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7 Unfair Advantages Good Looking Guys Have- How Girls Treat Attractive Dudes

7 Unfair Advantages Good Looking Guys Have- How Girls Treat Attractive Dudes16 Aug. 2019
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Here's why handsome guys

Here's why handsome guys can clean up with girls- the advantages you didn't know you had!

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My name is Jesse, and I started coaching dating and charisma enhancement way back in 2001. I upload new videos every week.

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Airforce man

The good issue about good looking that if you are very good looking guy +You have Games !!!Most of doors will be open easily and people will treat you better without you work very hard to reach to your goals and than to be ugly or an average short guy ...I am an average normal looking guy 170 cm height I have been rejected so many time by girls some of them even reacted very funny or silly as soon I wanted to stop and say Hi ...I'm sure if I was someone tall good looking saying Hi to same girls they would respond better then how I am now ..That is why People saying that to be good looking will have better result with ladies in general mate ?!!it is like (if you are short guys ,do you think that you're will be good for basketball games???? Of course Not

Om Prasad Bastola

I don't like girls getting nervous around me

Charles Yongoyar

Looks has stopped many ugly people from achieving their goals too

Coach Jesse

what up guys... what's your opinion on looks

marcellus robinson

This shit made me depressed....

Christian Espana

This dudes so smart. He explains his ideas meticulously and has abstract ways of explaining complex ideas. Bravo!!!! Great video altogether. Cheers

freak law

Thx jessie for being honest. After all game is about girls that are atleast 2+ points hotter than you and younger

Elizabeth Leninski

Shut up!

Marcos de los Santos

Im a handsome guy and did modeling when I was younger... and I can’t tell you how many times I got laid just for being good looking. Most of the coaches’ videos saying good looking guys dont get the women they want sre totally wrong. In fact, we are the ones that have the most sex with women. Even research have shown good looking people tent to have more opportunities and opened doors for them in the work field. So yeah, LOOKS matter a lot. More thN these dating coaches tell you.

Glen Byrne

If your attractive it gives you a step ahead but attraction does fade over time so long term relationships may not be possible in some cases

Ricky Rich

Lol, I am tall but ugly and and a bunch of short good looking dudes steal chicks from me, but I am very confident and I always shoot my shot

James Sanchez

What if you are good looking but 5'6 but you have this fetish of tall beautiful hot girls?


Great Stuff , thank you !

anthony c

Height mean nothing fellas, I’m 5,6 with a pretty boy face and I get almost any female I want without even trying. U either be good looking or a dominant personality

Gloryan Donko

Thanks Jesse

Liam Hockley

How is tall and good looks related?? There are average looking tall men too and good looking short men too


There's no advantages. When you looks max and you're good at it. EVERYONE will hate you. Men will hate you and give you a hard time. Even your boss will hate putting your job at risk. Everyone will need your Validation to validate themselves, especially weak men, Putting your life and freedom in danger because insecure men will go to all lengths to get your attention. All your male friends will disappear. The worst of all. Women will totally ignore you. You have to climb Mount Everest to get a date and be prepared to watch every average guy that doesn't give af about working out looking good or anything, prepare to watch those guys get all the attractive girls you want. Women will literally run from you and give you the hardest time ever. Prepare to be alone basically because all your friends and women will be intimidated by you and will run from you and leave you alone. So stay average. Don't work out don't dress nice don't chase your dreams because the world does not reward that. You will be alone if you looks max and you're too good at it. It's a sad life of being hated by all men and rejected by mostly all women. It's a lonely ass life that's for sure.

Pineapple Friend

My boyfriends handsome, he gets free food all the time and girls sneaking glances at him. Sometimes girls secretly take Snapchat pictures of him in public. He’s also very popular with gay guys too. Since he’s got the stereotypical defined jawline, and high check bones Dark hair and dark eyes and fit build. He’s got a real clean cut, look. Super photogenic too, and a very fast metabolism. Definition of a trophy boyfriend. it’s nice being with an attractive boyfriend. Because you feel like all eyes are on you, and girls are jealous. But he’s yours. He’s also not that tall either.

Tommy Vercetti

Being used as a sex machine by women

Oldschool Thrasher

Why are you stressing on being tall? There's this guy with average height but good looking face at my job and he is the most popular guy among the girls...i'm tall but jealous of that guy...being tall alone won't make you "good looking" automatically.

Dh. Maitrijit

Thank you so much ... ???


Dude this guy is a god his course helped me a lot only for 47$ it should be more but i mean keep killing it jesse

jordhi vallejo

My Mexican dad was super handsome and he made me and I’m handsome too I literally get any girls when I’m i. 15 year old parties

yusuf usmani

Who is in the thumbnail


Being Tall does not mean anything. At 6'2 it has done nothing for me with women.

Chris J. Clark

I just wished I wasn't so average. I might look attractive at this angle, but my face is pretty plain and I never dated before. I want a beautiful girl, but my averageness kills me. And I want to look so good so bad. I've been lifting and exercising for a year now and I hope it turns me into a stud

Nicholas Adam

Height is cope you either white Caucasian with black hair or you a blonde chad. But it’s actually facial bone structure that’ll get you females.

Canadian Hooker

I never thought I was good looking. But once I found out I was desired I became a man whore.

Dominick Loka

Very interesting points here! Though it may be hard to self-assess, I'd say in my 20s and 30s I was mildly good-looking and a 6'1" guy. Back then I didn't realize the advantage I had. I was totally unconfident. I remember being at a medieval-themed party when I was 25 and I had started to chat with a 40-something French woman (this was in Montréal and I am French-speaking myself). She told me "what are you doing, hitting on ME!" (then she hinted at two girls some distance away) and said "these two have been staring at you for HOURS".

Now that I think of it, I was usually very shy and wouldn't approach girls, but when I did start to approach one from time to time, it wouldn't take me long to find myself with a new girlfriend.

What you said about the 8's, 9s and 10s is also true. I was too lazy to work on these hotties (and I also felt that these women often turn out to be very demanding, high maintenance girlfriends) and I would settle for a 6 or 7 who was very much my type (quite frankly, I would pick a raven-hair 7 who has medium breasts and is rather petite over a tall red-hair 10 who could work as a fashion model). A girl doesn't need to be a super model to be exciting and there is great sex there too. I myself may have been a 5 to some women, and a 9 to some others. It's all so very subjective.

Now that I am married and in my mid 40s, I would never rate my wife in such ungentlemanly fashion. These ratings are kid's stuff. Love and passion/attractiveness are two very different things. You have to be married for more than a decade to truly understand this.

If I were back a single guy today, I would be far more confident and I would have the same rate of success with women around my age or slightly younger (say 35-40 yo and up). Last but least, my chances would go up big time with a woman who is looking for a man with whom she'd feel protected (I am still a big, tall weightlifter).


Women reject good looking men alot , i see it all the time. Its why the ugly guy or the average guy has the hot girl most of the time


Taller guys often have big Ds too.

mark rottjakob

Man am I lazy!

Isai Chavez

Over half the women ever are just not worth the trouble anyway. Jumping over hoops and stuff, theres better things to focus on with better return on investment

John Thies

I remember my friend telling me "if I were you I'd get with so many girls", I asked him how you go about it and he said just ask! So one night I took that a bit too literally and after dancing a little bit with this girl in a club I just said "do you want to make out?", to which she said "hmmm... Where I'm from its not so easy... But your good looking..." Not smooth at all but I smashed that night ?


The day I have my first sexual experience in my middle 40s. With a women. Hell would have to literally frezz over.

Jacob Goldberg

Dude I’m attractive as fuck according to women. I’ve been called “hot” “handsome” “gorgeous” “sexy” yet I have the confidence issues that you were talking about. That stems from my bipolar depression and being bullied in highschool. The fucking moment I got into college I was slaying getting laid every night sometimes even 3 times a day with different girls. They were all over me and I barely had to lift a finger. Hell if I did lift a finger I probably would’ve gotten laid EVEN MORE THAN THAT. It can’t just be my looks that’s getting me laid all the time. I always feel like an imposter.

The Goathouse

The average looking guy makes me think of the Bagel Boss guy. As a tall, good looking guy I can admit that I’m lazy, but unlike your friend it’s from confidence issues like you said in the beginning, not because I just expect them to come up to me. On the other hand I can honestly say that some girls haven’t protected the net at all. ?


Define "tall"...

Patrick Bertlein

Attractiveness plays out income wise in rates comparable to race and gender

Robert Gilmour

Very true on the relying on 6-8. I done that loads. Stopped it now.

Zein Albasam

I’m good looking but I’m 5’9 :/ but I’m 5’11 with boots

David Novotny - A Good Looking Guy (In The Beatles style)

David Novotny - A Good Looking Guy (In The Beatles style)21 Jun. 2016
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Buy the song or album on

Buy the song or album on Itunes:

Music and lyrics: David Novotny

Drums: Matěj Diviš

Album: In The Beat-les Style 1962-70

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Kamuran ERK Elişi ve Evişi TV

Great !!

Артур Новиков

Veri good like a mod's from 60 Здорово

Václav Lebeda

Rád bych požádal o svolení k nahrání této písně do svého soukromého archivu. Jsem nadšen, že toto někdo dělá. Právě jsem si dovezl analogového Revoxe pro kterého sháním krmení. Tato skladba bude mít na pásu v mém archivu čestné místo.

Itamar Bushari

She loves you 2.0 ha, but very nice

en 010

to je tak super :)


Wow! Sounds like the early Beatles. My favorite era, though I do like tunes from their later years.

Estaban B

His music is good, but it's not Beatles style its more like the Rutles

Luciano Mattielo



i love this song my dick stand up

Abyan Adhi

Bro one feedback : that part when you say 'she loves a guy with a teddy style' is too repetitive. I think you should change at least the second time when you sing that. By the way, great music.

Francis Mcgachy

Shit hot mt start gigging

Doctor Who Productions

Could you do basket case by green day that would be amazing in beatle style

Ken Ztopolovky

Beatles Forever : )


Brilliant.....Good tune man...!!!!!


This song gets stuck in my head like an actual beatles song

Fat 24


Jody Cooke

cool song

George & Carlos

Can I Use This For A Song?

Unboxing Galaxy


Timothy Kuring


Tino Lucas Valença Fernandes

The music is great, really, it is awesome. But the lyrics are like.... well, they are not great


Najlepšia z albumu :)


60's still with us!

Best Looking Guy In Town

Best Looking Guy In Town13 Jan. 2015
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Provided to YouTube by Danmark Music Group

Best Looking Guy In Town · Natural Born Hippies · Stephan Fischer · Natural Born Hippies

Best Looking Guy In Town

℗ Iceberg Records A/S

Released on: 2001-06-10

Composer: Natural Born Hippies

Lyricist: Natural Born Hippies

Music Publisher: Iceberg Publishing A/S/ Emi Music Publishing Germany GmbH

Auto-generated by YouTube.

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Cars video game

Daniel Patternson

I like the explicit better than the Cars verison

Dragonman 2455

Having listened to this version, and the one from the music video, this one just sounds weird to me.


Cars for the Wii

Daniel Patternson


Commenters: This is from Cars

Edy Armando Rivera Valdez

Cars 1 videogame

Serrex Díaz

awesome song