How to masterbate in public

Court Rules Public Masturbation LEGAL

Court Rules Public Masturbation LEGAL11 Sep. 2016
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A court in Italy has ruled

A court in Italy has ruled that its okay to masturbate in public. Cenk Uygur, Kim Horcher, Ben Mankiewicz, and Michael Brooks, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Kim Horcher, Ben Mankiewicz, Michael Brooks

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Kim Horcher, Ben Mankiewicz, Michael Brooks


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Comments (100)
Giovanni Johnson

i really hate that girl, shes always stuttering or trying to but in and say something off topic, annoying as hell :/


People keep on saying that we get too offended. Isn't being offended by genitals a bit of an overreaction?

LaMar McNeil

Personally, I believe that the criminalization of public nudity has no basis; I don't believe in criminalizing simply because they make you uncomfortable. At this point, you begin to create laws based on taboos and cultural beliefs, which is no better than enforcing laws based on religion. Moreover, the penalization of public nudity has no basis, so I don't believe that public masturbation should be penalized unless vandalism, sexual assault, etc., is involved.

The Uber Successful

I JUST remembered that Dave CHappelle clip because of this.


This video literally says that Jimmy Dore (Far Left) is Ben Mankiewicz

Bill Wheeler

What do you suppose Diogenes would have to say about this?l

LaMar McNeil

I know all the hobknockers sure are excited.

Dan dog

watching or not might let you know what you are...sexually , that is


You guys kind of ignored her at the beginning there

mike mikey

i dont mind women masturbating in public,
make it illegal for men


3 months for masturbation in Italy = 3 months for rape in White American

Retro Rube

The Nerd in me is loving the imperial earrings!

Jonathan Small

It's men's bodies and their choice. If they get sexually aroused in public then they should be allowed to let it out. Provided they carry tissues or containers to capture the semen. Seriously if I am outside and a really hot girl is in front of me it is hard not to get a hard on. I know I can't do anything to her as that is illegal but at least I can have the pleasure of jerking off while she is still there.

John Doe

Whether it's sexual or not- the way I see it is that, assuming you're not in a neck brace or suffering some kind of disability of the nature, you have the freedom to turn your head and walk in a different direction if you don't want to see it. Ergo, restricting public masturbation is an impermissible restriction on the liberties of the people.


Everyone Masterbates sometimes. I don't know 'bout you but it ain't a crime

Hank Hill

Welp *unzips*. Let's do this thing.


if it should be considered vandalism and a public health hazard to spit on the sidewalk, and it should, then this also should be thought of the same way. The problem isn't with the sex, it's with the vandalism with bodily fluids. But a fine makes more sense than a jail sentence.

Yeksa Otsi'tsya

Italy, where it rains milk.

Steve Huff

This is crazy.


There will be a different meaning to "When in Rome..."


Dicks Out for Harambe


They should be above using fake titles like this.

Peter Vonier

As soon as young turk finds out there is a country with public masturbation,and beautiful Italian women he buya a ticket and loads up with hand cream and off he goes literaly.Have fun in Italy and do not go blind.

Carroll Addington

Masturbation isn't harming anybody. As such, I see no reason to make it illegal. You don't like someone else doing something sexual? Too bad. Same thing I tell republicans who get uncomfortable seeing two guys kissing in public. I don't care if it makes you uncomfortable, you don't get to limit others freedom just because you're prudish. Lets be consistent here in our liberalism.

truth betold

what about the children witnessing this??

Charles Miller





Public masturbation is only illegal for men. There's an entire toy market designed for women masturbating in public.

Oisin Murphy

Rebel Alliance earrings.....awesome.


But muh freedoms

Lillian Warren

Why does this surprise us?The Vatican is home to reams of perverts.. Safety of women and children is not on their radar


Eeeeewww, spluge and pussy juice everywhere. That would be a public health hazard.

excommunicatus -

C'mon, Cenk - you know the old saying. When in Rome.... :)


Masterbation isn't sexual. Sex needs two people. Duh. <---(Argument accomplished)

End Wildlife Services'Needless Killing Of Wildlife

If they legalized it in America Hillary would have to stop making public appearances...... it's in bad taste to crack jokes about homelessness in Italy ( or elsewhere)....and justify it with 'wanker' humor....guess former (?) GOP stalwart Cenk had removed his 'liberal' hat for the day

Hank Hill

Titties turn me on more than vagina. If women walked around with no pants on, I'd be able to suppress a boner. If every woman had their titties flopping about though, I'd be full chub 24/7. I don't think I'm alone in being a boob-man. How exactly is the Free the Nipple campaign "not sexual"?


I like how he's 69.

The B.A.R. Strategy

Feel free to masturbate in private, not public... Why would anyone even want to do that...


So, apparently nobody in Italy cares if some perv wants to whack in front of your toddler or young child? WTF ITALY?!


The trenchcoat lobby strikes again

Felix de Villiers

What dreadful puritans you are. But I see there is someone else who has written, 'mind your own business.' And you say it's not a crime but he was given a hefty fine to pay, so he was punished. Why don't people just look the other way and ignore the man? Or someone could go up to him in a friendly way and say, "Come on! Cover your dick and do this somewhere else." Psychologists would probably consider the man as somehow neurotic. You say he had already been copped doing this and did it again. Cenk can go to Italy and rest assured that he will not see anyone masturbating in public, hardly anyone behaves like that. That man's natural instincts got the better of him and in a way his action was a protest against puritanism. Why make a fuss about it? There should not be punishment of any kind unless sexual acts involve literal aggression against others, as in rape.


And this is one of the consequences of centuries of anti-sex, anti-nudity, being-human-is-naughty religions corrupting societies. People having sex or masturbating or being nude is somehow a crime against people seeing it, but violence and murder never is? Smoking isn't? Theft isn't? Nothing else is a crime when people see it?


Stealing food is also legal in Italy


so from now on werever a woman breast feed a baby .,ther'll be a masturbator besides...

Edward Morley



The no prison time perspective is not right. What happens if that person can not afford to pay the fine? Will they not eventually be sentenced to prison for failure to pay the fine? This is yet another example of laws that are harsher on the poor than the rich. So the more money one has then the more freedoms they have.

Gerardo Villarreal

or, instead of public masturbators, you could give homes to homeless people...crazy socialist idea, I know.

David Lucas

monitor force missing axkdt their ensure.

Matt Beatty



Don't worry Cenk, you are The Erection Killer.

Seán O'Nilbud

Repressed muricans are offended by everything, fucking protestant prudes.

David Rattler

They're going to lock his ass up anyway when he can't pay the fine

Gary Turbo

Ana will not be going to Italy

J Thom

Rubbing one out on a park bench by the bushes should not get a fellow a custodial sentence. That on it's head is silly. . . as is spankin' one out in public, but it shouldnt be criminal.

Tho I'm not against it earning a dude an asskicking.

All the same, expect a spike in 'dick-flash' vids on the free porn sites.

Donald Zahnke

hi kim


More Michael Brooks! I love his commentary.

Kyle Warburton

Wtf, what would happened if he raped women or kids

Lucius Stryker

I don't understand how this law is beneficial to Italy. Specialty tourism, maybe? Maybe they should have one half of locations masturbating and the other half non masturbating to draw the perverts away from everyone else, like how Japanese trains have cars only for women to stop gropers.



Joel Shinoda

You americans are so prude. it's healthy to fap from time to time. Also, in the US, don't you basically get away with it if you claim it's your religion?


misleading title. It won't be legal, just not criminal. No sense putting everyone in prison - that makes it a public cost. He should pay out of his pockets, not ours.


If you are looking at me while masturbating, you are including me in your sex. I don't want that. So it should be illegal. In your head you can do whatever you want to. Not in the real world. There are limits to what you can do, because not everybody is strong enough to fight for their rights. When a man wants to fight me, he'll win. I can't be as stong as a man. Therefor there is such a thing called the law, to also protect the weaker. Or else we live in a world where the strongest can do whatever he wants to do, which sounds to me like a dictatorship or fascism.


Kim doesn't like Michael Brooks, and I know why. Every story they do togeather, all Brooks does is talk to Cenk. It was her story, but every thought Brooks has is directed at Cenk and not Kim.

Is he shy around women?

Amiga 501

Diogenes of Sinope would approve this.

Chris Nilsson

Trust me. Nobody knows if you fap in a public bathroom stall.

John Smith

Well, in the USA, you can be arrested for public masturbation for....using a urinal or scratching yourself or sitting in your car doing nothing!

Ivan olivas

Imagine tyt covering the fact cenk got caught publicly master baiting in Italy


...and all the streets in Italy will have a nice glossy finish.


dude, you're missing the point! it's not technically legal because it's still a fine-able offense. all they did was make the punishment appropriate for the misdemeanor that it is. because jail was certainly not appropriate for such a small thing (or big thing as the case may be, hurhurhur).


Yet urinating in public makes you a sexual offender... weird world.


hell yeah

Rahil Ahmad

Dis is just nastt

Maher Baba

tyt reads article says its public masturbation is illegal, continues to title the video its LEGAL

Donald Zahnke


Cam Ryder

OMG I have to move to Italy

Ma St

If you dont harass anyone its not a crime in germany as well.. same with walking around naked..
you can walk around naked and drinking a beer in a german street and no crime has been commited!

Lucius Stryker

Also, this is going to make a train or bus ride in Italy really awkward.


Fantastic journalism by TYT. Masturbation legal in Italy, except it isn't....

Home Bummingit

Finally, somewhere to move to.

grammar cat

check his legal briefs, may result in a hung jury, oops insufficient evidence. ...


Most public masturbaters get more jail time than Brock Turner.


I hope that was milk!


is it Italy a Catholic country or not

Drewzy Dog

Where's the celebration music?

Lupin the 3rd

this ruling made a bald man cry because it came too fast.


Sometimes you can't make it home in time so you bust out your phone, get on pornhub, and go to work.....people should be considerate of other people's situation.


Why doesn't this girl have a teleprompter? She really needs it.


It's not felony anymore but IT IS NOT LEGAL. You simply don't go to jail anymore, you only pay a fine. Thats it. Bah, TV...


all public sex and nudity offenders should be graded on their attractiveness. the ugly ones get fined, and the money is transferred to the attractive ones to incentivize them to do more.


What about masturbating while manspreading? Is THAT a crime?


Soooo, public mastubation in Italy will be a rich man's sport?

So, only minors are protected from this? Child labor is going to sore in Italy. Child Chaparones.


Masturbation in public is legal as long as you are accompanied by a seeing eye dog.

Le F

As Americans I'm Wondering If We Are hypocrites when we sell or sold sex magazines in books stores, use to be street corners. Now we movies "Behind The Green Door","Deep Throat", etc. Are many of us pretending we're virtuous as the world wide web is over flowing with sex.


So they're the biggest Harambe fans in the world, huh? Dicks out, everyone!


I'm okay with things so long as it doesn't start to get unsanitary and/or unsafe. Public masturbation really edges into the unsafe category as I'm not a huge proponent of people spreading their bodily fluids all over if they can help it. Wash your hands, cover your mouth when you sneeze, don't scratch your ass and touch things, don't masturbate (men or women) and get your slimy crotch juices all over things.


BRB, just going out half an hour or so...


I guess it is as long as ones genitals are not exposed. There are probably other laws against nudity in public.

Eon King

They should invoke the Bobbitt Rule.

R. Vered

I love the new guy. needs to be on more often

LaMar McNeil

Damn... He was masturbating as 69? Should we be taking notes?

This is what people do in public bathrooms

This is what people do in public bathrooms9 Sep. 2013
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Comments (5)
krishna kittu

Co onut oil

Omar Mohamed Esmat


William Houghton


Russian Cat

It looks like samen but its soap samen

Icy Animates

Gotta protect your self from corona virus

Bad Advice w/ Diction- How to Masturbate in Public

Bad Advice w/ Diction- How to Masturbate in Public29 Dec. 2012
76 351
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Follow me on Twitter for

Follow me on Twitter for when I prompt you guys to ask questions:!/EatMyDiction1 Also let me know if you wish to remain anonymous.

Music by:




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Comments (100)
Mentally Manic

Dear Diction, my parents made me break up with my boyfriend because I'm only 15 and he turns 18 next month. I still love and care for him so what do I do?

Forrest Powers

Your beard looks amazing in this video.


why does people ask for advice when for example "the party is tomorrow and..."? This video probably comes like a week later. hahaha

Del Taco James

This is utterly funny


2:25 what was he looking at?!

alex star

Diction i have a problem im addicted to sex

Doyle Schofield

worst advice in the history of the world


Oh cause i thought any age cause you said when you're 16 you can have sex with whoever you wish soo i got confoused

Stephan Davis

Digital clock.

Jake McIntosh

u fat son of a bitch

Watermilk Josh

Are you telling me you actually stop?


This was hilarious!


My brother is 17 and he's dating a 15 year old... I think you're fine.

Spencer Cleghorn

l have a question for you diction i am a big guy like you and was wondering if there is any good places to buy bigger clothes.




bad advice with diction helping out gassy

scott davidson

Hey don't make fun off diction just because he is a big beautiful black lady


if your 1st grade and shes in kindergarden thats wierd we need the grade to tell

Jose Rodriguez

unless you're using a 24 hour clock than it would be completely inappropriate even for a 23 y/o.

Lauri Riihimäki

Doesn't apply to every relationship.


your a funny dude eat my diction you had me rolling




Diction, I noticed in a former video of yours you have tattoos on your left and right arms. What are those?

The Ultra Violet Raccoon

my doctor told me that I'm way too awesome and i might die... What should i do?!?


ha ah "They realize theyre not actually attracted to you. And thats Bullshit."



riley klein

00:43 haunts me at night

Chiggy Diggy

jaba the hut is lonely


You're fucking hilarious dude. Subbed.

Lauri Riihimäki

I Know i'm not Diction and i never will be but the answer depends on how fresh your relationship is. If it's a new relationship you probably want to keep your fetish as a secret (most girls get freaked out and over-react easily) until some time has passed and when you are in a phase of your relationship when your partner is ready and willing to try some new things, then you can tell her your every dirty little secret. And stop sniffing her shoes because if you get caught it's going to be a mess.

Jonathan Tinsley

their* happy


Grade her grade.


fuck u dapaps


You bring pretty good advice keep it up man!!!!!!


He could be talking about the 24hr clock


there blood ? nice


age doesn't matter




the gagged tied up girl in his room

Choi Hansu

I have a type A ( 4-10 inches )


well i finally get the should i do youtube lol

Antwuan Pryer-Infinite

but then itd be all sticky lol


dear mr. diction i can't stand my family what should i do


he never said anyone older are too young for the cock although it has happened


Diction, i'm a gay male. and i have this huge crush on you. what should i do?

One Who Does Simply

0:48 0_o the rest of the commentary was good, after that.


wrong comma :P


Digital maybe? hmm 24 wtf


The answer to the first one of jacking off often is actually supported by science. If you jack off enough, then the sensation of masturbation will become desensitized and won't feel as good. If it doesn't feel good, then you are likely to slow down or stop masturbation. SCIENCE.


Dear Diction, I like to go on your videos and offer even worse advice, what do?

Midgety Grenade

It's totally true. In fact, it was me. I died from masturbating too much.

Duncan Caudle

Diction what do i do about a girl that ive never met sent me nudes -anonumus

Coen Lollis

Buy one that looks alike.


diction i just stepped on my sisters pet bird and killed it, i hid the body but now i dont know what to do, please help ASAP.

Sir Jager

thats hot.

Magnus Kobiashi

the advice about throwing at the party was actually pretty good advice


Dear diction I have a crush on a girl but don't know how to ask her out can you help





Kyle MacLean



hell yeh bro

Kombat Kamel

Dafaq did I just watch


find out what race they hate (ex.mexicans) then blow one in front of them oh and if they are against all races then start messaging your chaw because you got a lot of work to do

Razor Six

Dear diction. Im 14 and have 3 girlfriends should i have a 4 some???


Saw the name and had to watch XD

The Giant Hog

Hi, I met you Garry's Mod.

Beastin Brett

Diction my leg has a growth on it what do I do?



Artorias Abysswalker

Fight fire with fire, fight trolling with trolling... I like you... Good sir

Bert Maas

I laughed my ass off :')


you bring over your darkest black friend because we all have that black friend or what ever race their racist against and just say to them "this doesn't bother, you does it?"

SND Smileys



i see what you did there


to you idiots calling him fat fuck you a dictions gotta eat


go up to her and be like "i wanna fuck you". things should work out from there. no but seriously, 15 and 14 aren't that far apart you could still get with her dude.


Uhn. Uhn. Uhn. Uhn. Uhn. Uhn.

Mentally Manic

Eh? Oh hi.

godlambshank withgrave

diction i am home all day and get really bored what should i do



Rotmg Broom

Wtf did i just watch

Mentally Manic

I think my parents might be racist, how to I confront them with this?


Dear Diction; how do I express my foot and anal fetishes to my girlfriend? I really love women foot, I can barely stand myself from snorting their sandals, shoes, etc. plus, I feel like licking her butt too. Please help.


and your a fucking jackass

Zurie Phan



remember, rape is always an option.


dude your way to young where the fuck do you live

Jake McIntosh

u fat sn

john Rambo


mango omang

who the hell watches a birthday party

Lauri Riihimäki

why use condom at all :)


Well he died doing what he loved... Himself.


It's not rape, it's a struggle snuggle.....

Jonathan Tinsley

i say kill them then masturbate with there blood


Chris mooney! Bro we got same last name




be a bear....THE BEAR


Its funny how most of what Diction says in these videos is pure bad advice but some of it actually is like true and actually good advice. Like the last question for example.

Midgety Grenade

A kid actually died from masturbating forty two times in one day.


10 times an hour? That'd suggest that you have an extremely short 'cooldown' period, and eventually develop some sort of permanent chronic wrist pain (Cause that'd involve serious wrist work.) And also guessing from the reality of your comment, you're still in school, which would mean you would be beating off to Ms. Woods and Mr. Rodgers for half of the fucking day. I conclude by saying, bullshit.

Gavin Marlowe