Guy gets ass fingered

Guy Gets Finger Stuck In Brain

Guy Gets Finger Stuck In Brain10 Feb. 2007
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Hilarious video of some

Hilarious video of some lame ass getting his finger lodged into his brain. OUCH!!#$%^

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fuck fuck fuck Fuck FUck FUCK FUCK FUUUUUCK!!! LMAO! What tha hell? hahaha

Rey Anthony

haha the dude fuck part was so fake!


lol he goes like: dude, dude, dude, dude, stop the car, stop the car, dude, dude, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUUUCK!!!


it was funny when the guy sweared

Renée Annunaki 111

hahahahahahahaha xD

Guy gets a Finger up his but during fight

Guy gets a Finger up his but during fight24 Oct. 2020
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Bruh imagine how his finger smelled ??

Isaac S


Xv Masked Dedede Primus TF vX


Alfredo Gomez

Lo brincaron, lo humillaron Y hasta lo violaron. K pandilla es esta k están cabrones ?

Sabrina Montano

????? too funny


That’s not an even fight, the couple had help from a proctologist!!!


Dude scooted right after. Wtf lmao

Ibra V

They say you can stop lock jaw or simply a dog fight when you stick a finger in their butt. So they say...

Tatiana Spence


Favian Macias-magana


Mister Klumsy


Headkick Ko

now smell your finger lady


This is the funniest most violating thing I've ever seen ????

Roberto Gomez


Earlee Wilson

Bro...I never called the cops but I'm calling them for this idgaf

Kid gets his ass fingered?!

Kid gets his ass fingered?!25 May. 2019
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