Highest psa level recorded

Very Rare Premium 1939 Ted Williams ROOKIE CARD Play Ball #92 PSA 8

Very Rare Premium 1939 Ted Williams ROOKIE CARD Play Ball #92 PSA 86 Aug. 2018
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Very rare HI-End 1939 Ted Williams Playball #92 ROOKIE CARD for sale; graded PSA 8.

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PSA Card facts and price guide for a 1939 Ted Williams Rookie Card.


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1939 Ted Williams rookie card

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Pawn Stars: Stacks of Pristine Charizard Pokemon Cards (Season 14) | History

Pawn Stars: Stacks of Pristine Charizard Pokemon Cards (Season 14) | History13 Nov. 2017
12 353 217
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Rick is completely

Rick is completely baffled by an incredible array of Charizard cards that could be worth half a million dollars in this clip from "PokéPawn". #PawnStars

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Pawn Stars

Season 14

Episode 18


"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

HISTORY®, now reaching more than 98 million homes, is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive, and entertaining manner across all platforms. The network’s all-original programming slate features a roster of hit series, epic miniseries, and scripted event programming. Visit us at HISTORY.com for more info.

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WGf Wrestling galdamez fam

A hole

Memer Mon

2:48 MR BEAN!?? ?

The Film Cubano

God what a beautiful video to come back to. From 400k appraisal to like $10,000,000.



I cant stand when people go out of their way to say something incorrectly

i am aman

Hmm reminded me of my old days i used to collect pokemon cards

Kev Choppa

gotta_catch_them_alll123 follow IG for Pokémon new things on the way !!!! Thx uuu

Hunter Morgan

Man's literally buys collectables and doesnt know the highest collected item in the world

Hani's Experiments

Good thing he didn't sell it, ...this could be worth millions now...
Came after Logan Paul....


What about if I propose you 275$ ??


And that's why he went out of business ?


Rick watching this 3 years later realising he messed up.

Kamatari Honjo

Rick embarrassed himself.

Okay Champ

4:20 those two charizard (not these two but same card) sold for $4-9,000 USD. Those charizard is so nice and rare in that condition nowadays.


Its not pokii mon. Its poh-keh-mohn

luis yesjsus hshsue8ehe



In Philipines, we just throw this card.


Man good thing he didnt sell them


"It's not Poke-MAN." ?

Whinzen Ayhon

logan paul where are you?


Ain't this the guy that sold a card to Logan Paul?


what a jackass for turning down milliions lol! bet he knows what a pokimane is lol

Marcel Monchalin

He should of bought them worth millions now

William Porter

Pokey man
-every mom in the 90’s


That collection is worth millions now, wow!

Blue Moon ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

my guy, i've been watchin this show for as long as i can remember he let down the biggest deal ever what a big oof

CS remarkable

Where can I get one


Chum knew... Lol. Poor guy.

Amilcar Flores

Guys go watch a podcast, he shows hella exclusive cards worth millions. It’s called “inside the most expensive Pokémon collection 10 MILLION $$$ he just went to this show for fun he explains he would never sell anything


So was their offer accurate for the time it was filmed? Was the sellers offer for half a million more accurate?


Only thing to say is “L”

Brian Geisler


If he only seen the investment when this happened........



Coke ko Bottle

How stupid is Rick

Robert Diaz

I remember this episode too man I hope he didn't sell them before they went up in price I hope he got his money money seems like a nice guy



King of Newyork

This is almost as bad as Shark tank passing on Ring door bell

Soft Drink

Wow that collection has to be worth up to 10 million now, if you know you know


Can any one of you megavaxxed generation 20 somethings please tell me whether or not valuable Pokecards were rare to find in the first place? I was about 19, and was too busy creaming ya'll out by the millions to be interested in Pokemon. Regardless, how does anyone rationalize valuing 20 year toy game cards at anywhere near what legitimately rare, historical and one of a kind items sell for? Is it because the slogan was "Gotta catch em all" and people have lost control over their own decision making?


fruitloops 21

Rick really thought that Gary’s Pokémon cards are worthless but there not lol

Alan Hetrick

I mean it’s a fake show what do you expect.....

Jeoni Tao

God I should of kept my charizard ?


This guy is a boomer

Sandhu Sandhu

Let’s get a f in the comments for ricks loss of like 5 million dollars

Game Strike

500000 is too low the Charizard with psa 10 1 edition now cost around 200000-300000 so a big loose

Country boy Mason

Rick you took an L

Carmine Vittorio

The first 2 packs I ever got I got 2 Charizards. Boy I wish I kept them.

Sean Darren

Why does it matter if he knows pokemon or not!? The point is they are rare and valuable which at the end is all what matters to Rick.


Coin master


How is he so stupid, pokemon cards have been around for almost 30 years, some people still have the cards they collectee as a child, and you're telling me he doesn't know what pokemon cards are?!

Tee Tendo 64

“I still don’t know the difference between a Pokéman and a Charizard.”

Daniel Bolf

It is now worth 1.3million dollars so if I was him I would’ve took them

Pazer Pace

Imagine refusing a 5 mil dollars worth of cards

Vrex YT

Sometimes I wonder what was RICK THINKING

zoom jeshua69

Who here when Logan Paul went to Gary’s house and bought one

Michael Angelo

Pawn stars took a huge L

Underground Asylum fan page 4 kmk K.M.K-ULTRA

Logan paul bought one for one hundred 50 thousand


I hope someone tags Rick in all his social media and lets him know he’s a loser.

Tyler Fortin

Ignorance can cost you it’s not hard to figure out these things sell them selves buy them get them appraised and sell them stupid

Logan Johnson

The expert looks like old Mr. Moore.

Honey singh

This is completely scripted
Rick never leaves anything worth earning money


And now that charzard is worth as much as what the whole set was worth back then

Daniel S

I hate Rick and he's stupid!

Andy Parrish

Pokémon card guy is such a fat freaking loser. lol


If he still has that collection he’s sitting on a gold mine! Rick Dropped the ball on that one


Walked off millions right there

Unleashed Qasim

Hahaha these guys took the biggest L of their lives. Now just 6 of the psa 10 charizards this guy has goes for around 1.2 mil. (Not counting his BGS 10 charizrds which he would never sell but will go for at least a mil each in the near future I think)


just looking at this vid 3 years later he could of got it for like 250k and got sooo much more if he sold its around this time


Man he fcked up xD

The lone potato

Three years later that value probably doubled

Michael Munro

Is the 25th anniversary this month and those cards have just skyrocketed to half 1 million each

Jenova Kennel

i got a Charizard card for sale


"Pokeman cards"


How is dude in business of not knowing stuff (?)

Nadav Bar-gil


AC3 Grind

Dude their worth like 5 million dollars now

The Tryro

i was wondering how much one of my cards were worth "charizard EX 11/106" i checked my card it said it was 2014, but all i could find on sites was 2016 of the exact card! ( i unboxed it from a box with four packs included ) yet i found that it shows its from a set, not "PROMO" which got me really confused does anyone know that the case is with this card?


fr just walked away from 5 million dollars

El Sanchetto

Rip he would’ve held onto them for three more years that boy would’ve been two times as rich


Rick would have probably sold them before they blew up

Caleb Lynthacum

Who else is here knowing about Gary


Omg he was gonna sell his whole collection for $500,000 but sold 1 to Logan Paul for $150,000 omgo

David Vega

The price has only gone up since this was filmed years ago lol

Daniel S



Rick you absolute spud
The set is worth $7.5 million dollars now

Nonja Ninja

Should have bought. You don't have to understand it to make money off it.

Nate Lou

bruhhhhhhhhh that is like a billion dollars today

Sanel Sahman

Dude I don’t know the value even I knew it was worth it

cruchy salad

sorry all i can do is 10$

Billy /jimmy

The L the pawn shop took

Ni De

Oh god what you have missed

Red Wolf ok?

Nice Pokimane cards

Alejandro Rangel

Pokimane cards


The pristine Charizard sold at auction for 55k in 2017 according to Beckett & another sold for about 20k on ebay. So the expert's appraisal seems about right, assuming you can get top dollar for the each card.

afizin 23

Demo tak kena bare

Neither Me

The shadowless Charizards are worth getting now before they hit 1st edition shadowless level. Even ungraded. - Shadowed Charizards are still pretty nice.

Angelosky 101

380k for his whole collection thats how much a psa10 charizard it today lol


Bruh that becket 10is worth like 500k now ?

WGf Wrestling galdamez fam

It was way more expensive than what he was offering

shawn calape

Wanna see the reaction of rick while watching this today

Patcharapong Kongsupapkul

Now it’s 500,000$ for only one card. Lucky Rick didn’t sell it to these idiots.

How To Grade & Clean Your Sports Cards before submitting to PSA

How To Grade & Clean Your Sports Cards before submitting to PSA30 Mar. 2020
127 824
PSA COLLECTORSubscribe 438 721

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In this video,, I show you how I clean and grade my sports cards before I submit them to PSA for grading. This should be done to every basketball card, football card or baseball card whether early 90's or even new 2020 product. This will improve your chances of getting a higher grade from PSA as well. Be sure to watch the entire video and ask any questions in the comments!


Brightech Lightview Pro Magnifying Lamp: https://amzn.to/32oQNWj

Card Saver 1's: https://amzn.to/2qr7XVS

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MAONO AO4 USB Microphone: https://amzn.to/2oXsnWe

Adjustable Microphone stand: https://amzn.to/2qpqAcX

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Website: https://psacollector.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/psacollector/

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwHx8bgwyWhX04B-i82QmHw

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#psacollector #psagraded #sportscardinvesting

Comments (100)
Langly McManus

Where did you get your hat?

Richard Slusher

Matt, is there anything that can be done to remove residue from the back of cards from junk wax packs. I'm inventorying my stash and have started to come across a few that have what looks like melted wax on the backs of what are otherwise in fantastic condition.


Does arching in the card affect the grade ??

Dustin Goff

I see a lot of these newer Donruss Panini cards have choppy edges like they didn't get cut very well I wish you would have shown some of those rough cut edges and talked about how much it could knock the grade down.

Jason Clark

Is psa better then Beckett? I have some baseball cards I want graded starting with my Mariano Rivera rookie

Outside TheBoxThinking

seems kinda susp, like i can see PSA doing shady stuff behind the scenes...,, like il grade your card a 10 if you give me 20 percent of what it sells for kinda of behind the scenes, The grading system screams for curruption.

Gabe Trajano

I have a card that has a very small scratch, and is there anyway to clean it off?

Dad and Lads Sports

Great video! BTW i'm a small Youtube channel getting into the sports card hobby, if you don't mind checking us out. THX!

Joshua Collections

And the very last step you forgot is to get out that old card stock cutter and chop away!

Faloopas Rips

my card has some strings hangin off edges u think it will be psa 10

Luke Tae

i did not know u were supposed to clean your cards :| i just sent in my first submission today. i did sleeve them immediately/toploader/teambag

salvatore sanmartino.

so do you prefer to buy cards in lots or would you rather buy individual cards that you can evaluate at first glance. and if you pay more for a raw card does that mean the buyer is aware it is a gem mint type of card

Big Mike

Matt, can you do a video on older basketball cards. I have a huge 86-87, 88-89, 89-90 fleer basket collection. I know technology wasn’t so great back then. I look under a 30x magnifying glass and I think 10 all day on many of them. Other might have a dot and I start to wonder if there worth grading. For instance I have roughly 5-7 of each 87-88 fleer basketball. Same with 88-89 fleer. I want to get all them graded but some I know are a touch off center, maybe a print defect or a dot but otherwise mint corners and edges. Looking for some guidance. I have opened all the packs when I was a kid so I know their genuine. Any suggestions? Thanks!


How much is it to send a card to PSA cause I have a 2020 panini Mosaic silver Ceedee Lamb that I want to get graded.

Ramon Mahendra

Just came across this survey on grading services, seems people try to solve problems. If you guys want to give your opinion, here’s the link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfCZbxvRWwb7i3DIEpaUO5s_1ooz96qO09B8nw9eG9qUx_pCA/viewform


Will paper towels scratch the cards?


thx bro this fucjing helpful asf

Jeff Mooney

On that 8 the top is cropped off part of his head is missing

Rez Wheelz

What kind of gloves should you use.

MTGRevealed Sports

9:38-9:48 sounds like what my life likes

Kevin McCarron

Is the back held to the same standard as the front when grading when it comes to centering I had a few where they were perfect in front lil off in the back never did grading but I will be starting after new year I have over 45000 thousand card going as far back as 61

Matthew Perez

Will you inspect my cards?! Love your stuff!

Faloopas Rips

sheesh i was trippin

AJ with CardWax

So you don’t recommend the use of wax on card surfaces?


Badddd idea w paper towels.... it’s a very abrasive texture


Hey man - question. I have a Topps Factory Sealed Single of Luis Roberts. Do I take the card out of the Top Loader to submit to PSA or can I leave it in there and send in the top loader?

Nicholas I.

I'm actually a graphic designer and new to grading. Anyways, it sucks your cards can be knocked down due to bad graphic design (messed up centering) and bad production (bad trims). I have a Kobe eminence card cut on black. Every designer knows it's super tricky to cut through black paper and board. It has to be super precise and quick to avoid fraying and whitening like he describes in this video. I don't think I'll get my Kobe graded now cause there so much of it around the borders... still keeping it though since it's dope looking still. :) Thanks for the video - I now have to sift through the cards again and make sure everything is as pristine as it should be.

Mateo Roybal

Is there a way to re center your cards

Alfonso Vitela

in my experience (which isn't much) - Paper Towels "scratch" surfaces. - isn't there a better option.
I know you said you didn't like to use Rags but maybe a glass cleaning rag?


What if every thing is perfect. Corners, centered, but there is tiny indentions in the card. Like you have to have a light shining on them to see it...is that normal or would it knock it down to an 8 or 9?

AJ with CardWax


RTS Sports Cards

How do you feel about wearing gloves while handling cards? You handle the cards very well but i feel even if you are holding the sides fingers wrap around and touch the surface. Even a little.


I just pulled a charizard and im freaking out


Wonder if any psa graders got corona from cards that were huffed on

AK Chicago

I use one of those very soft phone screen clothes.

Lightning chasing Bass fishing Jeff

@10. Minute mark, thank you for the heavy breathing!! Lol

Paul Kim

Moisture from mouth is probably >99% water

Edward Story

Great video, I have a bunch of 25 to 30 year old Jordan cards that are in really good condition. I am trying to find out how to go about the grading aspect. This video taught me a lot, thanks.


What about using kimwipes to clean the card surface?

Richard Francis

I don't get it...how does removing the coating not come back as a PSA reject as a doctored or altered card..yes, they really do know if you are up to this and may even turn you in to law enforcement given the ongoing criminal investigation and class action lawsuit,,,you can Google "PSA FBI investigation" if you don't believe me before you attack me and then attack if you so choose... thank you..

Trey McLaughlin

Hey man what if ur card is worth over 2 grand as a 10 but you Get a 8 or 9 do you still pay the express service level when submitt


Great info!!!!

Eric Howl

I love all the 1980s kid techniques "trust me guys just use the moisture from your mouth" hahahah not to mention the grasshopper-petting technique

Ethan Wilson

i've never submitted any cards and I don't understand how I really need help .

Bakke's Trading Cards

How about lifting wax residue from a 1990 Griffey Jr. For instance?

Joseph Rodriguez

Pettin a grasshopper LMAO thanks for the info bro

David Moseley

I did my first submission on got 2 10’s and 1 9 of 2012 Kawai and 2013 Giannis. Thank you!!!!

hiu hiu

15 min video just to tell us to use paper towels

tyler ortiz

Heck of a camera focus, that lens is the real 10 in this video

Sneaker Authenticators

You’re a GOAT brother! Good shit.

Jeff K

thank you for the information

Danny D

Great video. Thanks for your help.

Jeremy Senko

Get a good korean microfiber towel it wont stick like cheap microfiber. The rag company sells nice ones.

Voodoo King

Fantastic video! Really glad that I found your channel a few weeks back. If I may ask a question, I just received a Panini Flawless Diamond card. It was one of the three One Touch Mag hits and has the Flawless sticker intact. I noticed that their is a slight smudge that appears to be a finger print on the side holographic foil and another, smaller smudge, on the circle surrounding the diamond. I'm wondering if I should use your technique to remove both, with incredible caution, or should I leave it sealed with the sticker. I'm not planning on getting it graded soon because of delays but it bothers me when I admire the card. Any suggestions? Thank you for your time and knowledge in advance!


Instead of worrying about paper towel catching corners, why not use a different towel? Fool proof.

Michael Uy

Great vid! Thanks!

Trace Hale

I have a rookie George Brett worth 40000 if it’s gem mint but it is in rough shape. Is there any way I could manipulate it to get in into better condition


Hey guys a few notes regarding this video.
#1. If you want to use a microfiber cloth or glass cleaning cloth instead of a paper towel, then use that.
#2. Be sure to ALWAYS test clean a card of lesser value before cleaning the card you intend on submitting for grading.
#3. Not all cards need to be cleaned, only the ones that have noticeable finger prints and boogers on them.
#4. Be gentle and take your time. Like I said in the video, you don't want to damage the card even further!

Bruce Doc Smith

Great stuff. I’ve never submitted b4. I would have thought cleaning would be a no-no as I’m a coin collector 1st, but diff ballgame here. I just cleaned a Shaq finest & gonna get more into it. In fact because of your videos I dug out my Shaq collection of 100+ diff. I was pleasantly surprised to find cards I’ve seen u submit, Power in the Key, Nicknames, Metal nuts n Bolts, Finest etc so Im havin a blast. Thank you for the tips & content in general. Nice to get involved in something to keep mind occupied due to my PTSD. But hey I’m Blessed & I embrace these stigmatized initials, I EARNED THEM!! Be safe in this crazy world we’re riding, “Doc”, MICParamedic/National Crisis Management since 9/11/2001. God Bless

Michael Nelson

On the 93-94 Fleer Shaq Graded 8, part of his head is chopped off! Terrible centering. I'm suprised it graded so well. Great video....thanks

James Hall

Love your videos. Very helpful!! Could you tell me what you recommend for best lighting / magnifying you use before sending in cards to be graded. Also any other tips

Paul Goble

Pet it like a grasshopper ???????

Wes Hoffmann

Great video bro. Bout to send my first cards to PSA soon and will definitely use your method. Thanx man!

Michael Hurtado

I appreciate your advise to cleaning cards for submission. I followed your technic, made my 1st submission of 40 cards and got back 23 GM10's & 17 Mint 9's.


What grade would be bgs give the first Shaq?

Jeffery Broussard

Great video

Charles Delcroix

I loved this! Thank you bro. I purchased a PSA Platinum membership back in April when I got my annual work bonus. I’ve chosen the 15 cards I plan on submitting and then waiting several months to get back. Now I know how to shine them up! Thank you bro! I gotta Lebrons to submit and he’s about to win his 4th baby! ??????

Shane Newsom

I've never petted a grasshopper

Win Music

Lol I just don’t get it. The fuck ups are so tiny who gives a shit. It’s share and cool to have.

Duane Breiten

Thanks very helpful. Now to learn how to send how much and price do you do that??

Sport card Share holder

Thanks it worked well for me when I did my submission

Hobby Cards Investor

Hi! My son started unboxing baseball cards last week.

Win Music

What happens if you have a tiny tiny crease at the corner? Is it worthless?

Joshua Collections

PSA 8’s are the new 10!

Pris Ashwood

I subscribed to your channel and have learned a great deal. It has paid off !!!! Was hoping to learn a little more the ends and outs about rookie cards. I know you can make it happen.

Alex C

there might be women watching this video wandering why their partner doesn't take this much care of them


CGC is coming!


I have a psa 9/10 gold star gyarados. But there is the tiniest little spec on it. This card is absolutely perfect besides that. I’m too scared to try and fix it before I get it graded

Kevin McCarron

Matt love your channel please do more of the decades a lot of collectors do not have Tiffany or rare company cards can you do a countdown with out them for your basic collector

Chris Blanchette

aren't you worried that the texture of the paper towel would scratch the surface of the chrome cards?

Conventional Warrior

I just finish petting my grasshopper to get a feel how to remove the protective film from a Paul Pierce rookie card.


You think submitting a bgs 9.5, quad 9.5 to psa would grade a 10 by psa?

Chia Lor

PSA can't grade shit when it comes to 9s and 10s lol

Agustin Ordaz

I was just thinking the same thing

Old school Card collecting

PSA COLLECTOR I’m starting to get back into the hobby and I’m curious if my cards aren’t graded but I got tons of football cards from 50-89 how do I sell them .Old School Card Collector.Thank you


as a pokemon card collector i apperciate this video a TON

Bruce Doc Smith

Great stuff. I’ve never submitted b4. I would have thought cleaning would be a no-no as I’m a coin collector 1st, but diff ballgame here. I just cleaned a Shaq finest & gonna get more into it. In fact because of your videos I dug out my Shaq collection of 100+ diff. I was pleasantly surprised to find cards I’ve seen u submit, Power in the Key, Nicknames, Metal nuts n Bolts, Finest etc so Im havin a blast. Thank you for the tips & content in general. Nice to get involved in something to keep mind occupied due to my PTSD. But hey I’m Blessed & I embrace these stigmatized initials, I EARNED THEM!! Be safe in this crazy world we’re riding, “Doc”, MICParamedic/National Crisis Management since 9/11/2001. God Bless

Bob Crane

3:20 Pretty mediocre forgery, they cut off the brothers hair. (Back to the Future joke.)


The psa 10 Jordan looked off center to me, anyone else?

Robert Gray

Hey make sure to use Viva paper towels. They are softer and not as rough. ? lol I also take a viva paper towel and wrap it around a Q tip. Q-tips leave fuzzys so make sure to wrap the Whole Q- thank you collector ??????


PSA 6-8 for that Shaq card? No way. Corners and edges like that will get you no more than a 4.5

Wayland Li

How about using a can of air to blow off particles so you're not going to rub a scratch on the chrome cards?

Jason Blake

Som Crads

carlos diaz

He looks for dirt cheap cards on eBay for a flip. I suggest potential sellers make your own money. Don't sell cheap for a quick buck. You deserve the money not others looking to get one over you. ??✡️

GrandMasta Grimm

Does taking that thin layer off the card make it lose value?

zack phy

I've never agreed with centering being considered in grading. Grading should purely be based on condition and how well it was taken care of. Centering is completly up to the printing company and their machines so it shouldn't matter. I guess they look at it like looking for a hit within a hit. If the card companies aren't gonna calibrate their machines any better then it shouldn't be the fault of the consumer and collector. Especially on these high end products. A $2000 box of National Treasures or that 20k box of Topps Transcendence should never have anything but perfect centering since that affects grades. But I don't think centering even fits into the concept of what grading even is. Condition grading is by definition a grade based on how well the object was taken care of, ie it's CONDITION so how is it OK for something that's been taken care of perfectly and in flawless condition to have points taken off for how centered the printing plate was. Hell in some cases a printing error adds to the value. I myself got a misprint Mewtwo Pokémon card from the 1st movie with a stamp upside-down on the opposite side of where it was supposed to be and years later it being only 1 of 4 known to exist I sold it for over 1k when a normal perfectly "centered" version of that card would have went for just a couple bucks. So that in and of itself is them contradicting themselves saying perfect printing matters to value, except when it doesn't and non perfect printing increases the value.

Nate da Great

How much money would my signed rookie Derrick Jeter card go for

T Mags

What would the cleaning approach be for a 1993 MJ fleer ultra scoring kings card?? Its all black foil seems a bit risky, but I'm up for the challenge

Outside Duh Box

What about cards that are not that same material on the surface? Like if they are more cardboard-y like a skybox card? Will steam damage the surface or colors/image?