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I hope you all enjoyed

I hope you all enjoyed this video!

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Ali Allawi

I love to top only. I’m power top all my sense are in the front n I’m generous. I love bottom guys. I always say gay is gay doesn’t matter if you’re top or bottom. It’s all about fun ?


I love watching your videos and the positivity you share. ?

Joe Ortega

Thanks for all that you do to help the community.
Much love to you and your man.

Jojo margaux

I am so new to this whole life. I didn’t know what’s a top and what’s a bottom,until I was 25. I am bi, never been with a guy before, but I am learning a lot here. I think it’s a little self explanatory with power top and bottom situation. Let’s see if I am still feeling the way I am now, I might date a guy for a little and see what’s it’s like. Wish me luck and pray my La Familia doesn’t kill me??.

Sirvapesalot Gaming

I’m confused now. I knew what top and bottom meant. But the power part, I’m confused. So if a top likes to be the top and the bottom likes to bottom then what is the difference between the power part. I get that he explained it. But doesn’t top and bottom mean they only like one or the other? Otherwise they’d be versatile like he said.

Jordano Jarsagaray


Bunny Valkyrie

I have never liked or felt so connected with a guy like Tony. Ever since I saw him on TikTok I have been speechless. He’s outside beauty match his internal beauty and together they form this magical being that Tony is. Love and kisses ? Bunny!!!

René Rutikanga


Gman VR

❤ love u

Samaya Richardson

why did you decide to come out as a gay man

Lori Wentz

ok now some of the jokes on my BL dramas make sense...thank you


How do I know???

Leanne Elston


David Lee

There are oral tops and bottoms. There are gay guys who are sides that don't prefer anal sex and do frottage instead.

Cebu Best Deals


Jeremy Felix D.

The French call vers guys "auto-reverse" ?♥

Hoping Star E

the roof


2:10 asexuals be like

Isabella Sanchez

I’m a bottom-

Mike May


Tony, what is that old saying " Use it or loose it" I wanna clarify this to some. It is called bottom shaming. The guys that only preffers to bottom. Some might laugh at this. The truth is that for every Top, there are at least 100 bottoms lol. So a bottom will have to be really special to get some lol. Where do the power bottoms get attacked, when they are power bottoms with a big equipment. That's when guys complain and it's usually size Queens or power bottoms. This were Versatile guys come in handy. We step up to put a smile. Power Tops tend to be more picky and more selfish. I am finding out lately that some bottoms are settling down with other bottoms. But that's a scissor sister route I am.not familiar with lol. A bitchy bottom with a bossy top, call it a one night stand. But hey whatever rocks people's boat. Lol. But some more well hung bottoms should do more action call it " community work" it's for the bottom community as there is a shortage of available hot dogs to go around lol.

Nathan Dickerson



Too bad so many view the bottom guy as the feminine role. What's worse is when the gay community puts the bottoms down for being less than the top.

There's no feminine, just guys who make love or really love each other.

Mary Lou

☠️I must be stupid- because I can’t understand a thing

Prism king

Welllll what are you in your relationship haha ?

Jose Hernandez


Christian Hudson


Bekitembe E. Taylor






Christian Hudson

So TRUE!!!???


laughs in female ace


Ty bro

Dulce Morales





why did i search this

Daniel Castro


Neko Sero Hanta

They told me to come here. I...

Margi Love


danny garcia

❤❤❤❤ new to your channel and loving it! Sending you and your man much love and good vibes ❤❤❤❤


Georges Wes


Cassius Rolle






angelo conde vera


Jack Keeton

❤️?????Power Bottom Here!!!!

Carlos R

Who is best at showing hate more so than gay people? Other gay people. Hate is a taught behavior. And gays know all about being hated

Wolf Haley


Kilted Leo


mark dadson


Eduardo Vazquez


AK 565

Really good explantions in the comments but I can see someone just learning getting information overload, lol.
MOST of the time:
"Top" and "Bottom" refer to the physical act and doesn't necessarily say anything about the person.
"Power" is about style and approach. A "power" person is one who tends to say, "Now you lie back and let me take care of you". A "power" person tends to know what he wants and isn't shy about telling the other guy.

"Versatile" or "vers" (pronounced 'verce') is a person who's happy to do either one depending on the situation.

For anyone new to all this, there's no requirement to pick one. There's no sign-up sheet :-) There's nothing weird about wanting to top with one guy and wanting to bottom with another.




Elise Livre

Maybe some people make fun of bottoms because there are somehow associated to women...ya know, sexism


you're soo cute Tony...much congrats on your channel

Andrew Vargas



Well said! Next you can conquer wolves, otters, bears, cubs and the rest of our unique zoo-driven vernacular.

Gabriel B

I'm a Power Bottom ?

Dante B

you should do a video on transmen in the gay community <3

Emma Tobolka

My friend asked me lol im 13 ?????



Tuan Diaz Dean


Jimmy Pandolfo

Ahhh!!! Tony , you are beautiful ( from Top to bottom ) ?
Sydney, Australia ?? ?

Tiffany Grimsely

I think it is all nasty and gross


love u

Jerry P


Nohr Alé

When I started bottoming, they all said stop it and be only top cause you don’t Look a bottom and many other stuff
I felt like I should be ashamed of myself for being bottom
F**k that

Frankie Rojas


susanna hernandez

I’m a straight woman watching Tony’s videos and I’ll gladly be his bottom. ???

Allison Adams

am i the only one that used to think that a top and bottom had something to do with bunk beds????

_gacha _Tasha_

Oh...Thats what it means...

Sylvester Cunningham



Versatile is bottom with fire in the hole. Everyone is versatile now. No exist versatile!!! In bed, one is top and the other is bottom. Ever!!! You are btm and you like a big top.

Joaquin Grijalva

have you ever thought of doing a video in spanish?

John Anthony Pimentel


Terry Boyd

You're a very wise man for such a young age. I enjoy all your videos.

rogelio camacho

You are such a gorgeous man !!!


I'm both ?

Willi Joubert

I am a powerful bottom and I love powerful top ???

Miguel angel Luis Estrada


Kevin Daniolp


Frank Williams


Robert Moore II



Gerry Fitzgerald


Steve Bishop

Well said!


❤️❤️ ?

The Galactic Baka

I really felt that Austin Powers clip ✨

Mary D.

Silver Wolf


Poseidon Sκarus

I think the sex is more than just [email protected] sex . Its about kiss, blowsjbs, bites, roles, be sweet, be rude, be creative and have fun. All of us learn with the time what we like and discover that everything is a raimbow even if you only see blue doesnt mean tomorrow can see red.

Ariel Kibonge

i really like you especially when you smile for real you have a really cute smile anyway continue make me learning and also making me laugh sometime when im sad and also wish you all the est and success in life love yuh

Eric Cartman

The real question is why my freind called me a bottom

Robert Beining

Good job Tony. The problem in general, and it has saturated well within our own community, is that humans minds are weak; they need to associate and label, otherwise their minds can't wrap. So, as we all know, it is stereotyped that if you are Top you are masculine and if you are bottom you are effeminate. SO NOT TRUE and we all know that. My feeling is this, it takes a great MAN to be a great bottom. When I told my mother about my new guy, she said, who does the cooking? When I told her we both do . . . it blew her friggin mind. LOL. Keep posting buddy, Stay Strong, and Be Well!!

Trinity Hashka


Ali Abdulah


Ayye It's Addy


Gary Penn


Difference between Tops, Bottoms or Versatiles

Difference between Tops, Bottoms or Versatiles21 Jan. 2019
18 394

Difference between Tops,

Difference between Tops, Bottoms or Versatiles

What is the difference between tops, bottoms or versatiles? Are you top, bottom or versatile? That is the same question asked by many gay people, especially on dating sites? So what do they mean and how do you know what you are?

top bottom versatile meaning in Hindi, versatile gay, bottom ka matlab kya hota hai, bottoms or versatiles, top or bottom kya hota hai, top or bottom meaning in Hindi, what is top and bottom in gay relationship, top bottom versatile, top and bottom meaning in Hindi, Manjinder Singh Sidhu, Bollywood Gay, gay asian, gay indian, lgbt indian, gay preference, top,bottom, versatile, difference between tops, gay, lgbt, lgbtq, gay pride, pride, gay sex, gay issues, relationships, top or bottom, gay top, gay bottom, tops vs bottoms,Top or bottom meaning

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Comments (11)
Justin Arana

my boyfriend is a transgender and im not but im a bottom but i think he is a top?

meat money milk monogamy equal madness

INTRINSIC! My impression is that we are born in one of these roles. Attitude. Top bottom versatile can also be the attitude one displays in sex which might nor might not be related to penetration.

Bobby Knight

I'm pretty sure I'm versatile, but I kind of prefer taking it up the ass.

John Lammi

politically correct is so boring

Manjinder Singh Sidhu

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Gippy Randhawa

Me bottom dear

nhico roda

I'm Bottom From Philippines?

mehdi salawi

i'm top from morocco

John Future

Hello, I'm from California 34 yrs old single gay looking for a honest one, are you??

prem kular

can you talk about gender non conforming people in the South Asian community x

St St

You are a nelly bottom-I could tell once u opened your mouth ? bye girl ?

TOP VS. BOTTOM |BOTTOM SHAMING| TOP PRIVILEGE| Masculinity & Femininity in the Gay Community

TOP VS. BOTTOM |BOTTOM SHAMING| TOP PRIVILEGE| Masculinity & Femininity in the Gay Community24 Sep. 2020
1 297
Mars PowersSubscribe 438 721

So this video was short

So this video was short and a little all over the place lol but hopefully somebody can take something away from this. Bottom shaming is prevalent in the gay community and honestly it needs to stop. Let’s stop shaming and start uplifting each other. We all like men and a lot of us have similar upbringings and coming out stories. We could really do better once we recognize our ignorances.

Comments (11)
Mars Powers

Do you guys have any similar experiences? I think majority of us as gay men have been shamed in some way or another so why do we take the time to shame each other? It's tired. Let me know what you guys think of the video! Thanks for watching.


Thanks for speaking about this. I see a little bit of this on Twitter, but I didn’t realize that people are actually serious about it. I don’t get the disdain for bottoms because without them, um...?. Make it make sense. Our community is so fraught with insecurities, hurt and pain, we need a mass healing. It’s exhausting.

God Child

Bring me a real Top who knows there position and not there serve.

Elect #1

Tell wack Tops stop hitting me up.

Jefferson Pierce

I don't know about all that top bottom shaming s*** but you the person that owns YouTube channel you my type you ain't got to worry about that not all tops dis bottoms and some of us tops love bottoms i do


Me and my girl like to mess wit each other (we're both tops) and we like to call each other bottoms, but damn didn't know this was a problem thanks my guy

Jefferson Pierce

I love fem dudes


Can I get your number lmao ?


Not a gaping hole ? you play!!! But yes speak on it! ?

Miss Mani

Came here for sims content, left informed. (I’m a straight female)

Tyline Burgos

Im sorry but in my experience its mostly bottoms who bottom shame. I don't know a single top who is bothered by or feel the need to shame a bottom. Especially fem bottoms who wish to play into heteronormatic relationships where they are treated like the "girl" in the relationship. I know tooooo many fem bottoms who bottom shame masculine bottoms who they were into until they learned that they were vers or bottoms or they're annoyed or fussy about a fem top trying to approach them because they don't want "a lady climbing their back". I tend to deal with guys less masculine than myself (not a preference, its an energy thing I guess) and I cant tell you how many times they ewwed me for liking a certain song or doing something they saw as less masculine. I've even been threatened to be dumped if ever I asked to be verse. Anything that kills the straight boy fantasy they have of me meanwhile they're free to sashay around and be as fabulous as they want.

Hasion Malik

Heavy on the misogynistic ideals and internalized homophobia...So much unlearning for people ?