How to keep working out

How to Get Motivated to Work Out

How to Get Motivated to Work Out30 Dec. 2019
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Sometimes we all struggle

Sometimes we all struggle to find the motivation to work out, right?

In this video today, I am going to be sharing with you my top tips on how to get motivated to workout.

Which is perfect timing for 2020! Join me and find out the best tips that you start implementing right now, so you can start getting on track with your health and fitness and stay consistent.

The more consistent you are, the more results you will see!

Enjoy x




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Shingo Ishigure

Motivation is most important for continueing something.

Midori Ikeda

I'm already doing some of it so thanks so much! I love doing your workouts. Congrats to the app!





A. Jiji

This year is the most important year in my studies?, which determines my future??, and I do not know how to organize my time between exercise and studying.
Any advices ?

krvr.3021 moonstruck

That feeling when you REALLY wanted to loose weight, start exercising for yourself, but in the end of the day you're just lacking motivation and is overthinking. Like what-?! What am i supposed to do ya'll?

summer v

Thank you so much Holly ❤ I definitely needed this for the new year

Reina Ledezmaa

I feel you’ll get me back on thee “good” ? w these tips! Thx ?

alison rose

Any one in quaratine tryin to loose weight

Laura Rice


Adorable Nurse :3

Thank you!! I feel so empty lately


✧ S U M M A R Y ✧

1) put your workouts in a calendar.

2) set small realistic goals. – e.g. drink more water, cut out chips, order takeout once a week.

3) have a variety of exercises / switch up your routine. – makes things more challenging, fun, & interesting.

4) surround yourself with motivational quotes. – e.g. bedroom, screensaver.

5) join a fitness program.

gloria Sofia

Your smile keep me motivated !????

Denise Lillian Norman

Do you have a website?

Krisha P

I think it’s safe to say that everybody including me needed this as 2020 is approaching so thank you so muchhh

stayhappylittle mermaid

He who has health, has hope and he who has hope, has everything.

Louisa Murn


Jessica Smith

A quote that I found that is starting to help me is: in 30 days, you wwill have wished you started it now.

Gaia Mazzi

When she said “2020 is just around the corner” ??

Tiffany Akueme

Thank you so much ?❤?❤?

Aparna BL


Célia Lbr





Watching this just before my workout. Thanks girl !


The best way to stay motivated to work out is to devote 30 days to exercising! This helped me build the habit and keep it! I worked out for 30 days then dropped it down to 4x a week. I've been doing this for 8 months now :) I also use a calendar to keep track of my progress and put a sticker on my calendar every time I work out. It's like being in 1st grade again when the teacher gave you a sticker for completing your homework. Works for me!


Tip 1:scheduling and treating it like an appointment. :)

Mary Jin Stan

Holly please read my dm on Instagram please I would mean a lot

Lisa Costigan


Yara Alturki :D

I don’t know why, but when I saw her on her rooftop I started bring motivated as well! And when she said “ during your lunch break “ my motivation went UP!!!!!

Lauretta Kargbo


Natsu Terushima


Ze Mystery


Taylor Victoria

I absolutely love I absolutely love Holly Dolke’s videos! Don’t you?! They teach us so much epic stuff about mindset and becoming the best version of ourselves ? I actually created my own channel, ‘Taylor Victoria’, to show even MORE videos like this ? Come and check it out and I will always follow back ??*channel name*’s videos! Don’t you?! They teach us so much epic stuff about mindset and becoming the best version of ourselves ? I actually created my own channel, ‘Taylor Victoria’, to show even MORE videos like this ? Come and check it out and I will always follow back ??

Tuva Sandmo

Really guilty

Kyla Bloom

who is here in 2020?

Muffinuu kakes

does small waist workouts work for boys?

Kenda Oyouni

Oh my god , thank you your workouts have helped me throughout 2019 .

Things Retired People Do

I just get up and do it. I sometimes feel like skipping out but I ALWAYS feel great after working out. That is the best reason to get up and just do it. You will feel fantastic! And also a sense of accomplishment :D Why would you not?

Shivali Pandey

Plz make a video for firm breast!

Stephen Townsend

All good tips but setting times in calendar is the best. Until i do this one am just waiting until i have spare time. Thanks

danielle jones

My motivation when doing hollys workouts (yes hollys ones are the best I must say) is actually her, she motivates me so much


Your accent is like mine lol!? Literally!

Deepika Chouhan

I love u m'am seriously.... I'm fond of ur workout

Ze Mystery

I needed this!

Isabel Hernandez

Watching this while eating frijoles y tortillas ??

Latrice Byrd

Yes I am quilty of that of that, but when I sat down and thought realistically I was able to see the changes and the benefits of seeing my health and Physic change. Thank you for sharing your video they have beeninstramental in these goals. ?

I keep changing my username



I needed this so much thanks so much!

Katherine Croft


marco a. l. lobo

Happy New Year !
Motivation has something to do with a balanced Ego.

Araceli Aragon

Thank you! You have changed my life.??‍♀️??



Kelis Davidson


Dari H

Me: I'm not going to eat anymore junk food

Also Me: zones out eating chips for an hour

Shaina Brown

if i see another jesus comment i’m going to commit arson

Blessing Francis

great video anyone here 2021?

Alayna Dalton


S Francisco

fr though what keeps me powering through is holly encouraging me in her workout routine ❤ thank you so much Holly!

Zinab Radhi

Guilty ☹️?

Monika Singh

How do i sign up for the pink dragon app please help

Sri Nithya


Paui G.

This is really helpful ?

Claire Cre8tes

Everyone always talks about how great they feel after working out but I always only feel tired sweaty and gross bummer ? How long does it take to workout for n00bs to get that good feeling? I’ve tried yoga, strength and cardio

Jinnia 737r

Thanks I just needed this to continue with my transformation journey, you always inspire me to continue Holly ?


what she said in the video: ✨?????

1) put your workouts in a calendar

2) set small realistic goals

3) a variety of exercises

4) motivational quotes

5) join a workout program

Leina Shollenberger

You’re almost at 1 million subscribers!!! Ahhh

Paraskeuoula Nikoli

Guilty ._.

Madi Voutt

I loved all of these. im going away in 20 days and just want to feel happy in my body. i will be using these tips

m u l t i k p o p f a n grrr

opens rice krispie uh-huh



maddy sue

I had a really good workout routine,Then I got on my period...

Gloria Muenge


green tea

Just when i am about to workout ✨✨✨

Tanya Fortune

Hi Holly Dolke, I found the video of Walking Indoors Workout and the Cardio full body workouts to be my favorites for now. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge in how to work out your body -- full body workout daily!

Mollie Erickson

I was able to workout everyday for a few mounths, and lately I've felt to drained to workout. I just tried to workout and I gave up do to being to tired. EVEN THOUGH I SLEPT IN?!?!?!? But thank you for this bc it has really helped <3

Victoria Moffa

Tip 1 isn't all that realistic for people who work in retail jobs. We go in at all hours and don't have a set schedule. I can go in at 5am on day and go in at 8pm the next day. Schedules change from week to week. You can never predict what your schdeule is going to be to schedule workouts is a pain in the ass. I love the motivation and quick and easy workouts you put out for us.

Lisa Marie

I found that writing my Workout down for the day helps me stay on track, and also the small goals helps too, because they are attainable!

Maintain Straight Hair While Working Out

Maintain Straight Hair While Working Out17 Aug. 2018
28 610
Madam GeminiSubscribe 438 721

Hey!! How is your day

Hey!! How is your day going? Great I hope!! I am back lol! Just wanted to show you guys how I maintain my straight hair while in the gym and working out.

Some helpful videos you may want to watch:

Healthy Hair Journey from 2012 to 2015:

Wash day:


Blow drying:

Its my hair tag:

Keep in touch with me by following my IG: Madamgemini9

Email me: [email protected]

Hope you are enjoying my new little channel!! Stick around for more videos and fun times :)

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Yazzy T

I’m pretty sure you won’t see this. But you resemble Trinity Fatu a lot. #celebritylookalike


Why am I only now seeing this????? Damn YouTube I been a subscriber for a long time. I should've been seeing this. Thank u soooo much for this!!


You are so gorgeous!

Sapphire relaxed hair and skin care

Very informative I do the same thing whenever I workout although I don't go to the gym because I don't have time not even on the weekends because I'm at the church but I do exercises at home we do have a weight area in our home and I just go down there my husband and I and I do that but I keep my hair wrapped up and I also put oil on my hair to keep it from frizzing thank you so much God bless you??


Great video?

Addie Loree

omg i was gonna say you should leave ur hair natural because curly hair is so pretty and than i looked at your channel and omggg it’s SO PRETTY

Vivi O

I like how she said African American - or any woman who has textured hair :)

Rosie Smith

I have really long hair ,its very thick ,perm and color. When I exercise it looks a mess and I end just putting it in a ponytail. I am going to try the headband and putting it in a bond while exercising. I guess I could use a light oil because the ends looks fragile.


Raises hand ? I’m guilty of avoiding the gym like a beeline when I have a fresh do.

Shooky Shooky

Thank you for this video there are only a few other videos on this subject and imo they are all rubbish your one is the best by far. I’m a weight lifter and have long natural hair. I’m dreading working out, I walk in the gym with silky straight hair and walk out with curls and frizz ? I straighten my hair around once a year for my birthday and it’s that time again this year, and I was ready to have my hair straight just for one day which is a pain because of all the time and effort it takes. I will definitely be trying these tips and hope to get 2weeks out of my straight hair. Thanks girl btw you are cute and love your personality. Subbing ?


I liked it solely because you’re a Gemini !!!

Brittany Manson

I'm literally in the salon now getting my sew in taken out cause I need a break. But at the same time I'm freaking out because my hair is natural and I workout 4-5 times a week and I SWEAT in my hair (hence the sew in). I couldn't hear the vid all that well (cause I'm under the dryer lol) but am gonna watch agaib when I get home. Btw: what were the oils that you held up?

Robinah Juru

Your arms are everything


How long do you keep a blowout? Two weeks?

Jamila Yusuf

How long did it take for u to reach that hair length,started my hair journey this yr January ,hpe to reach that length,I really get motivated with your videos

Latasha Thomas

A blow dry on cool to the roots, dry shampoo, and/or strides pads to clean the roots is how I keep my scalp clean and dry while working out.

Ebony Parry

Thanks for this video. I'm considering flat ironing my hair to switch it up a little bit, but I wasn't sure about the workouts. This should definitely help. Thank you!!!!

Shaina Flowers

I am really trying to lose like 50 pounds and at the same time I really want to keep my hairstyle(which is straight). It really sucks. I really hope this works enough :) thank you

Jessica Johnson

You’re so pretty


I lost 48 pounds by making a lifestyle change, I had to get braids because I'm natural. I would get them redone every 3 months. I took my braids out in December and now I'm considering getting a relaxer because the natural and the gym isn't working for me... I refuse to give up the gym!!!!




Youre funny


Thank you! I just started a training plan two weeks ago and just got my first silk press and I'm so sad to have it get ruined but the pointers (I hope) will help me out a bit!!

Vengefulique Fury

Thank you for this video it was super helpful. I've definitely been letting my hair stop me from exercising, so hopefully these tips will get me back on track.


Omg thanks for this video

Ankita Singh

Thanx!❤️Love you so much!

Tamara Smith

Thank you so much! I don’t wear my hair straight often and it’s because I spend so much time in the gym. Everything you said makes sense! I’m going to try it and then let you know how it goes.

Alex Santiago

Great tips! Because I have bangs and boy after a workout I look like I just got shocked by an outlet lmao


What were the oils?

How to maintain 360 waves during workout/exercise+ post work out "method"

How to maintain 360 waves during workout/exercise+ post work out "method"21 Jul. 2014
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Malcom monizSubscribe 438 721

how to maintain your waves

how to maintain your waves while exercising is really simple! just have some compression and keep your compression cap on even after your work out ends, wear the compression until you feel your hair is dry. this will reduce frizz and "messiness"

Comments (31)
Greg Faucher

1,000 subscriber giveaway

Luke Sky

Thanks man I was really looking for advice on this!


dope intro..see you on that 225 on the bench..Bout to get that Tsu 3 compression. What you know about that old school Pete Rock and CL Smooth

musa ibrahim

Lmao fail

Anthony Howard

You and 360WaveProcess couldn't have released these workout videos at a better time!! Thanks bro


Good video!

S. Garcia

1000 Subscriber giveaway


nice vod bro tryna win the contest

Daniel Rogers

Video perfectly answered what I needed to know. 6 yrs later lol ??


I hear that NBA Street track in the background lol

S. Garcia

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1000 sub giveaway

Timothy R EQ

1,000 subscriber give away!

Cortezz Lewis

should i put more pomade in my hair after a workout since it kinda sweats out?

Tyler Ellis

Perfect bruhh. 

Andre Hackney

1000 subscriber giveaway!


1000th subscriber contest

Demar Williams

Nice video you videos get better and better each time


Great vid fam!!!

James Towns

This helped out alot bro gone try it out tommorow

S. Garcia

1000 subscriber giveaway

Joseph Wells

Do you leave the rag on in the shower to with a bag? or do you rinse your hair to get the sweat out? if not isn't it bad to leave the sweat in?

Money Makin Rich

Thx I been waiting for one of these type of vids cause I play ball and do suicides for fitness laps ect.


So true fam, idk y everyone makes such a big deal out of working out or being active with waves. Lol GREAT VIDEO

shannon glover

1,000 subscriber giveaway


Lol The Beginning tho! lol

Jermaine Gold

lol the white ppl at the gym always stare when i have my tsurag on

Martin waver

Great video man! Keep on posting 360 wave videos mam...don't stop. :-)

Young Wavers

Can you check out my YouTube channel


1k subscriber giveaway, this video helped me out the most since I workout alot

S. Garcia

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