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Here's What The First Sex Act EVER Looked Like (VIDEO)

Here's What The First Sex Act EVER Looked Like (VIDEO)22 Oct. 2014
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Did you know sex

Did you know sex originated in an ancient Scottish lake? No? Well you're in luck -- the very first sex act on the planet is finally available for you to watch! Check out this digital recreation of the first animals to ever use sexual intercourse for internal insemination. These Microbrachius dicki (aka fish) are really getting down and dirty.

What do you think about how sex has evolved over time? Are you surprised that this was the first animal to have internal sexual intercourse? Let us know in the comments!

Find out more here: http://bbc.in/1CHLoWz

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Comments (43)

Fish porn has cooler music than human porn


so real Adam and Eve?

Cheyenne W

Why is religion brought in in these videos so much it kills the vibe I believe in God but I think its good to be tolerant/ not ignorant cuz I could be wrong after all I'm not always right

John Carlos

If that was the first intercourse then how were they born O.o


He sure has a huge dong.

Youngster Joey

yeahhhhh... no. fuck outta here

the .brogamer

So we have two dicks?

Feels Good Men

Dayum! Lissette be looking good!

The Tech Guy

That was hot.  I'm gonna upload that to YouPorn right now!


Part of me wants to flag this as a joke


Wham! Bam! Thank you ma'am

Sucka Mehoff

Bow chika wow wow

● Barack Obama ●

he came quick

Adolf Hitler

Fap Fap fap


So the fish is designed for threesomes

Klarke Trezise


Anon Anonymous

Is it correct to apply the scientific method to something that is inherently not scientific? Religion...the creation story...it's explained through spirituality, not science. It makes COMPLETE sense that a hypothetical all powerful God can make something so complex (humans) in one day..it's God, God would be above science and the laws of nature and earthy reasoning. It makes NO sense (from a science point of view) that humans came from a single cell that came out of nothing. If you ask me, it takes faith to believe both theories. Yes, they are both theories.

Hans Lübeck

Religious hate incoming!


People who are religious, let's be logical. No one powerful deity created the planet and all life on it. Earth formed several billion years ago and life existed much later. And yes, thank you to the fish for the evolution of sexual intercourse.

Robert Moore

John damn just damn

Gibjen McHorse

yay Flinders Uni! 


I bet John has a small Microbrachius dicki

James Fraser

I don't know about you, but that got me horny!

A Zelenovic

How the fuck do they know this bullshit. How do they know this was the first ever sexual intercourse act?
Im sick of scientific bullshit and they think they have answers to everything. And yet again tyt eats it up.

Anna Cherryhomes

Are you kidding me this will absolutely not change any creationists ideas about evolution at all it would take a supreme being to make everything not just oh some chemicals reacted and you are just an accident that is the most bs I have ever heard


Lissette is back. What a Goddess 


Of all the fishies in the sea,
I'd like to be a placoderm.
I'd swim beside my sweetie fish
And give her all my sperm.

ew - now I feel dirty :\


You here that religious retards? God is bullshit and when you die you'll rot just like everything else.


Omg another sex video..fucking horny toads


John, Women do have bones that lock you inside their vagina, They are called legs and they wrap around you.

Ulek _

Do you like fish sticks?

Tony Dattoli

This is like being thrown into a pit of venomous snakes! But! This information has been brought to you by………………
Before you jump to conclusions, and posting your reply go to this site and hear from approx. 20 or more of the top physicist that ever walked the Earth, A.D.
This is what I’m called to do.
With the deepest of respect, and I mean this sincerely! “You” (meaning anyone and everyone that believes in evolution) cannot even fathom what our God or Invisible Deity is! “You” sincerely cannot understand the Word of God! It is not “for” “YOU” to understand. “You” are designed to be afraid of it, and yet “You” are designed to embrace it. Until then “You” will go your entire life not “knowing”! Knowing what? Who cares? Why should you care? The Word Of God is so twisted and contorted but yet no one can deny all the probabilities that surface when doing “Your” research! ( Get this! You have to “read” the Bible to have an accurate and definitive opinion, or conclusion! ) “You’re not going to do it, because “Your” convinced that spirituality is fiction, and everything happens by coincidence, and circumstance. “NO”! You can’t wrap your head around it but you were called to this place and time to read this message for a purpose! (key word – purpose )If not! You would have stopped reading it long ago! I know it doesn’t’ make sense and I’m just a space case, but guess what……….. Or!............ You keep thinking you came from ----------->

Cheyenne W

And to other people I am wrong

Xiong Zhao

Re: Lissette, regarding how come modern fish inseminate externally; modern fishes probably aren`t descended from these placoderms. Since these researchers suggested that internal insemination originated from these placoderms, they probably branched off from their contemporaries who did inseminate externally. Those contemporaries evolved into modern fish, and placoderms evolved into, among other animals, us. 

Disclaimer, I`m not an evolution biologist, just someone who is interested in the topic. I`ve posted what I think is the most likely explanation. If someone is trained in this subject matter, I would appreciate your input. 

Diego Rodrigues


Lord Baden

I love how matters of science mostly attract people as proof against the existence of a cosmic engineer. Let's be honest. Most people arguing for or against religion in this context does not necessarily understand the science behind it.

The video does not represent what the first sexual act was like. I imagine there must have been more competition. An orgy of males trying to fertilize the eggs as soon as it leaves the female's body. At some point, a male with a longer than usual "penis" would figure out that it could beat all the other males to the punch by fertilizing the eggs before it left the female. In this example, the fish already mutated the sex organs needed to accomplish the "act" which points to an earlier specimen that must have done it before the Microbrachius dicki.

celeste partida

I really like your channel. I just really don't appreciate how you always find a way to talk bad about what Christians believe in. we don't harm you in any type of way so why bother


Animalist news already did this yesterday


Because it feels good that's why.


Oh please whatever


Who in their right mind believes the world was created 10.000years ago by 1 powerful man...

Sarah Silverman

Organisms who reproduce sexually was an evolutionary change in order to make more variety and mutations in a population that an asexual organism cannot do as easily. This change insures that a species will more likely adapt to a new or changing environment and live to pass their genes that helped them survive.


John that last part was uncalled for, just don't say anything and move on with your life


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Comments (3)
Md murtuja



Make a review of new Adam Lambert's album " The Original High" please !

Nick Knows It

Reyt. Loved the facts reyt x

Drag Queens React to Sex Acts w/ Alaska, Phi Phi, Ginger, Coco, Tatianna, Kasha, Tempest & More!

Drag Queens React to Sex Acts w/ Alaska, Phi Phi, Ginger, Coco, Tatianna, Kasha, Tempest & More!22 Jan. 2016
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Have you ever heard of a Dirty Sanchez? How about an Alabama Hot Pocket? These RuPaul's Drag Race queens try to figure out some of the most bizarre sex acts the internet has to offer.

Starring: Phi Phi O'hara, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, Jaidynn Diore Fierce, Mystique Summers, Mrs. Kasha Davis, Coco Montrese, Tatianna, Tempest DuJour and Ginger Minj.

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Comments (100)
April Voelkner

Bro this turned me off so fast

Dixie Rae

Am I the only one who went immediately to Google?


Oml tatianna 0:38


why they all about poop tho?

gay and anxious

Kasha is too pure for this universe, I swear

It be like that sumtimes

The alabama hot pocket is the most disgusting thing ever. Its when a guy shits in a girls vagina and fucks it. Just disgusting.

super geeky

"I'm not gonna yuck your yums" I am so stealing that!!! LOL


"One of those people that fucks pumpkins"?! ONE of them?! There's people fucking pumpkins?!

ALSO how dare you not telling me what any of them mean WOW? That's a hate crime...

Illyana Amara

the expectations one must have to try getting the person theyre with..to do anything on this list..are excedingly high while being substantially low class..

Jeppe A K Sørensen

On one hand: curious. On the other hand: No.

Serafina Fool

Jaidynn's reaction to being told what an Alabama Hot Pocket is. Cracks me up every time ??

M Toffo

Can we talk about how good Tempest's impression of Alaska is

Serafina Fool

I prefer Tempest's definition of ballcuzi.


Coco Montrese looks dreadful

Cyan Eye

1:48 what does it mean tho? educate me

Donna Hudson

They all look beautiful


Tatianna's look is the biggest serve in existance

RPDR SuperFan

Ginger’s look is so so so so cuteee

Maria Conway

Lol Alaska 'Alright I'm not going to yuk your yums'. ?

Kitty Bittu

What lip is Jaidynn Fierce wearing??? I NEED it

Mark Alexander

Coco looks older than my octogenarian grandma :/

_alexation _



Why is phiphi dressed as Tati ?

Quentin Umbra

Yikes Alaska's arm. ...Self harm is no joke. :(

Madame Mayhem

Lazy editing

Mae Mae

I legit thought Phi Phi was Raja...

Charlotte O'Connell

being a nursing student, the DANGERS of putting shit in your labia??? and then possibly putting it in deeper with penetration? oh me oh my,,,,

Joseph zak

Phi phi?

bajan girl

Coco looks horrible here

Queen Rose

Why does phi phi always look ashy.

Garden Lover

They all look good. I love Ginger's dress. Tatum's hair looks fantastic. June 5th...!

Tempest Wilde

i’m so distracted with them using a lesbian flag colours as the background

A Cast

Mrs. Kasha and her double u double u double u.


Coco looks a mess but phi phi's makeup looks a mess as well

Sue V.

Omg I really regret watching this while eating ):

Seo Hoon Man

I never should've googled these term. disgustang!


What is the point if we're not getting the meaning?!?!

R.D. Wheat

Alaska is the almighty queen

Corey Weiser

Where's all the audio for the definitions?? And the one time when they bleep it ??

Sway Howell

Thank you urban dictionary


I'm watching this 4 years later and Im still impressed by how gorgeous and sexy Tatianna looks. Definitely one of the most prettiest drag queens in RuPauls DR history.

Miss Manga Mama

why does coco look so damn saggy like girl pls just stop for a second and look at yourself ya fucking dorito face ... btw I love you coco just pls fix dem tatas

Gabrielle Desmeules

Is it another secret hint video? Is there a drag queen name sex act?


NEVER, look up alabama hot pocket, my friend have showed me this once and lets say... i wanted to cut my eyes out and be blind for the rest of my life (no offense to the blind people<3 ) so just a warning if you were gonna look it up.

Texas baby ktea

Why are they all having to do with shit. Lol no way ppl do these things. It's def a joke!

Hellen Johnson

“Why is it rusty”??

S Davis

Tati gets more stunning while others get more silicon. She’s the George Clooney of Drag.

carrie Freitag

Tell us! Why did I watch this

Lovelee Toi Toi

Um mm so why not tell us the definitions?? You did the first one, I knew 2 of them gdammit now I gotta head over to urban dictionary.


Please, don't look these up, they're so gross


LOL I'm not gonna Yuk ur Yum. ? Also, how gorgeous does Tatiana look? Fabulous!

T'challa Ware

I'm still waiting for that special someone to give it to


I love how Tempest does Alaska so well


I need Alyssa Edward to react to this! ???


Like can we get the meanings

Vic Ng

Isn’t if funny how all these acts are named after a State?

Y’all nasty.

Fawn Frauscht

COC-OLD. Omg...

Sarah Schuster

They do explain the ballcuzi, but everything else.....look them up on urban and you'll find out why they can't explain them.


Kentucky klondike bar also known as the alaska pipeline lmao

Hi Me Toky

Coco look extra old ??


Tatianna is SO gorgeous

Rosa Scalise

Tempest's impression of Alaska killed me

Julian Thor Bibby

3:20 & 4:39 is my reaction to all of these sex acts ??

A nn

why do I get a feeling that phiphi is a dominant who only did switch once

It be like that sumtimes

Most of these are absolutly disgusting and shit play is not it ew

• DemonCutthroat •

Is it just me... or can no one else stop staring at Ginger's stretch marks. :/

T'challa Ware

I died at every single meaning of things damn

Brianna Kathleen

What's going on w coco's tiddies?

Leona Startz

Donkey punch????

Quinn Quinn

A blumpkin is when you get head while sitting on a toilet taking a shit....... has no one seen Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo bay

mar bleu

I checked every sexual act on the urban dictionary. Very very funny video but now I'm very disgusted x) ahahah

SpicyBean Tofu

I looked one up and regreted it. These gotta be bored people making up stuff that no one does.

John Gil

Tatianna is a woman


I’m good luv enjoy ????

Dixie Rae

I'm off to Google.

grinding coffee

Tatiana's boob contour looks sooo good here...damn ;)

The OG Beast

0:20 what in the fuck is she wearing

Just wondering why do they change themselves aren't they happy with their bodies.

Georgia Goetz

Jaiden's face at 3:36 XDD


Omfg I paused and looked up Alabama hot pocket. I'm officially destroyed for ever now. And I see that many of yall are pissed about them not explaining but holy fukin shit y'all that would be removed pretty much immediately!! Lol

John Paul Santos

Ms. O'Hara looks good here


"I don't like to SEEM like a slut...but I am."

OMG...I adore Coco.


Regretting reading those.... they’re fucking gross...

Mimi Rose

It's a nice handshake & then we watch The Golden Girls.

Juanita Baker

I just learned more today then in my 56 years.. ?? the humans of this world are completely bonkers. But do post more as knowledge is power... ?? luv Noni Nita B


Coco's makeup looks dreadful!

crust jenner

tatianna oh ldjjisjdssidj

Gavin Best

WHO THE FUCKING HELL IS DOING THIS SHIT?! This nasty fucking shit!

Frey Binguit

'I don't like to seem like a slut........... but I am' guuuurl! lmao

Autumn Imprescia

Why ?


"Hey look what I got for you hoo-hoo!"

I love Mrs. Kasha Davis so fucking much ???

What’s Poppin

What’s with Coco’s saggy tits?!


Kasha! I love how she owns that old fashioned persona of hers.

Garden Lover

I am glad they didn't say what they were. Ever since I saw what I saw on Dr. Pimple Popper I prefer to be kept in the dark on certain matters. Otherwise, ? .


Yall are funny

Envy Goodridge

Coco Gurl
that makeup..
Still ain't learn huh?
Not all queens can beat a face

johhny cash

Wanna do a rusty trombone on my boyfriend! And the water bubbles with him :)
The rest is fuckjng disgusting

Sierra G

“I guess I’m not that wild...” GIRL SAME I THOUGHT I WAS KINKY

Olja Sawitska

Mrs. Kasha Davis is giving me liiiiiiiiiiife

Nick Spencer-Phillips

Alaska gives me cancer

Noble Tiger

Googling made it worst for me! Got me like Jaidynn in 3:37