Having sex with a guy

When is the right time to have sex with a man: The REAL answer

When is the right time to have sex with a man: The REAL answer30 Nov. 2020
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Have you been wondering, "When is the right time to have sex with a man?"

Do you want to know the real answer? Let Alex Cormont, the French Relationship Expert tell you everything you need to know in today's video!

Very often, a man will be incredibly present and invested until you have sex, and then he will start to become distant. Why? And how can you make sure this doesn't happen? Well, it will depend on the foundation you lay before sex comes into the picture. The sexual relationship will change the dynamic. Up until there is sex, the man needs to pursue you and make a great effort to woo you.

The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. What you do need to know, however, is that you have to spend ample time getting to know each other before you sleep together. At least 5-7 dates on average.

Tip #1 : Don't change anything after you sleep together

Tip #2 : The best time to have sex is AFTER you have had multiple dates that were unique

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Learn the value of not getting too attached ☺️? .That there is life after getting so close to him ??. Pursue what needs to be done ..our daily activities.
Don't give too much of your time to him...give time to your self, your dreams and others.
#self care

Bella Salvatierra

Wow!thats awesome info...thank you Alex so nice some tips is amazing to all!!God Bless you more more and more???

Shona M

Don't sleep with a man for 2years. Why? Because in the 6month period you'll know his intentions whether he likes you for you or sex. After 1 year you still set boundaries. Atleast know whom you are dealing with. And you move on if the man isn't giving you that ring/commitment for marriage and move to someone who respects and actually loves you❤️

This American culture is a spoiler does not get you anywhere and teaches you what does not work. That's why divorce is so high as young woman are easily available and men don't know how to respect their wives?

Definitely sex should be after marriage because that is something which makes men see you as challenge and they invest a lot on you. Sex is not everything.

First understand him and see whether he really wants to know you. The real you. Just because men have access to free sex without investment that's when they devalue women. Being woman, we should raise our standards and not go by emotions and never make men to take advantage of us❤️ respect yourself and men will not only respect you but also other women ❤️ keep dating more men and state the same boundaries until you get that one man who proposes ❤️

tosca donna

The only way to know that the man is there because he cares is to wait until you’re married. That’s the only way to know for sure, and that’s why the rules were to have no sex before marriage. That’s why fathers set up these rules in order to protect their daughters from men like them. So if you have sex with a man, and you’re not married already, you’re taking a chance that he will leave. That’s just the way that men are. It’s always a game to them.


good answer!

Melanie Oosterman

Thanks Alex! You have the best answer to this question I’ve ever hear ? It totally makes sense ?

Kiran Sharma

Perfect tips! Alex i love your tip of challenging men ! Soooo tough cuz we are such loving human beings . Men take advantage.. ? Anyway thank God we have Alex to guide us in the dark . Love you Alex Thank you!..❤??

Hanneke Theron

You have such a sensual mouth ;)

Jesus' Favourite Daughter


Karron Fisher

I wonder why I'm the only one commenting! I just wanted to say great advice all away around.you are correct after the sex is over our focus on the man goes up.i hate to admit this truth openly but I'm trying to be transparent when I can.to each his own I do not have sex till marriage ( 1) I want to keep my relationship with Jehovah God clean! Which is why I choose only from our brother hood but BUT I REMEMBER HOW I WAS BEFORE DEDICATING MY SERVICE TO God and Alex your observation is correct.I love to make sure I'm makeing changes that serves my highr good,so do enjoy your male perspective as well as some ther coaches I like to watch.you are doing well with your English as I said before learning navajo teaching gods word from the navajo bible,Bible, learning language is sooooo liberating and frustrating, keep up the good work my brother

Lourdes Ortega

I love your accent! It is sexy.

Hanan Mohammed

Oww this man ??they will make as get crazy

Melanie Rogers

I love this advice. I feel like it should just be when it feels right, first date or 6 months or when you get married, etc. And if he decides not to stick around that's not anything for me to worry about. I just move on with my life and enjoy the fact that I had a good time, dating, having sex, getting to know someone, and seeing what I want and don't want. Sure sometimes it hurts but I don't live in that space because it obviously wasn't meant for me.

Joyce Mwelwa

Good advice Alex thanks again

Molly Kam

May be those men not happy until sex and pulled away afterwards..not always because they are bad men...it is depends

Esra Sapar

Ladies be smart. Only sex after wedding ;)

Patricia Gonzales


Solay ma

The right time to have sex with a man is when you both are married to each other. Period.

Corina Luana Vlad

I do agree with everything you said.
Having sex with a man doesn't change anything. It is a way to know him sexually, but this won't change my behaviour. It is a mutual pleasure.
Thank you so much, dear Alex! ?????

sweet magical

First-time I'm here your channel but I love it thanks 4 sharing

Rebecca Jones

They often fake a future to get sex. We must not take it too seriously. The woman needs to be excellent in bed. So excellent in fact that you blow his mind and he not want you in bed with others. Once you are having great sex, other men will find you super attractive. It's all hormonal. Deep down we are all animals. If you wait 3 months and then you are not that competent in the bedroom they will be let down. I myself like to know if the guy is good in bed. Lots of men out there with impotence issues. So I don't like to wait too long.

jessa Casipe

Hello Alex,I'm one of your avid subscriber here in the Philippines. watching your videos and thank you for all the advises that you've shared here.God Bless..

noga 1

If it's up to the man to decide , he will want it right after - "Hi , nice to meet you "?

Khadijah Nyabinghi

For example, when he publicly makes you his legal wife or when he provides solid financial investment in you. Usually a man wants easy, quick sex, without any type of commitment or solid financial investment if the woman allows it. Then he treats you like shit afterwards because you were easy prey. Men are hunters.

Helen Rosales

I'm always.watching you here in the Phil.

Hannah Amartey

First here like I'll be the first billionaire in my family.

Jovan Krstic

Subscwibe? so cute?

Sasha Otamendi

????????merci Alex ?

Klaudia Lacayo

Thank you for your video! Love your advice.

Mabintou Kamara

Thanks Alex great advice right on time ?

Criselle A.

Great one! I smile while watching you Alex. Honestly i want to talk to you privately to confess some things. I just can't really find enough time. But one time, i will come to your website Alex??
Thanks a lot

Janet Straw

Be a ‘high value’ woman and w a i t . Let him pursue you for a while. See how consistent he is. Let him work for you. Have standards. Men respect a woman with standards who is classy and very particular about with whom, and when, she gives her trust. He must earn it!

0Judi0 Bartel

when you are married to him.

Winfrida Mwigilwa

Great advice Alex. You helped me a lot and still you are doing. Thank you so much

Lexie Montgomery

After marriage!!

ester Petrus

Just what I needed to hear , thank you a lot Alex?

Hanan Mohammed

Thank you alex ?
Hana middle east

Barbara Buonincontro

Hi how are you. Thank you for the great advice. Barb.

Mary Joy Amorer

When u both are married.

Tanya Bell

Excellent advice,thank you Alex.Happy to have you as an advisor!?

Mwafisheni Chipo

Today m the first all the way from Zimbabwe

Mark Rosenfeld

Always great advice Alex!

Khadijah Nyabinghi

If he genuinely desires you in his life and genuinely likes you, then he won't treat you bad because he doesn't want to lose you to other men. If he never wanted you to begin with and only wanted sex and you figure this out, then cut him off completely and move on with your life.

joyce gumbo

It all depends... I had sex on our first date and he still wants to see me always...we talk on the phone every day and he gets horny just thinking about me!

Legday Tacos

The best time is when he asks you to be official. This is when he fell in love. Before commitment just do orals

Guess who

thanks Alex!!!!

Ause Mmbamba

The truth is a guy if he hasn't open your legs yet he will puts so much effort to get you but when he opens your leg he will start looking for someone new to open legs too, so just be a woman with principle don't don't ever give a man your body till he marrys you, and again if he loves you he will be patience enough to wait until two of you get married period.

Fahimeh dan

How to make a challenge?

Lisa Chilman

Did you get married? ??

Susana Hasan

on the night of your wedding of course!

sonam sharma

I don't like missing any of your videos...Ur a gem of a person ?❤️❤️

Tiffany Nguyen

Glad I still kept the mindset to wait until marriage. I think he decided to move on by unfollowing me on Instagram, removing me from video app, Untagging from the relationship status, deleting some of our pics together. I decided to remain calm and not contacting.

BlossomBella Tigress

Tianie Mitchell

So from a woman's point of view Alex what you're saying is after we have sex or intercourse , to go about business as normal and act as if it's just wasn't up to par to make him curious to think he has to try again, so to speak

Happy Bee TV

The right time to have it is NEVER.

azra besic

Not worth it just for 2 6 and half seconds

Jayne Maya

I’ve got one for you Alex..
what if you like a guy , but he puts it out there that he only wants to be ‘f**k buddies’..
it’s like.. from the beginning he makes it clear there is no chance for a relationship, so we may as well have sex on the first time hanging out, because f buddies is all that is on offer.
Yet there I am with feelings for that guy, but kind of think.. well.. if sex is all there is, it’s better than nothing, right? I still get to enjoy being with him...?
Yet it completely destroys any chance of anything more than sex...

Eva Kam

You can still do all that and he still disappears.
Truth is nothing is certain with men.
No prediction whatsoever.
There are many skilled men out there who show of as good guy despite chasing after one thing.
In dating this is a Russian roulette. Period.

Ella Asante

Please Alex, can I get your what's up number

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Today I'm going to give you answer that you probably haven't heard from any other dating coach. The best part? It's answers the question of "When should you sleep with a guy" with an answer that applies to every dating situation, in a way you've probably never thought about it before.

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Comments (100)
Bomaigi Mogerema Wi

Hi Mark ?

Chloe Litchfield



Simple, it's called "Marriage".


If you wouldn’t have a child with him, don’t sleep with him. If he is not father material and doesn’t have the financial qualifications of a father, don’t sleep with him. Also, if he doesn’t love you don’t sleep with him.

Maria Stoica

What the duck you have on the skin, dude? You look so wiard and fake with that su cream

Helium Valentine

Wait 3 months, plus be committed. You need to get to know each other and not have sex be the basis of your relationship, which happens if you give it up in a month or less.


What if you met him online and became really close friends for 1-2 years and then you finally plan a visit and you are only there for 7 days?? I was thinking that the best thing to do would be to wait until we spent enough time together to feel comfortable and there have to a few things in place like trust. It is a good question.. I guess it would be different for everyone.

Maura Brady

I wanna be in love and know he loves me so that we can then strengthen our existing bond with that physical relationship

Julia Skagfjord

Hey so, I have relied heavily on online dating throughout my 20's and 30's I will be 38 this year!! I didn't know how a relationship started, but in chatting up guys online for a long time and then sleeping with them on the first date) even after we had what I thought was a mutual interest in relationship- based on weeks of online chatting, or texting) that does not work. As a woman you have to set your standards, and a guy has to follow that. You have to get the kind of guy who wants to treat you with respect. I decided that the type of guy who gets sexual so soon, before you even meet (despite him also talking about possible longterm with you) is full of shit. My best advice is to be cutting and quick, delete delete delete and move on. I wasted way too much time dating guys who just wanted to get laid, because I didn't know what it was to be treated like I was worth more than that. (I have only had a one year relationship so far in my life.) You get less interest if you do not put up sexy pictures online etc...but the caliber and quality of guy you attract is someone who wants to get to know you, and who can actually have a conversation with you. If a guy is being overly sexual, that is not having a real conversation or trying to get to know you. I am kind of a person who keeps to myself, so this is why I relied heavily online dating, as I was never invited to anything or part of anything to meet anyone, or to have the chance to meet a guy. I advise against that habit too. Keep getting out there and interacting with the world. Give a guy the benefit of the doubt, keep your heart open, be playful and fun, but at first sign of warning that he doesn't meet your standards, be strong and cutting and move on. That is my best dating advice. Right now I just had a really good first date with someone who was willing to treat me with respect, who showed sexual interest, but seems willing to wait. I take that as a compliment, because I am hoping he wants to get to know me too.

Linda Maddox

Mark: It is not how many dates you have had with a man or how long you have known him that should determine when you have sex with him. It is HOW WELL you know him that should dictate if and/or when you have sex with him. I am a senior citizen and have learned much over the years, so listen up. You can be acquainted with someone for years and still not know them, sometimes even if you live with them. Conversely, you can get to know someone well in a relatively short time. Before you decide to meet them in person, you may want to do some research on them. First, you may go on the internet or have a background check done by a reputable private investigator, consult a friend who may know him well, communicate by telephone or letter to get a feel for what he's like. For example, you may want to know whether or not he is married (a man may lie about his marital status to get you into bed), he may be a convicted felon. He could be a dead beat or too lazy to work. He may be a drug addict or an alcoholic, he could be an undocument alien, or otherwise undesirable. You may want to know what, if any, religion he professes and what church, synagogue, mosque, etc. he is affiliated with, and many other things. All this can be done in a short period of time, and is affordable. At any rate, your well being is of the utmost importance; and no price is too great for a woman to pay to preserve her safety.

PS, the man could also be a rapist, murderer, woman or child abuser, pedofile. You may also want to know about the people he surrounds himself with. Remember, bad associations do corrupt good morals, so ladies, we can't be too careful!!!


Hey Mark, thanks for this video. I understand all the principles.
Now I am struggling with one big question: how to make a man wait for sex when I don’t feel ready.
I mean I am in my 40’s, we cannot go on outside dates like for the coming weeks.
So at one point we spend time together at each other place. I notice most men just EXPECT sex once we go on his place. I would like to wait for a connection to build, but how?!?
I lean once on the couch kissing and touching both get aroused... how to stop it and especially how to not make the man feel frustrated or led on?

Mumma bear Cuddles

Thanxxs for ur valued information.
I’m just escaping a marriage that his mental health has broken me and my boys apart. The me now. I heard myself laugh. Having a special friend that I met at 17 always stood by my side. A friend with special benefits. Is 30 urs long enough to wait ....? Yep worth the wait ?✌????‍♀️??

Shanon Tillak

I so agree with this!

Jena 79

Watching this video made me think of other situations such as a woman/man who are not so experienced or are still virgins. Care to share your thoughts on this matter? I know from experience that it can be very daunting to let someone know that you are not that experienced but still want to keep that level (or even increase it) of cool and respect between the two of you so you don’t lose that ‘spark’. I guess what I’m asking is, how do you tell someone about your inexperience without them losing interest or look at you weirdly because you haven’t had sex? It just baffles me sometimes that some of the guys I went on a date with find it repulsive when they finally find out and assume that I’m not a sexual person (which I very much am). I mean, EVERYONE has been inexperienced/virgin at some point and being judged for it makes me sad sometimes.

But do know that I’m still hopeful. Been going out on dates and enjoying the time I’ve had. Guess its just this part that still I find difficult to express...hope I made sense lol


Brilliant video. In total agreement. A woman should have sex with a guy when it feels right for her. You are right, if passed that he has to still chase to get the whole package. If he doesn’t they he’s not worth it. Too much out there that leads to guilt for women. Third date for me, zero regrets with my gorgeous new man. Be empowered ladies. Remember if he wants you he’ll want all of you and more and more sex! Trust your gut. ☺️

Zero One

You nailed it!!?


NO Idisagree Mark. Men are physical, women are emotional. Men can have sex and without any emotion...(most) women get emotionally involved. I strongly believe that a if a woman truly likes a guy & wants to keep him around, they should wait....until they establish an emotional bond first , however long that takes. Hormones get in the way of bonding first with the person, then with the physical

Takeuchi G

Awesome answer ?

Happy Days

I am appreciate you addressing this. Because, I am dating again at 48 and I just get tired of all the do this do that. I know what I will and will not put up with even after sex. Thank you

Marsha Roach

Was it 5 days or a month..

Lindsey Walker

I really like this point of view! Very Enlightening!

Jewels777 Jewels777

Until married THE BIBLE SAYS

Zodiac Wars

Another vague ass answer - women should hold off as long as possible but remain sweet, kind and open to the idea... one day!

qing ye

3:32 In my opinion, a woman should have sex with a man when she feels comfortable having sex with a man. She's the one who has to live with herself after the act, not him, so it's important that she wants to have sex with him, not just him deciding whether they have sex or not. That's all I have to say about that.

(Recommended by YouTube, friend's account)

regina L

I love this so much. So true.


Not all women wait because they’re wanting to challenge a man. Some women simply view sex as being something extremely intimate, and so they only want to do it with someone they actually know and have an emotional bond with. It’s also a great way to weed out the guys that don’t care about her feelings/getting to know her/finding a relationship and are only wanting to use her for her body.

Christina Cataldi

I completely agree! It is sad though that many guys have really mixed feelings about the whole wanting sex thing. You never know which one is going to turn around after you’ve done the deed and look at you differently. In the one hand they want to get physically intimate and communicate that from very early on but then once you do they don’t know which Catagory to put you in. Now that you’ve put out it brings up all this insecurity on the part of the man thinking how many guys does she do this with? Is she a whore?? They want to see you as this Madonna perfect, wife material and then come crashing down into side chick status. Madonna/Whore syndrome runs rampant in certain cultures.

Yani Alvarenga

We high value women don't wait to have sex because we think it's the greatest thing we can offer is because, you need to feel secure and have already an emotional connection to someone before going into sex. Whoever things differently is probably a feminist.

Aieshoo 1234

Whatever you do, no one should pressure you into having sex.

Nina Koch


m p

I agree and I've always thought that sex is simply one of many elements of the relationship between two people so I never even thought about "delaying" it in the intention of making a guy look forward to it. I had sex really early in my first relationship and we stayed together for 10 years. I was lucky because he was a nice person. However this kind of thinking didn't turn out well for me after breaking up with that person, because there are many guys out there who see women as sex objects and who are willing to seduce them to the extend of treating them like princesses during the first couple of dates just to have sex and then disappear. They know they don't want a relationship and they're just after sex from the beginning, but for them seducing you and making you believe otherwise is part of the "chase". So I learned to wait and examine the person's character before I have sex, not in order to increase his anticipation but in order to protect myself from a potential lying predator. (by the way not only men behave like that, there are many women nowadays that do exactly the same, pretending they care or that they are genuinely interested when they're only after a good time and they know it from the beginning). Feeling lied to and used is a terrible feeling and waiting before you have sex is the only thing that can protect you from that feeling.

l evi

If you feeling it do if and enjoy it

Rob Garcia

I agree THE CHALLENGE if a guy really loves you he will wait. And the support and emotianal aspect way better and lasting.

Psychopath Gains

Prudes and white knights in the comment section. Bunch of pretentious and pathetic morons, who obviously will never be married, are divorced, or will have relationship problems in the future. It seems all you have absolutely no idea how to build a relationship properly. Also, god is a for sure way to know that you’re just a stupid child who’s not ready to be in a relationship.

Oksana Kafarova

I actually prefer to wait with sexual part. I just feel like I want to get to know a man better before I have sex with him. Sex is very intimate and I need to trust my man emough to let him in my bed. But no judgement to women who think differently. As long as they are comfortable with it.

Margaret Campbell

You need to establish the relationship before you have sex. That is my belief

Katie L

Not helpful. Though I agree that sex is not all we can offer, don’t you think that most guys will lose interest after having sex and won’t take the time to discover what those things are?


Never have sex on the first date, I learned the hard way. It’s a filter to get rid of jerks who just want to bone. If he actually cares and wants to get to know you he will stick around

Deborah Phillips

i agree with you completely...sex is an important part of a healthy relationship but by no means the best..and sex does not make a man love you...I started seeing a man recently and after a few dates he said something interesting..I like you far beyond the idea of having sex with you...he is 67 and I am 65..i wanted to have sex with him..so I did and it was the right thing for both of us..I hate that awkward period when you're not having sex..and neither of us are wild..both of us have been careful about this issue with other people..he respects me and I respect him and we are having a great time together


Mark! I need advice on how to invite a guy over for dinner on our third date without him thinking it might be an invitation to sleep with me. Last time a guy invited me over for dinner and I acted like a “bitch” basically letting him know I wasn’t that kind of girl :( How can I let this (very respectful) guy know that I’d like to do something nice for him since he took me out the last two times, but I still expect him to go home at the end of the night?? Or am I worrying about this too much!

Joe Jones

What a bullshit video!

Gifty Asare Amanquar

OMG Mark! that's exactly me. I had sex on my first date and he is my boyfriend now. we've been together for almost two years now.


This is a bad advise for someone who searches on YouTube for a good advise, we are no J. Lo's or Madonnas and we don't have the high self-esteem you're talking about, so by telling us it doesn't matter if you have it on your first, second or third date is as if you're telling us to take all your savings and invest on a product that you don't know nothing about, because you still have a few dollars somewhere at home in your piggy bank.
Most of man lose interest if they get it to fast without putting any effort! There is a reason why so many dating coaches are advising to wait, don't try to outstand them by your bad reasoning!

0s1 Mjol

I would love to see a video for virgins, I haven't seen ANY, NONE at all! Do you people realize we virgins still exist and we do want to have good relationships? No one uploads advices for virgins, I don't know why are we so forgotten.

Jeanette L

Very true :)


Till you’re married. Bye.

Bomaigi Mogerema Wi

I love this.

Ether Ocean


LG 1475

If ya wana have SEX...Have SEX dammit! If ya don’t...Don’t! No time is ever gona be the PERFECT or RIGHT time!¿ Gota just do whatz right for you...Only you! Whenever that may be~

Bless.Bless. ?

Lilly STAR

best talk ever

Sunsetbeach Beachlove

ok so when I meet my LDR this week I'm gonna relax and go with the flow??????ps we been together almost a year ?


So I blew it Mark...it started out innocently enough. Just never thought this LDR was going to go to the next level so I was more open to playing around via video chat (which I know already has risks of its own. Now that the relationship is building in seriousness I realize this was a big mistake because when we finally do meet for the first time in person it will be an assumed expectation that we will take our cyber sexual episodes to the realm of physical and frankly I’m it ready if that makes any sense!!! Lol I’m actually very conservative and prefer to wait at least until engagement but I don’t want this to now become a matter of me withholding and “playing hard to get” as if sex is all I have to offer by NOT putting out!! Now I don’t know what to do!

Gwendolyn Yates

I feel that if he's a caring understanding person and showing that he respect you. He will wait until you are ready. Holding how much you want him, is exciting and will be worth the wait for both of you. I been celibate for over 15 years and it's been great but at the same time I want to give myself to a special gentlemen. it's very important for me to be in love first.I will continue on being celibate. I'm already in love. He's worth my love and time.

nadeen haytham

I loved how you answered this question because many girls like to save it till marriage
Thank you

Dj Konstantine

Women give sex out like candy to alpha males, but make beta males wait - female screwed up logic!

Humanityinc videos

Bout time
A coach with sum sense


Ladies, don’t fall for this bs. If the guy also agrees with the fact that a lady has so much to offer, way more than just sex, he wouldn’t mind to wait. It goes both ways. Now, is the guy ok with that? Is he still pushing you to have sex? Then, don’t walk from him, run! Sex is pleasurable for both men and woman, but biologically we ladies approach sex with a completely different mindset.
Men want and need sex more than us - again, it’s nature- so by holding on the prize ladies can really test the guy’s intentions. Don’t fall for that trap. Don’t give sex until he’s investing in you.

Cynthia Tower

Thank you for this answer. I agree with you so much. For so many years I have felt I am so weak because I don’t wait to have sex with a man. I enjoy sex so much. I don’t want to feel I’m a “bad girl” if I have sex before a man is ready to commit. We are more and the right man will know this.

Taron Howell

I once had a tan like yours... ?. The truth is, I just don't like the sun as much; it's quite ironic for an outdoors person like myself; but it's not good for your skin, so I use LOADS of sunscreen. I sometimes feel like Howie in The Benchwarmers... https://youtu.be/ipzPZFdznlE

Amy Shoffeitt

I was with a guy for a YEAR no joke..no sex for a year. I wasn't going to let any guy use me for sex. Well he was so respectful to me...he never put his hands on me again after the first time he tried and I told him not to ever so that again. He slept over at my house....cuddled, conversation, cooked for me. He wanted to be with me all the time. His friends all said, "He's true lovin' you! He told us you guys weren't even having sex! He really loves you!" After 1 year of this, I knew I could trust him. I asked him, "Why don't you ever try to kiss me?" He said, "Because you told me not to". I told him he could try now...and we had a very good night! Haha. I usually would feel gross and used after sex with men, but this time I felt great. I KNEW he loved me and wanted to be with me for me. ? We dated for years and he asked me to marry him. My profile pic is our cure little baby we made. ❤ I still love him and am so glad I found someone who would wait for me.


I say wait. Build that friendship. Take time. What's the rush. If he's into you he will wait. Making out can be extremely intense and satisfying for a time. Mark nailed really.

Jennifer Lynn Adams

Sex is so much more than just something you enjoy or an expression of yourself. Sex is deeply sacred. Also sex can have huge consequences like std's and pregnancy . How do you addressed these topics of sex. What is your advice?

Michelle McFarland

Wonderful answer & message! ???

Linda Maddox

Mark, how long should a man wait to have sex with a woman? Have you ever thought about that. Some men feel put upon if the woman wants sex before he does. We seem to have role reversal.

Silence Wench

What counts as having sex?

Mini Cooper

I am a Demi-sexual INFJ. My last boyfriend waited for 8 months before sex. Just to help me relax for the first time, he had to book a holiday at the mountains. This one I am seeing connects with me very well at intellectual and emotional level. I am really making an effort to warm up to him so I am thinking about Christmas time, 3 months away. I am a slow cooker, only a patient chef will bother with me. But I really can’t do anything about it. If I can’t make love with your brain, I can’t make love with your body.

Diva Hair

Worst coach ever stay away from this kind of degenerate advise

Marjoni Tripp

I feel like you just made a play at a psychological switch. Of course we know that there is way more to us than sex lol

Shifa Agassi

Actually I worried to having sex if not yet dating officially. Because I scare he will leave me after we sleep together when I already love him

Balkan Getaway

I wait because having sex will cloud my judgement weather or not this person could be a good partner. If the sex is good that's all he need to win me over and i end up in a relationship with someone i don't really like 6 months down the line.

Tia NickoleMUA

Stop tanning gorgeous! You have beautiful skin ?

Wiam Mohammed

I Totally agree

xoxXOXO l

what if the guy you've slept with turns out to be a creepy guy? some child molester creep that you find out about?



Jennifer Moleski

Sex is what men want. What's the value of the woman? Sex is a currency. If I'm worth a million dollars, I won't give that money for nothing. No. Fucking. Way. It takes a man with ambition, lust, interest and aim to obtain a woman they're interested in. When they've worked hard to obtain the prize, then the prize is given.

Sex isn't (necessarily) a woman's best trait, but to act like it's not worth A LOT is feminist bullshit.

When I like a guy I want to fuck them, like, right NOW, so it's not like women don't want it too, but I do see it like $$$. A bag of hundreds would probably like to be spent, but it'll be handled and respected substantially more if it was earned:

Trust fund baby / easy sex
Successful entrepreneur / waiting awhile

Cindy cinn

Depends on dinner movie and how it feels at the time but mostly no because of the awkwardness i try to say something funny but im too monty python for dates to understand hahaha yup he will usually say i won't push you men can be cool too

Janet A

I understand what you are saying but I don't agree. Waiting to have sex for me, as a woman, is about making sure that the man is one that I want to share the most intimate parts of myself with. I want to make sure he's healthy sexually, emotionally and mentally. My body is sacred. I won't share it quickly because a book or the media says I shouldn't. I wait, because I'm a package deal and sex is the most intimate part of that package for me.

cyan kaya

This was the best advice I ever heard. Absolutely, these no sex for such and such time were designed when women was dependent on men for supply and wanted to make him commit and trap. The time has changed, sex is the expression of feelings so both guy and lady should take responsibility for it.

Jacqueline F

I had 3 dates with a guy in 1 week. No way did I sleep with him.... he ended things because he couldnt get sex from me


Sex is not the best thing we can offer but it is what most guys want and what they chase for. Therefore waiting until we can see how they are and if they are worth our energy and body is good. We don’t want to be with someone that has nothing. Most girls want a successful man. Especially when a girl knows her worth she won’t settle for anything less than what she deserves.

Loubna Ben

Hello Mark, just discovered your channel and can't get enough of your videos. I have a question for you. Is it possible to date/have a boyfriend without having sex? At least not before I fall completly in love with him which may take up to a year? I can't have sex with someone I don't love but I guess no man can wait for a year to have sex while he can find it just around the corner, isn't it true?

New Worldorder

Guys do actually respect you more if you're not easy. Men don't like to think anyone who goes on a date with you can score with you. It's also sensible to go on a few dates so you get a good feel of who they are with a clear head! Women release bonding hormones during sex so no I don't agree with it on the first few dates. I guy needs to be investing in YOU not looking forward to the next sexual encounter. It's a good way to test if a man respects your boudaries. You show him you have some and can stick to your own boundaries. Now taking it to rediculous extremes is wrong but those initial couple of dates don't do it!

Zişan İrem Özyurt

Absolutely true ! Thanks Mark

Alicia Daniels

I never just give myself away.it should be mutual

Natalia Orlova

Hi Mark, your attitude rings the bells to me as well as the article with the bottom line "if it's not Fuck Yeah, it is No, so move on". The point is, I find myself in both types of situations: "fuck yeah" (when it feels strange to suppress the wave and lose time waiting) and "I just don't know you enough" (but evidently for the man it means the "no", right? - and some flake off). I don't bother much about the men who had not grasped my interest to the FY degree, but I'd like to understand myself better.

Should I wait for my attitude to develop, like most women do, or look for that FY reaction in me, indicating the right choice? I have no reliable stats here. My first long-term relationship started without much chemistry on my part, and remained so throughout many years, fueled mostly by the guy's investment. My latest relationship, that lasted just as long, started with FY and remained FY, with no less effort on the man's part (might still go on if not for the long distance). And I also had some FY-based whims with obviously no-boyfrend-material guys, some memories to dream of, others to laugh at.

Would be grateful for any directions.

Kimberly Monzon

How long should you wait to sleep with a guy, you said it doesn't matter. Mark I feel youshould teach these ladies to be decent ladies and that they should wait until he marries her. I have seen and heard so many stories of women  that have been used and the guy just said good bye because she gave it up. On the other hand I noticed that when a woman said no and that she wanted to wait until marriage he never left her and considered her a gem and not to mention I have heard guys say to their friends, " I am never getting married, because all these women have sex". If he does not want to marry you he does not love you.

truth seeker

Horrible advice..lol..ladies keep your legs closed!

Kristina Jovanoski

I agree ☝?

Deniz Derya

This advice gave me trouble. Not everybody thinks about sex this way , turned put he was more religious than i thought so he lost respect.


I completely agree with this video for the most part. I truly don't think it matters. However, I personally think there was something else that can be expounded on. You have to keep in mind that women deal with different types of guys. This will only work for a certain type of guy. Some guys don't like being challenged, it's considered being "too difficult."

Alice Dementieva

Stop that f*cking stupidity, to SLEEP and to have SEX is two DIFFERENT ACTIVITIES!??people can sleep together WITHOUT SEX

Stacey Arnold

I love your outlook on this!

Mark Rosenfeld

Who's here now still watching this video on How Long Should You Wait To Sleep With A Guy?? If so, hit 'reply' to let me know your thoughts on the video! You can also DM me on insta @makehimyours and come behind the scenes on filming! And don't forget your FREE download via https://www.makehimyours.com.au/7secrets

Kaitlin Riedl

I agree with this viewpoint. I don't feel ashamed for having sex on the first date if it feels right. Simply because I have a healthy sexual appetite. I applaud women who explore a healthy sexuality. I feel I deserve it because I work hard and I have a lot to offer. I know I am a catch. I will decide when to have sex when the moment feels right for me.

Giulia S.

Better without bear! ?‍♀️?


NOT TRUE!!! When a woman decides to wait to have sex, she is doing it FOR HERSELF NOT HIM. She's waiting to take the time to get to know him more, in hopes of avoiding heart break. Why? Because most women are emotional creatures. Just because she is waiting to have sex doesn't mean that she believes sex is the best thing she has to offer!!! Not sure where you got your credentials from but you are providing these women with fucked up advice.

Dinorah López Argüelles

Since the beginning of my relationship (we are in a long distance relationship) we had fights and I wasn't able to handle things. I committed a lot of mistakes, fought for stupid things and got the relationship really deteriorated. Now my boyfriend (we've been together for 2 years) says he lost sexual attraction (he said his sexual attraction is now between 70 to 80%) and because of the fights he doesn't remember if he ever felt like it was 100%. Which is weird for both of us since he says I'm the most beautiful girl he's ever been with. He says sex is great (it is for both of us) and that he's really physically attracted by my. But that the sexual attraction is not what we both would want it to be. Seeing your videos I'm working on the emotional side of the relationship, trying to improve it and stop further deterioration of it. My question is, is his sexual attraction lose linked to all the problems we've had? And is there hope it will improve and be even better that before?

Nowie Yahya

This video is kind of disappointing Mark. A lot of other datingcoaches (successfull guys) disagree with you on this one.


damn that fake tan noo

ragga brash

Great video!

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