How many pushups should a man be able to do

How many push-ups I do guys ✌???

How many push-ups I do guys ✌???30 Jan. 2021
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GX Zahid


Miss P Singh

Well done ✅ sir and all the best for bright future ???✌️

GX Zahid

Good job

Panda yt

Keep it bro

70 year old man does 100 push-ups | Kila Raipur

70 year old man does 100 push-ups | Kila Raipur25 Feb. 2017
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An old Sikh shows us his

An old Sikh shows us his push-up skills during the Rural Olympics, 2015 at Kila Raipur, Ludhiana in the Indian state of Punjab.

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This is what it's like to fuck with a 1 metre dick

John C. Anderson

Those are very phony pushups.
Maybe he's a "Fakir?"

Baidu Mel

that is a fish up

the empyrean

For a 70-year-old man, that IS incredible. But that's not a push-up.


Is that a snake push up? I know he is old but you still supposed to bend your arms in a pushup

Joe Bush

What a laugh. Those are not pushups.

Steven Ramírez

t-series: bob or vegana

karan kumar

These are called Hindu Push ups. Put some respect on the gentleman. Very good vid, very inspiring.

Brad Mckee

I've seen several of these videos now older men doing push-ups I have yet to see anybody do a real push up yet

Christopher Lloyd

This old man is not doing pushups. His back is not straight so movement is completely incorrect

ravneet singh

Bai g kisi kol. Piyara singh g jo.moonglia (mughdar) ferde ne di vedio. Hoyi kila raipur khed mele. Di. Ta send krio. PlZ

jenny Tabucuran

Wow seriously???

How many push ups can a 400 lb fat man do?

How many push ups can a 400 lb fat man do?2 Mar. 2020
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First time doing push ups

First time doing push ups in a long time! No Judgement!

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Corey Frazier

Its corey new account


hahaha di ko siguro kaya yan

GelleAn Channel

Work it on? game na game

Joyviews Campus

You can do it it now..??

jufer lompot

Wow. Keep safe ko♥️