How to respond when a guy calls you cute

When He Calls You Pretty | Response to "The Type" By Sarah Kay

When He Calls You Pretty | Response to "The Type" By Sarah Kay9 Jun. 2017

In this video I decided to

In this video I decided to put together some of my thoughts in a response to one of my favourite spoken-word-poetry performances, "The Type" by Sarah Kay. In light of the #FeministsAreEverywhere trend recently, I thought now would be as good as time as ever to share.

Have some thougts about this yourself? Let me know in the comments.


"The Type" by Sarah Kay:

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Mindful Amy

Such a relevant topic I can totally relate to.. The pressure on us women can be intense in terms of our looks! And I really enjoyed listening to your views on that.. I am looking forward to more of your videos and left you a subscription :)

Elayna Keller

PLEASE go back to making videos Catherine!! You are so good at them and this video is one of my favourites <3


Wengie is prettier than you now get jealous of wengie bich

How to Respond to a Guy Who Calls You “Cute” Names You Aren’t Comfortable With - by Polina Solda

How to Respond to a Guy Who Calls You “Cute” Names You Aren’t Comfortable With - by Polina Solda28 Jul. 2016
3 520

Are you uncomfortable when

Are you uncomfortable when a guy you met online writes to you "Hey babe"?

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Maggie Reed

Nowadays, there's so much tips techniques and tricks that it's sometimes hard to relate. But it's not that hard to get your man shivering with ecstasy just by changing the way you talk. As intense as this sounds, maybe try escalating it a step at a time, try something like Celestine Dessike's Words of Desire to sneakily crawl into his mind and let it build on from that.

What Do Guys Really Mean When They Say "You're Sweet" Or "You're Nice?"

What Do Guys Really Mean When They Say "You're Sweet" Or "You're Nice?"9 May. 2014
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Comments (23)

What does this signal?

amazing 22

Yeah they always say u have pretty eyes or ur cute and nice, but never want a serious releationship with Me ??


To be honest...I did earlier today say the guy I like, "I'm actually proud of you for trying to still work during this crazy, stupid pandemic which I know is crazy for you, me & everyone else, mentally, emotionally, job wise & everything." & then I said, "?" & then I said, "❤❤" & then he said, "You're sweet~". Now...I think he kinda meant it as a compliment & kinda his own way on thanking me in a way because he wasn't expecting that. Even though he didn't ask me anything after he said that...I do know he likes me more than a friend.


what kind of guy uses the word "sweet" to a girl?

kittitian gurl

What does it mean when a guy says you are a very very very special person to him?

Monchy Kasumi

Thank you for the explanations! It helps a lot to the people who are learning English!



Mami Dey

What does it mean if he says your mine or he says you know you belong to me ?


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Sharon Kenye

My students call me as their sweetest teacher. ❤

Ayu Siti Nur Hidayah

he doesn't like me

Forever Teara

Thank you?

bificalera 1

dude: ur the cutest and the kindest; flirts all the time
me: confess
dude: sorry I always saw u as my sister


A man on Cyber world calls me my dear, my sweet branda, my Branda,


I often got called sweet but this guy I was attracted to. At first, I thought it was flattering. Over time though the "sweet" comment began to feel like a hindrance. Meaning, the term "sweet" implies "friendzoned". Which was an annoyance and a letdown to say the least :-\


I found him inconsistent in texting, during holidays he texts more than work days, he ghosts at times, he described my English as broken and I decided to just stop communicating with him because he is disrespectful

Jessica Richards



But I like him and he keeps saying that I'm sweet. He used to call me mate before and madam. So now he always says you're sweet. If I have a chance Talking to him. Does he like me? It must mean he is kind of right?

Esmeralda Montenegro

Thank. To the point. I like the way you explained it.

dessert rose777

I agree with you dude

Hala Almadhi

I like the way you express your meanings ! It's really good ???

Carol Kappes

Loved your comments on these phrases...thanks.

Lindsey Hebert

I had that met twice he said that such a sweet girl at first at first he treated me as #1 then the second time we met he asked me you want a big hug ? I went up and said sure when I walked up he gave me a hug around the shoulder to the waste I missed him this year wishing I was there he was being on the lookout for me at first he was hoping that I was going to be there I don’t know what this means and he said my name on Facebook and then he stopped one night I cried and said what happened I still have feelings when I miss him wishing he would come back