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6 "Things" Men Secretly Want in a Woman

6 "Things" Men Secretly Want in a Woman20 Nov. 2019
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Do you want to know what

Do you want to know what men really want in a women? Do you want to know the things that a man looks for in his dream woman? Then watch this video to learn the qualities that men secretively want in a woman.. and how you can use this information to become a dream woman for you man.

We all know that Finding a lifelong partner is one of the most important goals that people strive towards. And whether you’re in a long term relationship or if you’re still looking for your soulmate, Knowing the qualities that men value the most can help you bring out the best version of yourself and connect with your dream guy. So, without further ado…. Here are the most important qualities that men want in a partner.

I’m Dr Antonio Borrello, and I’m a psychologist and relationship coach. This channel is all about helping you build great relationships so you can grow happy with the people you love. So, if you’re interested in dating advice and relationship advice that is focused on making your love life the best part of your life, start now by subscribing here.

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Comments (76)

Best as always ...... Thanks for sharing


I think i wanna add.. to the argument point. Its not gonna be an argument or fight over an egoistic thing, or some shallow thing, it should be an argument for ethics or the betterment. For example, not a fight about I should be given a new handbag, or jewellery, its more about upholding principals, a partner who does that (male or female) can gain respect as not being shallow and show how they are trustworthy companian and loyal but within ethical boundaries. So the arguments need to be about some greater thing, that in the end is of benefit to the partnership. Actually id rather use the word "reminder" not argument.. but maybe "reminders" start off some arguments.. no one likes nagging.

Jasmine Watson

this was a interesting video

Nzisa Kasau

Thanks for the video your videos are the best so educative and eye opener to many

mask girl

You can argue in a professional way without shouting n throwing things out to one another, just understand one another while giving points n excuses n thats me ??

Geraldine Gaggia

I do all those things but when I do he runs. I think he is petrified of being tied down and it hurts me a lot. I find him so sexy and I am head over heels in love with him.


Hey Antonio,
My boyfriend of 11 months has broken up with me. He doesn't want to part because we've done a handfull of sexual activity which he said he'll only do with the women he's sure he wants to marry.

That's the reason he isn't fully breaking up and says he wants to be friends. The thing is that I agreed. I'm extremely worried and he's the only man I've ever truly loved.
All i want is his feelings to return. That he falls madly in love with me again. What should I do?

Milly Ashby

Antonio you know when you said in a heated moment of an argument say if one sees the funny side and can't believe what they are hearing and starts laughing at thy other person and walks away what then because I'm inclined to do just that and they will be having there what ever on there own or is that not a good sign hahaha cause I don't like arguments but I do have a voice to say yes or no and in my opinion with having trust in eachother we should be able to do our own things with our friends and don't have to question one's or to be on each others backs or watching there every movement doesn't that come into the equation but this is after you get to know each other just being honest bro hahaha

Conny Jo

I wish you put out a video everyday ?? I would watch you all the time

Zana Clarke

I wouldn't consider these a something that men secretly want. These are things that people GENERALLY wants

Anna Cats

1. Mutual Attraction
2. A Partner he respects
3. A woman he can trust
4. A woman who enjoys sex
5. Playfulness & Sense of humour
6. Happiness & life Satisfaction

Tatijana Caldrmoska

Men should respect, treat you as a woman, loves you for who you are, host, trust. I've got that problem to trust a man, I've had a bad experience with a man because of domestic violence relationship, I'm taking my time to find the right man.

Milly Ashby

Sorry because I no I'm always questioning your methods maybe I should become dumb and not to witty just saying okay hahaha just be yourself okay hahaha


I would love to see video about being relationship or dating tips when both partner have kids.

Mat Shaffer

Ahh such a good topic!! ??✨

pam m

Thx for no gameplay advice.

Sandra Daeschler

You are the greatest for explaining the ways of how a man thinks!! Thank you this helps me!!

Sada Bh

Please, can you talk about a woman expectation from a man in another video . We all deserve be happy .... I agree with what u said.

Mohinder Kaur

So nice thanks

Kimberly Keefner

If you are not skinny you don’t get a second look. Period

Vicki Shively

My sweetie is an old flame. There is no doubt that we love each other madly, but he's been wounded an awful lot by women in the 10 years we were apart. I want to build him up so he knows for certain that I truly believe he's the most wonderful man in the world.

Bakers Bin & House Appliances

Does not help me at all this guy is 2 years younger than and shy but when he talks to you he is extremely friendly


Argument or disagreeing is what my ex don't like .. I'm a kinda of person who really loves arguments cause I just like expressing my real thoughts .. but he sees it as if I don't love him. Right, honesty is really important to a relationship but what happened to us was really tragic, I always say how I feel about him .. he says he loves me but his actions are far from it .. we haven't seen each other yet but now we just broke up. I did the first move to measure how he reacts on it but looks like, his feeling is not that strong and so he gave up. What a waste of time ..?

shalini Mukherjee

Okay now I really adore this guy because his videos have been really helpful for me and my relationship,thank you so much for your advices it not only helped me improve my relationship but also helped me grow myself as a person

Esinam Doe

I’ve had so 3 failed relationships and I don’t want to open up to any guy anymore. It’s tiring when you’re trying to be the perfect girlfriend. I think relationships are not for me?‍♀️

Emily Richardson

You have the BEST relationship YouTube channel in the world!!!


U are so great. Am happy to watch your video the first day I saw it on YouTube.

eva jaafar

Antonio, you are the best dating coach! Truly great advice, very applicable and entertaining :)

L B 1993brownsuga


Gloria Leoveras

But im.married

Justine Mfulama

I LOVE THESE TIPS. Especially Number 4 holds true. A man does not want to be the one that always initiates sex. He wants a woman that shows her desire for him by turning him on from time to time. THANKS FOR SHARING!!!

Shikha P

What if boy still walks away in live in relationship as well what can we do

Cassandra DeJesus

Can you make a video on How Long You Should Talk To Someone (When Both Parties Have Kids)?

Vida Davis



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Live and Let Live

Hmm...Lets see....a mommy, porn star, nurse, emotionally weak, fertile, will work to support them, better looking than themselves


Thank you so much your advice husband so helpful Antonio that I was really starting to not believe in trullo until after I saw your videos and I now have the man of my dreams thank you so much!

Gloria Leoveras

3 times he blocked me coz of dsagreements but he still back many times asked why back answered ciz of anger but inspite trust n respect s still thr


Ok, I'm not a happy person so I'm just going to pretend.

Milly Ashby

One thing I would not stand or put up with in a man is deceitful behavior jealousy or making up something that's not really there saying makin a mole hill out of nothing if you get what I mean hahaha

Edda Justice

Thanks for the positive advice

Heart Centered Dating

I totally agree ?

Poppy Poppy

I got a boyfriend today it’s my mates friend. I’m 12 and I’m watching this video to see what he wants

mask girl

The way I LOVE AND VALUE MYSELF is quite true and thats totally me ????

Darna Francisco

Hi! Mr AntonioBorello i love this video help me a lot wow! Makes me happy thank you

Armida Batcho

What if he always busy at work and when he got home grab a beer sitting on the couch,watching TV, no time to text or call me I felt like his losing his love for me, what well I do, I always insist to talk to ask if he still love me, ,

Jennifer The Cole

I met someone that I felt we had all of these things...then my anxiety from PTSD (I'm a domestic violence survivor) trigger kicked in and P OOF! it pushed him away. Probably wouldn't have mattered because he considers himself polyamorous...and I'm a free bird who wants to settle down with another free bird who will support me when I have my anxious moments...we had a lovely 6 months. Now I'm starting over. I also watched your video on anxiety and working on managing myself.

Justine Nantongo

Thank you Mr. Antonio
No.5 is me, I find myself funny sometimes
And I think that's why my fiance always laughs once he sees me, he wants to chat with me every time. I agree with you Mr. Antonio ?

Muravah Mir


Katt 0814

How can I contact you for your advice??

קירסטן I know what's up!

The same thing healthy women want...



Milly Ashby

Why ain't men attractive to funny women mmmm come on tell me I dear you hahaha

N. V.

How about those men who find a woman with all on that list BUT are terrified of COMMITMENT?? I’m talking about men who are divorced and afraid to take the plunge again.

Sheila Blake

I’ve just read through your description box, which I rarely do to be honest. Not many creators write much in there. The fact that you’ve written you are happy to answer questions from viewers anonymously, really touched me. It shows how kind and giving you are in your nature. That’s an incredibly thoughtful thing to do for people, to give up your free time like that to help others, just shows what a lovely man you are. Great to see another video Antonio, you look very smart today. x

Delieda Alonzo

I’m watching from Philippines ?? thank you ? this a good topic to someone in relationships ❤️

Mat Shaffer

Attraction is both objective AND subjective, and so much of it starts with our opinion of ourselves... it’s wild

Stevie Pichols

love it


Yes i grew up with these relationship values from my parents and they are very good life values for a relationship its very fulfilling.

shamz wanjiku

What are the signs of a man who doesn't want to see you cry does it mean that he truly loves you coz everytime I get hurt by my man I tell him what hurts me is it okay if I be telling him ? I always shade tears while chatting with him on video call he is a bit far away from me though I don't feel the burning love that he gave to me before even though we have never met we plan to meet next year in January I really don't know if he now will truly love me more or love will fade away but all I know I done every six things that men wants secretly .

Suzanne Jonah

Anthony you are so right about all of that, thank you

ruth jelimo

Dr thanks your teachings are comment able, I go through everyday.

Nwamaka Tina

I love to meet a man that will respect

Jessica Kothenbeutel

Disagreeing and then communicating to resolve it has always made me feel closer afterward.

Caroline Anand

I've been binge watching your videos for 5 days now.
My bf and I've been dating for over 3 years now. He pursued me for a year and I finally said yes. We're engaged to be married. But after I agreed to marry him he changed completely. It was as if he was a new person. Before he was the one that said 'I love you' at least thrice a day. Constant texting, calling, meeting. And now i found myself doing all these things. I realised that he no longer called me and it was me that called and texted constantly. One thing led to another and for the very first time he said he wanted to break up and later said he wanted time off last Friday.
In a state of desperation i only cried to God and i came across your videos i watched them and started following them diligently. Last night he called me said 'I love you' and talked to me like before. i knew it would work but didn't know it would take just days. I'm no longer going to be the same needy, clingy and insecure person that I've been. I'm going to become the person that i was when he first saw me.

You're a God sent sir. Thank you for what you're doing and helping many women in distress like me. I pray that God blesses all the work your hand.
Thank you !

Sunshine Jaybird

I always say: humor is gold!!!!

Bonita Cadavez

THANK you for sharing this vedio

Natasha Lewis

Hi Sir,
I am a 31 years old and unmarried Woman. I was single for almost a year. I have a guy friend his name is Shaun and he is 33 and I have never had feelings for this guy. He is married from last 5 years and he has dated his wife before marriage for another 5 years so a total of 10 years of knowing his wife.
We were good friends but only in office. We never went out, but spoke very well. Last November he kinda started asking me to go out with him for a few drinks to which I agreed but then we didn't go out since we both were tied up with a couple of things. And then in December he approached me that we should go out for a night out only the two of us to which I was hesitating but then I eventually agreed.
I went out with him for a stay in a hotel. We had a good time with each other. We had sex. For me it was after a long time. When we woke up in the morning he kept telling me that he was feeling guilty that he cheated on his wife which he has done in the past too. Now here comes the reason why he wanted me so badly..
He told me that he dated his wife for 5 years before marrying her and that time they had sex. However after just 6 months of marriage they stopped having sex, he says that he doesn't feel like having sex with her. He also said that his wife doesn't give him that feel of having sex with her. He has had sex with his ex girlfriend once when they met and then it didn't happen post that he use to keep going for a couple of happy ending massages but never had sex with anyone else except for one make out session which wasn't sex.
I asked him about sex with his wife since he is married for last 5 years now, so, to that he said that they have sex once in 6 months. They have no kids. Initially he wanted kids when he was newly married but his wife refused and then later it never worked out. Now they are planning to leave India and settle down in Canada but it would take a lot of time and maybe they'll plan a kid there, but he says he doesn't want kids.
Later after that session when we dispersed he became very close to me and after that we went for a couple of drink sessions too after work and it was really nice.
Last week he planned another night out with me where he told me he would make a lot of love to me. We went there and we had sex only once. He told me that while he has sex with me or with his wife or anyone he imagines someone else and this happens when he has sex with his wife too and hence he looses the interest to sleep with her. He told me that same thing happened when he was having sex with me. But even after that we had a good time, we ate we laughed we talked everything went well.
But in the night when we were making out he didn't have sex with me he just satisfied me and then was sitting with a guilt feeling that he is cheating on his wife and what if she finds out that he is with me then she will leave him and go away forever.. He kept telling me that he doesn't know if he loves his wife but he is just attached to her since they have been together for 10 years now.  I asked him why is he not sure if he loves his wife, to that he says he thinks he has never fallen in love with anyone because he keeps getting attracted to women but he doesn't sleep around that much. He told me one weird thing that he masturbates a lot and the idea of masturbation for him is satisfaction and safety too because he wouldnt sleep with someone else he wouldn't feel guilty and he won't be caught as well by his wife. He told me he gets satisfied just by imagining the sex session he had with me while masturbation he keeps thinking about it and gets satisfied.
The problem here is that I am deeply madly and crazily in love with him. I don't know what I would do without him. I am getting into depression day by day. I know him from last 3 years and he is a gem of a person. I am truly in love with him. I want him in my life forever but I kinda am not able to understand if he loves me or not..
He told me he doesn't know whether he loves anyone in his life but he wants me to be with him irrespective of the fact that we are not going to have sex anymore since that feeling of having sex with me has also gone away.
What do I do?  I feel like a looser,  he says it's not me or something that I have done wrong is why he doesn't want the sex session with me anymore but he says it's him, he has some issues when it comes to sex. He only masturbates and he can be with someone only for a short period of time when it comes to sex. He also told me that he likes to imagine having sex with girls he thinks could be sexy just the way he use to think about me once and then he got done with me with just two sessions of sex. But he told me one thing that in the past whenever he had sex and got done with that person but he never felt the way he feels for me. He msgs me he gets jealous when I talk to someone better than him,  he feels jealous when someone in the office touches me and keeps praising me.  He tells me that he wants me anyhow but he doesn't feel like having sex with me anymore because he is done and just imagines me while masturbating. But he wants me with him all the time.. Doesn't wanna leave his wife too because things will go bad at home. And also because he is attached to her so much but when asked he says he doesn't know whether he loves her or not. He tells me that he wants me but he would never leave his wife because of the drama that would happen at home. Off late he has been having a lot of fights and arguments with his wife, so do I have a chance? 

Can you please help me understand him?  As to why is he like that and what he wants from me?  And Is there a way where he can leave his wife and settle down with me?  I really really love him a lot.  I just cannot imagine even a single day without him.  Please help me how can I get him in my life?  How can I get him to commit to Me to marry me?  I am addicted to him and I want him too to get addicted to me.. How can that happen..
Please help me Antonio I really want him

Angels Attached to Angst

You are describing me to a T except that I am the funny one. I’m funnier than most men. Amy Schumer has a husband, but then again, she isn’t funny?

Lily Moretti

I think men appreciate it when women offer to pay the bills even if they are not going to allow that. I think it is important that men also feel that they are not just there for the money they earn but are valued for who they are!


The way we handle disagreement is quite important,,,I had someone who called me proud for disagreeing with him I blocked him immediately and now I have someone who resolves disagreement with respect even heated ones.??you are on point Dr.

ocean waves

I emailed Antonio my message was blocked

Blanca Yeseida Blanco

How can we reach to you? To ask you some questions secretly?

Tamar msuya

I have to ask this doctor,..... can I use person's blood type characteristics to understand him I mean his behaviours and all that....?

Benadine Jerop

This was amazing video.....your videos are helping alot

Hoili Swu

Thank you so much video. Man and Women deeper conaction to live amazing life.

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Comments (100)

Why is there a black screen on the monitor of the Mac?



Scoty R.

yo this happened in one of the new x files episodes

Tim M

Hi, My name is Tim. I have manic depression and I would like someone to talk to. I'm not down, just lonely. Would anybody like to have a conversation here on the comment section? It could be anything from Puppies to what you had for breakfast or your college major. It doesn't matter, I'm just lonely.

Thank you


visit india please we love you. please please please please please please please please please please please please

Sern Mern

Julia: Recorded with a yellow notepad. 'With'? Makes zero sense, no wonder why Bart got confused.


They should make a movie off this shiz

truereligion fiend

Put Ana Akana in as a guest


damn tiff's jacket is fine.


0:06 ??Nada

Peter F

Bart is kinda slow sometimes ?

Miles Barlow

This would be a great book


This is some scary shit to me idk why

I4got 2pull0ut

Sounds like he movie psyhco

Amari Lewis

Tell me why Tiffany looks like Sid from Ice age.

Matu Nam

It was Jiraya!

Avril W. Claassen

Why is Tiff wearing glasses? Didn't she have the lasik procedure done here yet?

epique wenqa

2:49 why does it seem like julia has thick saliva, cause it always looks like she's having a hard time swallowing.






julia doesnt explain things very well just let tiff read the articles please

Eddie Wood

i own a motel, and i do this.


Sketchiest video of jk news haha


Guys have you seen this new shirt that I made about our GRAND MASTER WIZARD Joe? He's duh mudda awesome!

Tommy Le

I heard about this on yogcast kim


Netflix has a movie about this. It's called Voyeur

Aimee R.

Geo hair looking good

Skurky Oh5

Vacancy movie

Dancing Dakamichi

Looking good Julia!

Dami Ikwe

This just sounds like what William Masters did for his sex studies

Juan Chan

god damn bart! XD

Zara William


....Bill Masters?

Ashley Nguyen

Geo is so pretty

Tay Thao

Julia, I love you girl but you suck at hosting! Please get someone else to host!

Oanu Yang

Julia is so gorgeous!

Supper Ninja

That's soo cool, I think he is off the hook if he hands over the notes for the Mudahhh sCiEnCe.

Supper Ninja

:0 he could have probably even prevented the murder! This guy is fucked up!




OMG ew

Jakob Pfeiffer

This shit should be a movie on how this man did this shit

De’Juan Muldrow

new movie?

Thomas McClenan

First of all who is the girl in plaid the one in leather and the one in black and white shirt. You girls make the guys look good. Sounds like the motel owner was doing a self induced documentary.


Great now the motel is haunted!

Hxllz Cxrtxz

Colorado for you no one is safe in this state if your not from here don't come here??


princess Julria looking so cuney


geo is the only one with nice hair (from the females)tiffany and julia look like teenage runaways not trying to be mean just trying to be honest

Obiora Okechuku

tiffs reactions 1:34


Julia witcho fine ass I want to see more videos of you on your channel.

Opus 0

I was just thinking about the evolution of cam quality

Rock Axis

Damn, my first time at a motel and I was paranoid about this, so I could not have sex comfortably because I had that feeling of someone was watching me. Geez fucking motels! XD

A'Leah Washington

Makes me think of the movie Psycho.

Antonio Lopez

messed up


lol Geo was about to drink some pepsi but caught herself before she did.


god Bart can be soooo slow sometimes

Neil Woodwards

Y'know the crazy thing. A lot of our psychological studies have derived from crazy stunts that today would be unethical. I wouldn't be surprised if they used this guys findings, lol.


he is.. the Master of Sex


well he looks happy about it on the thumb.

Antoine Bandele

Damn this story is crazy.

Bader Mubarak

Just me or have I seen this before?


That selfish fuck, he should've shared videos.

Johnny H

julia would be cooler if she wore glasses

Naomi Gary

she shouldn't use the word "record" if he wasn't actually recording. she could've just said he wrote about them having sex while watching through the vent. simple.


I bet there is a hacker version of this watchin you thru your webcam D:: reports coming 40 years later


Julia be adding shit on every story


Jk why do YouTube keep unsub Bing me to u

shai clov

this would be a very good movie

waleed awan



crazy vid

Ashlyn May

never going to motels

Amanda Barth

Norman Bates in Psycho anyone?

Daniel Cal Fadavi

Little creepy but less creepy because of his intentions

Gaming Trifilm

Didn't the Kim and Duncan from the yogscast talked about something like that and it was called "The Voyeur"

candy witch nails

This is a documentary now on Netflix called voyeur


Thats some dedication,right there.


Wait is this the real life version of that HBO TV show Masters of sex??

skylight ceiling

This could be turned into a movie. A perverted scientist who watches people have sex in a motel that he owns to then witness a murder during part of his research and the only reason know one found out about this is because him and a journalist  who is the only other one to know about his research besides his wife, who helps him in his research , kept it a secret for many years... until now.


I'm I the only one that feels like Julia is getting hotter by the dayyy

Team Trouble SVJ

This story would make an interesting movie.

Ashlee Rocha

I live in Colorado what city was it in

Just Trippin

this story was complete confusion for two minutes straight

Molly Berg

Don't fall through the ceiling guys! Might get a little crowded


editing your videos now. you guys changed

CanManStan Que

Motel owner:fuck I would have gotten away with it to without you meddling kids
scooby doo:I don't don't sued


What the hell would you do if the roof fucking broke! That shit would be so funny on god.

Daniel Cal Fadavi

1:46 what you trying to hide

Jade Arcade

nice videos on the side


This is like a perverted Dr. Masters and Virginia Johnson... like way more perverted with less of the participant's consent.

Lumi Lapis

This story gets better and better every second


Man hoolia is bae


omo Are they moving already? It looks so empty behind joe and hoolia

Kosoko Creations

y pipo crazy

Mazda Cosmo

lol why in colorado

Phantom R

One time, my friend went to watch Justin Bieber live in concert...

He's dead now

Jeremy Rocano

With his EYES! BART with his EYES!


...until Mulder caught him. (queue x files music)


why do they pre record videos it confuses me


psychose anyone?


That is some Bates Motel shit right there.

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Missionary is fun. Place them ankles by dem ears and drive the D deep inside dem walls. leaving the NUTS hanging out. BUSTING ALL KINDS OF NUTS!!!