high that my purpose is to travel the fucking world!!

The Babyface Oracle

a good video would be examples of good drama and conflicts.when and how to do them.

Cary Sontag

You need his book!

Ashley Nicole

Lmfao what!?

Leonardo Soavi

But what if she is the baddest girl around?

zippi pigelin

7:40 says bitch 5 Times in 10 sec

Cary Sontag

You know when you level up? When life feels like a fucking simulation. Like a preprogrammed video game where you end up the winner!

Truth Be Told

Yo im 30 with four kids and 4 different baby Mamas...Not on Child support tho and I have Full Custody of my oldest Son...I dont need this Game But this Guy is ? very Accurate!

StanleySimmons REACTIONS

You remind me of Slim Thug

Cary Sontag

You boys need to find hobbies and turn it into a money maker!

Cary Sontag

You soy boys will watch this and it will hopefully motivate your GOD damn asses!

d select

This is why i'm always skeptical of these people in the long term relationships on social media constantly posting how much they love each other. She must be bored as hell deep down

Aldo Beatz


Raphael Ineh

Man is right.

Bradley Parra

These videos are cool and all but in short . Be a man . Go after what you want have goals and accomplish them . If you see a beautiful women say hi don't be a creep . Be confident . If she's no who cares . Do you think if someone walks into a Ferrari store and says this car is too expensive the Ferrari sales people are gonna drop the price? Nope . Don't let what people say affect you know your worth and if women shut you down keep moving in your Goal

Ooto 126

With the compliment thing. I thought we feed em scraps? So from time to time we give em a lil something


Would love to have a professional opinion on this. I have been in multiple relationships and all of my relationships I showed the least care for were my best girls, and the rest felt intimidated by me by me or that they weren’t good enough.. im constantly on my purpose but make time for women I care about. The only time a woman seems to value my worth is when I don’t give her barely anytime. Should I purposely not make time for them?

Argento 777

Hoes will leave when they want. I'm a workaholic and my ex complained about it and we broke up. I stayed on my purpose.

Clawdia & theTartarus

As a woman, I can confirm everything he says is true... But I would add: watch out if you artificially start to NEVER give compliments, when she knows you think her beautiful. It will come off as you just playing games. The point is not to never validate or to never give compliments: that just makes you an asshole. The point is to not give it all the time, and to provide the woman times when she gets is insecure - in the long run, this always increases the love.

Isaiah labadie

Validation leads to masturbation ?

JoLo 78

How do you do that if you live together???

Jsmooth King

This really not about chasing women. Self improvement is what every man is suppose focus on in life. When you do money, cars, house, purpose, body on point. Women will chase you cause you shining and she know another women see you cause they talk in groups.

Real One

What's the meaning of SNV I keep hearing?

Js Sa

but what if she constantly asks do u love me? am I beautiful enough? what would yo answer be cause i think thats an important part

Cary Sontag

AMS this really almost like a private reaffirmation lesson for me! Lol Your average simpcel sub ain't going to ever use this super high level jive talk!

Eric Scott

I love these videos! About what to do When someone is in a relationship. But I hate that you repeat the same thing over, and over, and over again, about 3, 4 times??‍♂️

Empire Vulcan

Hot damn....this is why I stayed single for so long....all the damn games we have to play just to keep a bitch interested. Not worth it.

Carlos Hernandez

You know your sht you speak facts.

Hassan Ahmed

Nigga she argues with me on how less time I give her and how I text back so late yet she still left after a year???

Cary Sontag

Your purpose is what levels you up boys! Only your purpose will level you up!

Yung Jks

This shit help me a lot

Jack Springett

The thing is bro, they love being promiscuous... so even if you building that empire, they will trade all of that for the instant dopamine hit of meeting someone fresh and new, that's human nature surely. Thoughts?

Ernest Boykin 3rd

Real chop y'all it's like Bill Bellamy's how to be a player movie but real life they want our Time and validation ALL the time give it to the right woman or women real chop y'all

Cary Sontag

Another problem is most of you simpcels reading my texts never read a fucking book! Lmao

Urban Link

My relationship was cause I don't like using condoms..I was hitting 3pointers

Dre Hill

Thanks AMS


How do you keep the girl that your just talking to interested, she wants but she dont want. And she has other options.

Ondoificacion Ondoificacion


Bruh Sucks

Me: epic advice for my lonley ass.
Also me: sees alpha male oh tips for misogny

Nyles Smith II

Fuck, I gotta start over LMAOOO

michael angelo

whats “SMV”

Cary Sontag

All sexual chemistry is based on some type of positive or negative drama boys!


ceo of aight


My brother was a Kappa he talked crazy like u ....but it worked..

Cary Sontag

AMS has to practice tough love on you simpcels because we not your fucking mommys!

Cary Sontag

Da Bomb Sex haha

Cary Sontag

This for the most super advanced men!! AMS this really only for the top 1% of all mem like me lol! Most of these simpcels will never ever level up this high haha!


women can get another man like getting another glass of water. Improve to the point where its fine if she gets another man, because she'll never get another man like you

Lorenzo Catalan

What is the SMV you keep talking about?

Jay Dubya

Lawd if these arent facts!

Cary Sontag

Get her to chase chase chase!

Mechanical Mike

I don't feel like playing mind tricks to keep a woman by my side so instead I'm taking a shot for everytime you say "ight" or "purpose"

Santana Parker

?? P!

RioVanni UOENO

This video should be lift off for a lot a Betta males Great job key facts!


in what situation can i see girl twice a week?

Francisco Antonio


bufu bufu

nobody not shock your ass was in a relationship u still don't mind being in a relationship or marriage u just don't like the fact the laws in favor with the state I want cant get nothing if she cheated an u divorce her dude

jessy chapman

Thanks bro


AMS, is wondering—you’ve always said to keep a woman chasing your validation mainly through building your purpose, having an abundance mindset and not being too available . But could you also pepper in a few shit tests on her to build this need. Like instead of complimenting her (which you say to keep at a minimum) can you sometimes that she needs to improve on an area of her life? Or if she’s wearing an outfit say “oh you wearing that? Ok...” (knowing in your head she looks smoking hot but you wanna keep her humble). What do you think about that?

Med Saoud

Real talk, AMS.


But would if they keep questioning you asking shit like, so she is prettier than me, or stuff like that, pretty much asking me for a direct answer

Louis Huynh

If she chases for validation and I acknowledge her in a way that showing her I’m even better than her, would that piss her off?

Keeping Women Interested

Keeping Women Interested1 Nov. 2012
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Coach Corey Wayne

Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to keep women interested in you long term instead of them becoming bored and interested in other men leading them to cheat on you.

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Comments (41)
Vikas Sheth

What happens when you are married and you've to call your wife every single time. I live in Sharjah, and she's in India. I have to even initiate the WhatsApp communication. She doesn't do anything! She's from a family which takes life in the most practical sense possible. I'm a Beta-male. I want her to crave me. I too was pretty insecure in the beginning, but not anymore. I'm also now doing all the things she used to ask of me, but she has no appreciation! You know, after a stressful day at work, a husband would love some appreciation and love from his wife at the end of the day! Please help me out. Thanks!

Andrew Serwanga

I made every mistake in the book

Trent N

This video was published on my birthday, is this a sign ?


that's the question: should I show I want to keep her, or act like ok, I can get another women every time? I got a wonderful date , and the girl went to me to my birthday. She is gorgeous and into me. I was distracted with my birthday party and at the party my "friend" don't stop to speak to her, the owner of the place of the party.

Noble King

I finally have a success story but I’m not sharing it lol been watching Corey for months now he’s good at what he does but he’s a bit of a dick sometimes and never gets to the point in his video. I still have respect for him though because his stuff does work


Great insight Corey.


When I find myself in times of trouble Brother Corey comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom~ HANG OUT, HAVE FUN, HOOK UP


Tony use to like burgers

Adam Freeman

At the end of the day it's really simple. If you feel confused by a girl then she isn't that into you. If she likes you, you'll know and your behaviour will naturally tick all all the boxes CCW very expertly sets out. With the wrong woman you're basically shovelling shit up hill, with the right girl all the coaching tips fall by the wayside because (unless you're damaged beyond reproach, in which case you need to get yourself straightened out with counselling) everything is easy and comes naturally to well adjusted men. Practically every well-adjusted man has the potential to transform into a needy beta male with the wrong woman, except for perhaps extreme narcissists or psychopaths/sociopaths.

Jared Babin

Ty coach Corey. You are a genius


Exactly! I once told my girlfriend that I'll kick his ass if I see him hanging with you.. Now, She doesn't tell me about her guy friends anymore. Before that, she used to tell me!!! Made mistake...


Wow he droppin gems

Chris H

I do way to much you advise not to. I have allot to work on. Good thing I'm not interested now. Thanks

Marc Wareham

I never tell my girl when girls hit on me and she never tells me either. Reason being is that we’re simply not interested in other woman/men so would never waste time talking about them. I once dated a girl who always talked about other men hitting on her and was trying o manipulate me into thinking she was better than she was. She did this because she was insecure and as a result I let her go. She ended up marrying someone much more suited to her,p who probably thought he was lucky.

Luis Mercado

This video just totally lifted my mood. I have been having difficulty in my relationship and I have been acting like the man I shouldnt. Thank you

NBA Analyst

He was right on the dot with family values. Great video reassurance



Jared Babin

Coach Corey is definitely #1 in my book . The man understands life and relationships. Going on my third time reading his book.


corey wayne you are the boss!??

socialpirate keyboard warrior

this man is gold remember and no ring covered a hole half nothing is nothing, thanks coach corey you saved my life, move on be you i have a cue now, choice beauty is in the eye of the beholder no fear thanks willy odj poker no 1

Juan Joseph Oclares

you are the best

Quincey Morris

I agree with most of what you tell us, but I feel like somehow coaching is always biased, focused on things men have to do, and not too much on women's role.


Wow. You’re so right. My now husband, hated when I told him

marco i

she wnt cheat on you ..... in todays world 2019 ??

Tobias Hansen

this is the truth!
my ex cheated on me and her mother has had 3 failed marriages and 6 children with these men and my ex just could not cooperate not even once, she was easily tempered and treated me bad because i was a beta-male, she was very unhappy being single but also unhappy when in a relationship and she smokes.
But also believe in all that feminist independence crap that women think makes them strong.
i only discovered corey because i took the red pill and now i attract women and not the other way around and i can finally choose my self what kind of life i want to live

matt mallecoccio

It's true. Confidence is more attractive than cockiness. If you're confident, they're more likely to stick to you like glue, and even though I'm not dating the girl I like yet, I got the I like you smile and the other cocky guy got the awkward smile and the cold shoulder when he tried to put on the casanova deal. I was shaking in my boots when he started initially talking to her. He was trying to be a game killer, and I thought he was going to kill my game, but my mojo returned when I started seeing all the stuff he was doing wrong. He was coming on way too strong and doing it like a dunce. He even pulled out a piece of paper for her to write her digits on like a total kid, especially stupid since people don't generally do the old school paper phone number thing. People do number exchanges on cell phones. Also, women generally will shy away from a guy who goes full boar the first few minutes of talking to her. I had her wanting to talk to me more because I wasn't being a talkative dick

jomie orbino

Your looks will keep it going but your personality is what’s gonna keep her

Aydrian Gutierrez

Yea screw that if you have to do this then LET HER ASS GO .... YOU ARENT PUT ON EARTH TO KEEP SOMEONES INTREST ....


1:55 seconds in... SHIT

Sam Saini

“A friend of mine” Yeah.....rightttt.....

Srgkill1134 Srgkill1134

God I need help lol

k p

Would a good reply be "Well yeah babe, you're hot ofcourse he hit on you" with a smirk? And if she's the type that gets mad that you don't get all pissed or jealous would you say that it's a good sign she's definetly loyal or a good sign that she's crazy and will eventually cheat on you because she's hurt that you don't get upset?

Bryan M

I think if they are hitting on your GF that's ok, but once she tells them they are in a committed relationship with you and the guy won't back off after she told him several times. You really have to step in and tell the guy to back off

Jared Babin

Coach Corey is definitely #1 in my book . The man understands life and relationships. Going on my third time reading his book.


This video was filled with fundamental principles of attraction/interest. Gold medal worthy. Thanks Corey.


Corey is the best dating/relationship coach--by far.




Is there any way to from back from this 5:30

Black Light

i totally disagree with this . Because i don't have a girlfriend


I miss this intro.

method unknown & the method clones

Commenting because this is a Corey video