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Girl Like Me by Black Eyed Peas x Shakira | Live Love Party™ | Zumba® | Dance Fitness

Girl Like Me by Black Eyed Peas x Shakira | Live Love Party™ | Zumba® | Dance Fitness31 Jan. 2021
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Comments (23)
Elizabeth Somera

Its beautiful

Estrellecita Estrellecita

Wow!!!I love it!!!?You are incredible!

Thaise Cristina Reis



Hello guys! Paki SUBSCRIBE Naman po ng aking yt channel heh thx po andkeep safe all!!! ?

Lisa IdeArt


Bonneandrea Gunce




Denisse Ralota


Rebecca - lass uns einander kennenlernen

1:15 Wunder

Ayu Wahyuningsih


Bonneandrea Gunce

Pajama Party dance gawa kayo

Jimin-Lei Park

Hi, request for Nun NaNa by Jessi ?

Moly Martinez

It’s not the best, but I like it !


I like your dance and where you from

Jana Cloydine




John McThiernan

Congratulations ???

Ray Anthony


norhanie baraguir

Nice vid

Min Noronha

I’m waiting for this ?

jessellmarie enriquez


Arnel Macasusi

The Light by BGYO po please. Thank you.

Here's the link:

Simply Yosh

can't stop me twice pls!!!

How You Get The Girl

How You Get The Girl12 Dec. 2018
435 561

Provided to YouTube by

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

How You Get The Girl · Taylor Swift


℗ 2014 Big Machine Records, LLC.

Released on: 2014-10-27

Producer: Shellback

Producer: Max Martin

Composer Lyricist: Taylor Swift

Composer Lyricist: Max Martin

Composer Lyricist: Shellback

Auto-generated by YouTube.

Comments (100)
Fan 2.0

I’ll remember this for the end of the lockdown and I’m back at school


She literally tells us how to get the girl and I’m STILL single

Lucas Cook

Love u tay

Lucas Cook

i really am the morning star do you see the smile god blessed me with i can do anything i want just smiling thanks god Lucifer

Enqi Wai

Taylor marathon, omg this song is so UNDERRATED AND BOMMBBBBBBBBBB

Lucas Cook

my Love


Feel like I’m gonna get hate for this, but this reminds me of twilight. “It’s been a hard six months” “I would wait for ever and ever” “remind her how it used to be” ..... just me? Aight

Lucas Cook

Tay makes me say HALLA LUE Ya i love u tay

Lucas Cook

Love u YO

Lucas Cook

thats how you get the girls

Luna fox

I remember being obsessed with this song! still remember the lyrics lol

I Am Not Brian


Irma Osorio



still listening in 2020!! <3

Lucas Cook

no shit id wait forever boo honest AB never told a Lie ;)

Lucas Cook

what are you doing jasmine you little boo bear Love you lil momma

Lucas Cook

any of my Fam thats been there they know id give my Life for them to shine failure is not a option

Lucas Cook

HPV im west niles and Corona all in one handsome sum bitch best loo king thats how you get the girl;)

Lucas Cook

Love you Harley

Amrut Boricha

I thnk one video should be shoot for this amazing song..

Lucas Cook

thats YO SUN Love you momma

Lucas Cook

id give my Life im sorry son

cash the dash

I think about the guy I like whenever I like this song

dat Swahvya Chocolate go too seven



I remember being 12 and jamming out to this, i feel bad this generation had to grow up with nonsense “rap”


2020 Monday, July 27 11:19pm still listening to this song ???????


Sending this out to you, babe ❤️ I hope you somehow hear it......


i just found this song in my old playlist AND I CANT BELIEVE I FORGOT ABOUT THIS ✨✨

Lucas Cook

i Love you son never leave kadence alone with your sisters D FAMILY

Glader Cat

I can't manage to decide which T.S song is my favorite.

Lucas Cook

i Love you wifey bring me to LIFE

Lucas Cook

Danya giford

Moo Kris

Hey Leonardo on the hill


I was like, "yeahh, that teardrop and guitar lady was just like another katy perry to me... "
Then i heard, "katy perry isnt even a blip on the radar compared to Taylor Swift"
Shows u how much i give a shit about fame.
I'm worried about quality of life and being comfortable with those around me...


It's the art of losing...

Baylee Brynn

Me in the dark crying to this missing the old taylor and the old myself or young I guess at midnight thank you taylor for giving me the best child hood back then I was going through a rough time but I had something to jam out to and make me happy al thanks you.


Lucas Cook

king of Queens Love yall


T Swift <3 I didn't know she sang this, I heard Maddie Wilson's cover...

Robit User

Ts 1989 ??✌


1989 - the only album without skips.

Lucas Cook

and thats how it works thats how you get the girl GLASS ;)100

K Ambrose

I want you for worse or for better, I would wait for ever. Broke your heart and put it back together. ?????❤???☺?

Lucas Cook

i dont like that fake music anymore this is for my sons and my unborn child Gabriell Logan in case i dont make it 6

Lucas Cook

Cultivated YO

Franzshane Glor

One of my favorite songs of Taylor Swift... I really really love her. I hope i'll meet you soon. I love you Ms. Taylor

Lucas Cook

really Love you nerdy


Yeahhh... hey,
So they won't kick me out if you move in for a week, then i can punxh as many holes in walls as I'd like to...
Wierd how stuff works huh?

Panturbo Fanger

Taylor SWIFT Wins ?‍♀️

Kailey Boomsma

Lesbian me wants to shout this at my crush :((

Lucas Cook


savannah r

i forgot this song existed

Marcela Wilson

Thank you Taylor Swift when I’m sad this song makes me smile

Roy D Mathis


Lucas Cook

baby this makes me smile so big boo


The Man ---> everything is Swifties-owned...
You're basically gonna be my manager or u have ppl in ur business?

Marina Lima

fellas is it gay to sing about how you get the girl


Correct me if I’m wrong but I read somewhere that Taylor was deciding between How You Get The Girl and Shake It Off as lead single.


OMG how is this only at this much views and only at around 200 comments this song is so underrated

Lucas Cook

ohhhh i would wait for ever and ever T gooooooooo T;)

Lucas Cook


mr music knowledge

Love the song, i guess he finially showed. She said if this was a movie he would be standing outside the rain till she comes out. In the first verse of this song she did just that!

Lucas Cook

i Love you Son if i dont make it

Nick Rijnberg

My sweety Miss you

Sidewalk Shadows

better than 22

Lucas Cook

this song is for my whole existance if you know me i did it for you thats your SUN thats how you get the girls 100

Lucas Cook

on the 6 for you we will run hell when the time comes 6

Lucas Cook

i dont know what im going to do with all you Queens got a football stadium all i know Ladies thats how it works thats how you get the girl young GA

Megan the Black Wolf

Taylor Swift always being my nostolgia. Singing her songs off key in a duet with my father after three hour tantrums. Love Story used to be our song, now every song of Taylor Swift's reminds me of him. He passed away at 51 by ALS on July 5th 2019 at 7:30pm. But I will always love him for worse or for better. He was a good father aside from the manipulation the last three years of his life. At fifteen, turning sixteen on June 5th, I can say that I will always want him there. Even stories of romance in her songs have different meanings to me. Taylor Swift has actually saved my life with her songs as I battle regret.


This song is like my very own secret! Not many people know it, but I love it!

Robit User

How you by the best of the time telen for good musik ???? talyor bestfriend my good namder one guys

Kim Rosales Galagate

This song is good!

Lucas Cook

amanda noland

Lucas Cook

all i can think of is my Sons Lil danial and Kadence in my stadium with my colts cheer leaders strait droping it on them thats how you get the girls ;) Love you boys if dad dont make it i got you thats your SUN

Lucas Cook

CJ im not prepared to lose you i love you bro

Lucas Cook

Family first

Lucas Cook

Love you big D im so sorry how i treated little danial makes me wanna die but i made sure you guys have a good LIFE i Love you

jing wen


Olivia Thompkins

Stand there like a ghost
Shaking come the rain, rain
She'll open up the door
And say, are you insane, -ane?
Say it's been a long six months (oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh, oh oh)
And you were too afraid to tell her what you want, want (oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh, oh oh)
And that's how it works
That's how you get the girl
And then you say
I want you for worse or for better
I would wait for ever and ever
Broke your heart, I'll put it back together
I would wait for ever and ever
And that's how it works
That's how you get the girl, girl, oh
And that's how it works
That's how you get the girl, girl
Remind her how it used to be, be
Yeah, with pictures in frames of kisses on cheeks, cheeks
Tell her how you must've lost your mind (oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh, oh oh)
When you left her all alone and never told her why, why (oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh, oh oh)
And that's how it works
That's how you lost the girl
And now you say
I want you for worse or for better
I would wait for ever and ever (ever and ever)
Broke your heart, I'll put it back together
I would wait for ever and ever
And that's how it works
That's how you get the girl, girl, oh
And that's how it works
That's how you get the girl, girl, yeah
And you could know, oh
That I don't want you to go
Remind me how it used to be
Pictures in frames of kisses on cheeks
And say you want me, yeah, yeah
And then you say I want you for worse or for better (worse or for better)
I would wait for ever and ever (ever and ever)
Broke your heart, I'll put it back together
I would wait for ever and ever (I want you for ever and ever)
And that's how it works
That's how you get the girl, girl, oh
(That's how it works) and that's how it works
That's how you get the girl, girl, oh (get the girl)
and that's how it works
That's how you get the girl, girl, oh
And that's how it works
That's how you get the girl, girl, oh
And that's how it works
That's how you got the girl

Abdullah Ansari

It's raining so imma listen


Taylor out here sharing trade secrets! ?

Lucas Cook

i love u brouther

boo boo

Probably her best song. I like how it actually comes off sarcastic.

John Clements

Probably my 2nd favorite Taylor swift song.....after 22

Irving's GoaT

came here from a LJ and john ambrose edit from insta


I'm an imbecile.
I'm an imbecile.
I'm imbalanced and sit in window sills.
You like that?
It's self-expression.

Lucas Cook

i would wait forever and ever baby im here

Lucas Cook

please forgive me son i was lost without kk

Lucas Cook

my Tay bae;)

Lucas Cook

thats no excuse i know but

Lucas Cook

all i see is lil danial with my cheer leaders i Love you so much son daddys sorry

Lucas Cook

got the most handsome guy in the world Morning Star

Lucas Cook

G AB R i Ell L O G AN S T RI K ER i need my striker boy cross my heart

dat Swahvya Chocolate go too seven

"I'll do it right ; ALL-RITE"


how did i skip or miss this song in the playlist?
but bless that i found it
gonna be a good week

Lucas Cook

when i was 6 yrs old i got a purple heart its cause im sworn to protect you the decoration is imbeded deep under my skin your my whole LIFE

Lucas Cook

thats YO SUN

Lucas Cook

im crying yea o is ill

Lucas Cook

i made it to you son i Love you boy


250k? Idc i love it

Lucas Cook

cant be dunn i did it


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Comments (100)
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Clive Mazani

Too many Zimbabwe flags in the crowd, what was happening

Emmanuel Gabriel

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Prince Gaby

Oooh what a shock.umeshida bro

Press Iyamu

Nigga in the red shirt was obviously not about it from the rap

Kaya Fourmatiç

Are you guys Jamaican a

Ewurah Jhoey

Which country is this??

Nathan Kondowe

My guy in the black is such a sabatoge ????

Laura In London


Boismart Music

Which Country is this ?

Jayden Nurse

he give d same gurl twice

Gerald Mwangi

YouTube just recommended this .
They think I don't know how to flirt.

Pearse Hegarty

Felt sorry for the guy in the red Stone Island t-shirt

White Bway

It's simple be confident and curry some courage with you.. Rem lady's need men that are calm and respectful

Iddi Haji

I saw this and I liked ur video much love from Tanzania

keya teamtz

Duh, I ga to know the beautiful ladies are many in world, would you pls say where you are.


The girl with the blue drink is mad cute

Ultra Instinct

Lol I know I can get them 100%
This way too ez these days

Blaze Jones

Where in da fuck are y'all with all these jailbaits running around?

Esco Tyndale

I love this show???

Junior Chirwa

Mans didn’t say nothing and he got the snap just like that fam?

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Kamogelo Makgata

Nigga wif a blueEA7??


I love your video soo nice ?


I could feel the pain of the red Tshirt guy. Rest In Peace brethren ?

ahmadu emmanuel

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Ahmard Browne

This video is useless but entertaining none the less

Psycho Hypebeast

These guys don't have lines?

Siyabonga Thusi

Its My Time Watching Your Vids Man ... And I Have Already Subscribed ...Your Videos ARE DOPE man Keep Up The Good Work


3:54 :"IM 15" WE FOUND 1 BOYZ

Rhemmy Saint

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What a line by the last Gee. ???? ????


no way that girl is 15, said it so hed leave her alone.

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After this I was like DANG


My man at 7:40 ain’t even speak!!!?????

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The guy with the swag his a killer,damn!!..
His so good!!!

Alexander Van Damme

EA7 bro funny af, too much confidence keep getting him burnt

aidee ‘

You know the girl that gave out her snap without the guy talking initially gave him a 9 for his looks and that’s ? % ??I really enjoyed the video

Sean Kiprono

Which is this country?

Jamiu Shekoni


Spencer Gillett

8:30 ?

Malaysia Collins


Ram Kumar

I am from India I really like your video

pinka tu

U might judge kiala as proud until she gives u her snap

Él Réy_ Nøah

Them man game weak compared to how we do it in the Caribbean plus those girls young

Delano Lewis

Dem breda yah a wast MN bredda


Awesome ma guy ??

Kartell Sixx Music

Wettest is d guy in d white jersey

life is good

This country has gotta have some voodoo magic that makes people older than their age.

oweech paul

Ready to mingily???

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Great one

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The boy in blue really does not know how to approach

Fang Fidel

My nigga in dreads' TakeOff's disowned twin brother back in 2004

Siphe Khumalo

this place looks like a MASSSIVE vibe

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this is fun and the best of all



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Shawn Taylor

Beres Hammond in the background in the last part tho ????????

Phet Banzer

man hahahahaha

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May I get one at the age of 14 whom look like mother

Ndego Sadat



9:10 mans, the girl did not do good for my man