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How Much Can Men Make On OnlyFans?

How Much Can Men Make On OnlyFans?19 Aug. 2020
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Tom StockdaleSubscribe 438 721

How Much Can Men Make On

How Much Can Men Make On OnlyFans?

after seeing how much money girls can make on onlyfans i set out to see how much i could make as a man in a week...

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Trial Fusion

Great vid tom made me laugh when I first saw your post I was so shocked lol

Matthew's Stop Motions

I was extremely disturbed from ur tweets. At least it for a video...

Paige Crimp

man you've really gone downhill since I last dropped in....

nah just fucking with you, great vid mate :)


for fuck sake omg, well done Tom Cockdale. Well done sir???

Liam Brown

Dentist challenge? Get them knashers sorted.

Josh Ryan

This is banging Tom, GG

Yako Bako

Mans is funny

Ben Yaffee

Having more traditional YouTube based videos while including your music, which is genuinely good, is a great balance- keep it up!

Elliot Strong

This video was fucking hilarious ?


Havent commented much lately, but this was absolutely amazing

Matt Whitwell

week on only one food group lmao


Great video haha

shredded shrek


mr geee

for got to ask tom have u moved again

Harper Hancox

My man has gone from 700 subs when I subscribed all the way to 333k and now he’s making onlyfans vids

Liam Phillips

"I cut my nails challenge ?"

Dyorre no

This vid was prtty cool


how do u afford todo youtube as a full time job, ur social blade says u only make a couple grand a year

Owen Powell

very good boss ahahahaahah

Noah Meehan

I can’t find my sliders

Jay Eddy

Who wouldn't pay to see Tom's love sword lol

Edie Montoya

I love the song, it's so true lol


The man has the right to do what he wants


Callum is a


This is one of those vids that I’m just going to watch like once every month just cause I remember it and think that’s a banger.

Yeah Nah

This is actually bants ?

Kane lee

Make a part 2 bro this will bang?

Roger Brown

Loved that tune man, fucking biggest laugh I've had all year! I myself have setup and onlyfans acct but I won't make anywhere near that dollar that you mentioned, Covid-19 has really fucked the year in the ass and I'm now unemployed (woop) If anyone fancies a non-punani flavoured yum yum tree

Vocation Nation Podcast

That's was actually a great video Tom. Really funny and the songs pushed it up a level. Keep these going mate

lakshya 10 goyal

you a good troll


I can’t find my sliders


Living off only reduced food for a week
Pay someone off fiver to edit your vids for a week

Snowey Jr

That song hit different



Charlie _

Watching your video and streams at the end of 2018 and start of 2019 (just before the shoutout) really helped me through some shit times and I’ll be forever grateful, love you Tom

Mateo Lovrenčić

Great vid Tom, I was laughing when I saw how many people believed you when you made that Instagram post and how much they were throwing shit at you

Perro Perro

Watch sexy hotdog ytp of you

Moist Kebabs

Luv the vids man hope ur doing well

Nathan Grant

great vid

lewis smith

Brilliant video ?

Megan x

people are still seriously talking about JJ giving this man a career, tom has worked hard to get to where he is today. Keep it up bro <3

mythical j

Congrats on the money man! Glad you fooled that zero-follower wanker, he obviously didn’t get the joke. As my challenge I suggest either shaving your head for cancer research or spending the week outside (basically a week long camping trip). Also hello from twitter! I appreciate the compliments, I really am the best at non-written responses, aren’t I. :)


Hahah this is gold hahah I couldn't make a vid such as this hahah but this is gold fkn legend respect from Australia haha if only I thought of this before making onlyfans haha


Love the vid man! I can’t wait for the next vid.


Spread it and forget it tom?

sea j

If a girl did it no one would be mad

Edwin Vincent

I've been waiting for this video, I'm not surprised, this was hilarious! Top level entertainment Tom ??


Yo you should do content like this more often it's banging

JW 92

Well done, Tom! Good to see you're not letting your biggest fans (The haters) fuck up your vibe! Keep at it!


This is jokeeee ?????

Tricera Spidi

How about next video is "How much can I make in merch sale in a week" Hint hint

Mark Wallis

The relief of knowing its not real makes me better. When I saw this on Instagram I lost so much hope

jamie derbyshire

incredible but if you say front bum one more time im gonna become voluntarily deaf

William Edwards

Quality content!


fooled me tbf. the song is hilarious, forget about the stupid comments, they'll probably see this video and feel an idiot. keep it up with the banging vids man.


so proud of Tom with how he's handled his depression and financial situation. Much respect bossman ?❤

Regal Private

how many adds u can get on grinder as a girl ?

Kevin Hall

Love that music ??

cooking with my cat

Is the song on Spotify?



Kevin Reynolds

All I can say is mf’ers don’t pay your bills keep doin you


I think if you play cod mobile with me you'd probs get more views just from the content . No offence tho great vid m8


is the only fans song on Spotify cuz it should be


Other creators that said you wasted your chance boutta look at this and say damn guess I was wrong well done +5 respect


i've never been more proud Thomas

AGC Gamer

Pretend this comment is a among us round

Taylor Paisley-French

"can I pay with respect?"

Gains +5 respect


Great video idea mate. I was confused when I saw it on insta, but I knew you’d probably have something planned and you did say on your story not long after that it was for a video, so I was relieved to say the least lol. Shame we can’t see the 8th wonder of the world which is the cockdale ?


That was why your tweets were so weird....


this video was amazing haha

Danny T

Loved this cause i saw your posts and i was like naaaaah this aint real hes making a vid on this ?


Eeewww, what an embarrassment... That chess position isn't even possible xD

Theo Edwards

That songs brilliant fair play ??

ABI gaming

Fix ur teeth blud

Charlie _

I’m disappointed you didn’t add an extra 9 seconds to get this to 10 minutes

Mackenzie Williams

Next week - only use 1 pound a do on food


Big Tom Cockdale


I hear people make big money if they start selling their socks and pics of their feet wearing said socks.


im unsubbing


Being knighted will never be the same

Eddie Mata

That song was fucking hilarious loved it ???


man what a disgrace, doing something stupid like this after ksi gave u a career. jk love u tom, this was super creative

Jake Davis

Nobody “gives” anyone a career lol you fuckboys needs to pipe down. Y’all mad cause he’s doing what you can’t do? Pussies.

Jordan Mills

brilliant video haha, great to see you uploading again!


Great video tom, I really appreciate the work you put in to your content, it must take you ages man. ♥s bro to you and the family.


Trim that fluff mate


A shout out dont make a person its the content they make ;)

Jamie Smith

Thanks tom, for keeping that fuck u attitude all the way, ive been a fan since the start and i dont mean the ksi thing, big up bro ✌️

Chris Freema

I love the song lmfao.. I'd buy that?

Skull Gamer

Great video Tom ?❤️

Derk Ottevanger

Nice video man, you just got yourself a New subscriber ?

Magic with tom

Fair play lad I believed it when I saw it thought what a legend gotta make that bread do what you need but this video has done me the song is fucking brilliant ??

Jacob Clayden

Hahaha, this was a great video! Well done :)

Danny G

Yo lemmme get a download for that song doe


im investing at 200 views


Can’t believe this bloke gets under 10k a video. This stuff is class ????


yet feminists call men privileged

Runar Sannen

hi, im a new subscriber by Ksi!


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