Facts about anal

FEW IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT ANAL SEX! (One Minute Quickie - Episode 55)

FEW IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT ANAL SEX! (One Minute Quickie - Episode 55)14 Apr. 2017
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Some few important facts

Some few important facts about anal sex that you must know! For MORE: Follow @askdrmalik on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/askdrmalik

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Dani de Janeiro

Don't forget to douche first.

Anal Bleaching 101 (The Facts!)

Anal Bleaching 101 (The Facts!)18 Feb. 2016
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See us here @

See us here @ http://analbleachingblueprint.com/

If you are wondering what it is like to have a whiter body, not only where people can see but as well as other places that are more private to you? Then look no further as Anal Bleaching Blueprint is here to save your butt. Literally!

The days of not being able to wear revealing outfits are over. Say goodbye to dark spots and ugly discoloration!

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Grey? Sounds corpsy


No one has told me i could have a realy pretty butthole. Thank you. Thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.


When you speak its liking you re holding in pee and about to cry

Pinky Pooh

Lmohajdjdjdjdj I love him


how long do you have to use it for good results?

Denise Jacqueline

I just ordered this product. He said the name wrong. its actually called Caspah and you can’t get it off amazon so you gotta go to the website to order it. They ship pretty quick too. Tonight’s my first go at this and I’m taking pictures to keep track lol guess we will see!


What about if I’m trying to bleach my entire butt crack ?

hun waye jun

Hahaha eww grey

Smh No

Wtf that intro was so dumb


Caspah Cosmetics


What about my JJ can I use it on outside

Kitana Kojima

1. It takes several weeks to see a substantial difference
2. Use it twice a day after (or during if using a bath gel formula product) showering to see any real change
3. Either use sunscreen or flat out cover your crack when in the sun, the sun exposure can cause your skin to darken even more than before
4. You can use similar products (that usually have hydroquinone or an alternative as the active ingredient) on your outer labia, nipples, under eye, lips and armpits if you require it. Just use with caution.

Jay Bee

OK, why was this in my feed? Anyway, good luck with the bleaching...

Hi &R

Umm actually why do you do it tho

Shelsy Rosales

He said "ew grey" ????

Anunah Barbara Justus

what is the name of the product ?

Tara F

intriguing technique. What about lightening the shade of your skin within just 48 or so hours? If you're curious about how precisely to make it happen, have a look at Kandy Lumizore's website for a very easy method.

Ravey Hart

Cas what

Leslie Benefield

Thanks for the video bc i had no idea what it was for sure

Joey Doucette

Wow these white gays...

rere nomad

who am i bleaching it for? i cant see my a-hole so who is going to see it?

Jourell NOVA

Where are the before and after pics

Mischief Maker

Says u can use it everyday but what do u recommend for noticing results?

Carol Ogrimina

I like you.. your cute

Quarantined w /Remy & his sibling Chis

I just really noticed that my ass is not looking it’s best ..I’m so glad theirs a solution ...

Juliet Agre

I miss those large McDonald's cups... their new large cups are smaller ?


Thank you I don’t trust this straight people reviews, a bottom always knows better on this things

Luka Jovanovski

What was the name of the product?

Thomas Shuck

What is the name of the product?

Just normal

Mine burns my booty hole?

b brown

what's the name of the product?


I totally love you! Thank you! I want a pretty butthole!! Lol I do! Need to get this today yay

Jon Clarkson

Nudists will love this product.

Arturo martinez

Where can we find you on social media?


Where can I buy it from im in uk and I want to try it


Before and after pictures pleaaaase ??

Edd Zap

I'll buy it , I'm gonna let you guys know if it works , you're hearing from me soon!


Lol he said ew grey haha

EJ Ioane

whats the name of the product again? Cascape?


youre super cute

Bruno Provangenoia

I want to bleach my elbow

Duke Elinton

Y does er one say they just woke up together ass done

Jonathan Crompton

I’m straight but is it so that anal sex is better?

Rex Stellarum

It sounds like... sunburned anus


Why did I type this up

NLV Kanada

Needed to watch this video before I go to jail tomorrow?

Sury Leguisamon

Don’t be stupid, he clearly said intimate lightening cream and all you gotta do is put cas and it’ll pop up. As you see it’s comes in a pump form so I saw it online and it’s CALLED CASPAH INTIMATE LIGHTENING CREAM. They also have spot lightening cream and scar lightening cream as well. I’ll give it a try. ?

addi adnan

What was the name of lighting cream ?

Angel'slove C.

Wow someone is actually into that, I thought this was all like fantasy.


His father must be proud. Lol.

Hanz Louise Damasco

What's the name of the product?

Hi &R

Cause I thought it was for like if you gonna get booty eating it wouldn’t smell

Albert E

What do you use on your teeth? They're SOOO white!   :)

Aracelis Nuñez

Everyvv be time I click the link it takes me to a page that says I and 5 million winner I did it on my husband phone and it was the same and takes you to a survey when you close it never gets you to the page of the product. So I think I just got scammed

Mr Celsupralex

The old chocolate channel is gonna get a touch up, will it not look strange if it doesn't look like shite colour, but it's still gonna smell of shite, what's the point your hole is ment to be brown and smell of shite...


So Precious !

Steve C

I tried a similar cream and bit it burnt my arse lol
Had to shower it off

Jess RE

I'm just glad I'm not the only one with the problem lol

Mrs s

Why would you want a beautiful anus?


are you gay

Vanessa Rose

Where can I buy this product?? Any drugstore carry it???




well i'm going to say what I guess he was too shy to say about what causes the discoloration. Well here it is in a nutshell. Fecal matter does have a lot of internal fluids that over time can cause this. Stomach Acid, Bile, & intestinal Mucus. all this is what breaks down food. Also not wiping good enough. Bear in mind those cheeks are always pressed together.

Hannah Elsbury

I think the spf is for when u use it on armpits

Keeley Leigh

How much is it where can u buy it

Daniel Petree

Wow... are you a real person???

Rain Yatsu

How about when you are showing off a product that you actually say the name of the product and show the product label without a glare on it?

Georgie Boy

Bleaches his ass then goes to the gym. A day in the life of a queen.

Kitana Kojima

The wisdom of gay men

Brigette Robinson

How long does it take to work?

Laura Cadenhead

Thank you for sharing your knowledge

Taylor Knight

I'm a woman and I want to get this treatment done but it's so expensive


Gray buttholes are sad ???

Bruno Leon

Hey I had you for class! Thanks for the tips

Lost Potato

ur title is so fkn fake. the only asshole in here is u

Goku Zawa

"Everything is a mess" lol you have to put a gun to my head for my place to be that clean ^_^

Julie_ Martinez

Caspah intimate skin lightening cream

Joshua Stiles

How long does it take to see the difference? How long for it to all be cleared up?

Elena N.

fella, what is the name of the cream, come on queen,.....

Corvus Corax

First world problem extraordinaire ?

Zubeda MND

I want to bleach my armpits


did anyone used Amaira lightening cream?
I've oredered it, but I see all the gays on youtube use Cascapth
now Im worried I've oredered some useless shit


Do you have a picture of you like before and after for demonstration?

Dienstag um 12

love the term "BottomBoyBasics" I want a shirt with that on ♥

Mr Bartholomew

Idiot. Its call caspah...not cascape. Not helpful

Kymperez 17

What’s the product called ?!

Facts And Myths About Anal Sex For Women

Facts And Myths About Anal Sex For Women4 Feb. 2015
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http://www.analsex101.net/ Learn all the facts and myths surrounding anal sex for women, and why its not what you have been brainwashed to believe.

























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