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One of the most respected

One of the most respected trainers and fitness influencers, Ross Dickerson shares his Ten Best Workout Tips exclusively with Fit Media Channel, covering abs, back, shoulders, arms and legs.

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Mark Douglas

Work hard enough and you too can have white patches on your armpits because you didn't manage to cover everywhere when applying your fake tan..........

Kelly Gjesdal

Great thanks!!

jaskaran mehra

Incredible bro....?????

Răzvan Arsenie ioan

Bravo la Sală

Jack Nguyen

He looks like vshred


Nice tips! I'm gonna try them right now!

Dennis Gonzalez

BOSS Dickerson

Balu Das

First comment.... Love from India .

Răzvan Arsenie ioan

America fetele Baetii


Obvious you forget your calfs

Richard Carlington

what ever happened to Ross?

Shyamal mandal

First view shayan mandal

אורי אמיד

Look great!
What about chest?

Drr Akk


Harshil Dua

Very nice video man, I also upload some similar sort of content on my channel, check it out if interested?

Jill Mitchell

Really nice??

Răzvan Arsenie ioan

Rok America Smion Panda Andrei Deiu Dragoș Siko Uliess

lonely _wolf

I have done these exercises this gives outstanding results

Ryan Jacob

He is not bad

Gaming Portal

Hey bro i want to talk with you please

Remco Rutten

This men look no steroïden body looks naturel body ?


I have done all these 10 tips and they really work
It's very effective?

kumaresan s

Nice workout Tommorow I want to try it.


Great tips. Thank you lots ?



Bear Crawl and Sit Through Bodyweight Exercise

Bear Crawl and Sit Through Bodyweight Exercise16 Dec. 2020

Coach Pete demonstrates

Coach Pete demonstrates two movements that require no equipment. Move your body and get stronger, burn fat, and look better naked.

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Yanna Tan

Papi G! You are pretty intense on that! I did 1000 squats and lunges too which I uploaded in my channel. I subscribed to you because I have too much respect for people who put effort in fitness. I know the feeling so hope you can subscribe to my channel too and let's be fitness buddies here in Youtube!

Valentine’s HIIT Dance Fitness | 30 Minute Full Body Workout to the Greatest Love Songs Eva

Valentine’s HIIT Dance Fitness | 30 Minute Full Body Workout to the Greatest Love Songs Eva25 Jan. 2021
39 938

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#danceworkout #hiitdance #valentinesworkout

Comments (55)
Christine Brachet

Merci c'était super !

Joni Price-Flink

Thank you.. Nice quick burst!

Anne Stuart

LOVE it, ladies!!!!

Una Sredovic

I opened this while eating chocolate with oreo! Trying to stop eating but never successful.. :(

Amelia Carter

Yay! This is my morning workout!! Yes on the BUILT bars!!! YUMMO

Katrin Wagner

Your dance workouts are just amazing!!! Especially longer ones like this one are so much fun ? I love coming back to the same videos to recognize the progress I've made - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Much love from Austria ?

Marla Hand


Carolina jardim

Oba ???

Lindsay Quinn

Looking forward to doing this again! Love the choreo and I'm definitely dripping. Win/win <3

Erica Kouri

Your workout videos made me fall in love with working out!!! They’re the best past of my day in this pandemic?

Maxima Zmithx

I would LOVE for a whole dance cardio workout on Kpop songs!!! would be so fun!


Awesome awesome as always! Loved the retro tracks. Thank you for keeping us moving!! Jump!

Elisa Latuf

Amazing!!!You bring so much happiness to our lives!!!Can't wait to do it !!!Love you all!!!

Rosita Grande

Thank you for making workout fun ?❤

Rosa Campos

Hola,simpáticas!! Estoy lesionada y no sigo el ritmo Pero me alegra muchísimo ver y sentir vuestras energias Un aplauso


i'm brazilian, i loved your class.

Vallerie VN

Love to dance with you! Thanks for giving motivation and you have shown me to feel good about myself.

Volga john


Barbora Korčaková

That was such an amazing workout! Sweating.... Oh my gosh, love you guys SO MUCH!!!

Paula Garcia

Thanks for this cardio session ... it was fantastic ... :)


So so fun!! I loved the last song!

Michelle W

Love the goddess, lunge and curtsy move!

Marilyn Ludlow

This is my favorite video! The dance moves are so much fun! Thanks so much for your energy and motivation!

Danie Hidalgo

You girls make me want to do cardio every day with you!! ?? from Mexico

Daniella Barramyrrha

live everyday?

aizada bakytova

That was great ! Thank you~

Elizabeth Mackley

I just found this workout do I ever love working out with you girls! So empowering, thank you for making us want to become a better version of ourselves.

Camden Smith

Lolrof I was laughing so hard with the serenade to Mariah carey while in pain I almost fell over. You crack me up and this workout is sooooooooooo unassuming. Um...difficult

Pamela Morrison

Why did I have a shower before deciding to do this? ? Love it!

Monica Gibbs

Love it

Rebecca Dean

Love love love this one! Thank you for making these sooooo fun! ??

Abbie Barham

How good are these for weightloss, I'm trying to shred those pounds ? lysm X

Eleanor Miller

I love the love!! Thank you for another fabulous workout!! ??

Jonathan Myers

Jamie, I love this workout!

Jessica Dee

This is my new fave. I’ve done it twice already! It makes my day to see new workouts from you! ?

Monica Lobefaro

Amazing!!!! Thank you soooo much!!


Yeah,...this was awesome...<3

Daniel vanOorschot

workout great dance fitniss like more hip hop music pitbull from holland



CM Lazaro

Love it when you move your face towards the cam! so motivating...Looking forward to more of your addicting workouts.....Peace y all


I LOVE this one! Thank you so much!


I LOVE YOU GIRLS SO MUCH! You help me kick my anxiety, leave all the mood swings behind with all those moves that make me feel like flying, throwing limbs around (yes), I just want to hug you for all of this <3 You boost my therapy <3


LOVE your workouts L O V E them SO much! Just... a little f you to youtube for cutting into it every 2 minutes!!!!


These workouts are more than cardio. They are therapy. ALWAYS smiling after!

Cher Harrison

Thanks so much!! Fantastic mix of songs! :)

holly love

Good morning... im so excited
I definitely need to get some of those
Love yall


Wow! Today’s workout will be hot ???


thank you so much, love it! good to keep up for beginners :)

Sarah Lee

Love the music and the moves!! Thank you!!
I was wondering if you would consider making a Cobra Kai inspired workout ? (the reboot of the Karate Kid) If anyone could do it you guys definitely could! Thank you ladies! I especially love your HIIT workouts but I also enjoy these dance type workouts to get out of my comfort zone.

Katherine Villafranca

We will definitely try this!

Loo Vel

Wow! A MEGA WOW! Whenever my friends asked me who my fav exercise coach is ..In a heart beat, I will show them one of yr vid..n said IT'S YOU!. U always make it fun , putting smiles on our faces. You always have the best songs n coolest moves, making us feel we can be COOL like u too. Most of all, you are so inspiring. Always reminding us to LOVE ourselves n others. Thank you so much! U definitely make the world a better place just by being in it! Greetings fr SINGAPORE!

stefania tomaiuolo



Slowly building a pretty good collection of Studio merch!!! Purchased a playlist sweatshirt today - can't help it! I've even received gifts of your merch from my girls because they know I'm such a fan! xoxo

Susanna Romagnoli

This is cardio fitness but also “WOW LET’S SMILE” fitness ?????

Rubina M

Current favourite. Absolutely love the songs and the choreography. ❤️ Thank you girls. Also, a special shout out to you Jamie, for always making sure I am grinning and happy while I workout. You've changed a lot in my life. ?