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Comments (100)
Ava Culhane

i started shaving at 10 and i have to shave my hole body


Yow im literally 11 i have armpit hair mustache and all over my leg and arm my mom won't let me shave it ?

coffee n anime get comfy

7y/o me : shaves cuz of embarrassment
me now : LeT iT GrOW , LeT iT GrOW ~


Is it true that when u have thick long hair on ur head you’ll grow thick long hair on your arms and legs

Xinxin Peaches

Does brown sugar and olive oil works? Pls reply soon and so if it works will the hair grow back thicker or thinner or never grow forever (best part :>)

Kira Yuki

My arms look like a man's i have to keep wearing sweatshirts i mean i love wearing sweatshirts but when it gets to hot i cant take it ofg

Scott Hall

I started shaving at nine

Asangla Lemtor

Yaa my parents ar also like u parents..

Lucia Lopez

hispanic girls where u at?

Arnabi N.

I am fifteen and a hairy girl but I realised instead of trying to be like everyone I m going to be I don't shave at all

Natalie Stueber

I started at 10


uhhh does being chased by a shaver by a boy then getting cut by it count as shaving??


I've had gorilla legs ever since I was 5 and now I am 9 and my parents are that type of parents too

Katie Perrault

For some reason I have blonde hair on my thighs and like dark brown hair on my shins so i am really self conscious about it



Darcy var Attre

I'm white as cheese and black hair is the fucking worst.


i dont rlly have to shave im blonde!!! so wooohooooo!!


i shaved when i was 10

Aliya Aesthetic

started shaving at 10, but i started waxing my mustache at 9 bc im hairy af


i am 12 and i've hair on my whole body

•simply BobaOwO•

I’m like 9 and my parents are literally like yours

Katie Perrault

What I love about you is you are so calm and you have a video about almost anything with self care and I wish I could be like you and I had been thinking about shaving my legs and I knew to come yo your videos❤️


I haven't shaved I'm 16



Mohammed Fazal

My parents the same I don't shave sadly???????

Yasmine Houchaimi

Waxing is better then shaving.


I’m so hairy, bullies in my class call me Bigfoot.... yah

shufia Ara

You look like doja cat

Ella xo

Once I tried to shave “down there” and I cut my self long story short my mom thought I had my period lol

Lilya Houry

My parents too don't let shave anything but my legs and arms i'm 14

Cee Paradise

What I hate about myself is I have light skin but black as black hairs on my arms legs and ya know other spots. Why do my friends have light skin light hair where the gorilla over here has charcoal hairs ☹️

Sarah Price

Tue amount of men watching this is unbelievable ??


I starts at 10

Tayla Langlands


Marlee Olson

I have hair all over and am not allowed to shave ugh

Niceu paprika

Woah!! This comment section makes me feel i am not alone!??

dawn noftle


Abby Shaner


Kalpana Balaji

I'm hairier than my dad

I'm a thirteen yr old girl

Cordelia Hogg

i started shaving at 12


first time I shaved I was 13 or 14 maybe

Amyah Therriault


Ella Haswell

I don’t really have any hair on my legs or arms and the minimal hair i do have is very blond so blond that you can’t see it.. although it’s not so great having blond eyebrows that you can’t see and when you come back from a dance competition with a face of makeup (meaning eyebrow jell) and a kid in your class saying how did you suddenly grow eyebrows you don’t look like a creepy Aliean any more!

Mya’s world of adventures

Im ten and i started shaving earlier this year

Emily Freeman

Part 2–?

Catloves314 Catloves314

I can’t not shave my arms :( but my arms don’t look that bad

I'm a Multifan so yeah

Tbh People around me don't care that I'm hairy especially my school and family so its just me who is bothered by my body



Michelle nicole

I don't shave because I think I'm alergic


I always wonder why i have hair on my face and my body


I am 11 years old and I wax

Wendy Martinez Adame (Student)

I am such a hairy girl .... i even have hair in my boobs

And I oop peppa is mad

This year ima be in seventh grade and I’m still not allowed to shave andddddd I’m super hairy on my legs and I have a full on mustash

Ruby Hudgins

I was sitting right next to my crush in shorts at the time my parents didnt let me shave yet

Lily Angelica

This is where I wear long pants.... I hate having so much hair ??

Laura Giles

I started shaving when I was 10

Alina Procopio

U a Chicago gurl?

Potter_head 124

I am so hairy I hate it!


I started shaving at age 13

Princess Zhenin L. Vibar

i have legs that are not that hairy , since i was little or when i started puberty i didnt shave a all , i dont give attention to it and so the people around me too , its considered to us normal , so i didn't go through any bullying experience , but i feel bad for people who get bullied because of it :(( , your beautiful whatever you are ! .

Piggys Are Awesome

I was 11 when I first started shaving my under arms (armpits) BECAUSE they were ah bush! Literally! I was hanging off the diving board using it as a pull up bar and my mom was like (in another language) ‘ Honey. I think you need to shave your armpits. ‘ i still don’t shave my legs though.


OMG TY TY TY FOR DOING THIS VID im about to go to 6th grade and my parents dont let me shave my legs.I did it once and my older sister got mad at me bc when she did it for the 1st time my parents didnt let her so she got in BIG TROUBLE so she didnt tell my parents and hopefully she never does ?


Every girl here commenting she has hair on her legs and arms and im here like.... umm i have hair everywhere it sucks lmao

M8u _ Smile

If no one wants to watch her 1:47 ling into here is how to cheat ;)


i started to shave at 10

Isaiah Humphrey

i shaved at 12 year old

Sunflower_ Eclipse

I shave every week or 2 week bc i dont like looking at my hair XD


I'mma start waxing, wish me luck?

Lauren May

I started shaving at 11 years old

Ruby-Marie Blackmoor

Age 10 I stare my legs sorry I have learning difficulties and I can't spell


I started shaving at 11 I had the type of parents too that wouldn’t let me shave but I still did it and wear jeans or something to not let them see lol

lexie valta

I started shaving at 12 years old

Evie Blue

I thought I was the only hairy girl. But there’s others. Stay strong?


I am jealous of Chinese and Korean men. They have smooth and hairless face and body.

Peppa B

i dont grow hair so i dont have to shave it happened once but it was blonde cause i like da sun andi am tan colored so i was fine

Destiny Smith

I started shaving at 10.

• Nessa Waifu •

I had to start shaving when I was 7 :P

Alyssa Sullivan

I don't save my legs

Kausturi Chakrabarty

I started shaving at age 11 because of not being able to wear short sleeves and short skirt

Abigail Graham



I thread and pluck for the face (eyebrows, temples and upper lip), and make my own sugar wax aswell! You have cool energy and i love that your video was not 20 minutes long :D

BooBoo Surprise channel

I don't shave but I wax my legs

Laura Da best

I still don’t shave
But I feel like I am very hairy

Mallory Fallon

i have hair on my lower back......

sniper dog


Hannah Smith

I was 5th grade when I started shaving.


I can't go thru puberty i am taking medicine so i have no hair on anywhere apart from my headphones and eyebrows i also have brain tissue growing into my spine giving me scoliosis but i can't feel it it is a elly horrible disease meaning i probs can't have kids

Unicorn O’s

I scared to day

Saloni Bhanushali

Being hairy as a girl is like dam disgustingand it's more disgusting when it's on ur whole body. Like u can't even wear clothes u like ?

Emily Bow Pearce

I started shaving when I was 12

Sasha Davidson

I was 9 when I started for school. It is a lot of work to be a girl ?.

Kitty Haylett

I wax

Kaelyn and Kaylee Fernandez

i started shaving at 10

Valee AlastName

I remember when I was 12, a boy said "you have hair on your cheeks, and ... a mustache". I still have that trauma (now I am 16). Can anyone recommend facial hair removal methods? My skin is really sensitive.

Jett0306 .w

Why am I here? ._.

averqge ravenclaw

This is why I wear leggings all year round ?

fiorifab 101

The boys are all jealous of me

Because they are all trying to get a moustache and I have a bigger moustache than them...


「アシュ — イト」Ash Ito

Well my mom won’t plow me so I have to wait u till I’m 16 YES 16

iFreya The Sloth

Started shaving at eleven ?‍♀️

Margaret R.

You help soo much girlyyy!!

Dispelling Beauty Myths: Body Hair | Allure

Dispelling Beauty Myths: Body Hair | Allure27 Jul. 2016
3 196 183
AllureSubscribe 438 721

Three people; Monica

Three people; Monica Hernandez, Alexandra Marzella, and Ayqa Khan share their personal journeys challenging body-hair norms. From cultural standards to social pressures, many women find themselves defying standards of beauty by letting all of their hair fly.

Still haven’t subscribed to Allure on YouTube? ►►


The best daily makeup tips, skin-care advice, hair tutorials, product reviews, and videos from beauty experts.

Dispelling Beauty Myths: Body Hair | Allure

Comments (100)
Fluwid_Cat 64

Jesus Christ one of these morons ok listen too much is bad having a little is fine but shave if it’s too much this much armpit hair is to much same with leg hair men shave too lol this is like saying men have it good no women only know about women not men so listen please shave if it’s too much it stinks and looks horrible at least out deodorant

Alberto Colodro are must
Noy preocupy for your hairy parts
Is important tha love you and you love me if you like so.

Wynn Gwynn

To the idiots in the comments: if hair is unhygienic why do men have hair then and it's not considered unhygienic??

Victoria Uwu

My mum keeps telling me that I need to wax my legs and saying that my legs are manly. But after watching this video I’m going to keep standing my ground and stay confident with my decision of not removing my my body hair.

And I hope some day that young girls don’t feel ashamed or pressured to be hairless.

Pabitra Gharphalia

Look very nice, uncommon.

Leonel E Trejo

You girls..look so beautiful, just great...

Azeez Sultan



Underarm and bush is nice but rest can go.


Agga, love is real

Alberto Colodro dont make problem for.your hary parts of your body .t
The hair of your body is part of your can only take out of.yourarmpits only.of the other part no.

Rakesh Kumar

Good girl so beautiful you my best friend i like you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


this is so refreshing! finally seeing women who have the same body as me!! love that

Alberto Colodro

Allure.the closest intimate area is part of the beauty of your body.if you take out of that place is siimilar to the bare man.whatever of two man love the bare head man or normal hair man

Fouzia Rahman

Idk why ppl think that shaving is a must. I just don't get it! Parents should teach their daughter that it's not a must, your body your choice and teach their sons the same

Nicole Morales

So I really don't feel comfortable with some of my hairy parts, so I do laser in some body parts, and it's funny how even the lady who does my laser session judges me for not wanting to remove some body hair. Like, dude you are literally removing most of my hair

Siddharth Sid

We are humans

pikolo forti

I love hairy womens???

Prince Arthur

I love and adore hairy women!

Hey it's Mae

I’m glad that there are women out there who are as hairy as I am, but I wish I had half the confidence and self love that they had. ?

Ali AD




Nishi Tripathi

सोंच अपनी अपनी

محمد جمال من سوريا Nnn

صباح الورد والياسمين على عنوان حلون والله انتي زي العسل يا عسل

Rajlaxmi samantaray

Thankyou allure

jose elias alves da costa


Ran Dan

When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

Lc Wheeler



I love you??????????

chandrashekhar ingole

Anastasia Kravets

finally, women with body hairthat looks like mine. it saddens me that in a lot of these conbersations female body hair is illustrated by a girl with like a tiny tuft of thin armpit hair and i don't ever feel represented because mine is long and bushy and coarse.

Claudia Harris

Strong beautiful women.

محمد جمال من سوريا Nnn

انا من زمن تبايع معك بس شوف صورتك حلو و


American's have so many hungs ups (origin may be religion mind you). When I went to Europe the 1st time I saw natural woman and also saw their natural beauty. Be yourself and that is where your beauty lies.

Λίνα Μάρθα


Abigail mcintyre

3.2k thumbs down are fuckboys

salma labyed

I used to hate my hairy legs ,but not anymore. They are so hairy . i wax them sometimes and leave them to grow again hhhhhh i love my haaaaaiiiiirrryyyyyyy leeegsssssss ....

Luke Kelly

The reason men don't like body hair on women is rooted in evolution. Men look for estrogenic features in women and apart of those features is low body hair. That is the reason girls shave, it has nothing to do with "muh society".

Aya Medina

My mom dont let me shave she tells me that all people have hair and its something natural i only shave my armpits bcs they smell bad ?

Vludie L

you know i really couldn't care less for looks-
and if im going to date someone I dont care if they have hair

DerecMathew O

? hipsters

내 꿈은훌륭하다

Body hair it's natural


I love you??????????????????????

Célio Bento Freire Freire

amo de mais uma mulher toda natural me dá muito prazer

محمد جمال من سوريا Nnn

اني طلب ارسل لصديق اذهب الى


爱了 I love you????????

Mary Snook

Hair on her back and stubble on her chest. I don’t want to sound rude but is that normal for women??? That sounds like pcos. I have a lot of body hair but none on my back.

Zo Ay

I wanted to ask—how is body hair on women still so taboo?—but women have only been shaving their bodies since the 1940s, and before that for hundreds of thousands of years—never. So basically humanity has been on a strange and relatively new 80 year bender of convincing women (in particular) that their own natural bodies (whether that be their skin, weight, or body hair) are unacceptable. Why? Because, capitalism! Disempower the people and take their time/money.



محمد جمال من سوريا Nnn

انا من سوريا عش في اسطنبول رقمي واتساب 0958728345شكران

Pragna Narayan

I am so happy to see people that have hair and bodies just like me

Ariel Kawai

I'm white and when I shave I sometimes feel like a featherless chicken :v I'd rather be a fluffy monkey, thank you

Clarence Burton

You go girls !! ??

Jon Jett

Not a fan of leg hair on girls, but armpits and bush a big fan

Александр Мирошнеченко

кому как а меня безумно заводят пушистые лохматые девушки дамы чтото первобытное в них класс......

Joey Zo

I thought i was so hairy and watching this video makes me grateful. I have way leesss body hair than these girls. But you go guuurrrlll!!!


Most Beauty Ever! ❤

Lucas Sousa

1:21 The Amazon Rainforest

Cali Shinholster

I love this series so much! I no longer shave I trim. I love my natural self? my body my choice!

محمد جمال من سوريا Nnn

انا معجب فكي بحبك بحبك بحبك بحبك

CG I Ching

Stay natural and free, ladies, you're beautiful !

Javier Gomez

they are looking good

Kadir Keskin


Aziz Alanazi

It’s ridiculous how They are talking about not shaven their body while they have shaved their eyebrows.

محمد جمال من سوريا Nnn

انا معجب فكي بحبك بحبك انتي ملكه جمال العالم في قلبي بحبك بحبك بحبك بحبك طلب زوجك شرعي الله بحبك بحبك بحبك بحبك

Kamil Yacan

I adore hairy women

Croix de Lorraine 1935


Joe Ruiz

Absolutely beautiful I never thought I would see something so incredibly alluring and wonderful. I want a girl just like that oh my... Wow. The kindness in their faces is uniquely tied to their naturality and sincere beauty. I am deeply in love.

Bawa Bawa

Anyone know their if account?

Barry Bryant

The greater power made us all the way we are for a reason and to be quite honest i think all natural is beautiful

Isabel Hare

I LOVE this <3

Atsushi Sakurai

Hair in some places especially dark ones look rly bad and not attractive for me. Yup armpits with hair are disgusting.

Antonio kincaid

All of woman are beautiful and I love the body hair!

محمد جمال من سوريا Nnn

Tsetsi Tsetsi Tsetsi Tsetsi Tsetsi Hi ?? Hi ?? Hi

Libra 1073

I love women ❤️ who are hairy

Ki Ke

I remember when I was shaving my leg, My mom screamed at the back.

محمد جمال من سوريا Nnn

انا اسمي محمد جمال من سوريا عش في اسطنبول رقمي واتساب 0958728345شكران


"People tell me I'm trying hard but I literally don't do anything" :D

Randy Jones-Carpenter

Extreme hairy rules!! The hairier the better

Stan Joseph

I glad I'm not n d majority. I love a hairy woman!

Anjelica Bora

I was 13 years old & my sister laughing at my body hair..I am only person who have lots of body hair in my has always disturbed me..but I decided to accept myself as I I am 22 ...and don't think so much about happy as u r

Pietro Simone

Belle complimenti, genuine


Wow, I admire those girls, but then when I see the armpits' hair I know I couldnt do it


She is disgusting ?


Beauty I love you??????????????????????????????????

Mohamed Mostefa

I like poilue


I'm just trying to grow a mustache
And these grils are flexing on me


thank you for making this video, i have been struggling as many girls in this world, i feel more confident showing my skin, thank you

Ross Elliott

My goodness your beautiful just the way you are if you knew me I've been an advocate of just the way you are truly leave it alone just the way you are don't follow the crazy crowd

Joao Sebastiao

Este sovaco seu é lindo cheio de calo asim eu gosto muito mim da uma coisas


Beauty ???????????????????????

hans müller

3:42 great!

Armando Jimenez

Me gusta las chicas con vellos.

محمد جمال من سوريا Nnn

انا احب شعر تحت قبط بقي حلوو كتير

Darrell Kramer

Love this! These women are beautiful.

Moises Soares

congratulations, very interesting

Jan Myklebust

The hairless regime is mostly like a pedo-cult. Worldwide....I wish the natural 60-70s would return. Probably women themselves are the worst critics of nature...? And the industry makes billions....

Alberto Colodro


Marilyn Jackson

Come si crede comunemente, le azioni dei rappresentanti dell'opposizione fino ad oggi rimangono il destino dei liberali desiderosi di essere descritti nel modo più dettagliato possibile. Le conclusioni tratte sulla base dell'analisi di Internet ci richiamano a nuove conquiste, che, a loro volta, devono essere mescolate a dati non univoci fino al punto della completa irriconoscibilità, che aumenta il loro stato di inutilità.È difficile dire perché molti personaggi famosi coprano caratteristiche estremamente interessanti del quadro nel suo insieme, tuttavia, conclusioni specifiche, ovviamente, si mescolano a dati non univoci al punto da essere completamente irriconoscibili, il che aumenta il loro stato di inutilità. Conclusioni banali ma inconfutabili, così come schemi di collegamento, si mescolano a dati non univoci al punto da essere completamente irriconoscibili, il che aumenta il loro stato di inutilità..

ChicoAlicantino34 Spain



i love women with underarm hair

I've Learned to Finally Embrace My Hairy Body | This Morning

I've Learned to Finally Embrace My Hairy Body | This Morning8 Mar. 2018
109 498
This MorningSubscribe 438 721

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Subscribe now for more!

Leah Jorgenson was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome at the age of 15 and would spend up to four hours a day waxing and shaving before she'd leave the house. However, after a horrific accident two years ago, Leah decided to stop hiding away and begun to wear her excess hair with pride - even creating an Instagram to reach out to other sufferers.

Broadcast on 08/03/2018

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This Morning - every weekday on ITV from 10:30am.

Join Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes as we meet the people behind the stories that matter, chat to the hottest celebs and cook up a storm with your favourite chefs!

Dr Zoe and Dr Ranj answer all your health questions, stay stylish with Gok Wan's fabulous fashion, be beautiful with Bryony Blake's top make-up tips, and save money with Martin Lewis.

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