How to get over breaking up with someone you love

How To Forget About Someone You Love & Get Over A Breakup

How To Forget About Someone You Love & Get Over A Breakup9 Jul. 2015
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Welcome! In this video

Welcome! In this video you'll learn how to get over a breakup by forgetting about someone you love from a relationship that just ended or ended a while ago.

-Mr. Hall

Comments (35)
Son of pope Kyrollos Vl

it hurts so much i am being broken here and she dont even care plz help me i dont sleep i dont eat i hate my life so much

[BC] Heisenberg

Thank u sir I really needed this


thank you so mucchh!!!?

M. A. C.

still grieving after a year of dumping my ex bf :- (

Linda Chavez

thank you so much it really helped yours words are very inspiring. may god bless u


My girlfriend and I have been arguing in the past few days because of our jealousy problems. When I hang out with my friends she gets mad at me, when she hangs out with her friends I get jealous. We love each other so much but I don't know how much she can take. I want to let her go but I love her. I love her so much to the point where I need to let her go. I'm stuck between letting her go and staying with her. She's my everything, but I know she'll be happier without me. Should I break up with her and move on? Or should I fight for her love? She doesn't know if we should stay together, she can't stand arguing. I want to leave her so I don't have to hurt her. I love her too much to make her go through that pain

Jason Neal

God bless you man,, this video really helped pain is nothing to play with

Moonshine Muscle Car

Thanks, Mr. Hall.

Mohammed Zakaria ali

Future, Future and Future
Thank you man, this really helped.

Justin Pierce

I loved this video. Thank you so much for your wise words and kind heart.

Rhyan Pantaleon

Thank you Mr. Hall. I am sure that you are helping many people, because there are not many people like you.

jay muhammad

I know that pain

Prabhash Mehta

Thanku sir...... Ur politeness creates a difference....

vitakevin zoe


Jaco Slabbert

Thank you. ❤


You're a God send :-) :-)

jhakur h

Each day we suffer, we painfully move towards recovery. Break-ups never was meant to feel good even if both agreed or not. Feelings outl ast many courtships or marriages. In time strong feelings will lessen and fade to memories. Tears make us stronger, and anger will subside. I'll never forget surprisingly, Iwas thrown out the "plane of love" while flying high in 1979. I never saw it coming as the door flug open, I was kicked off without a parachute. I sceamed, cried and prayed to get back on. Thanks to "spiritual love" I landed on my feet. Years later... I'm successful, healthy, happy and enjoying life to the fullest! Lesson learned; Love is unpredictable. Listen to the video, it's full of truth!

Akash Singh

thanks you so much


May all blessings go your way my brotha I watched this video at least 50 times so far and I'm still in tears,the girl I was with throughout highschool left me,I'm in a deep state of depression right now but your video really inspired me,ima download it and watch it everyday till I get better

Linda Doe

for some reason, this made me feel worse

Nicole Alizio

Thank you so much everything you said makes sense. Your words were powerful

The family Smiley


Dody Ghari

man, you're amazing? thanks a lot, you know what, the example of the car is really good? I swear I learned from it ??


I love this!!! So awesome!!

Jacob Lee

Thank you so much. All of the other videos I have watched either only make sense logically or emotionally but this video makes sense both logically and emotionally.

Ty Wtsn

wow.very inspiring.. thank you.

Tami Peever

thanks for this. One day at a time

Maha Hassan

You talked to my heart ❤️. Thank you sir ??


whats the music? its so uplifting

Son of pope Kyrollos Vl

i love her so much but she lift me ;( i wish to get her back but that will never happen


It took me 8 long years to be with this man because i wanna make sure that i am ready for him 100% and when i finally did it things turned around all of a sudden he has a girlfriend somewhere and not only that i caught him at the parking lot with this woman and a baby and when i said hi to him this is because i thought the woman he was with is the wife of his brother but lo and behold she said she is with my boyfriend...she asked me who i was and i asked her the same thing then that's when he started screaming&yelling at me and said to get the f out of his face...i was not able to talk clear to the woman because he was screaming at my face...that moment i even told this woman not to worry about me because i will not be in the way of their day he called me and tried to explain saying he's not in a relationship with her and that when i saw them they were about to talk about the baby and him too was surprised that very day because this woman just called him and said she has a baby with him...i want to stay away and i am having a very hard time because of the years that we have been friends and became a couple....this is a very tough time for me?

davied shabllom

sorry sir but it's hard to forget some one I care?

yahvir V

I did a lot of reflecting and came to the conclusion I actually wanted her back in my life. So I got a tip from a fellow Youtube user to watch this video first and then head over to Tritan Mellory’s Simple Paper (found it in google). After two weeks she’s texting me back again and things are going back as they were!


It's really hurts me so much. She promise me a lot, want to get along with me till end of breath. How should i move on? The pain is killing me..

Miss JLO

thank you for taking the time to help with your inspiring words. It was like an arrow thru my heart... thanks again...God bless you


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Comments (15)

You are young right now. But, sometimes just being friends is the best thing right now.

Amirah Hester

and most women petty that not trying to be your friend when you playing them out


She should sail? in my opinion


This "duck" thinks that "frog" is cute!!
? ?

Amirah Hester

Like my mama said an asshole don't say hi im an asshole when they first met you. I feel like a lot of men misrepresent them self even and they know who will play the game and who won't

Abreia Williams

I need advice??

Stacy Doyle

You guy's are right! He all cute an everything.


“That was the duck?”

“There’s some nice ducks”

Lmao I’m DONE


What happen to your man?


Please allow.....him to comment is he really there to give his opinion also??? Natural Nellzy???

Emily Greene

It does happen. It happened in 2010 when I rejected a man I wanted to be with and he with me. Im committed to leaving and never returning to him. I never will return. It’s okay to move on from a healthy encouraging mutual love, as long as your not married.

Larisa Petrovici

yeah but what if u done it and now u regret ?

Concrete Rose

looking cute Nellz ?love the hair


AMEN. You're young... you'll move on. If he made it clear... listen. Someone else out there waiting just for you.


They are waaaay too ding dang young to be going through such emotional acrobatics.
I'm sure eventually she'll get over it and move on.

Breaking Up With A Bipolar Person You're Still In Love With

Breaking Up With A Bipolar Person You're Still In Love With23 Aug. 2013
28 584

This video is made for

This video is made for those who are ready to leave behind the person who is suffering with Bipolar. Some pointers and my personal experience.

Comments (100)
Kenny Pham

I would forgive them, but not want to be their friend anymore. This is a sick person, I feel bad for them. But I still need boundaries, and still feel the need to leave them!


i am still in love but u have to break will drain u of ur life i tried would of dedicated my life to save her but after 10 hours of trying to help she said i feel nothing im cold i feel no love and a hugh sex addict

Rachel Franks

Your video is helping me TREMENDOUSLY. I'm in a very volatile relationship with a bipolar man and need this help you have so generously offered to become free from this situation for my sake and my family's. Thank you for taking the time to articulate in this video and share this info!

Jason Garrett

I know exactly what you are talking about. my gf has her claws deep in me. I am trying to get out but it's difficult in my situation. Her bp is out of control, no meds, and now wont go to therapy even though she is spiralling out of control. she is abusive physically emotional and mentally. I can't be myself anymore. It's to the point I cant express my feelings have opinions or really even speak at all or she attacks me. And if it escalates, she tries to throw me and my daughter on the street cause she has control knowing we aren't on the lease. I gave up my home, my life, and being near my family cause she promised things would be better but now she is completely lost. And this is the thanks I get....

Cindy Palombo

ppl with bipolor are humon to some of them are good ppl there not all bad

Sara Allison

Thank you so much Apple. I miss my bipolar 2 ex terribly. I always felt like l was walking on eggshells, he always mistrusted me and what was ok one day wasn't ok the next. His rages came out of nowhere. Still l love him so so much and think of him all the time.
He was unmedicated of course. It got to the point where l was cutting myself l was so anxious. He was always suspicious of everything even though l never lied or cheated. Still l miss him terribly

Kelly B

Thank you for taking the time to make this video. It’s really gonna help me through my breakup.

Jericka Handie

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Ever since I broke off my friendship with a person for the first time I struggled to find something anything. An article, video, etc. to help me deal with what I've had to deal with for over 2 1/2 years. I cried all throughout this video because I've felt alone for so so long and you just brought me so much peace. Thank you thank you!!! I will take everything you said and remember it so dearly. God Bless you.

Maria Furnando

I lost all my money trying to help him missed work he lied a lot was always offended by everything i said and did he got into fights and got introuble with the law sorry cant do it anymore

Hisham S. Abdul-Aziz

I'm very strong I'm still me and she is in denile have to be there for my kids!!! that's y I don't want to leave!!! she not takings meds but she will be subject my baby girls to the negative ways of her bipolar disorder smh!!

megan borjon

no we r not so go fuck yourself ok atop putting this shit in people's heads and telling lies your the lier just because you couldnt handle you own and havnt had your happieness dont mean you gotta interffere on others

Kind Cutie

I know this is an old video. But fuck it hurt my feelings. You are saying people who have a mental disorder are psychos. :(


Yes there comes a point when you realize that love is not enough


I broke up with my bipolar girlfriend yesterday, She manipulated me, abused me cheated on me, lied to me. Made me question myself, I couldn’t sleep on multiple occasions, sometimes I couldn’t eat, I love eating and I love sleeping I couldn’t do either one of those things I loved painting and I stoped painting. I know I have to let her go.

Eric Duffield

I know this is an old video but it is helping me immensely right now. Thank you for keeping it up ❤


I needed to see this. Thank you!!!

Silque Black

I had to make recordings of our conversations to see if I was the one crazy. Now I'm no longer with him, sometimes I do panic and think I made a mistake. Thats when I go back to those saved recordings to remind me why I left.


I think it's extremely difficult to link up with someone who has a different view of the world than you do, and you finally realize you're not going to change their mind
I don't want to wake up angry at the world in the morning, this means I cannot wake up next to him in the morning

Elizabeth Tankiewicz

I only watched up to 8 minutes and I stopped. you had a bad experience with one unmedicated bipolar person -- this does not speak for all bipolar people ! we are not all liars and manipulators, and we aren't all attention seeking & craving coddling. I do take my meds, religiously, and I live a normal life and manage the best I can. this video, or the 8 minutes i wasted my time watching anyway, is upsetting and fuels the stigma. I was diagnosed when i was 12 and I have been through hell, but I in no way shape or form an anything like your ex. I hope you realize one person with a mental illness doesn't represent the illness itself. I do not abuse my loved ones. Your ex abused you. she was bipolar. get it right. not, bipolar people abuse people. shakin , my , head....definitely not gonna watch the rest to save my own self esteem...


Wow, this video makes it seem as if bi polar people are monsters. If they weren't bipolar, do you think they'd act that way?

Rebecca Havard

I've experienced this from just a platonic friend. I hate that word crazy but I'm at a loss to explain their behavior.


I read many of comments here and like to share my story, we have been dating for 2 years and it’s was amazing man who loves me and cares for me more than anyone else in my life. Now he is in the metal hospital for 1 month already but he can still be able to call and text me sometimes, but his BP depression is really bad now . He is trying to tell me I have to take care of myself and see a therapist because I cry a lot. He said he can’t contact me anymore because it makes him nervous if I won’t respond right back. So they take his cell phone away. Now I’m so sad crying a lot and don’t know what to do . I didn’t know he has BD until now , and he told me now he had it before sometime ago but not serious . I read all bad experiences of people here with their ex BD, but my case, he is the best man I never met, he had hypomania sometimes ( with I just realize now after did lots of online searching about BD ) in my opinion , not all BD are bad or crazy, they are just having problem to control their moods , and he never abuses me, he a little controlling sometimes but most of time he is very respectful and understanding me. I don’t know if I should keep being with him or not because reading all this comments really confuses me. What should I do ?

Dwayne Johnson

Hey this video says it all. My wife is BIPOLAR and scitzapreania. I was with her for 11years. We have 2sons together. One day she went to NY and never came back. It's been some months now. This took me by surprise. And on top of that she blames me for everything. You gave strong points on how to deal with this. Thanks for sharing...

Johnny Saint

mental illness sucks...........i hate this fucking world ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

John Paulk

This video was SOOOOOOOO helpful for me. Thank you so very much.

no more fat foods right tantana

I just have to say it's not just people with biopoler that do that I am with my hubby who has it yes he has a bad temper but I did look it to it before we got to getter so I know what I was getting in to and I can safely say he has treat me better then my ex he know he has mood swing and I understand and it has made him feel so much closer to me knowing that I understand what it is and how it works if you want it to work I would say look it to it all about it and make a list on pros and cons it helped me

Jessica W

Bipolar people DO NOT have the ability to love the person they are in a relationship with. They only love what they can get out of you.


My boyfriend of two years never told me that he had this mental disorder. In the beginning our relationship was wonderful, never saw any signs he covered it very well. I started seeing signs slowly into our relationship and than when I couldn't trust him any longer thats when all hell broke loose. He was manic, violent and very abusive. Two days after I broke up with him he was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and alleged rape. I couldn't believe what I heard, not even close to the guy I knew(thought I knew) the man I feel in love with. I'm so disgusted and feel so stupid for believing in him and us when there wasn't a chance.

Amber Larsen

excuse you but you know Jack squat! I cannot believe that you actually put yourself on YouTube!!! You must master in ignorance! first of all if you want to be happy maybe you should just come to the conclusion that the person you love is bipolar! you act as if we are a race or a cult I'll tell you right now that we all can live a normal life it's all about having the right mindset and to me it looks like you have a controlling issue should we sit here and pick on people with issues looks to me like the problem is you obviously can't control yourself so you shouldn't even be in a relationship! anyone it doesn't matter who you are or what disability that person may have as long as you put your mind to it do what "WE" have to do in order to be happy and to live our lives we can have a normal life! while you're sitting there telling everybody that "we're" manipulative, we lie and blah blah blah it's cuz "people" like you are so judgemental that we feel that we can't tell you the truth because all you're going to do is put us down but really in all reality who are you really or anyone else to me that it should matter what u think! but it's cuz we have a heart unlike yourself it looks to me like you're incapable of loving you really hit a soft spot in this video with me you should probably take a look in the mirror it looks to me like you hate your life so much! I feel bad for the person you're dating no wonder why they lie or manipulate it's because they have to hide from you or run from you or try to live their life as if they are their own person but they can't because you're controlling it! !fix yourself

Unicorn 0000

Who is bipolar? Was you or your boyfriend? ?

Mi Amurr

I'm struggling... My heart hurts and I feel so sick... But I still love her ? I don't know what to do...

Audrey Green

Girl you are so the therapist with no degree and I would dare to say that you are the greatest support system and give some of that advice to paying patients. Everything you said is so on point and exactly what I have been goin thru for the last eight years with my fiance'. Please continue to show love to the people the way you do cause it is needed and this can also I feel help people who feel suicidal which has been me also since I have been dealin with him and all his issues. Praise God for you and your patience to do this. I still want to be with him and I know I should not be it's just so damn hard!!!!!!!!!! Time is somethin that you can never get back when you are involved with someone of this magnitude.


How people treat other people the reflection of how they feel about themselves. My ex always told me that I had low self-esteem, I totally disagree, I treat him well because I have love inside. But how they treat others is a reflection of themselves, and they are not happy inside, they are transferring their self talk on to the person who is with them

Chris Odams

Very good advise. Not much about batting for the partner of someone who is bipolar. It’s one thing if they are disciplined and take their meds. Every bit of the advise given here I experienced with a girl that chose not to. They will sleep around. They will lie then sadly they will accuse you...Personality orders are common place. It’s just a battle you can’t survive. It will take your life so run.

Kate Dagreat

Thank you for this <3 Many years later and you're still helping so many people who are struggling with loving someone who was BPD.


That reality setting in part...I'm currently struggling with this. The panic mode...rememberig the good times. Thank you for posting this! Crazy, we were only together for 3 months but it was Soo intense. Why do you feel that is?

Jasmine Dannielle Wilson

Fuck you. I'm bipolar and schizophrenia and have rage and acted out in violence. I'm troubled but I will rise. I will succeed. I will give someone my love. They'll deserve it.

E Mero

Oh my, that hit the core. Thank you beautiful person. Your words sing so true. This is totally my life and situation right now. I feel I have fought the ''good fight" over the past 6 years, continually doubting myself and deteriorating in my own health dealing with it but now realise I'm not alone and know there's a way out of that "black hole". Thanks again

Henry Mitchell

Just left a three year relationship with the love of my life, he became increasingly violent and kept threatening me in front of my daughter at times too. He’s gone, we are safe. He destroyed stuff before he went and used to burn himself with knives,etc. and lied to everybody about it but luckily I have screenshots , police reports and all that. So now I’m grieving, I loved him so much. I miss the good in him. He refused treatment because he liked the manic part but we suffered the lows... it’s going to take awhile to heal. Now I’m thinking maybe he either loved us in his own fucked up way or maybe not at all! idk. I can’t wait to heal and it’ll take years to recover.

bich duck fuck a duck


letecia abella

Im still inlove with my ex bipolar boyfriend but he broke up with me. Idk if its bcoz of his mental health issue or what.. but when i asked him if he really love me he said yes. Idk, i feel like im going crazy. I want to move on but i cant help myself not to care for him. But his pushing me away...

Mon Revê Paris Amour

I have done all I can to leave the girl I am in love with and its actually the girl I have loved more than anyone else in my whole life, she was perfect she was for only a month.. 2 years ago I met her and was my fault to let her in so fast I didn't know she had HDAD I didn't know she was bipolar she had scars of cutting her self so bad before God knows why and so I lived with her for few months and I saw how mentally affected she is, she abuse her parents she mistreat people she has no respect for any human at all not even for animals omg she used to manipulate me when we have fights and I wanted just to walk away from her she grabbed either mine or her dog and shoved them hard hurting them I mean god it's a small dog why to use that to hurt me CUS she knew how much I love animals..It's being two years of that I left her last year I ended up in the streets but that's what saved my life CUS I was about to kill myself .. I just can't get better yet I can't get her out of my ❤️

Apple Slices Unite

HERE"S A RESPONSE: This person believes that its impossible for the loved one of a Bipolar person to get hurt and she believed we don't deserve help, This was my response to her:::

This comment went into my review box but, I approved it because I think my response will help others, not really you. Its comments like yours that make the abused not seek help. First off this video is NOT for bipolar people, it is for those who have crossed paths with a bipolar person and are hurting because of it. You say i'm ignorant yet you managed to sum up my 5 year relationship in one sitting lol. You managed to diagnose my ex without having ever set eyes on her or nor met her (talking about ignorance WOW) My ex has been diagnosed by her doctor and her psychiatrist and therapist as Bipolar. so you are wrong! No its not my only experience with a BP, I have close family inflicted with it. I got involved with her even though I knew she was BP??? No hun, I didn't know this until 2 months later! You know why she didn't tell me purposefully? Well according to her, everytime she tells others they run, so she manipulated me to be with her. Yes BP is a mood disorder, I guess that's all she is according to you! let me school you, Having bp doesn't make you stupid, it makes you manic and or depressed, what happens when experiencing this and haveing to deal with others??? they lie, manipulate, verbally abusive, sometimes physically abusive, then they go to their blanky for example: spending money like its water, the FAMILY MONEY hurting families etc.... the list goes on. BP's do things, say things, act out and guess what? they have people in their lives who get the brunt of it. So get out of here with that bull crap that WE don't deserve help, we are people too we get hurt too, and we deserve support as well. You don't like it? then move on and watch another video. mean while, This video stays up to give support to the abused. Good Day!

Elizabeth Juarez

I am so in love with my partner but he has bipolar disorder, he is very sweet and loving and faithful but he cannot control himself sometimes and his anger he has gotten physical with me and I would really tried so hard to stay he never takes his medication.. i had to put a restraining order and its so hard for me because noone in my family and his family agree we should be together because he is not mentally or emotionally stable to stay with me and they care for my safety.... I miss him so much I wish things didnt end this I am shedding tears as I write this I wish someone understood how much I love this man and could help us be together but I cant deal with his anger I just wish I could have helped him but I cant.... im so terribaly depressed this is the worst time ive ever had with anyone... I dont think I would ever stop loving him but I have to move on


I was in love with her too, but her hyper-sexuality, lies, deceptions, money spending just destroyed our relationship. She had 7 mania attacks, that required us to go to emergency rooms, in 18 months. I just couldn't take it and it still breaks my heart that I had to leave her, but I did.


It's so hard because when you love someone like this, you are filled with empathy
you can put yourself in their shoes all day long, and they need someone like that, but we also need someone who has empathy and can say once in a while, hey, thanks I know I'm a real pain in the ass! Sorry, but that's the truth


This is so hard, I've been in a relationship for four months , everything was great, and he started to tell me that something was wrong with me, and he started to get angry, and loud and fast! I know that his previous relationships did not end well, but they were considerably younger than me, one thing they had in common, none of them had a car or their own home, so this leads me to believe that it is easier for him to pick someone who will not challenge him, well he has met his match with me. I have so much love inside, I have patients, I have the Lord in my life, I'm prepared to be a first responder, I'm prepared to see blood and guts.
But the thing is, no matter how prepared someone is for the challenge and the ups and downs, this is a daunting task!
It's almost impossible for an undiagnosed person and someone who is self aware and working on their own issues to be together, I have not found a way !
I called to encourage him I hang up feeling humiliated and abused

David Jon Burke

What a strong woman! would love to see more videos like this!!! thanks for sharing?

Donald Madden

This person that you're describing in this video sounds more like a narcissist than somebody suffering from bipolar depression or manic depression. Narcissism narcissistic behavior and bipolar disorder are completely different things.

Pati Aleki

So we finally call it quits.I'm so heartbroken and I've NEVER been so heartbroken like this before. We been dating for 6 months. And we both fell in love. Everything was great. When we're happy it was a damn good life. 3 weeks ago she was on her lows. She broke up with me saying she needs space but she kept texting me. Eventually she wanted to make it work again so we gave it a shot. And it has not been the same. She's been really cold towards me and seem like she doesn't really care. I ignored it and told myself that it's not her. And I know it's not. 3 days ago I sat her down and talk to her about it. And she told me she loves me so much and she doesn't want to lose me. I'm her happiness and I'm her light when it starts to get dark. 5 minutes later. She said she confused. I ask her about what and she says I don't know . She kept saying I don't know over and over when I ask if she loves me and if what she said 5 minutes ago was not true. She said she needs space from me again. I told her ok bit I'm done and that I hope she finds the guy that'll make her happy and she said sorry I really thought it was you. I made the mistake of breaking down and cried in front of her. I couldn't help it.. I felt like my heart was being ripped apart slowly. I even suggested couple's therapy and she didn't want to. I told her she needs to end it cuz I wasn't going to cuz I never wanted this. She ended it. I told her to please don't call or text me, to let me move on. I gave her a hug and kiss her head and I left. I hate that at the back of my head she's coming back. But I know in my heart it's not healthy for me. As much as I love her with all my heart I know it'll never be the same. I hate that we made so many good memories together. I think what hurts the most is that all this doesn't seem to bother her at all. I know it's her bipolar but I can't help but think that she never really loved me. the hardest thing I had to do was letting go still very much in love. Watching your video brought so.much tears. Your talk really hit me inside. Thank you so much. Much alofa's

Aerdno zepoL

thanks for making this video, I can totally relate to everything you said here. I experienced and feel the same thing with a bipolar partner. Leaving was for the better.


I feel like I was Bulma and he was Vegeta

Sheli K. Beauty

This is so accurate. Whoever has been in love with someone bipolar , it’s true unconditional love but can be so unhealthy. Such a difficult situation to be in

Ivar Mikhail

This is exactly what I am dealing with. That thing of loosing your natural being, just because she demands you to even say no to your way of being, she want you to crawl for her, she want you without dignity. The fucking question is why we love so much this person. And i think I have the answer. When you first meet this person it was heaven, most of the cases are like that, but you know why? Because she was in Mania state, then that dissapiers and you have only a awful person treating you like shit. I am so heart broken...

Donald Madden

Sounds like you're talking about more of a narcissistic relationship rather than somebody that was bipolar??

Terri Nave

I am tired. He won't take his medication and I feel like I am going crazy.


look it like that Beautiful shoes that are on sale! nice Brand perfect color to go with youre dress, but they are Not your size... too bad they are perfect but not your size to walk on them .

Monique Stallings

I been with my bipolar husband for 17 years and married to him for 11years. We have a 12 year old son. I been diagnosed with Fribormayla and lupus and now I have two brain aneurysms. My husband always was a little aggressive and spoil. He gets into a lot of criminal activity. He has been in jail most of his life and our lives together.He always was either junk or high, can't keep a job or will not look for one. He will buy stuff that we don't need or just gamble his money away. My reality kick in when, I became ill. I realized that something was wrong and he got more demanding, more controlling, more distant, more not into me anymore. He stop respecting me, He crashed 5 cars of my mind through out our relationship and act like it's nothing. So as I became more I'll. Development depression, I seek help for My family and he was diagnosed. Then he claimed he will take his meds, he did a few times but he is in great denial and stop. Then one day he did some crazy illegal activity, which caused police kicking my door in putting both of us in hand cuffs as my son stood there and watch the police tear our house up. They took him to jail and me thinking if I bail him out maybe he will take his meds and things will change. Well it got worse. I lost 40 pounds, I been so sick, to the point I would shake when he came home . Now since he is incarcerated. He is being manipulative and telling me he will kill his self. I can't take the pain and my son can't take it either but he wants both of us together. I love my son and I love my husband but if I stay, I am going to die. He's been gone for two months. He will be there for two years. Am I taking too long to get a divorce, my mind wants it but my heart had hope and my son is hurting. We already have an oop, in place. I want out and I know it's along road, and he is very manipulative. Why do I feel so guilty?

kat K

I’m really trying so hard here . Watching the video to support myself.Everything you said in the video are the truth . They lies , they would say anything just to get what they want , they need a lot of attention, they can’t keep their job , they are irresponsible... and all that . But I love him so much .. trying so hard to leave him . Need to cut it off .

Jessica W

I have to disagree with ONE thing that you said in your video... They CAN help being abusive. They can't help their mood, BUT they can help the actions that come after that. I hate it when bipolar people say they can't help doing what they do because of their bipolar, because they can help their actions. They can choose to walk away. They CHOOSE to be abusive towards others because they can.

Raichielle Liddell

Hey APPLE, Rai here hope u see this. Ive seen a couple of ur videos and i think ur heart is So Beautiful. This is a very specific battle and Heartache that Needs videos just like these to give strength and help cope, even safe a life u know it Real i can tell. I DEF understand all u said and relate 100% 7yrs, 1st relationship. I Thank God im still here. I would luv to just chat with you 1 good time off comments :) Good to have someone that relates. Just now getting peace i deserve but trying my best to heal my heart and Focus. Its been 3months since i let her go but she finally stop reachin out last wk. Very inspiring sister.


Bipolar disorder is a health condition. However, the symptoms of bipolar disorder often more negatively affect the loved ones (some bipolars don't feel as if anything is wrong at all). If someone had HIV or TB (conditions which also affect loved ones albeit through infectiousness) it would be expected that they would address the condition so as not to affect others. However, bipolars seem to have a tendency to feel that they have a right to refuse treatment and their loved ones should just deal with any symptoms and just be accepting. This is why relationships don't last. I am a psych nurse, I have borderline personality and I have been married to a spouse with Bipolar disorder for almost 9 years.


I am going through this now... My bp wife has completely destroyed my life. I am a disabled veteran with ptsd, and young onset parkinsons disease. I just found out that for the past year she has had a online relationship(maybe more) with her ex boyfriend AND her ex husband who is in federal prison. Hundreds of texts, phone calls, emails, and hundreds dollars sent. And on many cheating on your husband websites. Of course when I confronted her she lied. Until I showed her the phone records and western union transfers. Then she turns it around on me like i did something wrong. All this time she was blaming me for cheating on her!!! Wow!! I have been mentally abused for 13 years. I lost all my friends and finances. When she is stable she is the nicest person ever. Then i forget the bad. I say... Maybe things will get better. It never will... I know it. It sucks because i do live her.

Ima Go Apesht

This is such great advice. Thank you so much. Much better than the standard, “just leave, you deserve better”. It’s way more complicated than that.


they are perfect in their own way, they are all the time on the edge, but they don't realize we are on the edge with them too,


I just broke up with my bipolar boyfriend i am in love. It is hard. I just can't stand the craziness, the abuse, the cheating accusations. It is not his fault. The illness. Even he understands cause of the illness. I really need this video. So hard. It is true. 8( I am very sad. But i will be ok. One day at a time.

Cindy Palombo

normal is boring who really knows what normal is


One size doesn't fit all. Being in a relationship with BD or BPD is very difficult. They don't relate to everyday things the way people without a mental disorder relates to. Everyone is different. It depends whether they are being treated with meds or not. One thing for sure is that the person dating someone with BD needs to spend time educating themselves and realizing that everything isn't their fault. God bless anyone with a mental disorder and for those that love them.


People who have worked on themselves before finding these relationships, will probably give it a really great effort, and give up fairly quickly, I think the ones who are in for a rude awakening Artie younger people with not a lot of relationship experience, because they will listen to the bipolar person they will think that the problem is them, they will be stuck for years and years. And that isn't good for anybody, instead of getting one person well, two people are becoming sick

Jessica W

I hope my children's uncle's rose colored glasses finally comes off really soon. He is married to a psychotic ass bipolar girl, who is exactly the way that you described. I was also in a relationship with a bipolar person and that is how I figured out by the symptoms that his wife was showing that she was also bipolar. But, yeah... it is true. Being with a bipolar person is VERY crazy making.


I wish I saw this yesterday (broke up with my girlfriend of 3 years) but I am more happy I found it today. the moment I did it i regretted it. everyone guilted me for not "loving her through this" and I just wanted her back. you will never know what this video did for me, how much it saved me. thank you, thank you so much because even for a moment I forgave myself for walking away. I love you for saying exactly what no one would tell me. I can't say thank you enough, I can do this <3

Mikhaila Wilson

I was with man 6year

Yen Torres

hey Apple I’ve seen this video countless times and it helped me a lot to face the decision a had to take. Thank you a lot for sharing your experience.

Ben Delgado

yo it's like your talking directly to me. this may be the best video I've seen on YouTube and helpful. your sooo right in saying that there are 2 people in the relationship, and you matter as well. I'm beyond fedup. I build castles for her to destroy. u r ultra smart thank u

Dominque Nae

I dated a bipolar man. He was always needing to be around people but his intentions in the end were for him. His gain. He gets his words out and when it's time for me to talk he'll end the conversation right there. You ask a question and he'll reply "Idk why is that?" and turn the tables around and redirect the subject. He's excellent at lying and acting around others. Putting on a show for the public. He must be seen as the made up version of himself. He wants others to see him for the false mask He wears everyday. Once exposed for who he is he'll go ballistic and want to die and even resent the one who exposed him.


7years later how you doing now update please ???

Mon Revê Paris Amour

I have deactivated all my social media accounts she stalk me I have changed my number so many times I know she will never change she lie she cheated she abused me mentally verbally emotionally and physically !!
BUT MY DAMN HEAD AND HEART CANT LET HER GO!! I miss her every damn day I wish she will get help and take medicine I have told her so many times I will support her and she knows how loyal and sincere I am and no matter what I will never leave her ..
But I can't get one more lie, I can't get one more insult I can't get back n forth spending my money on her working my ass of to make her happy for 20 minutes for her to complain about SOOO many things and putting all I do and give her in the trash YES NO YES NO HOT COLD BACK FORTH OMG HOW COME DID I GET INTO HER ???
And I can't still I can't let her go..
When she looks for me I always always respond ..just to ended up all altered anxious sad mad she get my damn world up side down!!

Alisha Sivertson

okay fact: not all bipolar lie and manipulate  I cant stand lies I don't lie I barely white lie and it gets me in trouble .  I am easily munpulated by others I do not muniplate others.   My down fall is my rage when hurt.

Cindy Palombo

some ppl with bipolor have a good heart at lest some of them get help

Hisham S. Abdul-Aziz

I want this to workout she want to leave me I've delt with a lot of this woman I'm married to her and she wants to get a legal separation I don't want that and I never lived with my wife!!! so much crazy stuff and I have 2 kids with her too! ugh she not on meds! but a lot of symptoms!!! she would use the kids as pawn over my head and he has had a really bad childhood 4real

Courtney Prince

how many ppl have you been around that are bipolar? look I'm bipolar and I take my medication, go to counseling, see a psychiatrist and have a lot of support and I am nothing like you what you are saying and I know many others that are nothing like that. some ppl just don't mix, the relationship is toxic from the start. so classifying every bipolar person like you are doing is completely absurd. I will tell you that being with a crazy person will bring out the crazy in us, and anyone that is pushed and pushed and pushed will push back so maybe you should be honest with yourself and realize that you were probably a big part of the problem, but that's ok keep making excuses to yourself about why things went the way that they did. you sound more like you are describing a narcissist. just because you had an experience doesn't make you an expert, not trying to be rude but this video was absolutely ridiculous and all you are doing is scaring people away from giving people that are bipolar a chance, and that's wrong!


so dont buy it!

Jon Watkins

I was living with a partner who was diagnosed with co-morbid Bipolar and bpd. An absolute nightmare relationship never again!

Jennifer Shockley

Where did you get your psychology degree?

Loving Discernment

Thank you.


thanks for sharing. your video is really helping me right now. hold on to let go

Tamora P

My experience with 2 BP people has been in the same way. No much empathy, no remorse, life is totaly about their needs and nothing more. Maybe there is another kind of people wirh this disorder and they behave completely different but that has not been not my case. Right treatment maybe can help them and then they could react in another way. I fall in love with one BP person and it was a hard experience that I wouldn't like to repeat.

Amanda 2102x

Just another clown spewing out hate about an illness. Where's your education? Show proof that you are educated in this illness. All you're doing is raising stigma. There are bipolars who get help who are not like this. I don't manipulate people. You're opinions are hurtful and untrue. Not every bipolar is manipulative. Not every bipolar is violent. All you are doing is raising stigma.

Stewart de Barros

Your first videos were good you messed up on this video by categorizing Bipolar people in general.


thank you

Adalis Estevez

Hi this is is actually my first time signing up here on YouTube n I decided to Sign up here bc my man vandilized my SUV in May 2017 n I told myself this was Going to be the last disappointment he was going to cause me. He ruined my truck with a crobar and it was like something Michael Myers would of done in a movie- this is how I felt and this was the most craziest scariest violent act he had made me experience.. I knew he had done a lot to me mentally & physically before this but I always gave him another chance bc I always had faith in him that he change along with so many other violent wrong acts he did do I always forgave him over n over again..thinking he would think first but never did he love me like I loved him- it only got worse each time .. it hurt to be distrusted so many times-throughout the relationship he showed me he had major issues trusting me as his woman. He think crazy things that never happened- he thought always I was with someone else... When I signed up here he himself was already signed on here n even on other social media sites using his middle name as it's first he was back on like nothing had happened I thought to myself damn instead reflecting n realizing what he did to the relationship ,truck, n to me instead of keeping his mind occupied in holding his job -he got fired and instead of not making more mistakes he kept on making more of them-so I decided that I wasn't going to sign out of pof this time bc I'm done believing in him this time around after so many times he say he change n never really did. I'm not in here to find anyone to marry like he put on his intent but why not make new friends I thought after all I lost my old friends due to him n his insecurities throughout our relationship -I cut everyone out for him..I dedicated my entire life to him ( n only him ) n still he always thought unrealistic things in his mind about me n even my whereabouts. It's horrific to be with someone that doesn't continuously not trust you n on top do things wrong n instead of fixing them he continues to do everything more wrong -even getting himself in jail when all I needed was space after all he put me through bc I gave him so many chances n warnings n he never listened to me.
so many broken promises he made he broke my purse / pulled my hair/ called me bad names/ he messed up my truck for a very long time in different ways (that I never thought it could of been him). I even found sugar in my damn gas tank one day.. n in May he messes it up so bad that I been without my truck since may 13 that's how long - over 2 months. My family n I just wanted to live n be in peace like we always have - not have me with someone that will hurt me emotionally n physically n definitely someone that won't hate on my accomplishments like my suv that he knew I still owe money on n I was almost done paying it off in 2018. I believe I should b with someone that will help me make more accomplishments-not mess up the ones I already have succeeded in having & keeping. He made over 9 grand of damages to my escalade while I was inside my truck on the way to go fix a damn tire that he put a hole in the day before after he stole my iPhone smh.. god helped me realize n understand that the lord does really exist n im tired of ALL this and god doesn't want me to b with someone like this-Enough is enough I been sad for a very long time bc none of this has been my fault -I been a victim unfortunately in loving someone that doesn't love me Truely Bc love is and equals full trust!
This is a long story of course but I'm not going to put it all here but this is about me n my life n I'm real so I decided to explain the bad n good --I just feel as if I shouldn't feel scared no more n I want to have friends - n if I'm going to be with someone it's going to b someone that don't doubt me n that's how he made me feel many times -so it b nice to make new friends that dont have trust, or violent anger issues n won't put my life in danger.
I'm tired of feeling frightened and worried... I don't want to live like this no more. I have always lived in peace..Never in my life have I experienced so much hatred distrust n negativity done to me n my things by anyone n worse now with someone I been loving so much. It really hurts n sucks bc I only gave him love n helped him even move three times. I enjoyed it all n I don't regret it but it hurts he ruined our relationship n the bond my family had with him which was so important to me. So now that I got this all out I Can actually speak about who I am n where I come from-here's a little bit about goes(: I believe that whatever don't kill you makes you stronger n more intelligent with time.


Thank You!


"When you see them with someone else" ---- wow! For me this was 2 weeks later and it was with his privious ex. Oouuchhh


About something, if we seem to attract the same type of people, could it be that we are still searching for that missing piece inside of our self that needs to be fixed? You know how people often don't like things and other people that they have in themselves? I'm wondering if I turn my attention inward and fix some foundational things, if the next time I meet someone like that, it would not be so attractive


they are perfect that's why its hard to walk away, but you don't need a pair of shoes that hurt you wile u walk.
be friends with them, they cannot have a healthy relationship but they don't deserve loneliness ... that's what hurt more... hope he' s OK ..

Stewart de Barros

Your so on point. You just spoke about my HoneMoon/Nightmare. Some Bi----- people are very nice.

George Parker

I have been watching videos like this to ease the pain in my heart. I left a relationship 17 years ago in 2002. I didn't know he had BiPolar... he'd verbally abuse me often. But the love was so was worth it. I left after 10 months but till this day...I REGRET IT. I've never come across another person I've felt so deeply for since! I threw away the best thing that ever happened to me and it feels like HELL. He would never have left me, he fought like crazy to take him back. I was a fool for not persisting longer.

He didn't know he had bipolar. But I regret we didn't get counselling to discover about it...and he could have got on medication. He used cannabis to calm his super hyper active mind.

Don't be like me and live with this regret. It HURTS and it never goes away. Give your Bipolar spouse a chance and try and work it out. They are the most passionate lovers you'll ever find.

Left Lane

This video literally hits all the points of my relationship with my wife

Lisa Shawe

Great advice. There is a limit to how much a partner of a Bipolar person must endure. ( i am the one with Bipolar 1.) Sometimes breaking up is the best choice.
Lisa in Florida???

Ester Giay

I just broke up with my bipolar boyfriend of 11 months. He broke it up one day and i found out he likes someone else. We did a long distance relationship since january till this march. Would you say bipolar can't control their emotions? He said i love you all the time to me and i thought everything was okay but i guess it's just another bullshit he said. he literally said he wants to date someone while he was breaking up with me on the phone. I feel so manipulated by him. He went to the hospital the 3rd time and i was there for him but all i received is this.