Evil ex wife

The World Series Of Divorce! Can You Face Your Ex-Wife's LineUp?

The World Series Of Divorce! Can You Face Your Ex-Wife's LineUp?20 Oct. 2018
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Thanks for viewing my

Thanks for viewing my YouTube Channel. Today, we are talking about the lineup you will face in your divorce. This will be your World Series! Do you have enough to face this lineup?

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Comments (100)
Aye Carumba

I have to get marry one day but it's
Extremely important that God do the choosing or nothing at all.
However it's extremely unwise to marry a pagan

Sola Scriptura

That's why MY garbage [female] attorney wanted to settle out of court (3 years ago).
I hear you, Coach.

Achilleas The Greek

Coach i want to thank you From the bottom of my Hurt for this tips-advice you give us...
If i leasen this before 3 year's i would not get merry ... but unfortunately i did...
Now I have to children one 2years old and a newborn...But i want to ask you if there is a way to train or manipulate my wife to be a good dog and not bitch ?

oliver emeralds

This is the most scariest thing, I have ever heard. I am a 27 year old male in NY. I don't want to get married or get into relationship. LONG LIVE COACH ADAMS.

Mark Martin

I would judt bail, go Canada or where ever. Cheaper than to pay the bitch

Nishant Sood

I will never marry in America ,PERIOD!

جواد احمد خان

Monster inlaw....lolz

Tay Gee

AMAZING analogy

Rusty Shackleford

This video was Informative and entertaining. Every guy who gets served divorce papers should be mandated to watch this! ?



Potato Montoya

10:00 about the forensic accountant, is there a paper trail for precious metals? I’m thinking about making a stash but not a marriage, just info I was curious about.

One solution that Terrance Popp posted about is visiting a casino and obtaining proof that you were there, getting proof that you had a drinking/drugs/gambling addict anon card to explain away the cash.

David Evans

My father used most of the batters against my mom, in terms of early childhood, I'm better off for it.

James A

Lol between this one or "the marriage wheel" is my fav.

K Cla

Dog. U. R. A fucking beast ! Articulated skillfully! Thank you!

steve haley

This video is a HOME RUN in my case. The new man in my case is a car dealers salesman.

Teo Giardino

you have hit a home run with this episode Soooooooooooo right i have been through it just like you say

Hand Meover

An engagement costs you a ring
A marriage puts you in debt
A divorce cuts you to the bone, thrusts your children into the hands of strangers, deprives you of your assets, casts you into utter doom and gloom, strips you of your future growth, and leaves you friendless while "walking the backstreets"!
The Bible warns you early on..."do NoT GiVE your POWER to WoMEN and your livelihood into the house of strangers"
There's nothing archaic aBouT tHaT.
It's even TRUER today.

kr4t0s G.

For the future, DO NOT MARRY AT THIS DAY IN AGE!!!!!!!! Thats big NO NO. not even if you think shes the golden unicorn do not marry! Thank god i dodge this 50 cal bullet!

Josi Bart

Here in Canada the husband is forced to pay for both lawyers... in which case the wife normally gets the $700/hr lawyer while the husband, struggling to keep up with bill payments, gets the $80/hr lawyer... who's gonna win ...?


Skydiving with a busted parachute is safer than marriage these days.

Magus Mxviil

I don't think baseball is the most relatable metaphor, I live in Norway and I haven't played baseball since middle school. Luckily I still remember somethings about sports ball.

Nalini Global

This guy is speaking truth, went through it myself


Literally the easiest way to explain how the court system is against men.

Davinci smith

Marry a virgin. And it will be heaven on earth.
My experiences

Truth Seeker

its sad that only 13k men have seen this video... its such valuable information that the views should be at 13M..


Six restraining orders and three CPS allegations here

SoulFor Sale

What about our lineup?

jamal modica

Hide your wealth gentlemen, gold silver and crypto!


This is some bomb azz shit

skhumbuzo cele

CoachGregAdams ….you are beautiful....God has already bless youR ass

Texas Monk

I have seen this first hand up front in action. I have seen many stances where ex wife has destroyed anything that belonged to the ex husband. From destruction of items etc. I will tell you that this system needs to be break down for the sake of the men rights.

Rob tha Blak

women mediators so true....

Jawara D. King - author of 7 books

s#!+ mane ... ?

Woke Man

Everything you said happened to me. This is so crazy. Especially when you said they will reset the lineup again to try and get full custody.

James W Roberts Jr

Love the sports metaphors Coach.


When I watch this channel, all I'm missing is Crown Royal and popcorn!!!! My brother, you're on ?????!!!! Keep up the great work!

BigWill 9421

Great Play by Play.


Damn I didn't realize I was the guy supporting the women when she was divorcing her husband. I was only there are the p***y. My bad to that homie


You got it all right there.. All in the video above...
Pay VERY good attention.... CoachGregAdams is talking to you..
I WISH I had all this information before I got Married and had children...

Said it before, and I will say it again..

Gentleman, Men, Guys, Blokes, Fellows, Chaps, Boys...... Stay away from this Marriage/ Having Children Game!
You will lose. You will get burned!
I myself are going through an estrangement/ separation.... Her idea NOT MINE... But boy I can tell you. There is a BIG MONEY MAKING BUSINESS
On this Marriage.... Then shifting OVER to separation/ Divorce Game.. And it is a Game... It is not going to go in your favour!

Once my so called "nice significant other" gets what she wants... Her divorce... Man let me tell you this.... I will NOT do this Game again. EVER!
Just not worth the HUGH LOSS!
Not worth it..

MGTOW makes good sense.... 
Practise it..


You do NOT need to get your attorney involved to get your children’s school, medical, dental etc. records. Unless your court order SPECIFICALLY precludes it (you were found GUILTY of criminal child abuse and / or domestic violence). For men in California if you’re ever confronted with this issue make the people in your way aware of California Education Code 49069 and California Family Code 3025


Guaranteed loss for man in court

Ardent Dfender

That’s a lineup designed to just about rape you in your bank account and take you for everything you got. But absolutely loved this video, gave me a decent understanding of that end process. I peered up at the mountain top and decided it wasn’t worth climbing.

Roberto de la Torre

Been there ... she got practically nothing, it was stressful but stay on the game and the finall score if you are smart enough, got support and resources of your own on the final score you “win”

Predator-Hunter -


Stephen Bottom

You are the older brother I could have used when I was younger.

Chose Your Own Path

You inspire me and many others !!! The universe has many blessings with your name on it!!!? Namaste

Peter Northrup

I bet your real proud of yourself. I hope they put you in jail.

I love America

Won't the "Amazonian" divorce be the biggest so far? Couldn't happen to a "nicer" guy.

David Hall

Seems like Feminist Women come to do (3) Three things: Kill- Steal and Destroy. This is exactly what Satan comes to do.

Josh S.

Coach! This is nuts! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6euzAyeoZHU (Kevin Garnett Divorce Update)

Giovanni Cristoforo

The reason why i`ve never been married and never will!

Mike's Opinion

Your "MONSTER" in laws, LMFAO!!!


I know I'm late to the comment section but I was thinking the monster in law is probably using funds raped from some other poor simp to fund her hellspawns case.


it doesn't necessarily make you 'beta' if your risk adverse. as far as marriage is concerned only an idiot would take that leap of faith.


Do you have a bitcoin address for donations?


the monster-in-law LAWL!!

No Name Bleach

Use Bitcoin and/or altcoins fellas. Protect your money from alimony and child support.

Its ASetUp

#OptOut society and laws are overly favored in females direction. Only choice is not to participate.

Yahul Wagoni

Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd.
Batter up, Coach!

get it all tv

After hearing this an u still marry u a dumb ass

Dan Lyons

What happens if you make less than your wife and you use her medical for yourself and your child? Would you be screwed on 50/50 custody and or off the hook for alamony? I mean if she makes more and has the medical... Wouldn't it be YOU who would see more of a lifestyle change? Just curious how the court normaly rules that stuff.


This is the sort of stuff that should be taught in public school indoctrination camps to young men not LGBTIQABCXYZ propaganda.


In my late 20's I was finally in a position to date and it didn't take long to realize it was a waste of my time and a drain physically and mentally. Now in my 30's I realize I will be able to retire early while a lot of my married or divorced counterparts will be working until they drop. The older I get the more I understand how lucky I was to escape the plantation. I was never a crowd follower anyway.

World Chillin

Word... Bro, you did a Great service to Males everywhere. God bless you for putting this; unknown; unforeseen; unpredictable reality out there for us Men to learn from, before making such a grave mistake with our little time on this planet. You come from a place of sincerity and as thus, should be appreciated and respected. Big bro hug to you for making this video and the Wedding Wheel. Never married - never buried (had no clue about the soul-grinder). Thanks, Bro.

Mr Bardel

never play this stupid game . never marry .

jamal modica

the analogy is so precise

Jimmy Miller

In Alabama enspecail in dothan judge lawyer police will not listen to men's they are women's


At first you think you hit a home run then realize you striked out.

Earnest Mitchell

MAN you are knocking them out park great video.

James Allen

The game (marriage) is rigged against the man from beginning to end.


A mans only winning move is to not play the game! Love has an expiration date but alimony is forever! Think about that one ☝️

James Winfield

You're right on the money bro !!! Great content ..... priceless information.

Peter Northrup

You did everything you chould to not pay support. We all know that. People stop listening to this fool. I was a man. I paid.

Dan Buchner

My divorce lawyer sucked.

Gerard Wilson

Spot on coach you are the best I have heard so bless up to you and may God protect you.

Glen Wade II

This is why i tell men to file for divorce first.

William Cook

DAMN!!!! Thank you Coach.....

Ryan vtec

so the best thing you can do is get a chick pregnant and live at home. sucker have fun raising the kid

Colorado Mark

My motto; Do not get married. No LTRs. No Cohabitation. That's where I'm at.


Coach you are un-real LOL LOL and so very right.  Guys don't get married.  Been there did that.  The man is the MAN for a reason.  He is so truthful....................

Ishii Blänks

Brother!! Coach!! The “old” gems ain’t forgot! Played this while I got my three mile run in! Had to give myself the refresher... Like I’ve said it before. 35years old... no kids, never set foot at the marriage plantation!. Burbank’s 24 Hour Fitness... your lessons play. I know you know a about this teachers’ strike deal... I’m about to run this by the young men around here. The REAL LESSON is in session! Thanks, sir!

Marcus Frazier

"Batting 2nd - OLD RELIABLE".

And the way he says - "And all referees are impartial, aren't they?... HMPH "

Bro I'm cryin!

Mr. Pump & Dump

Redpill knowledge is life everlasting

John baker

My divorce all the way !!


Very creative.

Logan Foco

You brought up, “you decided to get the state involved in your marriage. So the state will be involved in your divorce.” Can you get married w/o the state being involved?? ?

Keith Stewart

Let me tell you how rigged divorce is and how unfair it is for the man involved. Famous boxer Sugar Shane Mosely went through divorce not too long ago and his wife not only took a big chunk of his money and property, but get this...she also was awarded his 3 Championship Belts!!!! I'm like Damn! You taking his belts too? That's straight scandalous! SMH

Deon Davis

11:35 why did he sacrifice the chicken though? Lol


This guy is dope...he is speaking social science!

ron whiteleo

Coach at his finest moment...

Jay L

bitches count on marriage for their livelihood

Harvey Rickard

Greg you hit this one out of the park!!

lul l

The dude that sacrificed the chicken is boss! Lol

LF Boreol

This vid is a master class

Military Man 71

Spot on Coach! I am a retired complex litigation attorney and 21 year military veteran. During my divorce, I represented myself as the defendant. My ex abandoned our home in Central America, and moved back to the U.S. within 2 weeks of returning, she had already filed for divorce. I was at a disadvantage, because I lived in Central America, and could not file first. Whoever files first, has the advantage. At an alimony hearing in the U.S., I presented a 20 minute alimony argument. The judge in the case was impressed with my arguement points, apologized to me in a packed open Court, told me he was bound by law to award alimony. However, he said, if he had discretion, he would not award any alimony! The judge then, in a packed open Court engaged me in a discussion on how I liked living in Central and South America. The other individuals in Court were pleasantly entertained and surprised. Except, for my ex and her attorney. In the end, I kept everything. Yes, I pay alimony, but I deduct my alimony payments as a deduction on my federal income tax return. My ex has to pay Federal and State tax on the alimony she receives. Bottom line, even as an experienced attorney, and years of being in and out of Court, the Court system is structured against you, will always win, and make your life a living hell. Now that I am a Free Agent, I only date and mate with women who have equal or more financial resources than I do!

PlayBoyRoninSpartan Ronen

Be a man making minimum wage living in the hood before marriage dont advance yourself then you would be a ace pitcher? I still bitter of the Dodgers they took out my team


Everytime i remember this i thank God for my attorney, i remember he told me she fired the first and got a top notch attorney to take me down but my lawyer was on top of things. While we were separated he told me not to seek higher income because it willgo against me because the money was a factor. Please listen to this advice from the coach if you are in the process. This channel helped me through the process when no one else had an answer. Thanks again coach. Peeeaace.

Slim Joker

I'm digging the vid nothing but facts and hard truth... And my team is the Pittsburgh pirates lol

Nalini Global

The reason we are all here is because of mothers and fathers. This ideology will end human race

David Hutchinson

Moral of the story, never get married. No one is on your side so you might as well stay by yourself

Father Breaks Down Crying After Learning His Evil Ex-Wife Had Him Charged With A Felony

Father Breaks Down Crying After Learning His Evil Ex-Wife Had Him Charged With A Felony3 Apr. 2014
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Comments (100)
toni bunch

U sure rite. I c an know a lot of ladies that use their kids for this

Joseph Castillo

Let a man do the same and y’all start tripping don’t ever tell me that women don’t have a lot more privileges than me and then the ladies say they want equal rights like whattt I don’t have nun against women I respect some but the type to do this I don’t never will

rureadyfor 2021

My biggest regret in life is not having my son. It having my son with his mother!

I have been single since I left her and have no intentions of ever risking fucking another sociopath.

Be careful out there men. Allot of woman have know how to use the system.

Gloria Ojogwu

There are some Mean Bitches out there. Men!! Use Condoms!

Avi Guide

Feminism has brainwashed women into destroying their own families.

roger crom

Best option dont associate with women

Becky Jacob

I hope he files an appeal and keep filing all the way up the line.

Thrill Steel

Greedy bitter ole heffa

jamel chislom

And u wonder why some of these bitches get killed

Dhananjay Thakur

She Belongs to street!

Lannette White

So true my son is going threw it now


Judge should have been fired he shouldn't have been treated like that

Amber Walters

He needs a lawyer.

Bonnie Clawson

She did him totally wrong!!!???

Kimberly Moffett

She so wrong for that... Grandma Always said to watch who you have your kids by

Terri Green

That video is enough evidence for him to get a lawyer so these charges can get dropped

Steve Vestel

So the CORRUPT System refuses to expunge His record so He no longer has a Felony????? I would go public with a Press Conference and name names of Everyone involved with putting this felony against Him. And let EVERYONE know that they’re Corrupt!!!!!!!! Hang fliers all over the City/County with the Corrupt Cops, Judges, and Prosecutors faces on the fliers letting know they’re CORRUPT SCUMBAGS!!!!!!

Rose Opinya

1.7K people are dead beat ass mother’s

Byron Muhammad

Make bricks without stone,Jezebel.


Please review 42 U.S.C 603. Also he must sue for damages plus demand to remove the arrears. That’s their debt and his. Read U.S v Sage. Blessing V Freestone.

Iddi Mohd Haji

The feminism law in us kills males rights

Spike Schehr

It always seems like the ones who act like children gets the children

Andrea Worthington

The wrote over are to fast and I can read fast !

Michael Clark

They gave the man a retroactive child support increase?
That is pure evil, that's worse than my situation, they are charging me arrearages 3 years after my ex died of cancer and my youngest kid is 22.
And on top of that, they are charging "administrative fees" every month because the case is still open.
They can float and sputter, I'm not giving them a dime, who are they going to give the support to, a dead woman?

Spike Schehr

It’s just a shame on how the court system works when it comes to this kind of thing. The father can walk into court and show the judge on how the mother is not countable in taking care of herself nor the kids. Photos showing a hoard mess telling stories on how the mom threw a bleach bottle at the kids face. And that gets ignored but when the mother comes in and just says I’m the mom look I’m a women here’s my vag. The judge goes the kids go to the mom because she has the title of mom. It’s messed up.


Wow thats awful


How can not paying child support be a felony???


She was getting 1,600 month, now she got him a felony and her 0 child support income ??


I promise you, those kids already heard their mother talking about the things she's been doing and every justification she can come up with for doing it. They are going to either be completely on her side, or see through her garbage and resent the [email protected] out of her.

Texas Foods

Preach it brother. Some mom's see their kids as cash cows.

Grabbeats TV

A Women has a choice to keep a child or not. But a man is forced to pay child support whether he wants them or not. The system unfair!

Shannon Hinton

She's the deadbeat

Misleading Da Witness

The state of California owes me $47,043 dollars in back child support. They have no intention on paying me back for what they stole. With all of the talk of women wanting equal rights......... well, let’s start with making the courts equal. Let us men have our fair shake at the courts and we’ll talk after this.

M Davis

These judges already have their minds made up...they dont care about evidence


6yrs later & I'm still telling people about this case.

Michael Adderley

Well she just shot herself in the foot...

King Heman

So many of us just take it. So many men... so few court houses and pussy ass Lawyers and Jundges. What did Captain Shey if Shey's rebellion do when the court houses were screwing up a man's ability to survive and take care of his self and his family and was throwing men and soldiers into debt prisons.

Travis Lewis

Lock her ass up

El Accountable Eye See Us

Some people have never done any Hard work Labor in their life and when it's time they rather Lie Cheat and Steal from Hard working People both Men and Women, but mostly women When have men received Child Support

Jerod Nerad

Well said sir

Sookle's World

America is the most fucked up place to be

Gerardo Mata

I always tell people dont ever do anything out of hate it will blow up in your face


For all those who are suffering through this I have a few things for you to look at. This is not legal advice and I am not a lawyer, so do your own research because you will need to know this inside and out. So here it is:

Only an article III court also called a court of record can issue a judicial order. To be in an article III court the petitioner needs to have suffered an injury in fact. That injury needs to have been caused by that actions of the defendant. The court has to be able to provide redress for the injury in fact. If this is a no fault divorce then there cannot be an injury in fact can there? Look up article III of the U.S. Constitution and do not let the court continue until is has answered if there is an injury in fact. You could use “I don’t understand, we cannot proceed until the petitioner has identified the injury in fact.” If the Judge answers and this is only for a judge ask them to explain 28 USC 454. If no judge in your case ask how the court is going to write a judicial order and comply with 28 USC 1691.

If you are in a case involving divorce and not in an article III court then everything is contractual and no one can force you to contract if they do it is duress. If they assume that you have agreed (very very common with this type of court) then hav the petitioner prove mutual assent, informed consent and mutual consideration. Don’t believe me search on line for 42 USC 605 and search in the page for “personal responsibility contract” no contract no debt, no debt no child support. You are born free, look up free in black’s laws dictionary, you are only obligated to what you have agreed to and make them prove it.

Lastly the family court cannot move forwards without your consent and understanding. You might just want to learn this simple sentence “I don’t understand” for anything that is new to you in the court.

Best of luck to all my brother suffering in this hell, I hope this helps...


Why do men still deal with succubi, western women, I still wish I knew. Now let me enjoy my free.

Lo Joes

I hate her!!! This broke my heart.

Esooham Abalo

Book sirach 25 19 All wickedness is but little to the wickedness of a woman: let the portion of a sinner fall upon her.”


Oh my God I hated hearing this man breakdown like this. Fathers need to come together and fight against the negative themes & biases affecting them. She purposely ruined this man's life yet she gets to walk away free from consequence. Disgusting!

Life As Shawnae

Wow this bothers me

Debbie Jerrom

Got to love karma.


Breaks my heart. What a horrible horrible demon. She did that to him.

Shannon Hinton

That's sad

Johnnie Robinson

I went through this and the mother lied to the courts about my income and insurance payment for my son court ordered child support was arrested for failure to pay support when it came out of my check every paycheck. Then had to pay a 800 hundred doller purge to get out go to court then have the judge catch her and the child support lawyer in a lie when I had proof of the deduction coming from my paycheck

E. Carroll

It's not even child support. Calling it child support is a euphemism. It's more accurate to call it an embezzlement scheme using the Government as the extortive force. 5:53 "What I'm saying is, you go too far sometimes." They know what they're doing.



Marla Wright

That poor father was paying twice a month by checks. He should file charges on her for false reporting and false arrest. He has the check stubs and all he needs to do is take them to court and show as evidence

Darryl Lawler

True words my brother.

Phoebe R'view

People end up killing themselves because of such selfishness and stupidity. She needs to get a job and a life.

Rhonda Banner

Anybody know how this turned out?


It’s like I said before, be cautious of the woman you’re choosing for a mate. Some (emphasis on the word) of these baby mamas are very vindictive,& cannot stand to see a man happy,so they devise every scheme to bring a man down every time to destroy him,& then brainwash & plant negative things in their child(ren) mind about their father. The one’s who are killing the relationship between a child & the father are some(emphasis on the word again)of these baby mamas. MEN,be very cautious & aware of the women of your choosing,or you’ll regret it. Choose wisely!!!!

Chris H

Man calls courthouse with child support questions... nothing. Woman calls... she gets walked through everything she needs

Kay Onafeko

Be careful who you have a baby with. Sex isn't worth it if this is the reward. We need to treat each other better

Carolyn Conroy

Shame on you lady

Johnnie Robinson

Preach on brother

Thelma Norman

Too evil

Chameleon Jenkins

This is video footage of a woman using the system to stomp on a man’s heart.

Bmac Me

Child support is such ?! If us Dad’s file for a reduction and get it we don’t get paid for the rears.

Rick Sanchez

I was born a deadbeat. And unfortunately my twin boys will be as well. I really don't give a F what anyone thinks or feels about it. I alone live with my decisions. I'll die alone with them as well.


I'll take "Why I will never have kids" for $1000

Texas Foods

It's 1000% true.
All kids need a their father or father figure. That's why we got this shitty world we live in

lamar chapman

I had this same thing happen to me in Michigan I lost my job moved back to Chicago to try to get my life together she pushed for the felony I never been arrested in my life she took my life my jobs everything I will never get over these arrears I am lucky I'm a driver they don't look at child support there has to be a change!

luxtube luxtube

Black women I swear I’m done with them

Ann Witten

That poor father! I feel so bad for him- I hope that horrible ex lost the kids and he has them now!!

Bronco Billy

Right on Brother. Keep telling the truth.


A judge is a judge is a judge. So why can't this JUDGE dismiss the felony charge and order his record expunged? If a woman had been screwed like that by a man they'd lock him up for contempt THAT DAY. Don't tell me women aren't favored over men in family court.

Fabricio Emmanuelli

This is sad world, how they destroy men.

Alan Rodriguez

feminist country its hard when the attorney general en judge and everyone are females they will destroy you like they did me

Quentin Goode

That was hard to watch. Hearing him cry ?

Fabricio Emmanuelli

So true what you have said.

Blood Boiling

The judge is just as guilty.

Alex B.

women have it soooooooo hardddddddd

Owen Dunn

This is why I tell my friends know the spirits u lay with. Samsung was seduced into letting his guard down. But with all this being said she doesn't represent women as a whole. Cant live with em but cant live without em.

Paoli Sanchez

I hate the world

Christina Likoski

I feel so proud when I see or hear men taking care of their kids Especially when you never had a good father!!!!!

olive oil

i hate women like this that thinks they can break the law to get what they want all because she didn't get what she wanted i am sorry lady but there is men in this world that don't take care of there kids but yet this guy took care of his kids and you wanna say he wont have a felony on his record think again he will have a felony on his record .

E P P.

I rather not have the child support, I rather have the man to participate in helping with the children. A father love is priceless.

Lynnette Gleason

That's some woman. I divorced my husband and told him that he could see her whenever he wanted. The only thing I held him to was school clothes and xmas. I don't like the why you speak down on women.

Charles Smith


khayretv khayretv

Even me my ex is doing me wrong cuz I told her dont take my child around bad people's dont worrys guys what goes around come around

J.J Kid

What happen to a fair trial I guess that doesn’t exist anymore I swear people study law for years but yet fail to study our rights as well you can’t just hold up laws while violating our rights .. ..

Amber Jade

I don’t like how she is talking to him

Saul Reynoso

When a man can't afford to support his children he gets changed with a felony and goes to jail, when a female can't afford to support her children she gets welfare and housing. Where's the equality in that?

john doe

American injustice system at it again

Minecraft Player

Its america

Mercy Lesatele

F that mum, that lady behind the desk, the judge, the law system, child support, those people who work in the court. I you put your self in that mans shoes you'll know how it feels so when all those raggedy people ask for help say hi to no one because its karma for treating that man unfairly, being bias towards good fathers and not giving him help.

Robert Silva

A woman judge always helps other women out

Jordan Watson

The judge needs to lose her job


??‍♂️ And this was 6 years ago


A women like that not only should not be allowed to ever procreate ever again or to even look sideways at a man. To be ordered to work to get a potion of the child support. She wants wants to hurt him, but in the end, it will be the other way around.

Gypsy Zombi

Child support can be fought under "COLOR OF LAW". its unconstitutional....look it up

hardbody training!!

Family court is bullshit... goddamn crooks

ex-wife acting out in front of kids.

ex-wife acting out in front of kids.9 Feb. 2014
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This is my ex-wife and her

This is my ex-wife and her mother acting out because I got my kids hair cuts. This all took place in a New Jersey police station parking lot. After this she walked in the police station to file a DV complaint, in which the only thing that prevented me from going to jail was this video. She later filed a complaint with DCS. This is common behavior for her and I never seen any other type behavior.

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Victor Kenarsy

Why that kid sound like a GT mustang going through a tunnel

ana jeri

Play it at 0.25x speed


I bet you won’t....I bet you won’t

ana jeri

Play it at 0.25x speed

Daron Coates

He killed her with the if I had another girl I wouldn't have married her ass???✊✊✊

Tara Sinclair

He was more concerned about his car then his kids.

ana jeri

He took the train from one of them 3 times
I think I know why he took the train from them it’s because he doesn’t want them to scratch the car
It’s vandalism

A Beer

Jeez this man has patience. I flip out if I can't kill a bee!

Jon Moore

Wow! What a fucking bitch! I hope those poor kids turn against her.

Fernando Salgado

Ms. Woods nobody likes you. Ms. Woods is way out of line asking earl’s step son what’s his mommas name.

C Shotta

Lady you doin too much ?


Im sorry if this is rude cause its your life and it should be private. But i would really like to know if you got more custody rights as aftermath of this video

Vesente arsiaga

He didn't touch them he the haircut people did. 50/50 you can do what you want with them on your time that's what 50/50 custody is you don't need to ask other spouse the only thing you ask if you go out of town is only thing you need to ask permission for if you have a court order 50/50 parent Time

Tarot Goddess

Woman: when you abandoned them
Earl: funny I thought I only abandoned you

Luke Watson

First thay report you over a hair cut and framed you for domestic abuse screw them

yashraj john

And thats why mgtow

Shah Ali

It’s obvious she still wants him , but it’s too late now big mouth .. just seeing the kids without a real family makes me ?

William Rosado

Bitter person hopefully she grown up by no

Gregory Genross


toni beatyourass

Where is pt 2 this video old tho the mom is bitter

Daniel Nyairo

Why do some women ruin their kids for their ego and need for revenge?

Cadence Chipres

Ok ok hold on I would be pissed if like my gf to my son out let’s say he had waves or something cool lmao I would be pissed but her acting like this isn’t cool

ana jeri

Play it at 0.25x speed

ana jeri

Play it at 0.25x speed
I’m so sorry but I can’t stop laughing

ana jeri



She needs her kids taken away from her, and given to the dad.

Shanta Henderson

I don't see the kids hair cut and she is acting like a fool her and mother damn

Sara Hennemuth

I would really love an update on this. This so called "woman" is the reason that huge amounts of tax payer money go to false DV charges and why there are entire programs set up to facilitate exchange between parents. So many of the same "mothers" who are "exposing" men as best beat fathers are also making it hell for these Fathers to be involved. I know so many people who have either pressed fake dv charges or had fake dv charges pressed against them just for spite. These woman want their child support but at the same time will put their child's father at risk of going to jail and losing everything. It's the very reason anyone who is dealing with an ex should be sure to record and keep a record of EVERYTHING- whether it's a simple text exchange or an in person interaction. Even if you 100% believe that an ex would never do something like this, record, record, record. Hell, no matter which parent you are, you should be doing this. It only takes a few minutes of research to discover what is and is not allowed in your state. There are plenty of people out there who can flip the switch and go from good to evil in a heartbeat for no sensical reason. This video alone should have been enough to remove the children from the mother's custody and placed them with the father, so long as he was capable of caring for them full time. I mean, she's just racking up reasons that she is toxic for these kids. I'm curious to see if something was ever done to stop the parental alienation and emotional abuse.


What a weirdo??? get the police over a haircuit ? and hell ye I would’ve had another shorty in NC too

Daron Coates

And the momma crazy

ana jeri

I Wonder why he’s crying. It’s because they don’t want to go with their mother
Play it at 0.25x speed, and 0.5x speed, 0.75x speed, Normal speed, 1.25x speed, 1.5x speed, 1.75x speed, 2x speed,

Laurie Urban

This woman, I can't even call her a mother, should be ashamed of herself. Those kids are gonna be traumatized. Dad needs to have them with him!

King Jayyy

Why you tripping over sum thats goin grow back in less than 2 Weeks....Oh she definitely doing extra for no reason

ana jeri

Why were they yelling “No!”?

Matthew Hill

Definition of BITTER

ana jeri

Play it at 0.25x speed
“Get the coats earl” “what do you mean get the coats” “I don’t want you behind Kim because” “you know what the coats are in the suitcase” “stop the phone” “earl stop the phone” “it’s already video taping it’s ok” “if my picture gets on the internet” “don’t worry about it” “and you think it’s funny” “you see that’s why you’re such a coward earl” “say that again ms woods” “these are the 3 year olds not you grow up” “ok” “that’s enough it’s ok”

Mar U

This woman has major issues, and she’s a horrible mother. Telling her kids “oh no, scratch the car and do whatever you want to do” after the father tells them not to scratch the car. If she has issues with her ex she should deal with him in private, not in the parking lot in front of the kids. Really what difference does it make where the father took the kids? I think the underlying reason of her anger is due to the lack of control. She needs parenting classes!

ana jeri

Play it at 0.25x speed
“Oh see you got the boys crying” “what you took his train” “I didn’t take it” “answer the question”
“Don’t scratch the car”
“Answer the question”
“Can I pick him up Kim?”
“Put him down you’re over the time”
“You’re over the time”
“Let go”
“Will you tell me what you did?”
“They got a haircut Kim”

Kitten Petersen

Wow! Those women. So sad they are using the kids.

Annabelle Rose

Why was she talking to the other kid in the car (assuming his child with someone else hopefully not a psycho) “who’s your mom” Not you crazy bitch ??‍♀️

ana jeri

I wonder What toy was he holding in his hand

Theo The Great

The baby got wavessssss

Gacha helao

I'm going do it now

ana jeri

“They have 3 car seats”

Blue Tulip

It's a haircut

Gacha helao

A kid is watching :)

divine intervention

Honestly I don’t know why everybody attacking the mom! First of why did the dad go get their hair cut without her consent! Especially if she’s been taking care of it and growing it out! Second you can tell the father was in the wrong because he should have at least spoke to her about it!! He doesn’t care about the children but more so getting back at the mom!! He does need to grow up! Don’t scratch my car give me your train!
I’m going to give them a haircut whenever I want! Again no!!! Now the mom and grandma was totally dramatic at the end are you hitting me!! Ultimately I feel bad for the children because the parents can’t get on the same page when it comes to their children! But no he shouldn’t have cut their hair! And this is coming from a mom who’s taking care of her sons hair and growing it out! If I leave him with his dad for the weekend and he comes home bald I’m spazzing out too! Like dawg you could have just communicated with me about a hair cut and I would of told you no but you can give them a shape up!!! Smh


Mom and Grandma are a joke. Its because her life is miserable.

Yezmir Sheppard-Halika

Devils advocate here: Idk...the father is just as immature. He could have handled it better as well. Not sure why the comments are so one sided towards the mother. Their relationship didn't just get like this overnight. I'm sure there more to the story.


Wow that woman is fucked up.... She is trying to get him back it's clear as day... Left her fat cheese eating... Deep fried ass

big rock

She is a kid

Luke Watson

This ladies are psychos all because of a haircut that's a stupid report

Idil Arteh

She right if they were my kids I’ll be pissed offffff ?

Kyle jones

This is why some men just choose not to be in there children's lives

Umm Kulthum Constantine

I feel so sorry for the boys

Eviel Kanievel

God save us from these Karens!

Deaner Mack

Bitter and mad because he don't want her, it's obvious


oh god a black karen

Venom's Pain

You gotta figure out if these bitches are crazy before hand bruh

ana jeri

“Did you just hurt me?” “Get away from the car!”


Where is this family now?


Poor Earl

Makeba M

Damn, I need a update??

Mahad Mursal

The Gramma the minute she arrived. She attack earl right away. Gramma never listen both side story. She team up her daughter. Both woman are sick narcist.

ana jeri

Play it at 0.25x speed

Jason Cease

Oh for the love of God, just beat her ass.

Amanda Ramirez

I hope to god that you took this to court. She has no buisness raising kids. I'm so sorry this happened to you. My husband's ex wife is exactly like this and its absolutely disgusting. Kids should never be used as pawns in their parents games. You had every right to pick your babies up and cut their hair, etc.
And questioning the other kid in the car? Wtf is wrong with her?

Daron Coates

Sad asf

Mahad Mursal

Mother and daughter who are narcist. Poor man he is cool man. But sorry for the kids. They have good father. But evil mother. She is using manipulation technique. Wow


“ help help did you just put your hands on me”?????she’s such a liar

Takota Clearwater

She is a sad sad sad woman....

Miguel Angel

His the father dump idiot....????

ana jeri

Play it at 0.25x speed
I can’t stop laughing
“Mrs woods back up” “behave yourself” “back up miss woods” “get off/out the car y’all scared”
“Did you touch me?” “HELP!!!!:” “HELP!!!!!! “HELP HE PUT HIS HANDS ON ME!” “Get away from the car!” “Did you just hurt me?!” “Are you hitting me and you taking pictures” “did you put hands on me” “you put your hands on me” “ima have a physical” “so who’s kid was in the car seat? My kid or her kid?” “They have three car seats” “in the front seat earl?” “Go get a life miss woods” “in the front seat” “no I just put that in the front seat” “go get a life” “oh I have a life you’re the one that don’t have a life” “and you had another girl while you were dating my daughter” “You see earl this the way you act” “you know you’re husband had a woman out there in North Carolina” “you know earl you know earl” “I won’t even answer that” “I’m just” “and tell me what?” “I bet you won’t” “I won’t even answer that” “I bet you won’t”

Liah Blanco

I wanna know the moms @

Adam G

Neither woman deserves to raise children! Over a haircut?! A haircut?!!! I hope she lost custody.

Jay Balls

Hope he brought this to court. She is nuts.

Mahad Mursal

She never cut the kids hair. The father took the kids to the barber and cut their hair and bought toys and eat outside with his kids. She is jealous and she don't even want her kids to look good. Wow. And her stupid narcist mother back up her evil attitude. These two woman needs to prison and the poor man should take his kids

Thomas Lindsey

The older female (grandmother) taught the younger female (mother) how to be bitchy. The fruit doesn't fall too far from the tree.

evalu ramirez

Rowdy female and her mom. Hate women like them. Yikes


The kid became frustrated with the women too. Sad and childish.


Good lord!!! Those women are crazy!! Harassing this man!

Angel Fernandez


RL -GaLaXy

She’s such an assh*le

ana jeri

Play it at 0.25x speed
Play it at 0.25x speed

Garrett Wooding

How dare you cut our kids hair lol .. smh earl needa just leave her alone


Did you CONSAULT with me?

Stacey James

She’s bitter

Dazhae Qualls

I know she didn't ask that baby what's his name what's his mother name. She has no right to even be talking to him. Smh

Lauren A

I'm not even gonna discuss her outfit

Rick Rivera

I had just about the same thing but if u knlw child custody never closes be can fight for joint custody judged wont denied it he should call the cop i callled cop on my babbymomma she need to groww up

Joyce Marilyn

yes he is right give them a hair cut DAD

Lauren A

This is the definition of " what had happened was"

Kori Fenn

Ya'll see she was trying too get the other little boy Mother Name. "What's your Mommy's Name?" So she can stalk the hell ? out of his new boo!

Mika Bailey

This so call daughter and momma duo are detrimental to those boys ... I hope this mother looks back at this video an changes her ways bCUZ no woman like this is fit to raise kings !!!

CorCor 1212

I agree they do need a life and she said she had a life but if she did she wouldn’t have been there


Can we get an update if things have gotten better?

Tyrone Dixon

Bro im so glad you got out of this...Can i pick him up. Her: your over the time.

Stacey James

He don’t need to consult with you in regards to getting the babies hair cut she’s pathetic & he’s right they are nervous & confused about y the mother is treating their father that way. It’s not right

Salman Jaffri

When these kids see this video, they’ll be embarrassed to call this woman their mother