Should i cheat

I should've Cheated - Keyshia Cole Lyrics!!

I should've Cheated - Keyshia Cole Lyrics!!26 Feb. 2011
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Thank You For Watching. Be

Thank You For Watching. Be sure To Watch Perfect Two!

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David Childs


Victoria Harrison


T Hulbert

January 2021????

Jacub Dohn

Here in 2021 ??????

Tiyanna Danzy

2020 december ???

Nataly Rodriguez


DboyRL12 Paeng

Currently thumping this on blast...with my boyfriend on the passenger side. duece he think I don't know what he's up too!

Melie Baby

2021 almost!!!

Earnest Hobley

I wanted 2 know who still listen 2 this song in 2021

Taylor Lynn

I sang this a few months before I broke up w my ex and when he heard me singing he was like you not getting any ideas right??

Jason Shannon


Jasmine Valencia

2021 ✨

Crystal Appiah

Who will be here when 2021 comes! Knowing we survived 2020 ??

Paula Paula123

January 2021?

kini di

when you realize this song is about gaslighting ?

Gaslighting is psychological abuse. When a person or group deliberately projects their behavior onto you to distort your reality and avoid responsibility that is gaslighting. It causes confusion, anxiety, and self doubt. The purpose is to enable continued abuse.

Markees Foster

Who’s Ready For The Verzuz Battle With Her & Ashanti? I Am!

Kendrick Cason

Who's here after the Verzuz was announced

Adriana Ramku

Came straight here after the versuz battle

j c

2020 ?????

Yessi perez

Vida I vg

L1LM1k Sdream

2047 still blazing this track

Adrionna Armstead

I really felt this.

As much as you accused me I should have cheated.

Mariah mariah


Juan Perez

If u ever cheat on someone and ur close to me i automatically lose respect in u.

Cathy Magee

2021 still here

Vendetta stands alone


Nhlamulo Mavundza

November 2020

David Childs

Memories Of 2005

Aja Tv

Who’s here in 2021 ? Juss me ? ?

YoungTip Tv

Only here cause versus tonight!!

Kelsie Martin


Alissa Noel

Whose here in 2020❤️??

Mari Roldan

It's 2020 n I'm here

Rayray 2009

Who is still listening to this in 2020 ❤️❤️

Savanah Sharp

babe im here in 2021 :D

Dauyell Carter

2020 anyone else?

Jbeauty Leasau

Bruhhhh??‍♀️BIGG mood

Xaviea Peters


Dontay Wiley

This my jam tooo cause niggas don't understand that but really they do


2021!!! Gettin ready for Verzuz!! Dont forget to subscribe to my Channel

Life of Pr3tti5limee

2021 check in ?

Jermaine Hall


Dontay Wiley

I cheated on his ass.

Kamariii world

2020? 2021??

Noemi Trujillo

This song is so toxic, but I love it !!

Na’jae Adams



2021 ?? I had a boyfriend that accused me of cheating and I never did at all and now he wonder why I broke up with him and now I’m single not talking to a dude at all lol what a life ??

David Childs


Zhara Holley

Felt wen she said "I mii well have cheated on uu as muxh as uu accused me of cheating"

Destiny Gomes

2020 and im 13 ?

Turner. Megan

Still here 2021 ??

Shen Shortz

Almost 2021?? and still one of my favssss

Jayda Ruffin


Emoriah Feamster


Susana Rulandara

I lobe this as mich as i never loved any song

Beyonce Tyler

Whose still listening in 2021????


I really should have cheated on him. He was abusive and manipulative and was a constant cheater(with his ex and random girls) and he always assumed I was cheating when I was with family or with my girl friends before they all left BECAUSE OF HIM

Jason Silva

I'm a white man and all about each YOLO County it's Jason Silva tafoya

Janessa Westhuis


It’s Nevaeh Johnson

Who here in 2021 ? ???

fresh money Ro


Mora Sanders

2020 wya

Marvinbanton Marvinbanton


Diana Zuniga


Rayray 2009

I’m 10 and I know this song ?

Tyshana aaa

2020 anyone:)

Connie Blango


Shicken nugget Fam

august 2020 anyone???!!!!! ✌️??

David Childs

Memories Of 2005

madison smith

Listening in 2021???? ?

hannah blood


Matt White

2020 still lit

emmanuel alleyne

Who else came here because of the #VERVUS

Tierra Elliott

Fuck that shit up

Kim Faulk

2020 here I am

G. Ben


Todd Tull

3:13-3:41 hit different

Dyahz Ddhsh

When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

Níy Givenchy

Who’s here in 2021 ?


2021 yall

tzvy0 ryz

2021 Pending Listeners you wit me or what ?

Pinky Acon

Whew Chile...she got me finna leave this dude

lovely Eve

2021 coming and still bumping this shit

Khaliyah Tookas

Ayeeee 2021??✨

Maria Ticas

Still here

Vaeh Vaeh

2021? man im going through a heartbreakkk and i came back to this song im feeling it 100%. im too young for this?

Joyce Imperial

Who’s here when 2021 comeess?!

Wayne Taylor

Who still here?

David Childs

Memories of 2005

Shamiror Williams

Still here 2020✌

neice parker

But like where is my 2021 ppl at?

tabitha rivera

whos ready for this battle

Leiah Paige

im here in 2021

Tationna Booth



Who is heartbroken in 2021

UwU Potato UwU Frenchy Fry

Who will be here when 2021 comes?

Sonya lewis

2021 anybody

aaliyah robinson

I would like to thank my mother for every Saturday morning that she blasted this in the house as she cleaned up ?❤️here in 2021?

Stralia Gang

Niggas ain’t shit in reality fr y’all !


2021 ?

Urge to Cheat @hodgetwins

Urge to Cheat @hodgetwins10 May. 2018
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Sean Aboim

The funniest shit is Keith’s reaction when Kevin says some dumb shit ???

Brenda godzprecious7

Oh my sweet walls, I do declair!!!


Body count ??

jay diltz

have safe and successful tour!!


All these subscribers so little views....

Captain Controversy

YouTube has ruined my favourite channels. Google has ruined the correct way to spell English, because it uses American spelling.

Cesar S

That's me without the kids lol

Tom O Dwyer

Still can't believe they in their 40s. They look better than most humans I know!

Low Ceilings

Just going to throw it out there. A gigawatt is a unit of energy, not time. OK, carry on.

Sexx Shooter

???????this video was funny and great

The Randomness of Everything

John H

1.1 Jigawatts

Aaron Howell

God is powerful. YEAAAAAAHHH

Alen Alic

Looooorrrrd give me strength ???

prettyflaco_ Rick

kevin got a second career in the future



Rocky Bernal

Lol lol love that intro!!!!!!

Goof Off

He luhhhss yas and he waants yas


U didn’t have no 200 u had 500

john sky

The nut busting devil hahaha fuck u guys make me laugh

José Esparza

So woman have an urge to cheat too???

Tom O Dwyer

Why yall in some warehouse at the end of the video??

Terrelle Koon

Porn helps urges. Real nigga shit lmao


I bet Keith legit molested Kevin once

Calvin hicks

Masturbation helps, better than God ????

John Ward

Once you have the urge to cheat. Gotta focus on your woman mo!!!!!

Matthew Purkerson

You guys are going to Spokane and Tacoma, but not Portland? That's almost insulting.



Hungry Bird

These guys are on a roll and working hard . Get it while you can !

The Corrupted Cat

Yeah Kevin needs to be divorce. Lmao

Twist Wuoch

sound like a damn mustache lmao

Omar Battari

Come to Newcastleeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Pattymelt tv

“Now you gotta kid” they have me laughing out loud

Jimmy K

I would have sex with other women, you ain't married, chances are this relationship isn't going last. Just be there for your kid, it's not that hard.

Amber Tucker

Just saw you guys in New Orleans! So funny!!!

Sevana Oroujian

I love you guys so much. You always made me laugh.

rwer qwrqwr

You don't do Norwich, gutted, hope you love the UK though.

Wassil J

i missed " god loves you's and he wants you's" its been a while


Yeeeeeah , got some ads action goin..

Steve W

Just watched a 2 minute ad to support the Hodgetwins before the video, and y’all definitely didn’t disappoint. Got me rollin’ over here. Yeeeaaaah...

Adrian Diaz

I want god to bless me with all kindz

Righteous Freedom USA 1776

Ol sorry azz

sagacious rage of 1993 babies

I had sex with only one woman so far and I hope thats it forever. Im 24 years old.

Jerry Whidby

It's spelled damn not dam near free.

Brandon De wavrin

Man when hodgtwins mentions god, I die???

este a.m

Wtf is a jigawatt?

Kenny Marvel

Im almost die watching this,damn


people cheat more than love

Criminal Watch

Kevin is now single.

TheProdigal Son

I always wondered what the body count was. Now we have a number. 200

Ignite Slick

This is actually hilarious ?


???????lmfao Hodge Twins you guys are Legendary you always make me laugh topics are always interesting even if my day is shitty some days lol. Your the best in comedy ive seen so far even for working out you guys had good ideas in the gym.

All kinds of bible study action.

For a few months i thought you stopped making youyube video's cause of the censorship but i seen you didnt leave which is awesome. You also some of the richest content many videos i could be laughing all day lol.

Keep it up you guys are the best comedy and everything that is in your channel.


My best friend is a super horny dude that already got two kids with this one chick. He sorted his shit out by having a serious chat with the girl and convincing her to let him go to the strip club like once a month to see some titties and grab a couple asses. Hes satisfied with that much and never crosses the line past that, he would have told me if he did. Shes not thrilled about it but it works for them. If porn doesnt satisfy the dude then he might think about trying something like that if the girl is reasonable.

ornate hammer

same scenario with me, the only difference is that i'm married lol :))

GoldLion 3

“He got the DEVIL in em!! The NUT BUSTIN DEVIL” !! Lmao

Hungry Bird

I would say these fellas are family men that dabble if she’s super hot ?

James Marshall

Man im about 2 hours from corpus and i just got back into yalls videos..if ide of seen this a few days ahead ide of gone ..smh

Ken Boii13

Just cheat fuck it YOLO????

John Woods

Pisses me off when dudes claim they don't have this urge, real question is do women have this urge?


nut bustin demon got him

Tooth Less

All KIIIINDS of preacher action going on in this vid...

Just Kimmy

That's good advice but how about telling him to ask his girl to be more open to exploring more sexual positions and role playing?

James Phillip

Thanks to Hackerdonmilan for helping me gain access to my cheating girlfriend's phone, I am a lot happier, credit goes to the earlier mentioned hacker for a good job. If you are also interested in any sort of hack related jobs you can mail him. His email is (hacker. don. milan007. No-+19519921748.

Khris 1873


Geronimo Jr

No ads on their videos cuz YouTube cuttin

The Jokester

Hog twins how about you guys find out you were not twins but really clones


Tiduhl dis emayo

Fcb Baller10

This guy needs to get his shit together and man up your a father now!!!

Brandon Drake

BODY COUNT I’m way ahead of y’all lol


Am I the only one who can't tell them apart?? I feel so lost??


Another thing that i like is you guys even though your going always slip in some good advice and some facts with jokes but you kind of answer the questions always leave a good message or alittle wisdom its pretty cool keep it up.

Jen Augustine

Lol you guys are hilarious..giggles ??

Christian Anubis Pineda

kevins legit

Kim Hannabach


Jerry Ancel



Yo this dude Keith is turnt up sometimes but he keeps it PURELY 100 %!

Khris 1873

??Kevin is killing me bro


Keith said 200 girls cus he's cuttin

Kimberly M

"Ain't nothing better than GOD!" AMEN

SS9 Bajeeta entro_tainment



She's better off without you.

Sophia Alex

Do a video with your wives ?????

Davion Bradford


mikka lincoln

Kevin is right. He’s been married for 20 years of course he thinks about it, his wife probably does too.

Tevin Spencer

Man I shouldn't be laughing but y'all fucked up when u hit it rawwwww all that semen went into the vagina and made a split end in those tubes u fucked up my boi no more late nights for u or sleep have funnnn thoooo?????????


He luhs yuhs and he wants yuhs.

Chris Mendoza

2:27 “ 5 relationshiss “

Brian Nguyen

What if the god of nut bustin answers your prayers? Lol

Miss Stacy

Dam Kevin is a total package. Beautiful inside & out.

GCTFilter snake

Kevin was divorced after the making of this video


Dear Harsh winds!

Pray 4 me

Hodgetwins for President

Efren Reme

Prison be like... "Soap is on the floor"... Come here ahhh, ahhhh

Joshua Leija

Man you crazy as hell you aint had 200 you had about 500. ??

Vanica Reed

Hodgetwins man love is babby mom say thir


Some people don't have that urge. I don't because I'm not an idiot. Period no debate.

Jason H

naww mann... if you love your woman and you attracted to her then the urge shouldnt be there... do the lady a favour and dip

Danielle Belle

It sounds like the guy is just too young and hasn’t had enough experience in life yet before he impregnated someone. The girl he’s with probably isn’t even the woman he’s meant to be with, of course he’s going to feel that way. Doesn’t make it right, but he needs to consider that!


I prefer no God/religious advice in the videos. Also, make this guy can communicate to her about an open relationship. Why do people have to do things behind their partners back? Why is it so hard for people to be honest with one another? I know it is because it's society's norm to be monogamous but cmon now, its 2018...


New n fresh? Y'all needa bring back the rocking chair nigga!


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ScrubbySubscribe 438 721

So today I found a video

So today I found a video that definitely isnt the classic youtube tutorial, "How to Cheat" is never something you expect to pop up but I guess some people out there want the clout that bad haha. I think i gotta come back to roasting these types of cringe videos. "WHY YOU SHOULD CHEAT ON YOUR BOYFRIEND"


Intro Song:



Instagram ⭐?:


This is purely satire! Don’t go to these peoples channels. It’s all a joke!

#reaction #funny #comedy scrubae cheating prank review

Comments (100)
ChewyProductions 101

she forgot the most important rule delete the video from you history

Captain_avenger 16

I should send this to my ex

maybelin herrera

"I know if you're watching the you're definitely lonely".... I didn't click on this to be CALLED OUT... ;-;

Lukas Reimer



But i dont have one bc im a boy

Jeremy Potter

how is 0:41 so accurit

bored guy


Lolpower217 Toybonnie Springtrapfan

1:53 hey! Furries mostly don’t do bad stuff, i atleast don’t lol

Jim Mcneal

The fact that she has arabic necklace makes it deeply ironic actually

Coby Ikeard

You have a disscord server?

ChewyProductions 101

Scrubbys just using this as a cover-up cause his girlfriend saw this in his library

Zach Simpson

She definitely looks like that girl who’d cheat

The One AR Guy Who Likes AK's

"Because if you're watching this, you're probably lonely."

Me: HOW DID HE KNOW?!?!?!?!?!?!

Ethan Morales Hernandez

welp she is goin to hell

That one Kid

as a 14 year old 5foot male I died when you said “if your afraid of heights just be tall”

Logan Petersen

Furries aren’t what god messed up

Xx WiseGamer xX 2.0 ,

Well fck u got me i am lonely

RiffeyT Playz

Bro phone valued is on low and she is loud

Charles Govea

Guys imma salad

Lorelei Catherine

Shallon Lester is a well known not very nice lady. The words "trash person" come to mind. Seriously she's said and done things worse than this even, dangelo wallace has a couple videos on her that go well into her crap heap of a track record.


Why not lie to 2 million people watching her video ?


That intro was priceless ?

corky thehippoman

Thanks for the tutorial i have to figure out how to cheat on my gf the pillow? she is getting boring. I have my eyes on a giant bunny?

4N T7

This generation is brain dead and literally devolving ???

Galan hainig

her “being on your phone a lot means your cheating”
me ??

lil smile

i love my mom

Jackie Flemming


Esteban Lemieux


Pickle Plays


Sliced Berry Juice

If ur watching this ur lonely. Me siting in my bed at 1am aggressively looks away.

Drifter Dom

I feel called out



idk why

Scrubby: if you dont know what to comment just type in the word apples
Me: Its apple time


Hey I’m pushing 30...good to know I’m a dinosaur. Also me and my husband are always on our phones lol



Jackson hogan

Scrubby my boo why you gotta expose us like that ???

nicholas berta


lol snake

Cheaters in my town actually become outcasts lmao

Star Wars and Marvel Mashup

A p p l e s



StrongerArrow 67

Ain’t she the one who was making out with a cupcake?


And this lady should be cheated ob

Bxta Zer0

Nah this is wrong


Bro I'm pretty sure her Necklace is arabic

Connor Anderson


Alien Stoner420

She’s saying this because the boyfriend that was cheating on her was using these tactics

Allison Avery

i'm just bored, not super lonely




Adam Bilani

What is the name of the game


yo she’s kinda cringe


Oh God its Shallon Lester

The King

To you girls watching this please don't if you love your boyfriend

Jordi Zierz

4:44. For the money, duh.

WT! Sans

She is the sin of Cheating

Elle Brandi

Lady:"girl keep cheating
Me : Was she raised on a street corner?

Samuel Miranda

Ughh. If you cheat on me it's over I’m not a forgiver.

Derek Wackersniezel

What was the game in the background?


Lmao, totally great advice.


Imagine getting cheated on and you find out it was because of this video ?


01:04 no. She didn't mean Meliodas and his gang.

just here to watch the world burn

Shallon Lester is SOOOOO much worse than this. I mean...she dates her some young dudes. Like she's forty and they're nineteen. Js.




My ex just sent me this video she made a whole new ig account just to send this to me even tho she cheated


0:42 you bet

I’m a dog Bork

How did you know I was lonely?

Justin Tate

damn man you don't gotta call me out 0:41 - 0:44

Dark Magicion



0:35 he do be spitting facts

mr piggy


Douglas Kerr



reply to this if you love discount trisha paytas


bro seven deadly sins is an anime



Likeable Cactus83

The people who gave this a thumbs down are furries

steelysuperF Gaming


Joaquin Ramirez

this is so funny

Patrick Brady

If you get cheated on, then you break up with them. Not stay together and cheat


Me, a psychopath: YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE!

Vanesa Dominguez

Pine apple pen



ML Gaming

well first you need to be in a relationship

Tupopila Kaanduka

Jesus probably regrets dying for us




i.. im not lonley cries in corner

ChewyProductions 101

1:55 you were meant to destroy the cheaters not become them

Aaron Lopez




Clue Less


Eric Cochran

I’m lonely

Adam Mullins

To be honest I enjoy watching ur videos

Andres Ramirez

Been good does get boring

Gavin McPhail

All boys will be was forever

Elle Brandi

She's so hypocritical

Thanos’s Grandma

2:35 so vsauce isn’t smart??


damn u had to call me out in the beginning now didn't u


Broski that women sound like gru from minions

Henry Reynolds

Argh that cuz we don’t know how to interact with society

Malik Johnson

There so many vids like this lol


He said face your fears not become them what about Batman he was afraid of bats as a kid but don't cheat just talk it out or break up with them

Ethan Losee