Girls talk penis size


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???READ ME???


???READ ME???




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? Italian

? 20 years old

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Great video you do not look like your 20


ᴵ ᵈᵒᶰ'ᵗ ᵏᶰᵒʷ ʷʰʸ ᴵ'ᵐ ʰᵉʳᵉ

Lola Myers


erick Fuentes

This chick really cute. Im 16 fbi

hai guys

I'm will 18 within 4 months can I watch this??

Andres vega

WTF? She looks like she's fourteen years old
I'm afraid FBI is knocking my door xd


Why tf is this in my recommendations....

X Mo

I've heard this accent before. Is it Italian?

Chessur Cat

You look adorable.

Michael 90 days

Thanks for talking about this! Your the best. I loved the video.I got a question tho. Is my 4.7 inches ok?


Just like they said “ u must have the motion just like the ocean”

ROHIT Bansal

Is size matter ?? or shape matter?? ...

Bobby Frank

Bruh you’re like 11 you can’t be doing this ???

Vermont Jeff

I like how all these videos say oh if you have 10" and most don't know what to do with it . Really,, I'm hung and the chicks I bang tells there friends and they start coming over to see me . Well I'm sure with a lot of chicks I had I'm hung and good in bed . That's why I get married visitors.. ?

Roxy Max

you aren't even adult

Andrew Lake

Of course it matters, 5-6 inches is average. Today’s society would make men feel ashamed for being normal. I would assume that a solid 7-8 would be ideal for most women.

Kenny Eaton

You need to stop using the word love, as I don’t think you know what it is. Attraction is likely what you’re feeling, ie: lust.

And honestly, sleeping around isn’t exactly an attractive trait to any guy that genuinely cares about you. It is, however, something that some guys can spot a mile away. Obviously you can’t see that someone sleeps around, but I can see every personality trait that indicates that from across a room without ever speaking to you. I used to be one of those guys that brought those girls home very regularly. It was a game to me, and even though I’m only average looking, my charm had ensured you would be doing the walk of shame the next morning long before you decided to come back to my place. It’s not hard to find a really attractive girl, get her to know you exist, then treat her like she’s nothing special and show no interest. Girls all want what they can’t have, and if you lay on a little charm and ignore her like she’s not worth your time, she will have to have you.
I’m not bragging or even making this up, this is fact. And I’m far from the only guy that can talk you out of your clothes faster than you picked them out to wear that night.
You don’t want to be that girl. Learn to know your worth and quit sleeping around. Someone that genuinely cares about you could be watching you go home with some guy that isn’t going to remember your name in a week.
Consider this a public service announcement. While I grew tired of that life, there are plenty of guys looking to get to know you until you’re putting your clothes back on in the morning....

Joseph Moreno

Dude she looks like shes twelve

Anne Fleming

Ur 2 calm down ahhhhhhhhhh

Virk Tech

Hello from India


that stuff on your lip and tongue detract from your cuteness bigtime...just fyi...

Asrar Khokhar Tv English

What abt u like what ?

Monty L

the herp on the top lip...lul…..

azlan woon

Mine is small..and she left sad so sad..

roger white

the size of your bank account has more effect than the size of of your wiener

Miguel Huerta

Fernanda you are beautiful

Master Ironnuts

The bigger the better if you want a big one use titan gel

David Wags

Shouldn’t she be playing with her Barbies instead of talking about this ?

Nicholas Price

in the info section, above, her age is listed as 20 yrs old and is Italian

Madol Ater

Hi Fernanda my question is what inches is the best i mean the size that suppose to be like? And your love size!

robert a

How old are you?

Cat Cat

2:02 ohh , stfu have u seen your self u look like 12

David Anon

You got a lot of unfair flak for this video, don’t know why , you were your honesty and down to earth outlook on life. I’m a comfortably average guy in this department ? but we still stupidly sometimes get hung up about this, so thanks ?

Sushi Quinker

U look like halsey ?

Sted Stego

What if it could be too big? Sometimes you do have to tell a girl before things get hot and heavy so those guys could have been either lying to trick you into bed or trying to be honest with you to see it wouldn't be an issue. I think it's important to warn her about your third leg.

Chad Johnson

I want the last 8:06 minutes of my life back.......

Ignacio Javier Kairuz Eguia

OMG, putting you are 20 yo in the description was a very good idea cause you look much more younger (what would be kinda bizarre talking about this in yt if you were much more younger)



gb 12



am already watching 2 videos talking about this topic, you and those 2 video say the same,
"it doesnt matter the size if you know how to use it".

now my question is,
what about a person that nice, know the technique, and have it big
compare to
person that nice, know the technique, but have it small?




Have you seen they pins with the studs on the base of the head

Jesse Espinoza


patrick alexis

I found this video for the first time, I think she’s pretty cool.


You look 12


Fernanda, I think your feelings about this are probably similar to any girl who is sensitive and a genuinely nice person, which I think you are. We all have our physical imperfections that we're self-conscious about but when you're with someone who loves you, it suddenly doesn't matter much after all. That's what's so liberating about being with someone who cares about you and let's you be yourself.


or maybe transgender

Big Papa

Does my girlfriend care if I hit the right spot?

I know I don't.

Suspense Fiction

Mountain size is no problem

Jose Valencia

you look so young this is awkward


Well the thumbnail conveys a different message than the context int the video, so I can’t take this seriously.

Horse Man

When you're a large size it's a blessing and a curse Must do lots of foreplay And listen to her very clearly


she looks fun and interesting

Papa Sears

and you are how old?

robert drakoulakos

How old ru?

Josh M

Yeah, I'll take love advice from someone who sleeps with a nightlight.

Comfortably Numb

I'm Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC. Why don't you have a seat...

Viral TV

Just wanna share, mine is 3 inches+ I guess? totally erected, if you'll notice this sugar, I have some words to be added.

William Sapienti


Omar Bejarano Gonzalez

Italiana de 20 años? orale ya tienes mi atención :D

Luffy Ichigo



ID please and I need a Coronavirus certificate


She looks about 7

Michael Baja

one inches here ??

Horse Man

I have a friend that's Asian women disrespect him all the time because of his size size matters to most women you said it

eduardo zavala

people uploading shit like this is irrelevant. its always gonna be about personal preference. she talks like she is a pro lmao. get a real job woman ??

Keith Nayo

How old are u?


Tbh idgaf about a girls opinion, it's just the way i use it potentially

Isiah O'Canas

You girls should focus on school and getting a job

norsk son

She is so young looking

omer darling

I'm here and ready for These specifications..


Terribly sorry, tl;dr

Leroy Bryant


Jeremy Depp

So beautiful love your videos ? just saying

gary wehrly

Interesting you are

kevin almeida

this girl is between 12 and 16



William Jefferson Clinton

You look like you could use an internship at the Clinton Foundation.

Finn Bell

This girl reminds me of my wife ..she looked 14 at 21 ..

summer 91

U look like a 12 year old junkie. You Should not be taking bout this stuff. Rehab. Rehabilitation my good lady.

Bokz Dan tv

How old are u I like u ur beautiful??


Il mio è perfetto per te

C Duby

Don't pay attention to the funky comments, a lot of people here in America don't know how to deal with things, they rock their own boat, age gets them nervous, love becomes riskay, but it's kool what your doing hey.

John Hindes

she said "Give me 12 inches and hurt me" so I gave it to her twice and hit her upside the head with a brick

Jim Mcginnis

Your a beautiful young woman...please loose the lip ring.You have a pretty mouth and it distracts from your natural beauty.I mean this in the kindest way doll!I will like and subscribe.Happy Trails and thanks for the info.??


This is a child right? ? if you don’t get back on leap frog and learn something

Nugsy Malone

My cats name is Fernando

This is soo goood!
Thank you!


can i kms?


99% girl realised her partner that size is matter. But there isn't any scientific value.

malcom richards

and cue chris hansen lmao

Bahama Jim

Good looks . Charm . Money . They reel them in but it's the D that keeps them coming back !!!

Este Gyd Shoereghljop


pete prentice

waffle waffle waffle


I love the way she says balls;-)


I'm married and my wife had a BF for ten years...he had an 8" ...mine as you might guess is small....much on the back burner...but I'm trans and trans are small...but if you look online the trans from Thailand are huge...!!and anyway I gave up...I felt reeeely stooped

Bryan Corey drums

I think your very pretty!!!!! I’m on the small size, 5”..... I find it hard to please every woman I’ve been with

Robert Devoy

Sounds like you've had a lot of partners. What is your body count?

Willie Bacon


lost world

Doesn't matter how big your saddle is if you don't know how to ride the horse.. ?