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10 Ways To Avoid A Sore Ass When Cycling | Cycling Tips For Triathletes

10 Ways To Avoid A Sore Ass When Cycling | Cycling Tips For Triathletes20 Mar. 2018
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A sore bum is something

A sore bum is something that most cyclists and triathletes have experienced, but it doesn't have to be a part of the sport. Here are GTN's top 10 ways to avoid a sore ass when cycling.

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Being a bit sore from hours in the saddle, or getting saddle sores happens to most triathletes; from professionals to commuters.

Our tips to prevent saddle sores and a sore bum include not wearing underwear, having clean good quality kit and using the correct saddle. Check out the video for the rest of our top tips to keep you comfortable on the bike.

If you have already developed some sores, the GTN send their sympathy! Just reduce your training on the bike, or cut it out altogether until symptoms disappear. Then follow some of these tips

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Comments (38)

Talking about tri short pad thickness vs length of event - I think the saddle shape as later mentioned and quality of the pad is key. I used huub ds shorts in Ironman and they have a very thin pad so are great on the run and had no problems on the bike. Trial and error in the first place I guess.

Dam C

Advice I got from a big distance rider (more than 50 thousands km per year) is to buy right size of shorts. Beginners have the bad habit of buying it too big, then the pad is too big as well and causes discomfort because of more friction. So it is better to have a short too small than too big if you are doing long distance and want to avoid saddle sores. At least it works for me!


Tiniest washing machine ever. Wth man


Hello from the west coast, USA. ?? I came here because my buns get sore after riding my indoor recumbent, a LifeSpan R5i. I believe my buns get sore after ~13 miles because the seat on the R5i isn’t quite the right size for my buns. I also ride an HPVelotechnik Scorpion+, with a mesh reclining seat. My buns never burn while riding that and I’ve gone nearly fifty miles on it in one ride.

ian povey

heather I do hope that was not your bike sounding like a bag of spanners

Calvin Pessl

I actually thought that maybe at least shortening thae hair in the nether regions might help, if you are a case with longer hair down there. I knew, that shaving is prbly the worst idea, since it leads to skin irritations without even riding, but i was never sure, how long the hari had to be in order to help redce friction

Michael Fu

I was waiting for the pillow hack...

Marshall Craig

I had a few saddle sores over my time having to wear 2 pair of shorts in order to keep training. I have a steroid cream from the doc sorts it in a few days and apply bepanthen after I shower after my cycle.


Wtf is even triathlon ?

Leo Hewett

First Viewer

Areeba Habib

I don’t ride professionally but ride everyday for like 30 mins and my butt hurts now ??I just wanna know how to prevent them

Donny Deer

The pain I get is between my balls and ass. Really sore and numbs that area for a couple of days. Going to get a saddle with a cut out, so no pressure is happening to that area. Might have to send the bike back if it doesn’t work.

Insane Amen

Its been 2 years my ass hurts.

Jerry Young

Saddle mapping! My LBS has it and it’s wonderful. Pressure sensor over the saddle while you pedal. Computer shows the hot spots and either adjust bike fit or change saddles. Felt expensive to change saddle but it sure felt better on the long rides!

Do the Dues

TriSlide before every ride. A quick spray prevents days of pain.

Chris Barry

that grinding pn heathers bike was going through me , i think she needs it checking

Aaron C

Sponeed shorts on Amazon...padding is better than a crazy amount of premium brands out there. Shorts are cheap.

Aaron Walderslade

You can also reduce the weight on your ass by having the handlebars lower, though this will increase the weight on your wrists, and the strain on your back. Personally I advise never to have the bars lower than the saddle to protect your back from injury. Likewise, the cutaway saddles reduce the weight on your perineum, but that will increase the load taken by your ass as a whole. For this reason cutaway saddles are a bad idea. You want your perineum to take at least a bit of your weight. Never shave any part that either rests on the saddle, or rubs when you cycle. This means stopping the shaving at approximately a boxer briefs level. Above that line shave just the side of your ass in case of road rash from a tumble, which is very likely to happen on the side.

I think standing in the pedals and/or riding extra hard is very bad advice, as you'll likely damage your knees instead. If you have a saddle sore during an event, it might be time to remember that your ass isn't worth a piece of coloured ribbon, and stop riding.


That had to be the smallest washing machine door I have ever seen, Mark.


Two days in and my tailbone is sore!

Mohanad Al-janabi

Damn. at the beginning i thought that she was talking french but i repeated the video several times and i knew then that she speaks English. but in a french way.

Jodie Pu

get a short


Is that a washing machine for ants?

ironman tooltime

Ok, breakfast! ?.... My tip, regular out of the saddle, also breaks up too much use of one set of muscles ?


CrotchGuard! The stuff is amazing!


Riddle me this. Cyclists want the lightest bike, therefore remove padding from the seat, then add it to their shorts.

Derrell Parmar

I just learnt how to ride a bike and my ass is killing

A#R EvNogu

If your homosexual just take the seat off and sit on the pole.


Loving my bike.>>> It was quite easy to assemble, no issues at all. I followed a YouTube video about assembling it and that helped a lot. Only small issue is that moving it around is a bit of a drag because you can only bend the bike to a certain angle to be able to move the bike around, which to me isn't the best angle since i have to be constantly moving it. Wish the wheel was a bit larger or situated further back so one could bend it further out and make it easier to move around. Other than that, i have no issues.

Global Triathlon Network

What is your top tip for preventing a sore bum whilst cycling?


You look really cold

Einstein X

Well I do non-stop endurance events that last much longer than a triathlon. So far I've just had to try to accept the pain and carry on. And I do not find that particularly easy. Not the least bit.

Hunter Biden's Crackpipe

Didn't have sores but was numb and hurting hard, needed a little tilt on the saddle so I was more sitting on the rear end of it instead of the middle.

Jeff Dixon

Total garbage!

It should be obvious that no one should be riding on something resembling 10 inches of rounded off 2 x 4 up on edge. Mile after mile, ruts after potholes, after stumps, after stones, after cracks, after whatever. Sensitive urological and neurological vessels (plus the tailbone) are damaged by the unhealthy pressure points of traditional single platform bicycle seats, and modified traditional single platform bicycle seats.

Dr. Steven Schrader with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH): “When you sit on a bike the pressure on the perineum increases sevenfold. Riders using a classic saddle place 1/4 of their body weight on the perineum. The amount of oxygen reaching the * typically falls 70% to 80% in 3 minutes. A guy can have his oxygen levels drop 100% but he doesn’t know it. After half an hour he goes numb.

Saddles with splits or holes may make matters worse because they have smaller surface areas, and hence the rider’s weight presses harder on less saddle. The arteries in the perineum run laterally and therefore they come under more pressure when they come into contact with the cutouts’ edges. It is no longer a question of whether or not traditional bike saddles causes ED, but what are you going to do about it?”

Damage by the process of accumulation is the issue, and the reason why most of our male Spongy Wonder Noseless Bike Seat Riders are over 50. It is also why most of our female Spongy Wonder Noseless Bike Seat Riders are 35+, and why the vast majority of saddle reviews are done by guys and gals 25 – 30 years of age. With them it is always ‘The Next Great Saddle.’ And so you get to spend another $150 – $400 and wreck yourself for yet another season. We hate to ask, but “How many ‘Next Great Saddles’ have you bought so far?”

Matt Dion

I removed my saddle. It transfers all the weight off the sit bones, and you feel REALLY connected with the bike.

Chase Guzman

Ita like muacle soreness for me


I can't believe nobody knows the easy remedy for saddle sores after they arrive!!


Military tip:
Baby powder (and vaseline to most important places)

Stop chaffing, soreness and rubbing from running / sport with gear, simple tips and tricks!

Stop chaffing, soreness and rubbing from running / sport with gear, simple tips and tricks!18 Jan. 2018
47 305
ChinskiChatSubscribe 438 721

Some ideas I use to beat

Some ideas I use to beat the nasty chaffing that can come from long runs! Please subscribe and leave your own ideas / comments...

Links to the stuff I mention:

Six inch boxers:

Nip Guards:

Under Armour GREAT tee shirt:

Nike Dri-fit knit shirts:

Diabetic socks:

Running socks:

Toe socks:

Comments (24)
MD Kaif Alikhan

I am fat when I'm running my thighs rubs . due to rubbing boiling coused any solution ? Who to prevent it any thigh pad for it please suggest me

Guest _ WiFi

As a girl I might be investing in the 6inch boxer jocks


What about if you get it on the inside of your ring peice. I have those jocks but it doesn't help the arse :(

bobbie pirruccello

omg... i might be a girl but i cant imagine how painful it is chaffing on the balls...

Shar Roon



This is a good video can’t believe there’s no comments. Very well explained. I’ll try the underwear and reply again with the results.

Jairo Santiago

Thanks for the info very helpful !!

Holden Doderlein

Deodorant does wonders. Trust me

Kel Solaar



I'm walker thank for tips
boxers what gets me most

20mi my goal distance this year

Suyash Yewale

Tenovate M works best .
Before and after chafing

Ricky Jenkins

cant believe i'm the 666 thumbs up story of my life.

John Bicknell

Baby nappy rash cream works like a, dream.
Not only is it cold when applied it basically forms a protective barrier that will last for a 2 to 3 mile jog.
As your inner thighs rub together with it on its basically just rubbing against the cream instead.
I do a lot of hiking and it works with this as well.


Those are the exact boxers i wear. I have been getting back into going for walks, but i keep getting chaffin on my lower ass near the top of my legs. It was never a problem in the past but i am quite a bit overweight at the moment

HarrisonAnthony 1994

Using Deodorant on the inner thighs works great to even if you sweat it won’t come off

Adam Jensen

Gonna try vaseline. Thanks.

Marisa Beltran

The answer is Vaseline... don't skim

Battista Verardi

Vaseline is the best but it destroy's your underwear

Lost Planet Films

this is a great video because you are clearly not working for any company's here it's just your natural recommendations thanks for the suggestion im looking into the 6" under armor boxers thigh chaffing is a huge problem for me because i run too. i subbed and liked it keep up the great work

Sam Haskins

Just lose weight

Joakim's account

this was really helpful
my testicles are red ring around the base that inflicts pain, any remedies against it? Would really be nice to get rid of this as i have a double marathon coming up.

Edward Gaines

Not to be graphic, but the bottom of my nutsac is rubbed raw after a run. It's a @$#&% to get rid of. Try talc powder and tight white underwear?

Malachi Mendez

This hurts so fucking much

Aurain Roberts

Thx man

Top 5 Tips To Avoid A Sore Ass On Your Bike | GCN's Pro Tips

Top 5 Tips To Avoid A Sore Ass On Your Bike | GCN's Pro Tips26 Mar. 2020
577 534

Saddle sores: They can

Saddle sores: They can ruin your day, ruin your ride, and ruin you! If you've been there then you'll have bad memories of the pure pain of getting a saddle sore. But what can you do to prevent them cropping up in the first place? In this video, James gives you his top 5 tips to prevent saddle sores and make sure you don't get a sore ass when you're cycling.

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Have you ever ended up with a saddle sore?

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Comments (100)
Mohammed Husein

Can we just by a padded seat cover??
Bcoz where I live the shorts are not available and online takes months to ship them

Sardonic Spartan

Full of shite.

Thin, narrow saddles are more comfortable. You just need to wear creamy, padded shorts! ???

John Hart

The answer is so simple..., the E1X model in particular. Pricey, but once you try it, you'll never ride on anything else. Seriously.

Ed Ross

If I had just watched this video today before my bike ride. Is too late now my arse is sore....

The Greenhills Cyclist

The only saddle part that gets sore on me is my bum cheeks, I think they're called gluts, I'm a vanilla when it comes to these terms. I'm putting that down to the fact that I haven't cycled in almost 20 years after a serious RTC & I'm (ahem, dare I say it), 4 stone overweight. Just back cycling in February this year on a TREK hybrid, as I didn't know if I'd take to cycling again. I'm sorry I didn't go for a gravel bike. Hybrid bikes are useless cycling into the wind. Ruddy nightmare.

Charles-Alexandre CARTRON

Important part of the body :)
Nice muppet at the end ?

La MotorWorks

The seat that came on my Giant Anthem is absolutely horrid! I start to feel pain after just half an hour.

So for my next ride, I didn't want my butt to hurt too much so I took my seat completely off and sat directly on the pole.

Isaiah Fields

I like turtles ?


cycling shorts are a crime against humanity...

Eric Norton

Yeeeeeeessssss do not wear under garments under your cycling shorts lol bahahahahaha..eewwwwwww

Chris Baines

Cream and commando best tips

William Wightman

When I did ride a diamond frame bike, the best seat I ever used was an Infinity seat with a Fox foam cover. They are pricey but worth it. By far the best option for zero seat issues (ever) is a good quality recumbent two-wheel bike. You cannot ride on a recumbent inside the peloton unless they are going real slow and so drafting does not matter, but you will be ~33% faster at all speeds above 15-20 mph and nothing will hurt again. If you are getting older, like me, it will be good for your brain and balance as you have to learn new balance skills. It is also a lot safer on falls because your body is closer to the ground during falls and you cannot go over the bars on panic hard stops. You have to watch out for bikes behind as they will smash into you on hard stops.

Stefano Spasaro

Great Video. Cheers


Give it here Malfoy or i'll knock you off your Bike!

Mike A

Chamois puppet. Haha. Cheers bro


One thing you didn't mention is that specific type of saddle should go with specific type of shorts ( the padding ), that also makes a big difference. ??

Zetta Wilson

I just started a spin class and I'm going to look for these type of shorts tomorrow. I got alot of junk in my truck and don't want no calluses or sores. I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT. I'm trying to get fit. Thank you!!

Steve Sutherland

Until this week I hadn't been on my bike for 10 months. My butt is feeling it now

Daniel Wood

Stay away from bargain shorts. There's a reason they're cheap.

Martin Lastname


Bikergal31 Triumph

Its ischial tuberosities

Rejeesh S


colin aina



Brooks saddle! No pads, no sores. There is a reason travel the world on those saddles!

Mek Dawson

Jimmy saddle is always the cause of a sore arse after a ride..

Gabor Racz jr.

I live in Hungary, and in September I was planning on cycling down to a very nice looking lake in Austria that I saw on a picture. Then, on a Saturday night my father told me that the borders will be closed at Tuesday 0:00, and if I cross the border after that, then I will get into quarantine as well as my family I live with- meaning that he wouldn't be able to go to work, so he was basically telling me to delay this plan for when this whole thing is over. It might have seemed as a sensible idea, even more so because I was working the whole day on Sunday, and since it was a manual labour at a farm, that's not something after which you want to do anything else than go to bed. I was very angry inside though for this to happen, so I thought that I don't care, I will get there somehow and come back before it would be too late. So I went to work on Sunday, and then after I came home I got ready, making a move at about midnight. I was very determined to get to this lake, or at least pass the border, once I went on a 300 km trip instead of sleeping after a whole day of hard work. So the first 100 kilometers was alright, but after then I started to have a saddle sore. I went about 30 kilometers more, but it was getting more and more unbearable, and after I arrived to Győr and sat down I realized that my head is aching as well as barely being able to sit on the saddle because of the pain. So I thought that there was no way I could go another 200 kilometers and my plan is f*cked up anyway, so I decided to take a train home instead. If I saw this video earlier, I might have managed to complete this challenge after preparing myself to a longer ride (I have only done an 80 km trip once before, other than that I usually stick with 30-40 km rides). Hopefully it will help me next time.

Chris M

No it ischial. Do you know what you’re talking about? Have you ridden a bike before?


I know this is tailored to road bikes but when I moved over to mountain bikes with full suspension, I didn't use padded boxers, padded cyclist shorts (which both used to chafe), nothing. Just my normal boxers and a pair of shorts.
I did the coast 2 coast on a Mtb in one sitting (18 hours on the bike) and it was a bit sore after that but it was 145miles.
My Dad has to valseline his nipples and thighs, etc before he goes out

Funky Doolittle

im not worried about my ass but my balllzzzz they feel like numb

stanley craftsman

I dont have sore ass.but my balls always hurt after long ride


I experienced this last week when we went for a fairly long ride. I kept standing up to reduce some pain. It was killing me on the way back, along with some other mates! ?

pat bernard72

Weird intro

c siebester

The suggestion to get out of the saddle every once in a while has made such a difference for me. I've been standing up every 10 minutes for 30s or so and it's really helped.

Kevin Power

Hahaha.....easy.....start giving it instead of taking it!

Jack Daniel Vithal

Take off saddle . Shorter ride those thighs will swell up. ?



Greg Hilliard

Rule 5!

Tony Knight

Shorts "Flapping in the wind" -- said with a dead straight face...

Bad Weatherfreak

Which bike is a good entry bike? I don't want to spend thousands on a bike yet.


Would a Gel pad on top of the saddle help?

Rose Kileste

Very true it is very sore. I feel it right now

Bunnie Sanchez

I'm a girl and I have a Puerto Rican behind and owwww it hurts ☹ I ride it to work I have no choice.

Tank Tang ke

Or just get use to the pain

Richard Meacham

Cycle shorts I want to try but as a larger gentleman there's a lot less choice out there and most would be on the tight side ? here's hoping my cycling will improve that.


He looks like the type that would rather not have a saddle at all and ride the post.


Bought a bicycle today and I can't even bear sitting on it for 20 seconds. Now I have to get gel or memory foam covers. Everything cycling seems to be designed to make a spend more and more money because riders let these companies get away with sub optimal products sold at crazy high prices.

Adz Manc

The big Cushion saddle did the trick for me but am just a work commuter

Big Deuce

The best way is too not get it in ur butt a day or two before you plan a nice ride

This World Shall Know Pain!

Hi my mate replaced mine with a 12inch dildo
I'm.starting to get used to it but hurts when I land a jump .what can i do ?


Got my first ass after doing an indoor turbo training session


Haaaa Haaaa ? I always get a sore ass if I cycle all day

Plant Based Gru

Cringing at the thought of different people trying the same cycling shorts on in a shop. I'll stick to buying online.

Liberate tuteme ex inferis

He was double dipping ?

Jamie W

I need this for my downhill bike haha

Steve Graham

Get a brooks

Matt Foley

5 contact points, not 3. 2 hands, 2 feet, 1 ass.

B Graham

He left out the forward or backward position of the saddle frame on the seat post. And what store will let you try multiple bike shorts? out the store—they’re yours.

Eva S

I had to get a padded/gel seat cover and cycling shorts. The combination saved my life!

Miguel E. Antonetti

Finally, we are acknowledging the elephant in the room... ;)


It doesn't apply to women sorry. Please include options for women.

Far Out

Those seats you are crapping on about are for Gay Guys

Global Cycling Network

Have you ever ended up with a saddle sore?

Mr. Mo 303

I often hear you lot using the term "long ride." What exactly is an average long ride? What is a good daily distance to ride safely overall? Thx in advance

VishnuKumar Venkatesan

It’s ischial tuberosities...not schial tuberosities

Shem Shem

Shamy butter feels like dipping you ass in oil, it is such a weird feeling to start of with

David Sa

My First Time riding a bike my as* was purple af also my knees

Art Xbklyn

I saved a piece of soft white foam from a shipping box and sat on it to get an indentation of where my sit bones are....then ordered a saddle with a minimum width to accomodate that spec....saved my arse.

Tanya Artiaga

Anybody here after suffering the sore ass even though i dont have one. ?


OMG my sore arse ! lol only went out for 3 hours :( god this is grim lol

Haris Subačius

Curious why you did not mention relief channels. Do you think they are just a gimmick?


Wish i watched this earlier, my buns !!!

Pravesh Jangra

@GCN what are the warmup excercise we need to do before we ride cycle/long rides. !!


I prefer to use a fat saddle with springs on the bottom than use one of those shorts in public

Racing On Dirt

I have an older seat with horizontal springs on the bottom. It's the only one I can find that doesn't kill my ass, no matter what else I try.

jim craig

Use lube..

Tommy T

When they say a bigger gear do they mean a higher number gear

Jerry Tapia

This video finally convinced me to get a saddle, riding on just the seat post was getting tiring!

Mitch The Barber

I just started riding. Got the shorts, just ordered chamois cream. But man on man, the are between my arse and my nether region is sore beyond belief. Almost like a rug burn.

xico alarcon

The best way to prevent this, is to not ride a bike and run instead.


Don’t drop the soap

Ricky Sekhon

I’m going to buy my first bike but i came across through one video than you bike can cause you Erectile dysfunction is it right or just a myth or my be it has to be wrong seats slection

ryan murphy

Yeap new seat or just go riding everyday or what I do I sort sit up close kinda works

Reece d

New to the cycle game... Commando has def stopped that awful chafing of boxers

Rob Beck

I just started cycling, well ok to be honest I bought a pretty mountain bike that I have been riding on a trail everyday to get out of the house but a lot of your videos are very helpful for even me. Thanks very much cheers!

Daniella Cressman

Thank you for this sorely needed advice! ?


I haven't felt my ass for years

Jose Segura

Use a lubricant! ?✌

Herbert Pearson

I freshen up before i ride and use clean bibs, i also stand up for a few seconds especially the last 5 miles. Then right after my ride i get out of my riding gear and straight into the shower.


So the real question never answer. Do you shift your junk to the left or to the right?

This name is fake

My bike is about 37 years old and the saddle is basically an armchair compaired to my riding partner's

Felipe Arc

You saved my ass


ischial not schial

Vivian Van Der Merwe

Need some advice please.
I am quite a seasoned cyclist, done about 12000km so far in 2020, with multiple weekly rides of 3-5hr. I do get slight saddle sores from time to time (ingrown hair that get infected and opens up small areas in the skin etc), but those I just manage and they never become too serious.
Two weeks ago I started riding with a new bib which is super slippery on the outside and seemed to make me slide slightly forward on the saddle (saddle is level but broad part tilts up slightly at the back), and in the process my contact points were moved slightly. First week seemed fine, but this past weekend I developed unbearable pain first on the righy, then day after on the left sitbones. Obviously the bib is a problem and will need to do something about it.
My problem is that I realised my right side at the contact area has suddenly swelled up quite a bit, but not the left side... is this normal and will the swelling go away on its own? Has anybody else experienced this?
I have 2 x racing weekends coming up and this is now worrying me. Any advice will be appreciated.
All the tips in the video I have been doing already

Geoblox Models

Brooks B17 and some time letting it break you in. Problem solved. Have ridden on this daily for 12 years as well as a bunch of tours. No need for padded shorts. Brooks B17.

Rehab Lab
try this routine to pre activate your muscles and body before a hard ride, race or time trial!

Kate Gelato

2 rides in on my 20 year old mountain bike - on an indoor trainer. My ass has never been more sore. Time for a new saddle.

Uncle Whom

Arse **

April 2089

This comment section is cringe

CW Productions

thats alot of effort for my butt.

jim martin

A level saddle is very important. I use a 6-inch level, place it on top of the saddle and determine whether or not it is level and make the appropriate adjustments if needed.