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Sara Jay Reveals Her Perfect Size

Sara Jay Reveals Her Perfect Size13 Sep. 2014
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djvladSubscribe 438 721 - - Sara Jay recently sat down with VladTV and shared her opinion on what the perfect size is for a male actor were doing a scene with her. After listening to Pinky's response, which was about four hands and a head, Jay says that because her butt isn't as big as Pinky's, she would only require about two hands.

The veteran adult actress also discussed the crazy amount of explicit pics she receives on the daily, saying she never looks at them and that if she were officially looking to cast a male in a scene, she wouldn't consider the guys who send her those pics, as she needs to see your whole body to make the call as to whether you could work together.

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F Bomb

She doesn’t do anal. ??

Sey Ab

Fuckin bullshit most of the guys they fucked was just above average


Not size that counts, it's how you use it .

Pinkie Love

Sorry I’m only 13 inches and white .. And I don’t like white girls or black girls or Latino girls ,,,I only date Asians. Pretty easy for me

F Bomb

I almost have two hands and a head. It is harder to fuck a chick with a big ass. Man but it’s so nice


I’m taking that over Beyoncé!!! Idc

RON Burgundy


Tyler Joyner

Sexiest ass I’ve ever seen about 10 years ago. Still is but just keeping it honest when she was early to mid 20s Phoenix was a sex goddess

jon gleeson

Im working 1 hand and a head baby guess il take my little dick of this video holla at your boy ??

Mike Renell

She's not hot ... Who really wants to see her???


?‍♀️ ❤️

smokey liver

I hope we all Got the answer we wanted ????

Erroll Lewis

I wanna make a video with her and pinky

Fuck Twelve

She don’t sound how she look

El Wero 008





Sara Jay you work not good you come back work close I am prayers god
May god guide you ameen Sara


Vlad lowkey a sex trafficking huncho

ꓔꓧꓰ ꓑꓰꓳꓑꓡꓰ

1:03-1:25 best speach

19 89

She look like little Nicky for some reason

Leandro Cabral

Ela e linda uma coroa gata e musa deusa sou muito fa dela


Miss Jay. I have been wanking for 15 years to porn =)

skyzerz 5

4 hands like i can do one of her hands

Azdin Azdin

(212+0673949341)Paz, ¿es posible conocer a una chica extranjera para contraer matrimonio?

Shawn Green

Sarah Jay looks she is half woman....half unicorn!!!


Real life =)

Azdin Azdin

(212+0673949341)Paz, ¿es posible conocer a una chica extranjera para contraer matrimonio?

The Real SkiMask6917

Y’all think she can handle these 2 inches?

Yeyo Azucar

Face of a Veteran trucker

Don Heston

She's ugly as fuck

Isaiah Timmons

I hope at that time after he did this interview vlad hit that cause props to him if he did ?

Kurt Williams

Thanks Sarah :')

Distxnction X

Hey you perverted bitch go outside


Vlad get back to interviewing these females pornstars


strong face ass ? I be hating when she has bangs for real tho


I use to love her but her face so ugly i had to stop watching her I couldn't enjoy her work as time went on

The Ninja

This girl is uuugly from the face.body ok


Sara Jay looks like Mrs. Puff the teacher on SpongeBob cartoon. . I'll never see that character the same again. ?‍♂️?

the thirteenth doctor

Bruh no offence but sara jay looks like lois from as told by ginger

heri hariyanto

Love you sara-jay ❤️?

Erny Kwame


7.2 percent alcohol

Its always the one's with the nice body.. but fucked up face.. Where you will get the best SEX.. ADVICE.. and maybe even the best HOME COOKED MEAL..


I'm a solid 3.5

Christopher H. Whitehurst II

Finna get my feelings hurt

huncho farm

6.5 does fine lol

elsharawi elsharawi

U will go to hell

Kristian Kruger

I made it to the top this week trading with pro expert trader Mr Patrick Richard Denis, another 7200$ this week with little investment of 700$, I thank you Sir Patrick Richard Denis

Anthony Osburn

I can respect white women because in some cases there expectations are more realistic. Pinky is entitle to her opinion but in most cases pinky is unrealistic.

Luis Velasquez

Vlad hit it

Vincent Dimenna

She needs to repent


Back in the day she was my go to girl before velicity von came along. Ugly ass fuck but the perfect ass!!

Smile Poe

Vlad Best Interview Is With Tupac Shakur

david bailey

That’s me fucked ? 4 hands!!!!!

Troy Dee

i bet majority of these niggaz will smash without hesitation


She looks like a McMahon

Hill Vill1234 Lives!

Dj vald, when will you guys do video interviews with porn stars like Janet Jacme, Champagne Pendavis, Toi Clayton, the fine light skin sister from the 90's Crown Princess Sophia, Cherokee Dass, Beauty Dior. Instead of over the hill pinkyxxx and othe porn stars nobody want to see.

High Off Sauce

Mane to me Sarah Jay ugly asf


Cool I'm about 2 hands and knuckles. Sara holla at me babe, I'm joking (the holla part).


How would you like to wake up to THAT face every morning?!

Aaron Hughes

Did vlad need a tissue , I bet he did

Danny Karagic

Sara Jay looks like Athlean x with a thicc ass and tiddiez

Reginald Goins

That ass just pouring on that sofa like slow maple syrup...

Oliver Payne

she looks like jafar from aladdin

Jayden Č

Don’t care about the booty if the face like that I gotta go


She's retired right?. Give her a donkey, a cabin in the Woods and let her live her 'best life!


If being UGLY was a crime then this bitch would get the ULTIMATE PUNISHMENT: DEATH PENALTY!! ?

No Username.

she is fine af, but her face ruines everything

james bondero

Im still trying to figure out how can you have a serious conversation with any porn star ,I just don't get it

Ayne Wayne

Sara jay has a body for sex and that 18 yr old was lucky i hope he got off right. I would hit that until i cant get it up anymore. Body wow


I think I'm qualified for pinky

Vincent Dimenna

She's going to suffer in her soul


May god you ameen I am prayers god for you


I got a chance with Sarah Jay

Holy Trinity

everyone tlkn bout how ugly she is but still would hit

No Username.

her voice don't fits with her face bro

Greg Anderson

She’s the sexiest woman in porn..


Number give sarajay i call you

Cuzzy Muscle

4 hands !!? Fuck out here!

Paris San German

I need so wild women like sara jay , please ?


That cucci got mileage?


A face only Talib Kweli could love

Peter Normington

She looks like a bag full of busted arseholes

Smile Poe



What's interesting about a lot of these porn stars is that many of them were college students! When you look at the copyright date of the films,many of them were made over 10-15 years ago! I wonder what many of the actresses are doing now being as those they're pushing 40! Many of them!

El Wero 008

How much??


Sucio Gang!!!!

Iron Z

Mi sueño seria una noche completa con Sara Jay


Love it womm

Tyler Francis

Sarah Jay lookin like Joey Diaz with a wig on

Fjk Fjk

Did pinky just say 6 legs and a Shaq arm?

joey oasis

Four hands and a head with a face


Her face don’t match her voice bro

samuel villarreal

I feel like I'm the only guy who's fascinated with porn star interviews

The Real SkiMask6917

She can get it?

Julio Diaz

That is the minimum I don't want to hear the maximum.

Bruce Lee

How many of y’all are disqualified!

Francis Avoce

A face only a mother could love

Abderazak Abdo

SlmcvABDERRAZAK 0639899920


She's retired right?. Give her a donkey, a cabin in the Woods and let her live her 'best life!

elsharawi elsharawi

God don't forgive them

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