How to stop ghosting

Black soot stains at walls, aka ghosting

Black soot stains at walls, aka ghosting6 Oct. 2020
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I frequently receive this

I frequently receive this same question: what causes those black verticals stains on walls along the stud lines?

To make it short and sweet, the answer is soot, and it’s usually caused by candles and thermal bridging.

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Fallon Medeiros

But how do you remove the stains!! :)


I just bought a house so it was the previous owner if it was candles. It's mainly around where her pictures were so not sure if it's the same issue. I won't be burning candles and want to prime and repaint. With it go away?


I’ve been having black stains or ghosting on the side of my bed or the wall touches my bed, I don’t have any candles no smoking nothing of the sort! I do have an air freshener that’s across my room and the only problem I have is near my bed around my bed; my bed holder thing is made out of wood I hope you can help me figure out what I should do I want prime it and paint it again but if will come back what’s the point


Thank you for the tips!


No candles no smokes bro just a radiotors and I've been living here 6yrs and this just happened this winter? What's the problem and is my health at risk? Please reply asap


So the ghosting in the walls isn't anything life threatening later on when you see it on your walls and ceilings?

Stop Ghosting People, It’s Mean! Here’s What to Do Instead.

Stop Ghosting People, It’s Mean! Here’s What to Do Instead.26 Jul. 2019
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Ghosting is mean. Full

Ghosting is mean. Full stop. (When I say “ghosting,” I’m talking about the act of suddenly ending a relationship with someone by ending all communication and without giving any explanation, which happens a lot in the dating world.)

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Instead, I’d use language that my genius sister crafted, with someone I didn’t want to continue dating. (On a related note, if you haven’t already seen this, I also have a video where I explain how to figure out if you have a romantic connection with someone!). Watch this #AskRitu video for the language to use to end a dating experience, and for other things that you can do instead of ghosting!

Lastly, here’s a really important thing I’ve learned over my years of dating: if you’ve been ghosted, it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you. It’s about the person who did the ghosting and their difficulty (likely due to their own insecurities and woundedness) in sharing their feelings and thoughts. And, not surprisingly, I’m going to end by saying cultivating self-love is key for healthy dating!

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Screen Burn In Fix Ghosting Fix

Screen Burn In Fix Ghosting Fix2 May. 2013
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R3DLIN3SSubscribe 438 721

Screen Burn In Fix

Screen Burn In Fix Ghosting Fix LCD and Plasma

This will wash your screen

Full screen this video, will flush out burn in and ghosting in any screen.

Screen Helper:

r3dlin3s redlines red lines

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jepri danil

some thing is moving...

Vladimir Tinchev

Does this work on oled tv?

The Last Targaryen

didnt work, now i have eye cancer


Totally crap. Instead of Sky logo on my screen I had your adverts pop up every few minute.... CRAP, if your going to make a video thats anti screen burn..... GET RID OF STATIC IMAGES YOU DORK

Kleines Böhnchen

.... What‘s your command, master?


Didn't fix my burn-in but I'm tripping balls right now.


WORKS! thanks !

Rick Zimmerman

Fixed the ghosts on my Toshiba (super sensitive to it) within an hour.....

Angel Alameda

Thank you, worked great on my 55 panasonic plasma.

Ken Barger

Seemed to do the trick for my Visio LCD TV in under 10 minutes, but I'm going to let it keep running. Thanks !


Did you get dizzy?

Rick Sanchez

dont work fucking tard


Sorry for the dislike, my ghost screen did it after the 2 hours watch


i was able to hypnotize my dog! Will use again 10/10

Maurice Halfhide

wiped my mind


Thank you didn't think it would work, thought it was just a joke, but I was wrong it did what it was supposed to thank u


I was looking at the swirling thing and now it looks like I'm on drugs... W O A H

Ivo Gregurec

Now I have Youtube ads stuck on my screen |-(

Simos Katsiaris

thanks! i was looking for something like that


No more woman getting elbow deep fisted worked 100%


What do you mean by wash in the description?


Accidentally looked at the images for too long and now I'm a Loony Toons Character : (

Dusty Dee

thank you.. worked like a charm


how long should this be left playing for?


The only cure for epilepsia

Victor Isaac

God, the comments are hilarious!???????


I dont get why people are making jokes does it work or not


My TV still sucks, but this cured my epilepsy.

gerardo avila

Wow it work!


The comments on all these screen burn fix videos are so lame, you people give me fucking embarrassment shivers for you. Especially the weirdos that leave comments that are pretty much the exact same as other comments just with a minor tweak- knowing full well they're copying other comments. And then there's the people posting the same comments on other screen burn fix videos too, alll for e-attention. Embarrassing weirdos


The amount of ads are atrocious


Watched it over and over. Now I see Dead People.

Winston Churchill

Is there a video in those ads


Does this work on Amoled screens


my led tv screen red when display is in full black mode ....but any content play then its not show but when dark content come then its show to fix

Rebeca Rivera

i have a vizio 65 inch the whole screen is black like a bkack shadow will this help?

PoNg Mendez

my LCD ips monitor is vomiting rainbows. is it normal?


didnt work

Matt Anderson

I was looking for a solution to why my computer has cut off all communications with me. Mac, please don't shut me out. Please. Please. I sent you 23 texts last night and you didn't reply. What did I say to deserve this treatment?!

Zaarif Hossaini

know these patterns have burnt onto my screen! guess my display's broken

Elias Wenner

Worked for me !


my laptop has an issue it is like burn in but it is really fast. Screen also flickers everytime. If i leave my laptop for ten minutes the burn in starts. And it is also flickering. I think the screen is dying.

Burbing Berries

I think i'm in the twilight zone

Ernest Lyons

So here's how this works for me ... I place this video on full screen with max brightness on ... I then place my screen (WITHOUT A CASE) on a cool temperature tile floor .... The tile absorbs the excess heat keeping your phone from overheating the screen and components, while the video takes care of the screen burn in ... Ive used RGB videos for stuck pixels on my blackberry priv with my method and it works. Now im trying this video on burnt images on my note 8 and the burnt image of the keyboard is almost gone. Good luck everyone.

Pvt Doggo

My dumbass thought the spinning spiral is the intro of the video..

adam evans

worked for me. thanks ?

DJ Disleksik

Monitor is no different, but I am now able to smell colours

Matt Lainson

This gave me a seizure.

dylan craver

10/10 fixed my screen + good comments section


thank you very much. Now half of my screen is black


Thank you , this fixed my screen


Very useful video thanks for making this video my phone screen ghosting fix thanks bro

Dvd 2k06

Cool, now I can hear colors

Bend Em

Great acting in the movie. Should get a Oscar for sure ?


this isn't even 30 fps oof


is there a sequel ?

Speedo Flight

works very well on ips lcd but not recommend for amoled bullshit !


After 2 hours it finished cleaning the burn in pixels, THANKS!

Gadi Susheel Sundar

i like this guy, when you are struggling to fix your new monitor's issue he is trying to hypnotize you thus letting you forget about the issue in the first place. worth than all the reasonable you tube fix it yourself videos...even the dell support can this guys dick off!

[email protected]

Best comment section on YouTube right here... ***

susu sapi jantan

Komennya pada ngelawak aja, sae sempak kuda


Nice this works thanks a lot man!

Ram Gopal

Thanks a lot. Worked perfectly for my LED screen which suddenly started flickering after using Wii Console using Composite to HDMI converter which had some bad flickering issues.

LucidTigxr— -

I have watched this for only 27 mins and i can taste black and white like wowza?


this video is stupid I ended up with my dick in a toaster

Martin M

good shit bro thanks

Ekrem Tunç

Oh My Fuck it WorkeD :D !!! or i just cant see ...

George Washington

Who am I?


Need more Acid...


Don't have sense


I watched this on my phine wondering where the fix was... Then i realized it is the fix. Also can see the swirling abyss burned into their vision upon closing their eyes?


Master, I have now killed all members of my church. Would you prefer the 5 grand in tens or twenties?


The starting makes me dizzy


Not only my Monitor enjoyrd this :))


I think it worked but I fear it may have mad my responses possibly imprecise PERHAPS


Didn't do a damn thing. gotta love these DIY video's..

Dorene Gannon

do not use this  tried it for burn ins it leave more burn in, I got the spiral thing burn in my screen now I am so broken hearted that I mess up my tv worse

Ha Vu

What's the song at 54 minute mark?


thank you so much for this! been watching a lot of NBA & naked and afraid videos on my zt60 plasma...notised some burn in and run this with an auto shutdown when done..has cleared it all up!!


does this for on super amoled ?


hahahaha I see marty mcfly..

Arash Jalilian

I wasn't sure whether it would work or not but after about 25 minutes of this video running in full screen, I can happily say that it has destroyed any ghosting on my screen. I'm grateful to the uploader of this video who has saved me from replacing my LCD; for now at least.


how could a burn happen?

Nina DelGreco

yesss this actually worked !!

Genesis Serro

will this Help in my Asus Touch screen really.. lets find out.


does anyone know an actual fix for this issue?

Tom Domingues

Weirdest episode of “Everybody Love’s Raymond” ever.

Martelligent Designs

Do NOT watch this when you are high

Snow White

I'm just here to make a Dad joke.

rick pen

works. thanks!

Terry B

I told my girlfriend to stop watching Lifetime and Hallmark channels and watch some news every so often. Now she keeps CNN on forever and has the logo burned into the bottom of her TV and is too paranoid to try anything to fix it anyway.

Martin Lewis

I just use analogue signal but not connected to anything as you get the fuzzy screen atmospherics

OctoMan PC's

great until fucking youtube puts a ad banner and defeats the purpose


Congrats, you just gave me Epilepsy.

Rex Kramer

Well it did not work but somehow I ended up on a tower and-- nvm


hly shit dude tnx a lot, thought i was fucked

Pauli Diebold

yes thank you sooo much i watcht the video 20 minutes and now my phone sreen is fixed



Francois Pienaar

This actually worked!! Thanks


Unplugged my Chromecast at an AirBNB, the image stayed and didn't notice. Now there's realllllly bad image burn. Really hoping this fixes it.