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Spring Cowgirl Style Lookbook | Montana's Fashion Forward

Spring Cowgirl Style Lookbook | Montana's Fashion Forward1 Apr. 2016
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Cowgirls 'n Angels 2: Dakota's Summer

Cowgirls 'n Angels 2: Dakota's Summer10 Apr. 2020
YouTube MoviesSubscribe 438 721

Keith Carradine stars

Keith Carradine stars alongside a young, popular cast that includes Haley Ramm, Jade Pettyjohn and Emily Bett Rickards in this inspiring second chapter of the beloved Cowgirls 'N Angels story! Filled with heart, horses and high-reaching adventure, Cowgirls 'N Angels: Dakota's Summer is an uplifting reminder that with courage, friendship and passion, anything is possible!

Comments (100)
Mia Jansen

35:41 i was hoping she would be that little girl"s daughter from the first movie but i guess not

Maddie Kitty

Felicity Smoak who?

Nasir Uddin


Ella Shotola

Wait that’s Adam from lab rats ? right or is my cowgirl hat to tight on my head

Hannah Schuck

Need more movies like this I wish I could be a actor that are in these kinda movies that a dream.

Della Simmons

I hope this film deliver I really enjoyed the first one..?

Nasir Uddin



Um WOW at 1:9:09 is iconic


I love her but her pants! Why does is she wearing high waters? I'm dying!!!

kassi taylor

this is my sisters a-count i'm 12 and i rodeo this all i watch when we go out of state its fun is seen all the flicka's and cowgirls & angles all the movies that are related too this movie

Della Simmons

They should have kept the first cast.

Kim Oakes

this movie is really awesome 2 me

Danielle Renfroe

I thought that was so funny when she said because you’re my sister not my coach in the beginning!

Wayne Renner


Triniti Thibodeaux

Who’s watching this in 2021

Elaina Townes

i am a horse girl

wesley wells

Ha this was posted on my twin sisters birthday on there 11 bday

Allen Calloway

Love the first pie and I know I'm going to love this one too

Stephanie Lowe

Great movie love it


Her mom looks awfully young

Autumn Strid

honestly the two purple minions were better than the sweethearts. but that full fender was horrid to watch lol

Eric Lakota

Love that dodge

Eric Lakota

Being adopted at least she grew up with people who loved her .

Kate Windthunder

What the song call on the end

kimberly stew

Have you a guys seen A cowgirl's story it is soo sad

Kayla Garces


Lilly Pace

The first one is better

R Stroh

Girl. I know you better get excited about white chicken chili, biscuits, peach cobbler, and living on the same farm as that wild horse and cute farm hand. Youve got more dreams about to come true at 17:39 than you even know! ???

jon sayers

shes good

R Stroh

I like that she's being super snotty. I can relate.

Hanna Cadwellhs

Those purple outfits tho....??

leviathan sama



ok so I don't know if any of y'all caught this but Bryan Dechart aka connor from Detroit become human is in this movie.... FUCKING BRYAN DECHART I DONT KNOW HOW I DIDNT CATCH THIS THE FIRST TIME BUT OH MY I guess this is what he did before dbh...huh... interesting

Big Mac Jack

The young boy is from lab rats

deni g

I am watching during COVID-19 in Dec. 2020.....STILL!!!



Della Simmons

It wasn't her sister place to tell her she was adopted. She was out of line...




Hi l love you

Phantom Roads

I am IN LOVE with Haley Ramm is my dream girl!!!

Maddi Witham

She acts a lot like Ida from cowgirls and angels 1

Yayeahlia Yahya

Who’s watching with father watch number 1:?❤️

Elaina Townes


Gretchen Grande


Briana's Life

awww where the og cast

Georgia Ayers

I loved the show very much I would like to have more like this..

Nasir Uddin


Eric Lakota

Dakota looks more like her parents then her sister

Carolyn Payne

Dakota is a spoiled brat. She should be happy she has family, many kids don’t have any!

Arlene Kon

Very moving with true values of ALOHA!!


I'm watching every corny movie in existence while this Trump insanity is ramping-up. I found myself frustrated and stressed having a madman in the White House. COVID is just the icing on the cake. I was never a horder by nature, but I now have enough supplies to last a year. That includes water, food, batteries, oil lamps, and water processing equipment.
The U.S. has gone so far sideways, there's no way to estimate where up and down lies. The new stupid is the weak shall inherit the Earth.
This actor with his bangs in his eyes I would find intolerable.

al meggs

What’s the big deal Dakota should be thankful
She wasn’t one of the thousands of innocent babies murdered in this country by abortions every day!
I hope all the young viewers don’t choose death for their baby instead of LIFE! By adoptions!

Nasir Uddin


Frank Rice

Good movie well worth the pop corn and buttered

al meggs

Why isn’t Alicia Witt back ???

Krisstina Wilson

What kind of dancing we they all doing at the ranch?
I love it and would love to learn!!

Zariah Fitzgeralds

Me me me

I'm Your Annoying Geeky Fangirl Friend :D

3:06 is the first appearance of Cowboy Connor (Bryan Dechart)

phillip yancey

ya i watched a cowgirls story great movie

Jenny Newman

Gotten eye Joe yeh

Sara Greene

So what does this have to do with the other movie?

Gena Rose

leslie anne huff just had a baby

Libby Stewart



the first one was way better i liked it better when she was younger

ivana rayburn


Grandma odd

That was the best movie I see that cowgirl was good I thought she found out she was adopted she went to see to find her parents remember young little girl named summer at her Grandpa lake ranch and then you became friends and stuff now they going to be living together stepmother and father is going to raise that her friends summer that was so awesome they had me tear when the car and the lady came to go pick the summer up I was crying to Hope and that day the parents were taking the young girl in the dinner and I just had that I'm aware tear just came down I like happy Annie's but that was a awesome movie and I'll be watching the game I hope it will be more of this type of movie I would love to watch it thank you

Amy Fernandez

This is the best movie

Della Simmons

Turman & Carradine look good for their age.

Brooklyn Baker

is it just me or is this movie not the same without the old cast

Teagan Browning

Who watches haikyuu

Evelynn Picknell

Really good movie

Jillian Weaver

When the one kid put the halter on upside down it bothers me.

S. Chapman

This is a fantastic movie!!!

Greta Kenyon

We need more movies like this!!!

Peter Krug

I think if you adopt a baby right around the time the kid outgrows the Santa-believing age that's when you should tell him/her the truth.

Minelia Canche

I love donde country



Treyton Nottingham

Best move ever ???

Pat Sikora

I love this movie so much.I appreciate an love folks that adopt !!?!

Itmeh Sus

I haven't watched the whole movie but I just have to say that the 1st movie was better

Minelia Canche

Love dance country

Gloria Twiggs

Loved it!

Madeline Doonan

that was a good move

Nasir Uddin


Fayte Hughes

I sure hope that they make a number 3

Jenny Newman

Just finished watching the first one wow beautiful movie this should be as good. Second one exalent

jamie williams

hey guys this is the secound one watch the first if you watch the secound first you will be confused! (just letting you know)

Marko Radulovic

Cute movie

Bailey Towles

That boy at the ranch were she went to get away he is no cowboy u can tell

Cheryl French

Love this movie

Brielle Pina


Elizabeth Williamson

Good luck with that [princess] you've been eating my dust since grade school! Price list!

Cooking and baking with paula and Becky Davila

How do they do this I can’t even sit on a horse without screaming


why is there whole diffrent people i miss the old mom dad and the old house

Angelly Watso

i was surprised dat jade pettyjohn was in dis movie

Kevin Maeder

That wannabe cowboy should comb his hair back and then put on his hat

Lee Angus

This movie is a Beautiful story . And awesome movie . will be part Three to this movie

Lila Camb

Isn’t summer from American girl movie McKenna

Anne Beamer

This is not the original cotton eyed joe. The original was a line dance not couples.

Daphne Martz

10:44 it's a scene from the first movie just flipped lol

Jenna Hamrick

I started riding when I was 1 and now 9

Cowgirl Twist - Line Dance Lesson

Cowgirl Twist - Line Dance Lesson11 Apr. 2017
3 574

Cowgirl Twist - Line Dance

Cowgirl Twist - Line Dance Lesson

32 count - 4 wall - Beginner Level Line Dance

Music: "What The Cowgirls Do" by Vince Gill

Choreographer: Bill Bader

Instructor: Dave Serfling - Rockin' Horse Dance Barn

Comments (1)

Great step