Fingers masturbation

The Moorat Fingers - Sonic Masturbation

The Moorat Fingers - Sonic Masturbation5 Oct. 2020
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Punk (As In Prison)

Punk (As In Prison) (2002)

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Ronnie Mund Demonstrates His Three-Finger Masturbation Technique

Ronnie Mund Demonstrates His Three-Finger Masturbation Technique29 Jul. 2020
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After sharing masturbation

After sharing masturbation stories during the staff happy hour, Ronnie the Limo Driver is asked to give a step-by-step demonstration of his three-finger technique.

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Comments (64)
Chris O

JD saying "triangle defense". Almost got it

Christian Galindo

Mike looks like Adam Driver’s brother


Am I the only one that doesn’t like the puppet. Annoys me

Justin Breedlove

Seriously tho u gotta have a small one or atleast no girth to get off doing that


Oh my God, this is too much. Hahahaaa.

Dan Morgan

Interesting biology class from Professor Ronnie with a pen ?

David D

Who the hell is Mike Fox?


He’s such a dirt bag


Ronnie is the biggest moron god ever shoveled guts into


Ronnie sounds like he's describing how to throw a curveball! ?

Allijandro McMullens

Ass treeks, that's amorays!


Just a reminder to. NEVER SHAKE THAT GUYS HAND

Kevin Kev

Told my wife about that spot a long time ago

jacob rivera

Ronnie is the best staffer!!! They need to soak up all his knowledge hahahaha!!

Your the Best

Robin was excited about the ropes Ronnie was shooting.

Logan X Dan's toys L

Ronnie has a super soaker ??? when his arthritis kicks in and his hand is in a claw we know what he was doing ??????

Jacob Bedingfield

Ronny puppet needs to have a 'pen penis' now


Rite der, derz a tick vein


MF''n BUCKSHOT ?????? .... E=MC2 ??????

A Davis987

JD had me laughing so damn hard ? ?

The Riveras


Hugh Sterbakov

Howard isn’t back in the studio, is he? Did he have them decorate his home studio?

Brandon Miniman

This was very informative

Jay Jay

I want to see Ronnie's Tire Table!!

Robert Law

Ronnie's the best and Richard II we need more Richard the drummer from death, he's funny as hell too!!!



Raida Gurhl

Going to try it later thanks Ronnie update: came so quick last night with his technique once again thanks Ronnie

Michael Pepple

Having Ronnie explain something and then constant shots of Ronnie Puppet shaking his head in affirmation had me on the floor. "Yeah. Yeah... lol

Arthur Vera

That fucking Ronnie puppet is going to give me a heart attack!!

My Account __

Ronnie's the highlight of the show. Duu

Ben 1989

I bet JD’s breath stinks ?

Olympia Lowlife

Lmfao! Ronnie has me crying!

Tess Sarteschi



Ron is full of shart.


It went right over his head....

Memento Mori

Gross. No impulse control. Porn and masturbation leads to immediate poor effects and long term depression. WHO feels good cleaning up their c*m?

mizzTay 30

They can laugh all they want I bet everyone one of them will try this haha ..


Gross !

My Other Car Is A DeLorean

lol goddam, just when Ronnie couldn't get any more creepier.


just tried it. overrated. will try again tomorrow.

Yle Kyoti

Its known as the 3-Finger short shot!

matt kay

I love how ronnie puppet is in the middle instead of howard ?

Justin Neves

Stop the this the Stern show?


Ronnies the best character and it’s unintentional


Ronnie is the best, and has been for sometime now.


Millennial Mike is back on the air? get him offf the air, hes the worst

Jason Killey

Omfg the wooden spoon

Chandler Shelzi

Fred is too fucking funny

Michael Pena

I swear , just knowing the subject is with Ronnie makes start laughing!!!

peace& l0ve

Ronnie is too old behaving like this

Tyler Hackner

Interesting ?

Max caussy

I both hate and admire this guy with a passion

John Aristotle

3 fingers? How small is Ronnie?
I use both hands.

michael murillo

Ronnie did say he is about meeting girls and meeting guys.

2 Steak Sandwiches

Ronnies about meeting girls and meeting guys. Must be hard for him now.

Robert A Booey

I Baba barfed watching mombo man


Lol ronnie is so funny, I've hit myself in the face before not gonna lie...

Ben Kleschinsky

Robin's laugh gets me every time.


Tree fingars


I wonder how many people are going to try this lol

Reed Rothchild

Mike Fox is a douche . Ronnie is awesome .

- XxJimmyPagexX -



This was a good laugh ???

Adam McGowen

I had no idea Mike Fox was that attractive. His personality made me think he was gross like Jason or someone.