How to make an exercise plan

How to Design your Own "Customized" Workout Plan - A Foolproof Step by Step Guide for Beginners

How to Design your Own "Customized" Workout Plan - A Foolproof Step by Step Guide for Beginners9 May. 2016
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In this video I will teach

In this video I will teach you how to create your own bodybuilding workout plan for building muscle and losing fat.

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Here I show exactly how you can design Your Own Customized Workout Plan. There is so much confusion and illogical info out there about how many sets should you do? How many reps you should do? How much should be the rest interval? How much time should you workout?

But not anymore. Here I explain step by step, how to design your own workout plan according to your needs. These are the basics of Designing an Efficient Workout Plan which will help you to Build some Serious Muscle and Increase Strength.

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Abhinav Mahajan is an Internationally Certified Elite Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist. Along with having more than 8 years of Experience in Fitness and Bodybuilding he also happens to have worked and traveled Internationally as a Fashion Model for over 3 years.

After delving into the world of Personal Development and Motivational Speaking, he has dedicated his life to help the Youth to reach their Highest Potential by achieving not only good aesthetics but also a fully functional body, a Healthy Mind, better Grooming Skills and address to some of the most common problems faced by the Youth.

Truth and Authenticity is what he stands for, even if it's controversial.

If you would like to know more or want me to address on a particular topic, please comment below and I'll try my best to cover it in Future. Your support and feedback is all we want. If you like the effort please Subscribe, like and Share with your friends.

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Comments (100)
dulaj ganegama

Very useful ...tnx ???

Nido Tujum

What about abs

Tushar Sharma

thank you sir i really needed this. #hugerespect for you, keep helping us we need you. once again thank you buddy, god bless you

Snehangshu Modak

I am beginner can I follow this

David Debbarma

When and how to train abbs?

GYM Lover

Sir isolated compound kya h ye??

Saqline Arafat

Your advices really helps me but i just have a request to you.. please make a video about carb cycling for having lean muscular physique and how to calculate the macros for low, medium and high carb day including protein intake and fat intake.. i am 65kg and 5.8ft living on an caloric deficit diet and got result and a bit lean muscle but still didn’t achieve that athletic physique i want. I hope you can help me by making a video for carb cycling cause 70% is diet, and ill be working on my muscles by watching your other muscle building video. Thank you, lots of love from Bangladesh

Vivek Saraswat

I didn't understand push or pull you talked about !?

Mohit Sharma

Thnk u sooooo mcchhh bro

Bolly Ke Music

Hello sir can i do chest on friday

Suheal Basha

What about abs bro

190 301

is leg extensions a compund movement?


0:12 sh*t ?

Prem singh

Bhaiya ABS toh include hi nai h ish workout plan mein ( ABS ) ko kaise set karun ye workout plan mein

aayen avinash

really want to thank you for an amazing,informative video, its definitely a kind of video which sums it all up especially for a beginner like me... thanks again

Abhik Chakraborty

Hafte me ktne baar wrkout krna chahiye... Abhinav bhai pls reply. Thank you


at 3:35 your computer mouse is moving on its own lmaooo

Villa Info

I have a small question.
How much chinups are considered to be ideal for a gymmer ..I can do 3sets of 10 properly ! ..but after that it's kind of tiring .. so how how can I increase my reps !? It's been 8 months since I joined gym !

john vavalos

What about Sunday?

Dance Magic


Amir Kumar

plz plz plz sir one reply

pratham taneja

When to do abs then?


Hats off bhai..This is what I m looking for ..From 2 years of workout..God bless u bro

Jani jani

Sir jinay english nai ati wo kya krey

Jatin Gadhok

Brother, you just said in Pull movements that Legs is a bigger muscle group and should involve larger sets but you have explained 5 SETS for legs and 7 sets for back. My question to you is, can we make 7 sets for legs and 5 sets for back.

Sagar singh

Nice vedio

Alex Ferguson

Koi angrage teri video nai dekhta hindi mai bola krr

Ama Mama

Thanks great info and video!


My body fat is 15-20%

pawan balpande

How do summer workout rutine

Eric Aramburo

definitely very informative, thank you ??

liked and subscribed


Hindi m hi Bol le yrr

Sourav Thakur

bhai Hindi me bola kro

har har

Sukriya bhai g

Ama Mama

Thank you.


Make a video for non certified gym trainers to creating workout program.

Covert Operations

Aatakvadi lag Raha he ?

Bhausaheb Khule

Good Video Sir?


Is it applicable in 2k19?


Very helpful and informative video just wondering when you gain more experience if would it be ok to increase your 16 sets to something like 20 sets.

Avishek Banerjee

"full proof" hota h


abe angrej ye india hr amrica nhi hinde me bolo bhai tu kya abc bol rha he samj nhi ata

Eagle Fitness

Bhaiya I am also do workout of aesthetic but I have a question that ki weight bhi decide krta h physics may b agar 80 kg h to ki yaar bulky ho jaygaaa and 70 h to cuting achiii niklegiiii and y sb age p bhi depended h to btayiyegaaa bhiaya ?

Find yourself

Tell me bro, About morning workout and evening workout

ajay yadav

Its completely bullshit. 2 Sets do nothing to your muscle.

Dee & Gean

Hi Abhinav, this is a very informative video. I've always struggle with structuring a workout plan. There are so many ideas out there but yours by far have been simple and clear. I can't wait to design my workouts. Thank you for your help! :)


Thanks this was soo helpful!! :D



stylish sambit

Sir muscle grow karna kalia kitni weight lift karna chaiya plz sir sk video banao aur detail main batao sir plz... plz


Sunday again rest?????

D E B A J I T 05

Back and leg both are big muscles group
It's alright to train together ?

sumit Mantri

Bhai Abs kab lagana fir

Sahib Gill Music


Vinit Phadtare

Bro aapne fullproof ka spelling galat likha hai...???

Pratik Chougale

Thanks for this.. it's very helpful to us .

Tarunveer Singh

2.46 abs kahan adjust kree

Gudipati Satya Sudha

Make a video on full body workout Vs split workout

Alielrida Hijazi

He didn’t include abs


Can anybody list me a few good compound and isolation exercises for each muscle mentioned in this video

Valerie Cantrell

Does Custokebon Secrets really work? I see lots of people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets. But Im uncertain if it is good enough to lost tons of weight.

Akshai ambro

Damn good job

Ashwin Bhati

Sir i get injured badly 3 time bcz of lack of this knowledge

Saqline Arafat

I go to the gym 6 days a week and now on my chest/back day i do 3 exercises for chest and 3 exercises for back, on each exercise i do 5 sets of 12 reps for chest and also for back, so basically 3 exercise into 5 reps = 15 and for back 15 total 30 so is it overtraining or too much or does it gonna have a bad effect or muscle loss??? #Abhinav_Sir please help

Mai julaidan


Sonu Singh

Thanxx bro. really helpful video. <3

Slam Vintage

So 16 sets per workout? Twice a week?

Prem singh

Bhaiya mujhe push or pull ka mtlb smjh nai aaya plz reply i m big fan of yours and i follow your all scientific series .

Dayanand Kapoor Babuking Tv

We Love You Abhinav Mahajan Paajii?❤️??? FROM PUNJAB


Can u explain what is compound and isolation exercise ?


this is hands down the best video i've found so far on this topic. and i've watched like ALL of them. you included the info that is questionable even for intermediate folks: how to break up the exercises (compound vs isolation), and how to break up the exercise (16 sets total), and even how to break up the week, and explaining WHY so we know how to PAIR exercises. thank you!! i just revamped my routine and i feel way more confident!

shivam rajput

How should I contact u brother?Facebook account?

Sunita Saini

Sir toh abs kab train karange

Sumit Kumar

Bhai meri beard grow nhi hoti bhai app koi solion bhatoo bhai

Akshay Bansal

What to do on rest days?


An old saying: The best workout is that which you are not doing

Masud Ur Rahman

Thik hain, lekin ABS workout kaab kare bataya nhi aapne

Raj Pruthwiraj

Good information ??

Sayed Nadeem

In the 16 sets, the warm up sets will also be counted?


Mujhe bukhar ho gya tha typhaed giski bajah se mere body ka size kam ho gya

Penelope Leon

Did anyone hear him say 'Shits" instead of 'Sets" ? or was that just me xD

Paras Raizada

Bro please give an advise about cardio mainly running also!!

Vikas Singh

Re Hindi bol liya KR angrejjj

haha haha

I started this program from today ; em hoping some results from this split

Yannick Loembet

Good video mate


I vant to look gud ven i tek off my cloth


You'd look much better without that nasty beard.

Abhishek Beria

And what about cardio?...cardio on Wednesday and Friday?

Sandeep Maheshwari tips

Your hair was straight

Arun Rawat

thanx bro


How do I get the right shape and build that I want? anybody can answer this.


Me pahale gym gya tha to meri gym me exc karke meri body pump hoti thi lekin ab nhi ho rahi


Sir daalo video

Raju Kumar

This is very helpful video for me..!!!
But...I am doing gym last 6 month..but my weight does not grow. Still my weight is 47 kg.
Sir, please help me to gain weight..?

GYM Lover

Osm sir thanks sir ji love you sir


Full day of eating pleas sir

sulabh sarawgi

Sir i am doing workout from last 9 month but i didnt see any kind of change in myself . What should i do please suggest.

pinkal bhavsar

Itana achha samjate ho sir really nice

Aman Trivedi

Brother you did not mention ab workout, should I add another day in workout solely for abs? Please help.

James Acosta

Guys. lost crazy amounts of fat does not need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I will give you some advice now. Get a popular weight loss diet plan called Fenoboci Diet Plan (do a search on google). Thanks to it I have lost a ton of weight. I shouldn't even be talking about it cause I don't want a lot of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I'm just in a excellent mood today and so I will share the wealth haha.

Amir Kumar

plz sir weight me bare me bhi bataiye

How To Make Workout Plan For Muscle Building And Fat Loss? Become Your Own Trainer!

How To Make Workout Plan For Muscle Building And Fat Loss? Become Your Own Trainer!26 Jul. 2019
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In this video I'm

In this video I'm explaining How to make workout plan for muscle building and fat loss? How I design my workouts? How many days in a week you should workout? How many sets? How many reps? How much rest in between sets? Which exercises for muscle building? EVERYTHING is explained. After Watching This You'll Become Your Own Trainer!


✅Folow me on INSTAGRAM @alterpoint

⭐You'll love these videos too

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4 Biggest Gym Mistakes Nobody Tells You!

Supplements And Food Items that I Recommend

Comments (43)

Sir insta m reply de dijiye na plsss

Akhlaq Mehar

Yehi same workout, in rules ko follow krte howe, kitni deer tk use kr skte h?, kitne mahine ya saal?

Ajit Singh

Paaji y sare workout, y 7 workout week m 3 din karn k baad last 3 din konsi wrkout karege plz reply

Pradeep Munuswamy

This what u can do very simple
1) squats , bench press , military press , dead lift
Any one core workout
2) arms - biceps and triceps
3) repeat same as day one
4) weak muscles - eg traps , forearms , claves
5) cardio if u want or any core workout ....

Guys it's all upon u
Fats loss - calories deficit
Muscle gain - calories surplus
Lean muscle - than u have to be regular and make ur lifestyle according to tht simple ..

PraTeeK TriPathi

Thnks for d valuable knowledge...

Royal Kings

100% samajh mein kuch nhi aya ???

Naval Budhlakoti

Bhai konsa cretine brand best rahaga.....

umar khan

Beta g...
Note karlo

Nallamala Daires

Thank Q bhai

Ashish Dhankhar

Bt sir jse apne bataya reps change krte rho weeks k baad to comound movements and isolation movements dono ki rep ranges same rahengi ? Ar sath me hi change krdeni hn jse bench press 6 reps so …bicep curls also 6 reps ?


? Agar Abhi tak aap bro split type workout follow kar rahe the toh watch this video jaha maine BRO SPLIT vs FULL BODY workout ke faide nuksaan compare kiye hain..

Ajit Singh

Mst paaji

varun muleva

Sir uper lover ya full body ya push pull legs inme bahut confused hu better results ke liye kya sahi hai plz help

Asad Ahmad

Yes you are right dear

Spartan Spartan

simply excellent... thanks for sharing yr experienced knowledge


First virw brother

Palak Parekh

Kasam se Paaji, maza aa gaya dekh kar. Aapka channel dekhne k baad kai saare doubts mere clear hue hai and mera vision accurate hua hai. Plus is video me jo aapne itna deep info di hai, koi or shayad naa de. So again, thank you so much for this. Most of us need that.

Love Parmar

sahi me aag vali video thi ye vali....

Prince yadav

Bhai full body workout per video bano

Das Hemant

Can you make diet plans for fat loss

Pranay Maji

Nice video

phy6 fun

Thank you bhai ?

Suraj Rohidas

Again a best video

varun muleva

Sir bat m dum hai ??



Amritpal Singh

Aapni Instagram id ya Facebook id kya hai bro kis tarh contact kare bro

Akhlaq Mehar

Boss rep range change ho ghi tou weight bhi change hooo gha?, progression ka record rkhna thora mushkil nh ho jae gha?

Harman Singh

Hey bro
Give some advise on GVT please

Rudranil Kundu

Emg studies showed better results with increased frequency of training a muscle when compared to training a muscle only 1 time when the overall volume is kept same.
SIMPLY batau to... Agar aap for example chest laga rahe ho ( ex : 3 sets incline bench, 3 sets flat bench, 4 sets cable cross, 3 sets dips, 3 sets pushups) agar app ye sare exercises ko over the week divide kar loge... For example aap ne 1st push day me 3 sets incline bench and 4 sets cable cross lagae... Next push day me flat bench, dips and push ups lagaya... To aap ka overall volume same raha chest training ka... But aapko results better milenge... If you compare it with 1 day chest training. And that's why people usually recommend push/pull/leg or upper/lower or full body splits to natural lifters. But please keep changing you splits after 8-12 weeks ??
P.S. : you can check out Jeff Nippard and Jeremy Ethier 's channel.

Vishal Saini

great work

Harman Singh

Small help
could you please give some advise on ANIMAL FURY Pre Workout

Harpreet Singh

Bhai aap apni cheat meal ko kese adust krte ho ?? Cheat meal ki calories ka kese pta krte ho or us calories ko kese adjust krte ho pls tell me

Nitin Mhaske

Bhai Bolne Ka speed thoda Kam ho Sakta he kyaa....dekhlo agar ho sake to....samjhne me apnke bhaiyon ko asani hogi ..nai matlab ho sake to !!!

Winston Brown

What if we do both incline and flat bench press in every session as they train different parts fo chesr?

Subha Ranjan Ghoshal

Bahot hi important info tha is video me. Thanks a lot. Bro aap thoda dhire bologe to better rahega. Speed itna zyada rehta hai ki follow krna mushkil ho jata hai.

Salman Ayyub

Nange hoke ???

Rahul Soni

Brother are you paying custom duty on airport for myprotein concentrate 5 kg when you bring it from france or any other country?? I am planning to bring it from dubai its available at 3900 rs only

manu saurabh

Bhai cardio mujhe bhi pasand ni hai gym me aur mai usse accha skipping krta hu.. Best hai

Tilak Subudhi

Full weak home fatloss workout for beginners par vedio banao



saurav tiwary

Nice video?

Krishan Kaushal Fitness


Atul Beri

Superb Information...thanks a lot !!

How to Design Your Own Workout Plan and Make it More Effective!

How to Design Your Own Workout Plan and Make it More Effective!5 Jan. 2020
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For a more in-depth explanation of the 4 workout variables:

How to Design Your Own Workout Plan and Make it More Effective! - Thomas DeLauer

The purpose of this video is to break down the various stressors, or variables, that go into working out. Training is adaptation to stressors, and, as such, we need to properly understand these stressors so that we can structure our workouts in such a way that we can manipulate them - at the right times - to maximize muscle gain, weight loss, etc. withOUT plateauing or overtraining!

Pre & Post Workout Strategies (pre workout & post workout meals):

Pre-Workout Recipe | Fasting Friendly | Cheap and Effective Pre-Workout:

Best Post-Workout Meals | Morning vs. Night:

Post Workout Coffee: Boost Fat Loss & Performance:

Helpful Workout & Training Videos:

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How to Build Muscle with Fasting | The Ultimate Guide:

What Type of Workout is Best on a Low Carb or Ketogenic Diet:

Building Muscle Over Age 40 - Complete How-to Guide:

References and Resources

7 -Borovikova LV, Ivanova S, Zhang M et al. Vagus nerve stimulation attenuates the systemic inflammatory response to endotoxin. Nature 2000; 405: 458–62

8 - Tracey KJ. The inflammatory reflex. Nature 2002; 420: 853–9.. FULL TEXT

9 -Huston JM, Ochani M, Rosas-Ballina M et al. Splenectomy inactivates the cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway during lethal endotoxemia and polymicrobial sepsis. J Exp Med 2006; 203: 1623–8

10 -Oh B, Butow P, Mullan B, Clarke S, Beale P, Pavlakis N, Kothe E, Lam L, Rosenthal D. Impact of medical Qigong on quality of life, fatigue, mood and inflammation in cancer patients: a randomized controlled trial. Ann Oncol. 2010 Mar;21(3):608-14.

11 -Oh B, Butow PN, Mullan BA, Clarke SJ, Beale PJ, Pavlakis N, Lee MS, Rosenthal DS, Larkey L, Vardy J. Effect of medical Qigong on cognitive function, quality of life, and a biomarker of inflammation in cancer patients: a randomized controlled trial. Support Care Cancer. 2012 Jun;20(6):1235-42.

12 -Irwin MR, Olmstead R. Mitigating cellular inflammation in older adults: a randomized controlled trial of Tai Chi Chih. Am J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2012 Sep;20(9):764-72.

Comments (100)
Victor Vanderpool

After research, 4 Days a week of intense exercise is best. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

Thomas DeLauer

It's the NEW YEAR!! So, it's the perfect time sit down in DESIGN YOUR WORKOUT PLAN + MEAL PREP!! check out this video for 5 Ways To Meal Prep More Effectively here ?? ?? As Always, drop your ideas for future comments and questions below! ??


The "app" is only for fruit phones. That's sad.

David Hernandez


Oskars Jakobsons

I usally breaked on evening and because of energy levels i could not sleep at night time

Richard Howard

Thank you God ? and blessings you make a difference

Debbie Quinn

I have a question that I have had for about forever. I apologize that it isn’t directly related to this video.
Can ACV pills substitute for actual Apple Cider Vinegar?
Although I know Braggs is the best, I have bought several kinds over the years just hoping I can get one down. My issue is with both the smell and the taste. I haven’t found a way to ask them.
Please, if anyone out there knows if the pills will give positive effects, please let me know.
Thomas DeLauer if you’re out there..please


Quick question, not related to the video, but I’m a personal/Nutrition coach aspiring to become a dietitian(unrelated lol) but I’ve been keto for over 2 years and about to implement carbs back into my lifestyle for mainly training and performance reasons to maximize my gainz, I’m doing keto still two weeks and carb up one week after and also putting in two vegan days for optimum nutrition, I’m doing all this to use ketos insulin sensitivity to gain the upper hand when taking in carbs. Just want to know your thoughts or if you would change anything

Megan Gorman

Hey, off topic question, what kind of chicken do I buy to get the most omega 3's? Organic chicken is obviously better, but is there something else I need to look for?

Dan M.

I train push pull including legs every day, so 3 times a week every body part. I feel good, increasing weights. Used to do full body every day, but took me longer, as my energy and resistance grew.
A lot of useful information on fasting and keto, I learned a lot from you. I am fasting for 2 months and I feel great, I want to lose a little belly fat.
Thanks Thomas! ???
How do you see my training routine?

Tamra Myers

When I went to the FAQ page of the app from your link it said it wasn't available for android. Is there a similar app that is that you would recommend?

Divon Mitchell

I have question what is the snake juice diet is it really a keto supplement

Oskars Jakobsons

Thomas when to break 48h dry fast on evening or mornning ?

Daniel Weber

i like the way you implemented firas zahabis philosophy into your workout plans. when you made that workout plan video a while ago i watched that and have followed you ever since

Sheryl S

I've been doing OMAD for the past one week, this morning, i went to the gym and after workout, i felt Really bad, had to take a cube of suger to be ok.have i messed up my diet,can someone explain to me what is happening thanks

Craig Page

More vids like this!

Jahnwiz lmbru

Nova. Always with new new ideas. .exceptional. .thank you dear Thomas delaur. .you are doing wonders to world


This makes so much shense. By accident I used to work out like this a few years ago and it worked well - need to get back to small workouts more regularly!

Dereck Velasquez

Great video , thanks


Thank you man. I love hearing you share your knowledge. You are changing people’s life. Never stop doing what you do

Naz Siddique

Hi Thomas , I am a big fan of your videos. Do you have any alternative option for xpt life app for Android?

trevor burns

My workout routine is once a day 5 days a week, taking 2 days off. I usually go for 25-30 minutes at high intensity right before bed. It consists of squats with 40 additional pounds, pushups, diamond pushups, abb roller, calf extentions, 200 pound grippers held for 60 seconds. I don't get much in terms of gains, but it is doing a lot for me nonetheless. Afterward I take some whey protein powder with milk, creatine, a swig of sesame seed oil and a small bowl of spinach. Not much thought backs up my plan i just decided to start doing it, combined with retaining seminal fluid for additional energy and testosterone production. so far so good. I say these things here and now because i've been watching some of your videos and you seem to know your stuff, and was just wondering if you think it would be fine for me to strive to go much further with it, and really aim wear myself out now that i'm used to it. Every morning i'm good as new again and could get right back at it, but i've intentionally avoided constant excersise because I heard it was wise to pace myself and not overdo it.


So "One set per group" means that I just choose an exercise that could have 4 sets, and do only one set using the stresser?

Yoav Shkedy

If I walk to the gym on Monday to do a full body with intensity on chest, does it mean that the next day (which is a full body workout as well) I will be able to work my chest on 80%? It seems that way my chest won’t be able to recover.


Can you review super creamer?

county sheepdog

1. I've been doing occlusion arm training the last month and HAVE seen POSITIVE results
2. can you do a video on that?

Harrison Loch

This is just information overload for me. I have been going to the gym periodically for the last 7 years and I've seen marginal to moderate gains before hitting a plateau. Upon searching for alternatives, I hear 1000 different answers for what works or doesn't, usually contradictory, and I just don't know what to do.

Rhea Doctolero

For the full body workout do you do the same workout throughout the week ? Or are you changing up the full body routine daily along with the emphasized muscle?

Jesse Dean

Just learned there is soy in my eggs. No wonder I have put on more fat. You have to be kidding me.

Eric_ Martindale

“...especially for someone that’s over the age of 40.” Damnit.


I have been struggling with figuring this out. I had to go from 4 sets to 3 and doing a split of 2 days upper body and 1 day of lower body instead of doing 3 days of total body and it has seemed to help out quite a bit. I don’t think my body was being given enough time to recover.

Karina Burciaga

So smart!

Danni Girl


Vuk Piper

Amazing video! Really like those ideas about changing stressors, and not looking progression so linearly (been in that trap so many times).
What's your recommendation for weekly volume (sets) per muscle group for hypertrophy, taking all you said in consideration?
Im 40 and im all about full body workout last couple of years.
Thanks and keep amazing work going... Learned so much from your videos!

Jennifer Leong

Far too many ads and too much “selling”


Just breathe. Now reach out.

Eric_ Martindale

My instincts say you’re wrong. Your biceps say you’re right.

I’m going with the biceps.

G Gabriel M

I travel for work. Staying in hotels during the week, I’m starting intermittent fasting but I can’t really cook, just have a microwave. Any advice for keeping it simple while living out of hotels two weeks out of the month?

Scott Augerson

Last comment was regarding age

Celeste Inman

It's so weird, honestly, just this morning I was wondering why you never talk about proper breathing and wala I found this video. LOL,


Please where can I find a printable food plan for your IF keto challenge????? Please

JessJess Azike

Helpful as usual


Volume = Sets x Reps x Intensity/Load. Why is it split out separately?

Joz 17

Did you see the CNN article on Keto’s sustainably? I’m not surprised that now when Keto is in the lime light after all these years the record needs to still be set straight. I’m ok with questioning what Keto is but when articles come out that are misinforming the public that is bothersome.


TDL: "It's SO important that you get enough oxygen - buy this app!"
Also TDL: "Deprive yourself of oxygen when working out, it's great for hormesis"

Joe Silkwood

Thomas reads negative comments to increase BDNF.......

:) Only kidding I think your awesome

Liam Lacroix

Hey Thomas what do you think of extreme prolonged fasting like 5-40 days


Hey, I enjoy your channel a lot, I was wondering was your thoughts were on the Dr. Darlington 30 second negative, 30 second position, 30 second negative workout to loose weight and gain muscle, here is the link to video of his:

thanks Mike

Madeline May

This is such a great idea . Also it will keep working out interesting

zaid sultan

Amazing video!

Wak Job

I can't do 50 pushups anymore, but I can knock them all out in groups of 10 in about a half an hour.


So glad you also went down the fitness path and athletic part. ?

Alejandro Espinosa

Hey Thomas, It's any way to get your videos in Spanish ? Had you ever thought about it ? I have family members that saw my own 105 pounds weight lost journey and they want to get some tips to lose weight but none of them speak English ☹️☹️. Keep this good videos coming !!!!

Sanah Everet

Please make a video on fat soluble vitamins A, E and K and their benifits.
Have seen ur videos on vitamin D and they were helpful. I have had constipation issue since 2 years and no doctor could cure it. They just give a bunch of laxatives. When I saw ur video on vitamin D and gut health. I started having vitamin D supplements and it’s unbelievable that that issue has been solved because of you.


2:37m paused. Frequency is also set rest duration resulting in load volume. 5m max substrate replenishment, heavier the weight. 30s-1,2,3,4m set rest are increased frequencies which result in what some describe as overall higher set volume within a given time frame perspective. I've read them both, with heavier weight, longer rest, topping the same total sets with longer workout durations equating high volume as well. I just want to forewarn you in case you get caught in a professional vampiric crossfire of territorial terminologies.

Gregg Seltzer

Glad your talking workouts and not just diet. I’m not interested in IF or Keto, I follow the Mediterranean Diet but I can use all the workout info you can put out

J.R. Bull

So how aweful is only eating chicken, fish, broccoli, potatoes sparingly. Then using a multi vitamin

Scott Augerson

Can you have a specific session on 60+ and 70+ workouts / keto for men and women. The information out there is sketchy,


God damn you put content out on the daily it's super impressive


Oh Thomas I needed this! I was "killin it" but needed about 3 days to recover.

Carmine Caiazzo

I had 2 stents placed in my heart last April for a 99% blocked artery ( from decades of carb abuse) and was told I could never go back to working out with high intensity again. I have since then been on Keto,lost 53 lbs. and feel great. I am however saddened,pissed and frustrated at the notion of losing muscle mass and the notion of never being able to grow muscle again. I would welcome any guidance in creating a work out program that can help me regain confidence in myself.

David Vega

Man, from the keto, to the supplements, to the loose skin and now muscle building, I don't know if I'm following you or you are following me since the timing of your content has been quite convenient!. Thanks for creating science-backed content for every step of the transformation journey, I'm not sure I would have ever gotten into fitness to this level had it not been for the science ?

Tami Ramos

Thomas....I am worried about eating and exercising in harmony just isn't enough. I think I am now in full menopause and I think that my hormones need controlled for me to see any benefits regardless of what I do. Can you do a video on this for women? How can we battle the issue of hormones stopping the weight loss effort?

Gilbert Ortiz

I’m 22, 5’6 & 30 days ago I weighed 178. I’ve been on a keto diet for 30 days & I now weigh 158. I changed my lifestyle after watching your videos because I wanted to feel healthier. I know at 22 years old I’m suppose to feel healthy but I was far from feeling that way but I found your channel & I thank you for encouraging me to live a better lifestyle.

Ajay Sarvaiya

Congratulations Thomas on 2M :)

Vicente Capito

Tom, debunk this please, please, please.
Attacking primary to intermittent fasting and keto diet.

Love your content

Timothy Tyree

Hi Thomas, I love your videos. As a healthy PhD student studying biophysics in southern california in his mid twenties, I would be very interested in any perspective you might have on (i) the effect the vagus nerve may have on cognition and/or emotion, (ii) any possible physical mechanisms causing prostate cancer, and/or (iii) a how-to guide on how to facilitate an ideal gut microbiome.

Patrick Hilton

I know they’re both healthy options but, If you had to choose between grass fed ghee or cold pressed avocado oil at the grocery store, which would you go with?

Henrik Sørensen

If I go high intensity in one set => I cannot train the day after, because I am very sore !


Im a big fan!!

Just Curious

Thank you Thomas!


It makes sense Thomas thanks!

Shane Crenshaw

I was curious as to how long your workouts are typically?

Annette Fowler

Thank you, Thomas.

Tricia G

Awesome video!!

With love, Anshi

I love this video!!! Thank you ?

Adam Jaffal

Hello Thomas, i like how you explained the importance and the different ways to stress a muscle, however i don’t think that training on an 80% rpe everyday on all the muscles with only 1 muscle with 100% rpe is an efficient method, and that’s my personal opinion, and i’m saying that based on the fact that it’s hard to stress a muscle and get it to hypertrophy in 4 or 5 sets, specially if they are all done on the same exercise, cz you won’t activate all the muscle fibers. And let’s say you did get to hypertrophy and you stressed the muscle, the next day you won’t be able to preform with 80% rpe since the muscle need to recover, and it’s not like it’s an active recovery kind of situation, Cz it’s between 2 different workouts. It might be a great workout method for someone on steroids since their muscle recovery is waaayy faster but i’m pretty sure that all of us(your subscribers) are naturals who are looking for the best ways to improve our bodies without anabolic steroids or other... Respect man, Let me know what you think.

boof mc boofy

Long time watcher . Just subscribed ?. Can you do a video on building muscle while staying at the same weight ? Thanks mate

Colin Bostwick


I know this will get lost in the flood of comments but, I was wondering that if I have ADHD and I take a stimulant medication during my intermittent fast, will that mess it up in any sort of way?

I take it in the early morning during my fast by the way.

Tviper Jester

I have been seeing a lot of top fitness you tubers promoting these full body workouts .... I am really intrigued. I’m really interested in giving it a go for a couple of months, I think this would make the workouts a lot more interesting, increase quality volume, and I really like increasing frequency. I also hear you burn more calories, all wins in my book. great video, I am going to give this a go!

Johnny Walker

With all this talk about breathing and oxygen, I wonder what Thomas thinks about the Wim Hof method.


Hey Thomas, I'm new to the gym, I did legs today, and had difficulty walking after, I'm assuming this was to hard? I'm not sure.

PowerWeight Training

Teaching recovery to type"a" personalities is by far the most difficult. Athletes feel like they are wasting their money if you tell them to rest.

Mike H.

One big BLT....lots of info and if applied-V. Helpful. Seems to me that 80% will vary depending on daily stresses/sleep but point will taken. Cumulative.... People NEW to exercise should watch this weekly... Very good food for Nutrition feeds us.

Philippe Jay

I'm sorry but this training split is ridiculous


What if the goal isn't to gain a lot of muscle but to look "toned"?? I a low bf% is a must, but there's a difference between skinny with no muscle and skinny with muscle definition.
Think about baywatch, swimsuit models, etc.

Anabel Subia-diaz

I go to the gym every morning 4am before work.
I do 30 on stationary bike set on 8 which is 4 miles.
I do 30 min in sauna and 15 min in steam room.
I know i need to add weight training but with tendonitis in my arms it is hard for me to hold on to heavy objects for this reason i only to bike...
Would you recommend pool work outs instead ????

Andy Harrison

What is hormesis? How do you know you achieve it?

dick tracy

I live in Thailand. If I train at 6am it's 22-26*C if I do the same at 3pm it will be 33*C

Ron Friedman

xpt is only on apple..?

Delphine Kirkland

Thank you, mind reader!! Man, I was laying awake happily mulling over starting a new phase on Monday; muscle building. Lost 56lbs following the science; been maintaining, right through the holidays! I'm so happy and healthy. But, I want to tighten my stomach and get some glute muscles. I don't want to change clothing size, just sculpt. I was looking forward to seeing the video on spot reduction and reviewing your earlier presentation on that topic. This is so exciting! Best part, I'm inspiring women I meet every day! I'm a singer. I'm 60 and I look like I'm 40. When the mouths drop I refer them to the science! Size 4 leather slacks for my next gig! There's nothing better than feeling and looking good! I'm taking notes!

Michael Duncan

I understand what you are saying, but some of it contradicts first, “Body by Science”, and the proven “Starting Strength” methodology. What are your thoughts on this? Being a former competitive Olympic style lifter, when I hit a plateau, my stressor for adaptation became more weight to force the adaptive response. However, that method requires common sense and diligence to prevent injury. Thoughts good sir?
Thank you for your videos, nice job.

Naaz M

Hello Thomas! I just want to thank you. ? By following the advice that you share I have lost 18kg am the fittest I have ever been, really strong and in shape I have my confidence back and i have to say i have never been happier.


I wish you made videos where you explain things like if you were a kindergarten teacher.

Joshua Maldonado

Do you recommend any resistance training apps?

Karina Burciaga



thanks for making a work out vid. i'm all nutrition vided out.


Sir,I am a male,63years age,live in India.I doing weight training,pilates,stretching everyday(as I am retired,time constraint is not there).Please suggest me workout schedule for a week as I am confused I keep on changing schedule.

Scott Ponciroli

Wow I've been training old school for way to long I'm going to try this thank you Thomus