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Dear Gay Men: Let's Stop Hating Our Bodies

Dear Gay Men: Let's Stop Hating Our Bodies24 Jul. 2019
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I have wanted to make this

I have wanted to make this video for awhile because I see so many other gay men (and other LGBTQ) hating their bodies based on established stereotypes. We have to look beyond those stereotypes and appreciate how we look. Share your thoughts in the comments section below and subscribe to my channel if you haven't yet.

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Ar. Anand Somarajan Jayashree

I too did terrible things to look better and end up depressed after sometime. Its high time for me to accept the way I am happily and do things to stay health with


you have very nice facial hair

Bill Gates

You cute little teddy bear, wish to kiss you and cuddling the entire night. And you know what? You are super masculine! ?


I had body positivity about my own body up until I lost 110 pounds and have the skin left over. I had originally changed my body to be heavy because I wanted to be accepted in the bear community. Now I have almost no self-esteem about my body. I'm even seeing a therapist (psychologist) to help me deal with the depression from it (among other things).

Tate Rorie



Amen! And guess what!? Those chiseled muscles you see on body builders and in movies like Wolverine are achieved by men punishing their bodies. They will literally dehydrate themselves to the verge of organ failure to get muscle definition that is further enhanced by makeup or airbrushing. That is not healthy. So if you see a guy with nice pecs and a tummy that doesn’t show washboard abs, HE IS HEALTHY!
Donny, I think you narrowly avoided an eating disorder, and I’m glad you got away from it before it took over. People can die from laxative abuse. Your body is fine as far as I’m concerned and it makes me glad to see you accepting it. ❤️

Arpi Kalikian

I second Cyndi's comment.

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Little Flower

Sorry I didn't catch every word because I'm not english.. did he say that he still recive patients in "private", out of tv programs? Does he have a private medical studio? Thanks..!


he works in a private medical practise :)


Im actually suprised he's gay like i swear to god I couldn't tell but he's really kind