How to change your laugh

What Your Laugh Reveals About Your Personality

What Your Laugh Reveals About Your Personality28 Oct. 2019
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There are two kinds of

There are two kinds of people in this world: the ones that LOL and those that ROFL. But laughter experts say that there are many more types. Are you a cackler? Then you're always the center of everyone’s attention. And you don’t only attract attention but also success. They’re bold and self-confident!

Or maybe you're a guffawer? So what does that say about you? You're are extroverted and sociable. One such person in a group of friends is enough to keep any party or conversation lively. By the way, some people start off laughing almost discretely and then burst out into a guffaw – that’s called a “carry-on” laugh, and it’s impossible not to join in!

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The Giggle 0:24

The Snort 0:52

The Guffaw 1:29

The Cackle 2:15

Craughing 2:47

The Wheeze 3:16

The Snicker 3:47

The Silent Laugh 4:09

Mirthless Laughter 4:39

? What experts in laughter have found out ? 5:28

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- But if a person has a habit of stopping themselves from LOL-ing, it could be a sign that they’re suppressing something else besides laughter, like nervousness.

- Snorting is another way of suppressing laughter, but this time the air that would power that laugh ends up in your nose! Snorters tend to be shy and introverted. They care about others and are afraid that their laughter might disturb someone.

- Have you ever seen someone laugh so hard that tears started streaming down their cheeks? Such people have bright personalities, and they’re trustworthy. They aren’t afraid to show how they really feel and will never lie to you or let you down.

- Wheezers have a great sense of humor, but they prefer to hide it to seem more serious and professional. It must be their shy and timid side driving wheezers into this sort of behavior.

- Snickerers are easy-going, smart, and witty. They have a ton of friends and make new ones in a matter of minutes.

- When something especially comical happens, even the most serious and humble people can’t help but laugh. Except, they do it in their own peculiar way: it’s their eyes that are laughing. This is a clear sign they don’t want any attention since they’re introverts and like to keep their feelings to themselves.

- If you spot someone laughing with their mouth wide open but with perfectly serious eyes – that's a mirthless or fake laugh. Just be careful with a person who fakes laughter – you never know what else they could be faking…

- Laughter can indicate joy, confidence, relief, love, loathing, and even discomfort and fear!

- In fact, laughter rarely has anything to do with humor and jokes.

- There’s more to laughter than just bonding – it also has a ton of health benefits. It helps lower blood pressure, reduces stress hormone levels, releases endorphins, and keeps your heart strong and healthy.

- Humans aren't the only ones that laugh. Gorillas have mastered sign language and can go “ho ho” at visitors they like.

- Your brain can also automatically tell the difference between fake and real laughter. It has a special area responsible for understanding others’ emotions.

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Comments (100)
ThatWeeb Kid

The snicker is min ?

princess diamond !!!

U not that professional look at your memes


I’m the silent one and sometimes the giggle


I tend to silent laugh or just smile. Only some types of humor can make me go all out. When I watch movies I seldom laugh, don't know why.. but hearing other people laugh does make me laugh, just not those sitcom laughing tapes. I also don't feel anything watching horror movies for instance. Am I broken? It's interesting because I'm usually the one to make others laugh but I myself don't laugh much.

you thot

my aunts laugh sound like shes choking on something


Wheezers pls quick

Marie Sabolová

One of the discripction perfectly matches my friend, but there wasn't mentioned the type when you laugh but you don't hear laughter but that "chhhhh" sound.

Aimee White

Jus saying lol

Joshua Emerson Pilande

literally no one*

Me: laughs in falsetto

Marie Sabolová

I have a friend that laughs literally like a dolphin.

frezfrezdzbaer fezbear

My laugh sounds like a dying 5 year old

Carol Doles

I don’t laugh much and do try to hold it back but sometimes you can’t help it. But what is strange but makes me feel good. People I haven’t seen for awhile or they see my kids they will say I miss her so bad especially her laugh. I think I sound ridiculous but at least it makes an impression on others.


When I laugh, I wheeze.

Anika Quiblat

I wheeze
And I also "exhale" through my nose when I laugh

devin pasadena

I honestly don't know cause it for some reason keeps changing

Hirday yadav

I am silent laughter

Gacha_cookie _

I laugh at everything like when a pencil drops I start laughing like crazy

Dr Ghadir

I'm a Cackle and my bestfriend is a Guffaw ? Can you imagine how others feel when he and I laugh together in public ? ?❤️

Super Luigi

I'm the gaffawer, the wheezer, and the craugher.

Sit down somewhere.

Soooo... what if you laugh like a dying goat?


ME --- THE Cackler :) hahaha

Lynnie Neal

That's so awesome!


I have the silent laugh and the hiccup laugh. I silent laugh in school and only hiccup laugh when I’m not in school or when I’m with my bff

Roanne Fuentes

craughing is here heheheh

Ami Khan

I am snorter and it is true I am very introverted loool

afrida anika

My sister says my laughing sound is like glass cleaning sound

lily shiimura

I usually do a “PFFFFFFFFFT” sound effect, wheeze, and THEN start cackling x3

Anyone else? :P

L Delilah Meabon

These jaws are all laughs except mirthless.

Fikile Simelane

Am I the only one ?☻
Who laughed when I heard the ppl laughing
Okay I am the only one okayy


i wheeze

Kim Zastrow

Does she ever laugh at jokes....weird

Alvin Fränngård

When I laugh I often close my eyes and lean my whole body backwards. I don't know if that's means anything but the sound is always different

Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli's Bubble


"Will never lie to you, and let you down"

haha im rickrolled.

icey picey

I do the hiccup laugh.
First, I breath out, then a couple lil laughs, and then I go silent, and start hiccup-laughing

Anonymous Anonymous

Cackle and snicker


I'm a guffaw ??? and I love it. ?
When I laugh people around me laugh with me.... ??

Mark Hawkins

Hey lol means lots of love not laugh out loud try lmho instead

andreena mcclary

My laugh wasn't on here

Marie Karole

Dirty giggles

Gain Bodo

What about Denver's laugh...

Carter Core

I laugh with a smile then my chest goes forward

kinza Riaz

Seriously I have wheeze sound and everything is true about wheezers.its so funny.

Adrian S.

I have a craughle so I'm a ROFL r

Kyla Koski

my laugh is a hiccup kinda.


giggle, craughing, silent, snicker, mirthless


Me it depends on the topic and mood


I am a craugher when I am laughing i look like I'm crying

Dina haddad

I'm the person who laughs at every little thing so hard that I start crying and my face becomes red and I keep laughing non-stop for like 5 minutes :>

Shania Hoke

I'm that person if they think if something is really funny I end up sounding like a dying seal

Estora playz

When i laugh i dont make sounds but I my action make me LOOK like im laughing and I also easily lose my breath.


My laugh is more than one of these

Aniruddha GA

4:11 Me


So, what type of laugh do you have? ?

Japanese symbol for beginners

I snort and laugh so hard I cry

Noel Orence Conde

I can remember that one enola holmes part where they were teaching others how to laugh, please include that laugh, ha ha ha...ha ha ha...ha ha ha


One time I was with my friend, and he started laughing so hard his face went red and he was practically crying! xD

PancakeEpic Minecraft101

My laugh is 11 minutes to end and its very loud.


I laugh like I'm coughing

cherry pastel

I copy everyone's laugh without realizing until people tell me i do that......i have never had a laugh of my own and my laugh keeps there anyone with the same thing as me? just me.....okay

Sophia Hildebrand

i have the silent laugh and it’s so true-

Ellise Online

I have the wheeze...

Purple Head

You could call the guffaw the internet equipment to vivid-19

Darlene Buck

I'm a snorter and a wheezer when I laugh.

bnha sorry not sorry

i guess im silent laugher but i laugh with my mouth open with no sounds tho

PPA Kujo 100

Can you please explain El Risitas’ laugh?

Sosan Oria

I downloaded this ??‍♀️


I laugh like a windshield wiper (jin, you aren't alone).


I’m laugh is between a HehEhEee and a MFAHEHE

•Pastel Milkshake•

My Laugh Is a Manic laugh when I find stuff WAY Too Hilarious. When I find stuff funny just fine, I laugh like a Loud Inside Voice.

selenator 4 ever

Am I the only 1 who laughed while watching this Video 2 know which type of laugh is mine.

Real Talk

I am a silent laugher

Garlic Butter

I snort and my friend wheez☺

Emily Andrews

Best personality video ever!?


That snort one was so on spot for me


you forgot the "chocking laughter" type, when you laugh so very hard, all the air in your lungs is out and you can't even inhale!
your face goes red, you are chocking but your laughter nerves are still kicking, your mouth wide open, your eyes completely closed, in your mind you are laughing as high as you can, but you have no voice, and if this type keeps on going you will not be able to inhale again for sometime. your body is completely out of your control.
you also forgot the "torture laughter" when in the old days they used to make you laugh so hard until you literally died of suffocation because you couldn't inhale from all the laughter you released.

Doom Slayer

The wheezy cheezy

Lian Derey

I cry, snore, and I sound like a crazy person.


Where's my laugh....the one where you sound like you're dying...

coolster 8444

I laugh at someone doing nothing and I cant breathe

Kyng Wyzard

I have the Cackle, wheeze and snicker


What if you can't laugh

Izumi Hiroikku

I'm the snort but I'm not shy :3


I got the spray bottle laugh


I laugh in a really weird way. No one knows it


This is my laugh: Wheeze Hahahaha! Wheeze


I am a wheezer

Adela Evangelista



Silent laugh here

Jaylon Crowder

The cackle relates to me a lot

Connie Deleon

I'm a snorter??

TheMolina Crew

I used to laugh like a cackle and now i sound like a window wiper

Smith KT

Why am I laughing out loud on a bus while watching this video?


When I laugh it sounds like car engine


I love the wheezer laugh!
It's a funny one

The real Broly

Here is a little story. When something happened that made me feel sad and angry I started laughing while crying without smiling. And on top of that, I was laughing like a maniac.


My barber has cut my hair so bad that I started laughing

Nicole Castro

Some people think I am rude because I laugh when someone falls,I just have to laugh I think it’s funny


I'm a self confess snicker!



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Comments (100)
Alex_ 14

My favorite is Taylor Swift’s actual laugh, it’s so contagious and adorable ??

Lyrics Lover

Cardi b what the fuckkkk

Anthony Calarco

Selena and Ariana have the best laugh les ?

annie leonhart

I don't know if it was me or what Im so afread of beeing around people and laugh and then somthing come out of me would it be more embarrassing ?

Nicolas Diaz

When someone falls in the middle of the street 2:56


I miss Sia there.



Sonam Tshering

its an easter eg hunt AHAHAHAHAHAHH


Nicki's and cardi's laughs are super contagious!.

Devendra Singh

Cardi laugh make me so happy

Dave Pondevida

Cardi is so annoying she's ruining the mood

Letizia Snix

Demi and Nicki the best in my opinion. I would love to have a girlfriend with that laugh, i die everytime ??


i actually rlly love cardis laugh

anne chrystelle eteme ngono

Beyoncé's laugh is beautiful

Huyah HeiHo

Ariana's laugh is so cute

chynna magtoto

8:22 HaHa

Simply Chary

But Demi’s is the best

Rajdip Hembram DAV MTPS 1842

Is it only me or cardi laughs like a witch? ????

Yonathan Angel Salazar Tamez

i love adelle lough

macy kay

demi had the best laugh idc

Hey You

For white/hisp6 people demi
For black people nicki
For British adele

trueno '86

Demi Lovato has a 70 year old lady laugh. ?

Mandi Jonuzi

Wtff omg Adeles laugh is the most iconic thing everrrrrrrrrrrr

Nior Nathân

Cardi B is the best?

Lerrie Jadesy

I miss miss Jesy Nelson here

Viktória Holpár

2:16 Ariana ??

Blaze The baby boy

Gotta love my queen bee beyonce

Vanessa Matos

Cardi’s laugh: ???

•Sweetly Sunny•

Cardis laugh is just a bunch of noises ???


Camila's part is so unnecessary

Jisoo Turtle Rabbit Kim

Demi's, Katy's, and Selena's are the best

olivia TINK

Cardi B is a different breed??????

Kiyomi Gaming

I don't think Cardi has a good laugh..

Neon Starfish

Lolllllll this cured my depression, watch this when having a bad day ???

Letizia Snix

I don't know why but Demi, Ari, Nicki and Adele makes me so happy ?? i just love their laugh.

Btw Cardi B is a zoo my god ?

Matthew Sutton

8:22 thank me later ?

cymbal choker

Ariana has the most Beautiful laugh

Vanessa Schmidt



Harry’s laugh gives me life

Sara Monteiro II

Cardi B ❤

Adrienna Mariposa


lala poh :v

0:23 mujer grave
1:09 normal mujer
8:43 mujer u dedoble u
4:42 hombre normal

Jisoo Turtle Rabbit Kim

Cardi's laugh really make me laugh so hard??

OooZie T.J.


shelby Alexís

I live for those harry and larry moments ? I’m surprised niall was featured in this more ?

Hailey Marie grande

Harry is a literal goofball ??

Madjinie Guerrier

We favorite Nicky and Demi because they let it all out and we feel relatable

Kpop and Vlog

Cardi made me laugh with her Meehe

Haz & Lou 28

Im here for cardi s laugh

ines margarida



Great clip.... saddened not even a glimpse of Rachel McAdams

Wyatt Heuer

I hope Demi knows she’s a bad bitch

Killer from Krasnik TV

For me, the most adorable and cute smile is owned by Ariana Grande.


5:26 the way she gargling her laugh I'm dead????

Satria Jannatan


Jisoo Turtle Rabbit Kim

OMG I fell in love with Harry's laugh

expressive pancake

cardi: EHÆHÆHÆ ?

Nicole Swanson

I CANNOT be famous cause my laugh is terrible ??? I would be so embarrassed ?

Madeline Dequilla

literally even beyonce's LAUGH is perfect like what?

anne chrystelle eteme ngono

I love Nicki's laugh it's like mine ??

Margot Zampieri


Ash Vlogs

Arianas laugh is way too cute ❤?❤?

Du alotibi

She is so cute i cant 2:23

Greenleafbunny Y

Demi laughs like my sis zee

Valentina Jovanović

Ariana grandes laugh is so weird lmao

Ericles Sousa

adele, demi and nicki >>>>>>

Keky Ketsia

Ellen at 6:03 ?

Caronly Savary

Cardi's laugh makes me uncomfortable ?
Nicki's laugh gives me life! ❤
And Demi's laugh as well

Black Shadow

Is it just me who thinks that cradi b makes fun of herself so others don't


Somebody made a new one with Megan ?


Taylor Swift tho??

olivia TINK

5:42 that was sad


omg you used my cardi clip

Rachel Francis

Taylors was acting?

Vanessa Matos

Cardi’s laugh: ???

Raj Kunika

This comment section is pathetic! No directioners?!?!?!? WTH

Don't attack me, it was just a joke. Plus I became a directioner recently (lol) but I gotta admit Harry Styles' laugh is the best of them all
What do u think?

Tatiana Er

No ones talking about Beyoncé’s cute ass laugh omg. Especially at 6:40 lmfaooo


camila's wasn't even laughing though ...

Hailey Marie grande

Am I the only one who loves Miley’s laugh ?

Jaya White


Miklós Bendegúz Gergye

Nicki is the best??


5:11 Adele X) Heath Ledger could never

bro can u just be nice pls

This is so awkward I feel like they’re laughing at me

Lwazi Hoyana

I loved Demi's and Nicki's

Aadya Kumar

pls arianas laugh what a cutie ??

Aliine Marie Karjus

i feel like my laugh is Nicki,Demi and Adele combined together

Kody Crowell

When Cardi laughs I feel like killing myself

shannon king

This video is creepy and old

Simply Chary

Miley’s laugh at 2:25 was so cute lolll

Harlie Grande Butera

The laugh of Ari give me 100 years more of live

Yuju find my wig

0:08 it's like strawburst's laugh in pvz2

Kit - Kat

Who’s laughing at 2:30

Rachele Celadin

You forgot THE iconic laugh. Niall Horan

Cesar Pereira

6:48 silently laughing

Niyigena Gabrielle


Your Worth it


Omar Majdy

Hey, i have a 5 second voice file with 3 celebrities laughing. If someone can identify those celebtities i will give him/her $200 by paypal. Am not kidding. If you are interested, reply.

Allister Vs The WRLD

aris laugh is so fking cute I cant- ??

trueno '86

Cardi B is so repulsive.


Do billie

Cat Song .... Try to control your laugh

Cat Song .... Try to control your laugh23 Jul. 2010
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mr srinivasSubscribe 438 721

Cat song ... ( Dhamu unte

Cat song ... ( Dhamu unte navu apukondee)

Comments (20)

Funny ?


who is that second boy he is kinda cute


last comment EVER!


ray william should review this shit

Tania Flores

I dont really see how can this be funny ?????

Jack Doe

this is not funny at all, they are good Christians singing their sacred cat song

Holly Excuse me


Stopedf Abdullah

1st comment in 2017 Saudi Arabia ??

liz ishellagay

me in church

Rito 22

Yo I could fall asleep to this
Edit: never mind

Ninja Dove

LOL. They really do have nice voices though.


No wonder they are all in straight jackets...



Catherine K

i can't stop laughin. omg

Katherine Elizabeth

This was scary until 2:05 then it got scary at 2:23 again idk why it just freaked me out has anyone seen the cartoon show courage and the episode with the cat hotel ya that's why I'm scared.

Garrett Lyons

Reddit is coming.



Ateh Nde

Omg very angelic voices ❤️


First comment of 2015

Alex Seger

I'm so glad I keep seeing this video! Favorite video (: