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15 Amazing Facts about Kissing That Will DEFINITELY Surprise You

15 Amazing Facts about Kissing That Will DEFINITELY Surprise You13 Feb. 2020
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11 AMAZING Facts About Kissing!

11 AMAZING Facts About Kissing!29 Jul. 2020
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Top interesting facts

Top interesting facts about kissing! From shedding those extra pounds to getting up close and personal with a magical rock

8. Smooching Muscles

You probably don’t think of it this way since kissing is very enjoyable for most people, but, it’s quite the workout. The primary muscle in charge of this activity is called the orbicularis oris, which circles your mouth. It’s imperative while speaking and puckering your lips. Plus, most people tilt their heads to the right when they smooch each other, which is thought to have originated in the womb. Although we weren’t kissing each other as fetuses, we generally do it now to avoid smacking noses together and completely ruining the mood. So, the muscles in the neck and shoulders are also used while engaging in a kiss. The rest of your face has to work pretty hard too. Apparently, this activity takes a total of one hundred twelve postural and thirty-four facial muscles. Plus, the tongue is used in French kissing, which is also known as cataglottism - just a fun fact of the day. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

7. Laws Against Kissing

We’ve come a long way as a society for the most part, but there are some strange laws about kissing and other romantic acts lingering around the United States. For instance, Colorado has a law that says it’s illegal to kiss a woman when she’s sleeping. I think we can all guess why this one was created, but it’s probably about time to lift it. People aren’t following the rule at this point; plus, a man might want to give his wife a smooch on the cheek when she looks cute and cozy all wrapped up in a blanket. Another state that prohibits a specific type of kissing is Illinois. In this Midwestern state, it’s illegal to smooch or nuzzle a reptile. This might seem strange, but lizards, snakes, and turtles carry Salmonella; so, you could get quite sick after kissing one. Sorry, bearded dragon lovers! Now let’s take a little trip over to Indiana. If you live here, then you’d probably refrain from growing a mustache if you plan on kissing anybody on a regular basis. Apparently, they’re not okay with your facial hair tickling somebody else’s upper lip. Another state with a bizarre kissing law is New Jersey, where you could be arrested and thrown in the slammer if you’re making out inside your car and accidentally honk the horn.

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