How to orgasim if you never have

What If Orgasms Didn’t Exist?

What If Orgasms Didn’t Exist?11 Jun. 2019
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At any moment of any day,

At any moment of any day, the odds are that someone around the world is having a big O. We don't really like to talk about them, but they're an integral part of our lives. Billion-dollar industries have been built around them. People have become addicted to them. And scientists have studied them for eons.

So what would happen if we stopped having them?

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"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere." — Carl Sagan

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Comments (100)
Precious_YT :3

I don't think any of us would exist ???

Alok Mittar

Then sex was just a duty, responsibility nothing more nothing less and girls wont get pregnant at early age!!!!

James Rimes

Fashion, music, art, movies would also be heavily impacted.
There would be way less people working out, and going out.


I added this to watch later and now after 11 months, I watched this?

Komal Rajput

0:10 kiara advani??any indian here??

Tabby Reviews

This is sadly the life of many women. Rarely does a woman experience any orgasm when it comes to traditional sex, she's just doing it for the guy. People don't like to admit this detail about life, but it's true.

Palwasha Zainab

Most of the women are actually living this reality..

Shawn Buccat

If orgasms didnt exist, well twitch simps will not watch girl streamers

Vaughn Edward Catacutan

Atlast quality education <3

Amber Dev

i dont have them...

Black Tiger


Happy Mathenge

In short, humans and life in general would be better

Random American

I'm having orgasms 24/7.

Crusty Sock

If orgasm make you live longer, I'm damn well immortal then.

Puffcorn gaming

Kiara advani

Michael Angelo Omila

What if orgasm doesn't exist? We will not exist as well.

Lifeline Gaming

What if 'what if' didnt exist?


Now I have to go to incognito mode.

rakesh mishra

What about jordi nd Johnny sins ??????

Sachin Marasinghe

Don't forget an important thing, without orgasms there will no longer abortions, right?

Pat Malloy

All the consequences he listed would be positives. Minus the health part

DialogEkky 101

Without orgasms we're just like robot

Sarthak Gupta

Indians searching for kiara advani comment ??

SlayeRGoD Gaming

when my nephew asked about how do you keep yourself so happy and joyful
Me: u will discover it in distant future

BNL Animate // ꋬ113 - Stop Lenin Chan & Joan Autin

Title: What If Orgasms Don't Exist?

Bryan A.S

Right, i'm now immortal

Master Yoda

0:40 xdddd

Venkateswaran C

I thought the title was "What if Organs didn't exist? "

Semon Demon

I love sex every 3 hour with 18yo wife

mike turnblom

What If Season 4 Episode 2, What If Organisms Didn’t Exist


YouTube recommended this to me

Thanks youtube...


Lester Richard

Why isn't anyone talking about Jesse pinkman


sighhhh read it as Organisms instead of you know

terex topia

Increase in the divorce rate is a high possibility

Your_Physics _Buddy English

Teens will do better in school ??


Orgasm didn't exist??
I was gonna say "What the f*ck!!*, literally.

Here's Hot Rod

Kid watching this
Parents coming in
Kid: I swear mom and dad. I thought it read What If Organs didn’t exist.

Rafan Blaze

This is not a family friendly vid and this is 18+

singer actor

I thought the title is organs?

Precious_YT :3


Pasin gaming

Why is kaira adwani doing here in starting ????

Life Unplugged

Kiara Advani damn too hot....

Rubal Guleria

Did anyone else read the title the 2nd time to make sure it said Orgasms?

Truth chan

What if We orgasm 3 times a day? ???

Sumanth B

0:09 any indians??

shubam sharma


Waden Ozukum

Condom industry will fall?

Shahataj Sarkar

Did u just put lust stories's clip...
Omggg!!!.... Indian stuff haan??????

SlayeRGoD Gaming

After watching this so informative video I am just wondering ,it's been 1 year since this video uploaded so why is it still has'ent crossed 1MIL

Jordy Kalkhoven

so basically the woman’s life


Why was this in my recommendations????????

Khothatso Sello

This is the best one yet ?

Kale Aleee

What if:Orgasms help imune sistem
Me:Slaps it 10x a day
Corona virus:*Chuckles* I'm in danger

Soban Karim

if orgasims didn't exist, Organisms wouldn't exis


I am here from the of starting channel

Toast The Carnotaurus

All the organs are gone? Shit, no more pianos.

Burhanudin Putra W.

Well, am i the only one who watch this in quarantine?


Says 2-3 times a week
Me who has one every day??????
I guess a longer life???

Willy Bones

Im betting the world
wouldn't be over run with humans.

Genetic Qwerty

2:31 i immortal now?


My 9 years old brother asked Hey can we as KIDS DO THAT


What does YouTube think of me to suggest me this video

Blue Fox

I already know what that feels like

Ved Vyas

कियारा आडवाणी को किस किस ने ध्यान दिया.....


Bittu Lee

Love the starting shot from Hindi movie ?



15 Kshama Bhattacharjee

Kiara Advani goes global due to orgasm but not acting... Lol


Imagine what hip hop would be about tho

Manglam Sharma

0:10 Kiara Advani.....Indian actress......❤️❤️❤️ Thank me later?

Duke Lawler

I thought it said what if organs didn’t exist

Cringe Jedan

What's that smell!? Is that the smell of demonitization? hehe

Sebastian Cristea

It seems some ppl have a problem with the topic of this video here. What's your problem exactly?


i thought i read the title wrong but never mind.

Matt Hill

Surely though in this hypothetical scenario, we'd still have sex for pleasure? Sex is still good even if you don't finish.

Abi app

Most importantly rapes across genders won't happen

sagar singla

How come without orgasm ejaculation is possible?
Would it be possible to have a baby without orgasm?



The Company and country of Tra

What did he just say about working out???. Saying that it's boring and comparing it to not orgasming during sex. Someone clearly hasn't seen pumping iron or felt a good pump because certainly Arnold Schwarzenegger had something to say about that...?

8cott Diver

If you think about it...
MLP: FiM don't seem to have s*xual pleasures

They are all confident walking in public with no clothes on


I didn’t need to watch this video to know that life would suck without them ??


Without orgasms Pornhub wouldn't exist.

Black Tiger

orgasm increases life expectancy ??? what a fantasy


Seems like pros outweigh the cons...


That’s awkward

Drei Kun

Top Quality Content hahaha

Pradhan H

Can anyone imagine how DISGUSTING sex would seem?


Çhrœ Ñæs

I searched for this video so there's no way i can read the title organisms or organs?




Nutting while watching this video

singer actor

I think i've seen kiara advani!

Pasin gaming

This is the 1 video which I saw by wearing headphones ????


14yr old boys:I found the Fountain of Youth

Davide Franciscono

This is the only what if scenario I would like to become true
All the others were terrible

Sorry if you find some spelling mistakes English isn't my main language

Golden Jam

Who else when they read the title read it multiple times and was like,

Charmaine Gwere

Are we weird for watching this ??

Rea Mae Añonuevo

What If: Orgasms can reduce menstrual cramps
Me, a virgin: INTERESTING.

20, Om S , XI G

I always wondered what my worst nightmare possibly could be

And here What if helped me with it

SlayeRGoD Gaming

If this happens nobody would love harem anime anymore though

James Rimes

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the title


When I got my first orgasm I used to call it “the feeling” and I thought I was the only one whoever got this feeling ?

"I've Never Had An Orgasm" | Reality Check | Yahoo UK

"I've Never Had An Orgasm" | Reality Check | Yahoo UK8 Mar. 2020
24 894
Yahoo UKSubscribe 438 721

Love Island stars Amber

Love Island stars Amber Gill, Anna Vakili, Yewande Biala talk about faking orgasms, self stimulation and taking control in the bedroom.


Despite being unlucky in love, Amber, Anna, and Yewande have remained firm friends and have supported each other with friendship and advice since leaving the Love Island villa. Now they are giving their fans – including their collective 5.6 million Instagram followers – the chance to tap into their unique brand of wit, wisdom and winning attitude through the weekly advice show.

You can listen to the full episode of Reality Check on Spotify and iTunes, follow Reality Check on Instagram and watch the whole episode on our website.





#LoveIsland @Amber-Rose Gill @Vakili Sisters @Yewande Biala @Love Island

Love Island's Amber, Anna and Yewande on Their Relationship Advice Podcast | Good Morning Britain

The Love Island Cast Solve British Vogue's Relationship Problems | British Vogue

Love Island's Amber Gill Reveals All About Split From Greg O'Shea | Loose Women

The Islanders Are Shocked by a Recoupling Twist | Love Island 2019

Amber reveals secret about Bombshell Rebecca’s past! ?? | Under The Duvet Ep 2


Comments (49)
Toby sultan-Othman

Obviously yewande and amber won’t say anything this episode ?

Sanaz Roldar

It’s annoying to keep putting up the same videos over again. This was in one of the episodes.

Empress Qi

God, Amber is silly. Majority of women never had an orgasm and she's acting like Yewande is one in a zillion.

LDT Time

amber so uncomfortable...


I just realised that Amber has no personality whatsoever

Kenneth and Joyce

The other two seems so immature about this topic.
Anna was very mature

Moses Ade

Amber is the lengest person in whos ever gone on the the show

Ms Keys Note

Ladies, when you have an orgasm .... You will know!!!! Like,, you will definitely know! Its one of those things you cannot explain. Only you can know! You won't be second guessing yourself if you have or haven't had it!!! When you GET IT.... You will GET IT!!!


Anna is the best! If she wasn't on the show, the other 2 would just be useless at talking about the topics.


Loool who is Amber tryna convince, "I'm a prude." Nahh girl you're not ?

Henshaw Osong

Na Yewande. Come my way. Orgasm distributor??‍♂️

Emily Jayne


Allan nalla

they should introduce they names to the non-uk people please

Power N

Anna is amazing love the way she discussed this

Power N

Amber is ruining it if she feels awkward she shouldn’t be in this podcast

Nhlanhla Hadebe

Background song ??


The contour is ashy as fuck. Makeup artist needs to be fired. Look at ambers cheek lmaooo


Everyone calling Amber immature or saying it's stupid how she's uncomfortable but it's not weird for ppl to find topics like this uncomfortable it's normal because they know thousands of ppl are going to watch it and even things they say will be in the papers etc and a lot of the ppl commenting wouldn't have these conversations with their friends

Aaliyah N

It’s sad for me to say that I’ve never had an orgasm. It’s to the point that I’m starting to feel like I’m the problem. Like I don’t even wanna have sex because I feel like I won’t get there. I’ve talked to my friends and they told me that I have to learn my own body in order for my sex life to change.

Salumar LOL

Yewande babes, why in the world would you reveal this info for the public. Why??????????????? Maybe that’s the reason you are still single, you don’t get it.

B Bob

Does Anna’s back hurt from carrying this show ?

Taquan Jones

Every body is different. It not easy for everyone. girls, give me a thumbs up if you've had an orgasm and a thumbs down if you haven't ?


this is great, Anna is real. no need to be awks

guillaine fotso

I can give you one

ayesha t

There is no point talking about these topics if amber acting all weird and stuff

Kill Or be killed

Yewande be cappin


All of them should have shared based on their experience. Amber, I see still hasn't grown up. She needs to work on developing her personality. Kudos to Anna and Ye for being honest and transparent cuz a lot of us are still figuring this ish out so we love these topics and need to share.

Jaay Kay

Love Anna!! She’s so real ❤️ I’m glad we t to hear her talk so raw about these topics, really important stuff to discuss in this day and age, as not all of us have close friends/siblings or parents we can talk to about these things.


Yewende is so relatable I didn’t have my first orgasm until I was 24

Yusef Ali

feel like amber is abit conservative nd doesnt like to talk bout these types of topics so candidly, it makes her feel awkward .. its pretty normal

hell na

To all the guys that Yewande's been with ??☕
Step it up 2020

R baby

Amber is so IMMATURE idk why she’s still on the show

Beats Tunes

Anna is the only reasoN I watch this the other two just laugh and make small cmments

sik tekkers

I give yewande an orgasm

Kate Shortall

Anna is CARRYING this show, wish amber would stop the laughing and just have a good convo cause I used to like her a lot in love island

Andre Bolt

any girl that dont have orgasm from sex not only the clit is a damages female lol

Christina Love

Anna is Amber hyperman. Yawande is the show. Coz them two women dont have any content without picking on Ye


Yewande ♥️

Olivia Devooght Johnson

can somebody tell me how to send a question in for this? Not about this topic but just for topics they may do in the future :)


Anna maybe immature in some ways but she is one of the realest one speaking facts thanks for speaking about such topics there’s already so much stigma with the whole topic of female orgasm ??


Let's not forget you can enjoy sex without having an orgasm. But..... Its definitely the icing on a very nice cake ?

Devil's Advocate

Nice contribution Amber.


Stop blaming men for lack of orgasms. understand your body first

Tash Thai spice

I love Anna’s character she’s so real and jokes and beautiful! She’d be the type of girl I’d be friends with such a vibe ? keep it real

Elly West

Don’t know why people are hating on amber like she makes this video even more hilarious, same with the other vids ??‍♀️

Elsan Andres

Just to be honest..
Just my opinion.. if you are emotionally invested in someone, and if you are patient (not rushing to try it) then it should be easier.
Micro stress can be detrimental to that big bang.

If you're with someone that can wait and that can be patient and accept you, then I think it would be easier.

The more invested and patient you are the better. In my opinion why waiting until marriage has a more likelihood of staying together with your partner afterwards (on top of the other investment stuff).
Just a tip.

Basically, don't rush. There's no rush trust me.


Anna is actually soooo right ????


No one:
Anna: "it's the clitoris babe"

The Alkebulan Trust

To have an orgasm you need to take time and explore your body. However having an orgasm isn't necessary. Because you still get the feeling of satisfaction and stress relief during and after sex...true or facts?